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My perfect morning

I wake up with a lover in my bed.
I wake up finally, refreshed from a night of love making. I remember the night fondly. In my arms is my lover, Kelly. As I hold her I admire her perfect body. She stands 5'6" and is about 120 pounds. Kelly's short brown is died blond with purple red mixture in the front. Her breasts are perfect: small and perky. However, Kelly's best feature is her bum; round and perfectly heart shaped. Fixated on her, I begin to get hard. She feels my arousal against her bum. She giggles and rolls over.

Putting her hand on my cock, she says, "It seems like you are ready lover."

As she starts to slowly stroke my penis, I respond, "I am always up for a good morning fuck."

While playing with the head of my cock with her fingers, she smiles and says, "Well, let's get started then."

With my cock in her hand, Kelly kisses down my chest. As she reaches the base of my cock, she teases me with a couple long strokes. She begins to quicken her pace and licks the pre-cum off the tip of my cock. Dropping her hand to cradle my balls, her tongue moves from the base of my cock to the to the tip. She then engulfs my cock. Gently sucking on it, her head moves up and down. Eventually taking it completely down her throat.

She is driving me wild. Kelly quickens her pace now quickly bobbing her head up and down. Now taking my full length with each bob, she expertly opens her throat to accustom my penis without gagging. Her tongue slithers around my throbbing cock putting me over the edge.

"I'm cumming!" I scream as I blow my load down her throat.

She is able to swallow most of it however some of my cum dribbles out of her mouth onto her chin. Then Kelly crawls back up the bed and kisses me. Her tongue enters my mouth and we explore each others mouths. The taste of my cum still lingers in her mouth. It is intoxicating.

Intending to return her favour, I kiss down her neck as my hands gently move across her body. I reach her nipple and flicker my tongue across it. She moans in delight as I focus my attention on her breasts. I then kiss down her belly and reach her panties. I pull them down with my teeth. Her legs are now spread with her vagina in full view. I lick around her the lips of her vagina and move to her clitoris. I flutter my tongue over it driving her wild. My index finger enters her pussy. While licking her clit I move my finger in and out of her. She moans and spasms. I flutter my tongue over her clitoris once more. Her moans intensify. I increase my pace, now fingering her pussy hard while I suck on her clit. Kelly screams something incoherent as she orgasms. I move up the bed and look into her eyes. Glazed over from her orgasm, her eyes reveal only lust. Then grabbing my cock Louisa helps it back to an erect state within a couple of strokes.

"You're a good boy getting hard for me again," she teases as she crawls over me.

Her pussy is now inches away from my erect member. Kelly deciding to play with me a little lowers her pussy onto my cock. Teasing me, she gently rubs her pussy against my cock. I can not stand it any longer. She responds to my obvious anxiety by grabbing my cock and inserting it into her wet pussy. She starts to ride me slow at first, but then slowly quickens her pace. Our hands are all over each other as we fuck increasing our arousal. I am loving the feeling of her on top but I need to take control. I flip her over and start to pound her pussy. Kelly moans as she is close to her second orgasm. I increase my pace. Her body convulses as she orgasms. Kelly's pulsating pussy pulls my cock deep inside her forcing me to cum inside her. I notice cum oozing from her pussy and cannot help but smile at her.

"That was great babe, thank you." I say.

Stroking my ego, she responds, "My pleasure, you weren't too bad yourself."

We lie in the bed exhausted from our morning workout. Eventually I get up out of bed and put on a pair of shorts. I head down to the kitchen to make breakfast for the both of us. When I enter the kitchen, I look out the bay window at the ocean. The waves look good. She meets me down stairs wearing a sexy bikini and kisses me on the cheek. I grab her bum. She giggles and swats my hand away.

"You will have to wait for more of that.'' she says with a cheeky grin.

As we eat breakfast we talk and look forward to getting out on the water. I practice my daily yoga routine as she cleans up from breakfast. We then go out for a morning surf before the wind picks up. My mind wonders as we pack the windsurfing gear, thinking that today will be a good day.

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