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My forever woman

Being with an older woman was a learning curve
I guess the joy of sex involves us all, those of us who are fortunate enough to be in such a close and loving relationship which gives off its best.

I don't care what anyone may say regarding one night stands and promiscuous sex; there is no beating the quality of sharing our complete selves, in the most sensuous and intimate ways.

It not only gives you the gratification of just pure sex but also the ‘full package’ syndrome which gives one the overriding feeling that all is well with the world because the girl/boy I share is the one I love and want to be with, the reward being knowing you are wanted lock, stock and barrel all the way. That alone is something to be reckoned with surely?

I am not suggesting just refrain from sex if you are not sure about the love ingredient because sometimes that in itself promotes everlasting and fruitful love.

It happened to me with a woman twenty years my senior, me thinking however could I go all the way with her, I was happy to do what she wanted to a limit because I felt sorry for her. Eileen is a lovely woman who has been unlucky in losing two relationships by the death of her guys, one in a car crash and the other by the dreaded cancer.

I met her as a delivery person for a big supermarket, and when she asked if I had time for a quickie, me assuming she meant just a coffee or something, I went for it.

Well primarily she did mean just coffee but when she joined me on her settee showing a good bit of very nice thigh, I was not adverse to a little light touching and feeling. At first just a snuggle sort of thing, but soon developing into something else.

It was nice, and she was sort of attractive to me but in a limited way. As said before I could never go all the way but was happy enough to let her enjoy me with the strokes along the inside of each thigh, and those very sensuous looks which said she wanted me.

I laid back and I guess gave her the signal that I liked what she was doing, which was true. I am sure most guys would not refuse a very nice blow job from a woman older than you. Or from any woman come to that! In fact I was thinking it would be a learning curve with a mature and experienced woman who, by her method, was well versed in the art of oral stimulation and it was lovely. She really enjoying it to the full - like she was making all the right sounds as she sucked, and I loved the way she so enjoyed stretching my foreskin tight back to enjoy the taste (her words) of my p-hole in such a delightful way. Her tongue really sent me crazy and made my whole body jerk as she squeezed me everywhere down under and went for the deep throat.

“Eileen, you’ d better stop or else I am gonna cum in your mouth,” I urged.

But she paid no attention, frenzied I guess in what she was doing. The feel of her busy mouth was really building me up into a crescendo and I knew then I was at a point of no return. It did pass through my mind that I could choke her cumming like that - but you know how it is guys, when you get to that point there is only one thing on your mind and the climax came full strength.

But she was still sucking and licking and everything. My cock felt so sensitive having cum like that but she seemed all the more to suck and lick me all up and it was so lovely. I had never gone that far with any member of the opposite sex before, and frankly would have been reluctant to do that with a girl in case it repulsed her.

But with Eileen no way did it do that. In fact it seemed to be the contrary because there she was still balling and sucking me well after I’d cum and I was already finding a brand new erection with which she could be happy to toy with.

She was some passionate woman alright and I guess she had been holding it back for so very long, and having the opportunity with me to just let herself go was perfection for her.

That is what she said afterwards anyway and I said I was glad to be of service.

After the second bout of sex on the sofa oral wise, I guessed maybe she would want to go further, but like she read my mind, she told me that was not required, that I had been good enough to please her so very much already and she would not expect that of me when surely I could do it with girls more my age.

My first reaction was sheer relief because the last thing I wanted to do was upset her by refusal. I was thinking of future sessions like this. I was still having erections as I drove back home, Eileen having done her trick so well. I felt numb and well gratified and I knew I wanted more.

That night I was fantasizing how would it be to have mutual oral with her. It was a lovely thought sure enough and there was I under her skirt, teasing her panties with my tongue near to you know where, and ‘you know where’ soon responded with a drench of passion.

Then I was fantasizing going the whole hog. I was having her, and she was excising her full experience of a quality fuck and it was utterly delicious.

And not only that, I shook my head after the strong wank which ensued and knew that it wasn’t just the sex, it was something more too. Much more. I had fallen in love with her, whether it was the motherly thing or whatever I don’t know. She was maternal to me but much more than that, because she was my lover as well

I wanted her full package; I just had to have her fuck. I telephoned her with the excuse of asking her how she was and I hoped I wasn’t too much for her, you know - doing my male ego bit and she, with a brilliant sense of humour, quickly picked up on that.

“And there was me thinking the same thing, but about you!”

We both laughed heartily and that expression soon became a bit of a line with us. It was the lead though to our getting intimate later that day, to the effect that I stayed with her over the weekend.

She was absolutely divine. I did love her and the perfect harmony in our relationship grew and grew as did our carnal needs for each other.

And she was the perfect fuck, she gave me quality too, the way she pampered me after asking what I would like to do.

I was somewhat inhibited at first but it was she who provoked me just to go with it.

I went for it- the deep sensual fantasy of being smothered by a woman had been in my mind for a long time. What would it be like to be between the thighs of a woman, for her to roll herself over my face as I went into a frenzy and so much enjoyed the taste and scent of woman?

She never batted an eyelid, said that she would love that, that perhaps it was the most intimate thing we could do, to mutually smother each other and then end it with a divine French kiss so that we could enjoy the taste of each other combined.

What a wonderful extreme that was, it was the start of many more and I felt Eileen would be my forever woman.

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