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One HOT Summer Party Part 2

Part 2 The guy has sex with his dream woman and finds out who the other woman is.
After Lisa walked in all I could make out was the little red riding hood outfit and two eyes looking directly at me. I wasn't sure what to say or do, but she came over to me, pushed me down onto the bed and said, "Right Mr Wolf, let's see what you have under here!" and started to unzip my fly.

It was sexy as hell and I was NOT going to stop her as she had the figure that a guy would die for.

While she was undoing my fly I tried to uncover her breasts, but she wouldn't and said, "First I've got to see if your worthy!"

So decided to put my hands on her waist instead while trapping her silky cloak. I just wanted her to get my cock out and then shove it in all the right places.

Finally she released my some what semi, and said, "Oh Mr. Wolf that just won't do, your going down. Let's see if I can get some life back into it!"

Then started to suck and play with my cock. Was it me or was it getting far too hot in this bedroom? All I could see was this hood bobbing up and down and the slurping noise coming from her mouth. Thankfully I could feel my cock springing into action and looked up at the ceiling and thought 'Thank you!'.

Lisa then back up at me and said, "That's better I've got something to ride on now!"

Ride on?? Normally I've been on top, this is first time a woman has taken charge and wanted to ride me. She then began taking her panties off and throwing them in my face. I could smell the sweet smell of pussy, even through the mask. She moved up my body and slowly guided my throbbing cock into her pussy. She felt so damn hot and wet and my cock felt like it was moving higher and deeper inside her as she lowered. Softly moaning and raising her arms up, I took that as a sign that I could move my hands too, and slowly started to massage her breasts. Even though there was material in the way they felt perfect and all I wanted was to rip her top off and suck them dry.

It was like she knew my own thoughts and reached down and pulled her top up saying, "There you go Mr. Wolf, better access!"

I couldn't believe it. But how was I going to suck on these gorgeous breasts?

I took my hands off and started to move the wolf mask off my head, but she stopped me and said, "Only so far, we're not to know each other right?".

So was able to uncover my mouth and give her kiss her directly on her mouth while she started to ride my cock. While moaning into my mouth she leaned back and I moved down to her breasts sucking and licking her nipples. I guessed that she loved it when I sucked on her nipple and pulling at it as she started thrusting her pussy harder onto my cock just like her friend did.

"Oh yes, just there, right there - DON'T STOP!" she said with the look of pure delight.

So I laid back down and started to thrust my cock up higher to her pussy and it seemed to be hitting the spot and she flung forward kissing me and slamming her backside up and down hard onto my cock. I'd never had it so good and so damn fast like this. She was like an Energizer bunny and nothing was going to stop this woman. It didn't matter if anyone was to walk straight through that door at any moment or that this bed was starting to bounce. She was just in the zone and nothing was going to stop her whole body from my cock and this hot flush feeling she was having.

I moved my hands to her backside and gripped her tight and slammed her onto my cock then back up, she moaned with pleasure into my ear, her hot breath seemed to give me a new lease of life and started me pounding her pussy as hard as I possibly could. It felt like my cock was in another world and enjoying every single moment. I was not going to let this stop and kept thrusting and slamming her pussy.

"I now......understand.......what shheeee....was.....on abb..out!!" Lisa said while trying to breath.

That was it, it felt like she was on the final lap and going for gold, her body got faster riding my cock and I could feel her pussy was starting to clamp around it. Wanting every amount of pure joy out of it. Thumping down hard and pushing down on my now straining cock. I lifted her backside up just for 2 seconds and then slammed back down thrusting deep inside her. I felt as it my cock just said thank you for the breather. Which gave it a small bit of life, but she wasn't going to make that stop her and grabbed hold of my hands and pushed them back to my head and held them there. Bouncing her body down hard planting her pussy as deep as she could she let out a huge moan in into the pillow at the side of my head as not to disturb the people down stairs. Damn she'd cum and I could feel all the juices flowing around my cock. I was so damn close to cumming with her, so with all my strength I pulley myself up and spun us around with her on the bottom. That was it, and laid onto of her with one almighty thrust into her pussy my cock wanted it again and she looked like she had wanted it again too. So I moved my backside up and thrusted even harder, I was nearly there, just one more thrust.

