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Nature Loves

He felt the environment close around him. His closest by his side but a thousand times removed with the turn of a page and the strum of a guitar string.

Sunlight broke through the dust streaked glass, the heat of it seeking out the areas of his body most affected by its earlier attention.
A million different thoughts broke the air around him. Each one lapping over the other as the travellers around him screamed silently at the departure announcement board. His so called gift felt more like a curse at times like this, when a collection of hundreds surrounded him and unknowingly had the same violent thoughts. The words different but the end result was the same.
"Four Hours!?!?!?!?!?!"

Eloquent or gutter slang it didn't matter, the emotion was the same.
He turned up the volume on his personal music player and breathed deep as Grant Lee Buffalo smothered the surrounding anger.

After a five hour coach journey through the island's mountains and two hours in a queue to watch all his belongings be carried by conveyor belt into the darkness, the news that his flight, yet scheduled for two hours, had also been delayed by a further four hours had invoked sentiments clearly shared by his fellow travellers in the tiny crowded airport.

The sickly smell of cheap, hurried food wafted through the cramped room. Grilled cheese, burnt bread and the odour of repeatedly fried oil did nothing to appease his mood nor lesson the cramp in his stomach caused by over hunger.
Occasionally, a fractured thought insult filtered its way through the barrier that he had tried to create, as people slowly lost their temper and hurled mental jibes at the people they were supposed to love the most.
It occurred to him that if everyone followed through on their thoughts that the prisons would be full. No-one imagined hurting a stranger as much as they imagined torturing those closest to them.
He realised that he had been reading the same paragraph of his book for the past twenty minutes and sighed slapping the pages closed.

He needed to get out of there.

He turned to his partner and was dismayed to see that she slept soundly. He envied that of her. If she was able to remain still for more than five minutes then she was able to sleep whereas he required absolute darkness and absolute silence. The odds of him finding peace in this room were akin to finding ice in the desert.
He got out his phone and started a text.

"Love is ..... The shadow in your eye, the curl of your hair, the shiver in your smile. You're beautiful when you sleep, if you awake and I'm not here I had to get out and walk. I love you."

He pressed send and waited until he heard a vibrating sound in her bag.

Standing and stretching he quickly strode out of the terminal, blinking behind his sunglasses as he left the darkness of the terminal room and entered the bright unforgiving sunlight. He held out his arms and accepted the burning, knowing that the next time he woke he would be back in England, back beneath the clouds.
Looking around he realised that there was very little escape for him. Buses were pulling up and dropping off more tired tourists, people pulling screaming toddlers alongside them, all hot and bothered, little aware of how their moods would worsen once they entered the building and heard of the delays.
He looked down the roads to see which direction he should take. To turn left took him to an industrial area, square metallic buildings that you find at every airport in every country greeted his view. To turn right took him, it appeared, to nowhere. Far in the distance he could see the mountains, beyond which lay the cool blue Aegean sea. But between there and here was a long, dusty, empty road.

"Silence." He thought, and turned right.

He followed the road for half a mile and then turned off and walked into the flat wasteland. Grey sand and small stones caught under his flip-flops and turned the bottom of his white linen trousers dusty grey.
He turned off the music and revelled in the anonymity of silence. Finally! All he could hear was the sound of crickets quietly chirruping and the sand blowing in the gentle breeze. He had missed this and tried to soak up as much of it as he could, knowing he had several hours of battling to keep his mind quiet ahead of him.
With his hands in his pockets, smiling broadly he carried on walking aimlessly, enjoying the nothingness of the moment.
He walked onwards until he came to what appeared to be a natural bowl in the ground and next to it a large flat stone. He ran his hands along the stone, feeling the dust grate his fingertips and then pulled himself up and lay back, closing his eyes.
The gentle breeze lifted his hair from his face and cooled where the sun had been attempting to finish its work on his cheeks.
In his minds eye he could see the white clouds moving across the deep blue sky, he could hear the wind delicately moving the leaves in the trees, the sound of running water close by, the cool caress of the water as it lapped at his toes, and the quiet melodic tone of a girl singing.
He snapped open his eyes as he realised he could actually feel water at his feet.
He sat up abruptly and pulled off his sunglasses in disbelief.

Gone was the dust and in its place a green meadow. He was sat at the edge of a dark pool of water, trees surrounded him, shadows moved across him as the branches at the top of the trees slowly swayed filtering the sunlight.
At the edge of the pool opposite him a young girl dressed in white was bathing. She stood breast deep in the pool her face towards the sky as she poured water over herself. Her voice was amazing, unlike anything he had heard before. He gasped as he realised her dress was transparent and clung tightly to her body. Her nipples were taut and erect pointing thru the material.
As he gasped the girl froze and dropped her head scanning the area around her.

"Is there someone there?" She called out.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I just... I mean.. you just appeared... I don't understand.. Where am I?"

The girl stared at him.

"You see me?" She asked a sly smile spreading across her face.

"Of course I see you" he replied unsure, "Who are you? What is this?" His head span as he tried to take everything in around him.

The sound of water splashing drew him back to look at the girl but she was gone.

"What the fuck is going on?" He cried.

