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One Hour In a Hotel

Encounter with a petitie blonde student in a hotel
I am sat in my car in the hotel car park and watched as a Nissan Micra pulled into a bay close to the reception entrance. A casually dressed blond young woman got out and walked into the building. I hope it's her, I thought, she is hot.

My heartbeat quickened and my palms began to sweat. Pre-punt nerves.

It seemed odd though that she would use a hotel for this purpose and arrive at eight twenty in the morning. I knew she had booked in the previous evening and expected her to be in her room at that time. No, my spirits flagged, it couldn't have been her.

I knew more or less what she would look like. Eighteen years old, blond, slim. But on her profile page her face had been blurred out. You can never tell in these situations exactly what to expect but then that is part of the thrill. I have been with rank ugly women and had a decent time for the money. The attitude is all important and if she's game for a good time so am I. Nevertheless, I had picked out Holly because of her age and youthful body. It had been months since my last paid sex encounter - mainly due to lack of any interesting talent on offer. I'm not one to book with anyone - I like to have the chance to live out a bit of fantasy.

At 8.25, just as she promised, there is a call from Holly asking me to come to room 227 at exactly eight thirty as we agreed (I wanted an early morning slot as I like to be the first of the day). Her voice is articulate and pleasant. I leave my ring and mobile phone in the glove compartment and lock the car and go in with just myself and the exact money. It's a nice hotel, not posh but something better than your average Travelodge. Soon I am knocking at the door and after a few seconds it opens.

It's the girl who got out of the Micra. She doesn't look like a whore at all. Just like a student who lives next door. She's about five feet five, slim, natural blond hair tied at the back, grey eyes and a nice face with pleasant features, good shape of nose and fresh young complexion. She lets me in and turns up the sound on the TV a little. An American soap opera is on. Wow, I think, what an hour this is going to be. I used to dream about girls like this and still do.

After we settle the business side of things we sit on the bed and exchange one or two comments. I embrace her and feel the cool softness of her cheek on mine. I'm overcome by magical feelings. The smell of her makes me dizzy with happiness. She is not wearing perfume, there is no need, this is just the fresh fragrance of a very feminine young woman. Likewise she has no make up, her looks are enough. Perfect, just perfect. Exactly what I like best of all.

We continue to embrace and fall back on the bed. I bury my face into her neck and kiss her heavenly skin and breath in as deeply as I can the smell of her hair. With my hands I fondle her breasts through her cardigan and when I do that she begins to breath deeply herself. Then I caress her sides just below her armpits all the time kissing her neck, then her ears and side of her face. Her nose feels so perfect and wonderful I start kissing it and the can't get enough of its gentle curves on my lips. I stop for a moment and look into her eyes which are smiling back at me. Then I caress her face with my hand, touching her cheeks, ears, nose and fair eyebrows. We kiss on the lips.

I ask her to take off her cardigan and white t-shirt. She complies with this and I've got a pair of well formed young breasts in front of me. The nipples and areola are flawless as could be, no goosebumps, pimples, no hair, and light pink. Her breasts are one handful size and I start to fondle them softly and feeling their weight, saying compliments to her. I put my face to them and kiss there. She stands up and takes off her jeans, revealing ravishing youthful body parts, slender legs, rounded bottom and at the front heaven itself, shaven and pink.

I need to cool down and ask her if she wants a massage. She says she does and gets on her belly. I begin to work between her shoulders. She likes that, I dig my thumbs gently into her muscles, releasing the stored up tension. She really loves it. I work down her back like that and then I dig my thumbs into the tender spots at the top of her finely shaped bottom. I tell her to breath deeply and ask how it feels. She likes it. They always like it when I touch them like that. It's not sexual at all, just very nice.

We swap. After she gives me a massage I ask if she will play with my balls and cock. I lay on my back and she sits on my belly. She weighs so little that's not a problem for me. I feel her little hands take my balls and touch them tenderly. While she is doing that I raise myself up and feel her tits from behind, playing and fondling them as she switches attention to my hard on.

She's a good girl. She can see I have a tight foreskin and she touches me just right. Jerking me up and down carefully. She is so sexy and I have to ask her to stop as I feel like cumming and suggest putting a condom on. I ask if she can apply the condom with her mouth. She says she has never done that before but will try. She puts the condom in her mouth and tries, she bends over and I feel an indescribably beautiful heat unfold over my rock hard erection. It's so good I almost ask her to take the condom off and do it again. She completes the job by hand rolling the condom to the base and then I ask her to get on all fours as my hard on is like steel and I want to fuck her while it feels so good. I'm in position now and ask if she is ready and she says she is.

There is a mirror and we can both see ourselves. We look beautiful in that pose. I take her by the hips and feel for the right place, her youthful tightness gives way to my middle aged erection and the stimulation is so exciting my balls tingle. I say oh god and tell her I'm going to cum, moving against her with rapid strokes, thrusting powerfully against the sexy petite young student. She must be just right for me as I can't fuck her deep or hard enough. My balls shrink to the size of hazelnuts and I moan with relief and pleasure as cum floods out of me and fills the tip of the condom so abundantly its a wonder it does not explode inside her. It's over. I think: how incredible is sex at its best; a lifetime of tension dissolved in a few ecstatic moments. I reach forwards, fondle her breasts and kiss her ear and face lovingly. Tender moments after a mind blowing fuck.

We chat as I dress. She is starting the first year of a biology degree at university and the money she earns in this way is going into her course fees. I tell her I saw her arrive in her car and how I hoped it would be her. She said she doesn't like staying in hotels overnight and had driven home to sleep. I thanked her, gave her a kiss and said bye.

It's funny but I did not really think she would remember me. I left her positive feedback on the contact website but it was weeks before she left feedback for me. They see a lot of men, these girls, so I did feel sort of flattered that her feedback was so personal. She wrote: clean, well presented, delicate hands, good massage.
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