Lisa looked into my eyes and said, "Please just one more!"

With that I slammed my whole body down and hard cock deep inside her pussy. That was it my cock let rip and I felt all the juices flowing free. Then a thought went into my head, oh shit no condom!, but Lisa just looked at me like she was reading my mind and said, "It's fine I'm on the pill, otherwise I wouldn't of let you cum in me!"

My head was buzzing, my cock was sore and I was sweating like a pig in this mask! But hey I'd just had sex with 3 women and only knew two of them! I just looked into Lisa's eyes and kissed her deeply which she responded back.

"If only we could keep it going after today! By the way you can keep the panties! Been a great party in more ways than one!" she said.

With that we both go up, wish we could of just stayed there, but there was a party and someone was going to come looking for us soon. Both looked at each other and Lisa just smiled and told me she would go first and I needed to come down later. I just nodded back in approval. But decided to go into the bathroom to try and get some of the soreness out of my cock. As Lisa turned her back I just saw that gorgeous ass of her and thought I will be seeing you again some day.

With that I went into the bathroom and washed myself down which eased some of the soreness down and looked in the mirror, yep your a bad wolf today! I thought to myself. With a cheeky grin.

I walked down the stairs and into the room, there they both were talking to each other, then looking directly at me both with huge smiles on their faces. Suddenly I heard

"Who's been a bad Mr. Wolf?"

The two neighbours, pointed to me and said, "He has!"

I thought oh shit what's gonna happen now? But I was fine it was just Sherry, she'd wanted to know where I'd been. After explaining in one way that I hadn't felt so good as my head was a little buzzing.

My friend said, "Why didn't you say something, my bedrooms only up stairs, you could of gone in there and taken a rest!"

I wasn't going to tell her I had been in there but not for a rest!

The party was starting to wind down and everyone seemed a little too drunk, well except for the new neighbours who were STILL talking. I thought what on earth can they be talking about? Comparing notes?? I went over to my friend and asked if she needed any help clearing up.

"No you get off home, I'll leave this till tomorrow."

So seeing my gap, I waved good bye to all and gave a little wolf growl at the new neighbours, which they seemed to laugh and giggle at and walked out the door.

That's when I noticed my brothers car. Got into the house and there was my brother laying on the couch and my sister-in-law sat in the chair at the side of him.

"What you guys doing here?" I asked.

"Oh we got back from my mothers a little sooner than I thought and we decided to come and see how the party had gone on!" said my sister-in-law.

"Yeh SHE, was supposed to go round and see you at the party, but decided to go to the shop instead and was gone for a hell of a long time!" my brother said pointing to my sister-in-law.

"Well sorry for taking so long, but you know how it is when us girls get chatting!" she replied.

"So how was it bro, party any good?" asked my brother.

"Yeh wasn't too bad, some people got drunk and a few very bad dance moves!" I told him, trying to think of things to say as most of the time I wasn't even at the party.

"So no one got up to anything bad?" with a wink my sister-in-law asked.

"No I don't think so" I replied looking away and trying to do something else.

"Oh that's a shame, your bro thought you were going to get off with someone!" she chuckled back.

"Well its a damn time you got a break bro!" my brother said.

"Well on that sad not bro, I guess we'll go back home! Was hoping for some better news than that, but you just never know!" my brother said.

They both gave me a hug, then my sister-in-law said, "Oops forgot the bag with the shopping!"

Went into the kitchen and grabbed a carrier bag. Walked past me and gave me a wink. I just looked at her with a puzzle look and when she reached into the carrier bag and got out a maids feather duster! I looked at her and the duster with a complete shock on my face and she just looked back and laughed.

"Told you I'd get you one day!" she said back to me.

She'd been the mystery woman! I'd had sex with my sister-in-law!! I just stood there in shock and was dumb struck.

"Well, well, it's the first time for everything. I've actually made you speechless" she said.

We laughed, got in the car, and both sat waving goodbye and drove off, she was still laughing at my expression.

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