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Penthouse Surprise

I doused myself with an ample spray of a heady cologne and checked my appearance in the mirror. Yep, pretty good, I would do. I was looking stunning in a printed scoop neck dress as I left the hotel room to meet my date. The elevator was on the ground floor and I pressed the button to kick it into action. Seconds later the big steel doors opened onto level two, whisking me on my ascent to paradise. I rode the elevator to the top floor and watched as the numbers quickly flashed by. Eventually coming to a halt, the stainless steel doors opened on to a hallway swathed in sumptuous deep red décor, beckoning me further into its luxurious depths.

It seemed that the very handsome Dave was more interested in me than I had first though. I had met him a few times on the golf coarse and thought he was pretty cute. The card that came along with the extravagant flowers he had sent me read -


I rapped on door 507 with its gold embellished numbers and waited patiently for a reply. I stood wondering what kind of intrigue lay within. I could hear voices inside, a few seconds later the door finally swung opened. There in the doorway stood Dave, his dark eyes met me with a glow of affection.

‘Hey, Kate come right in.’ He said, beaming a smile as he took me by the hand, steering me through into the main suite.

‘Nice to see again, how did the golf go?’ He said, giving a warm smile and exposing some expensive dentistry.

“Yeah, pretty good.” I said observing the other guests around me. I didn’t know it was going to be a party, then again, it should be fun.

“Can I fix you a drink, champagne perhaps?” He said waiting for my reply.

“Champagne would be nice.” I said, eyeing up the expensive fizz on the sideboard.

I was awe struck with the suite and couldn’t believe the luxury and extravagance of the place. I lost myself completely the minute I walked through the door.

“You’ve certainly done well with your room.” I said, sipping the gorgeous drink I’d just been given.

“I thought it would be worth the extra cash, I like a bit of luxury now and then.” He said sipping his whisky and eyeing my ample cleavage.

“Absolutely, . . . I agree.” I said, gazing across the fairway from the open balcony doors.

Well, so far so good, at least he didn’t seem to be some kind of crazy nut. After a few minutes of small talk he took me round and introduced me to some of his guests. Yep, they all seemed very nice and were having a good time drinking and eating delicious food from the ample buffet. By the time Dave had finished schmoozing his guests I was onto my third glass of expensive bubbly and feeling totally relaxed in my opulent surroundings. And I have to say feeling pretty turned on. My date was now flirting quite outrageously with me, I had decided I wouldn’t say no to him, if you know what I mean.

“You look ravishing tonight.” Said Dave, whispering into my ear and stroking my neck with a light feathery touch.

“Thanks, … you look pretty fantastic yourself.” I said holding his gaze. He knew how to work me already and I was pretty open to letting him continue his little crusade in trying to woo me.

He moved closer and lent in to kiss me, his lips felt soft on mine and he tasted delicious. His aftershave smelt heavenly as I breathed it in. I could feel his substantial erection press up against me, I felt a tingle of desire as he rubbed it against my hips. Well there’s one thing he was pretty forward, but I didn’t really care, I was having a ball. My only concern was the other guests. I looked over my shoulder, but they seemed to be engrossed in their various conversations and were paying no attention what so ever to our little shenanigans.

We continued to kiss, in between nibbling some knights-on-horseback and sipping our drinks. He kept up the small talk and threw me compliment after compliment. Wow. I felt amazing, horny as hell and dripping wet between my legs. He sat down his Scotch and hoisted my dress up, slipped his hand into my panties and fingered my sopping wet pussy. I was slightly shocked, but it felt so good. Again I glanced over my shoulder, but everyone was still minding their own business, not even a sneaky side-ways glance in our direction. I felt slightly embarrassed non the less.

He kissed me deeply and explored my mouth with his delicious roving tongue. The heel of his hand was massaging my pubic bone, it felt amazing and I was getting dangerously close to a climax. I let out a gasp, as shivers of desire coursed through me. He then circled my clit with two fingers and a shattering orgasm swept through me, leaving me slightly breathless. Holy shit, … I couldn’t move. Dave kissed my neck as I clung onto him. He whispered to me, telling me he really enjoyed that and I was one sexy lady. Crikey, I couldn’t believe how fast this thing was moving. It usually took me at least three dates to get past the kissing stage.

After I had recovered slightly, I glanced around acutely embarrassed, but the other guests appeared not to have noticed our torrid little session and were busy eating canapés and drinking champagne from fluted glasses. Nobody was watching. Dave was gazing down at me with sultry eyes, as he took my hand and rubbed it over his pulsating dick. He smiled as I unzipped his fly and let out his rock hard member. I do like a man with a nice big cock and I was glad to see his was just the right size for my tight pussy. Seven inches I reckoned and just the right thickness. Not too fat and not too skinny, just about right. God his cock was hard and it felt divine in my hand as I stoked it with a firm grip. Dave let out small groans as I worked it up and down.

I wanted to feel his cock inside me, right now. I couldn’t hold out any longer and didn’t care if anyone saw us. I told him what I wanted and he said we could do it right here. Okay, I said and he hoisted me up onto a table right beside us. Fuck, … this was completely bizarre but so exciting. He nudged my panties aside and plunged his shaft all the way in and I let out a gasp. God, he felt so good inside me and pretty soon he was thrusting his rigid cock into my eager pussy with trained precision. Fuck me harder I said. He duly obliged and pumped me harder. I groaned with each passing thrust and dug my fingers into his hips for added stability. Ouch, he said. Sorry I said, got carried away.

I didn’t want it to stop but I was shaking with sheer ecstasy and so close to a huge come. Dave gave another few fast and furious thrusts and I quivered and shuddered with sheer bliss as my orgasm shot through me like a bolt of lightening. I couldn’t feel my legs any more as the wonderful sensation engulfed me. Dave pulled out and shot his load all over my legs, spurt after spurt escaping from him like a reservoir of hot lava. Breathless and all but exhausted, I was flushed with post orgasmic euphoria. I grabbed a napkin and cleaned off Dave’s cum from my quivering legs, before testing them on the floor. The guests were the last thing on my mind now, I didn’t give dam any more. Although I hope they got a good show. I clung to the table for support as Dave threw his arm round my shoulder.

“That was amazing Kate.” He said with a smile. “Kate, … will you marry me.”

I gazed at him in total disbelief. “I’m busy this month, but what about next." I said in jest.

“I’m serious.” He said kissing me on the lips.

“Crikey, … are you for real.” I said with a grin.

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