He suddenly felt cold wet hands drag across his shoulders then his vision was obscured, he felt legs wrap around his waist as the girl span from behind him and lowered herself into his lap.

"Oh how I've missed the feel of man" she groaned as she pushed herself against his groin.

"Whoa, wait a second, just a..wait!" He shouted as he tried to pry himself from her. "What are you doing? Get off!"

He attempted to push her away but it was like pushing a mountain, she looked so light and her weight on his legs felt natural but for all his strength it barely registered.

"Stop" commanded the girl, and her voice scared him. She had the sweet dulcet tones of a young girl but there was something behind her voice.

"You can see me, so look at me and love me" she spoke again.

For the first time he truly looked at her face. He guessed she was in her late teens or early twenties. Her face was more familiar than any he had seen but he was sure he had never seen her before, her beauty dazzled him. He looked into her eyes and was startled. Her eyes were deep blue, fading to grey, brightening to green and then smouldering to hazel.

"Your eyes" he breathed.

She leant forward and whispered into his ear.

"I love you, so now you love me."

Her words were like a drug and as he breathed in he breathed in love. He felt the trees lean in towards them wrapping their branches and leaves around them, cocooning them from the sun. The scent of meadow filled his nostrils as the sun reflected infinite times in the gentle waves of the water, a universe of stars shining for them.

She ran her fingers across his eyes, down his nose and pushed her fingers into his mouth.

"I've missed you love." She whispered.

The hairs on his body stood on end to her words. Shivers ran from the base of his spine outwards in peaking waves.

"I've missed you love." he repeated and pulled her to him.

He leaned in and grazed his lips against hers. Electricity crackled and he smelt ozone. He found his arms wrapping themselves around her tighter, pulling her breasts tight against his chest.

"Who are you?" his voice croaked.

"I am Earth, I am air, I am love." Her words were not spoken but he heard them carried on the wind.

He could feel her moistness against his groin and he realised he was naked. He was beyond being surprised.

Slowly she rose and fell against him, her nipples scratching against his chest, his masculinity slipping between her lips as she coated him with her arousal. He lowered his arms, caressing her buttocks and pulling her up and towards him. He kissed her again deeper this time and he allowed her tongue to enter his mouth, sliding over his own.

She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his head back and stared deep into his eyes.

"Adore me." She instructed.

"I adore you."

Closing his eyes, he kissed from her lips to her neck, running his tongue to her ear lobes he sucked them and blew into her ear.
Slowly she rose and he traced his tongue down her neck to her collar bone, she carried on rising and he kissed his way down her body as she stood.

He allowed his eyes to open. She was stood before him, his head between her legs.

"I adore you." he whispered and tasted her.

An orgasm pulsed through his body as he lapped at her sweetness. Her juices more abundant than he could swallow but he wouldn't stop until she was dry. She clutched his head and guided him to her needs. He curled his tongue around her clit, flicking at it, desperate to make her knees buckle, to know that he satisfied her. Lapping at her centre he relished the smoothness in his mouth, with his hands he caressed her buttocks pulling her further into his mouth.

Gently she shook against his face and he looked up. The sun haloed behind her making her shine. She took his head and pulled it away from her as she sank down to kneel over him. Taking hold of his cock she placed it at the entrance of her pussy and slowly sank taking him within her.

As he bottomed out she paused then slowly rocked on him. He cupped her hips just to hold her. Fire crackled in his fingertips. She took his hands and held them in hers and they became one. Pulling him with her they fell back into the water sinking into its depths until no light remained. There was no sound, no sight, just the feel of their bodies connected in unison. They wrapped each other in their arms and moved against each other. Waves of pleasure flowed between them.

A light appeared in his imagination and he could see her as if bathed in pale moonlight. He could still feel himself in her but she appeared to be apart from him. She held out her hands to him and he took them and they swam to the surface.

As they surfaced she again kissed him. Her legs were wrapped around him and she rode him more forcefully. Leaning back she floated on the surface of the water, he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him, rocking into her with more force. Harder and harder he fucked her until she started to moan, louder and louder. Her legs squeezed around his as she shuddered with a climax.

She smiled and pulled herself free from him and swam to the edge of the pool. She walked out on all fours and stopped, looked over her shoulder at him and shook her ass at him. He rushed to her and entered her from behind. Animal lust took over and he howled as he stoked her furiously from behind. He pawed and bit and licked her back and neck as he fucked her. She rose up to her knees and grabbed his head pulling it to hers as she pushed her tongue deep into his throat. They moaned together in unison as he felt the onset of his orgasm. He came deep and hard, so powerful was the orgasm that he froze unable to concentrate on anything other than the explosions that raked his soul.

"I've missed man's love ." She said as she walked away from him. As she walked the grass faded at her feet and the trees disappeared into a fog and he found himself kneeling in the dusty bowl.
Dust covered his linen trousers and his hands were buried.

Slowly he stood and looked around. He brushed the dust from his trousers and looked towards the airport. The noise of a plane taking off tore through his confusion. He watched it rise to the sky and saw the trails of the fuel being burnt shimmer behind its engines.

He turned and walked back towards the airport, wishing it was grass beneath his feet.






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