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Playing a round

A game of golf leads to a passionate afternoon
I first met Cath at university over a decade ago. It was clear from the start that we fancied each other. At the time I was involved with someone else, and although the relationship was on its last legs I didn't know how to end it. By the time that relationship fizzled to its disappointing conclusion, Cath was seeing someone else. And so it went on through our time at University. We wanted each other, but it just didn't happen.Some years later in London, we finally kissed at the end of a drunken night at a house party. After that night I was left wanting more, but our lives took us in different directions, and for years we were in different countries.

Cath returned to England three years ago with a husband, Neil. Meeting up as old friends, it was great to spend time with Cath and to get to know Neil. Every now and then one of us would suggest meeting for a drink or dinner. The three of us got on like a house on fire, and I managed to bury my desire for Cath. Our chance had been and gone. Or so I thought.

Over time it became clear that all was not well between Cath and Neil. They both wanted kids but Cath's failure to conceive was putting a strain on their relationship. I would take Cath, or on occasions both of them, out for the night just to give them a bit of a release from the stress of their lives. At long last they received some good news as Neil had a new job, albeit one that involved a lot of travelling and overnight stays. It felt like they had turned a corner.

Two weeks ago I got a call from Cath. She knew that I played golf and she asked me if I wanted to play a round with her. Not knowing until that moment that she played golf, I was a little startled, but delighted to have someone new to play with. I booked a day off work and we were all set.

I picked Cath up from her house. She was wearing a blue top and blue skorts. Standing about 5'4" Cath looked every inch the pocket dynamo, cute as a button with auburn hair and freckles. A quick hug and a peck on the cheek and we were off. We chatted as we always did about what was going on in our lives and who we'd been in touch with from uni.

At the golf course it became clear that Cath was very much a learner. She was worried that I would get frustrated with her standard of play. Quite the opposite. As I watched her play her shots I took pleasure in observing her body. Her butt wiggled before beginning her swing, and then I admired her breasts and her waist as the twisted and turned. It was an exquisite form of torture. I took a cheeky video clip on my phone so that the moment wouldn't be entirely lost to posterity.

On the 9th fairway we stood aside to let a faster pair of players through. Standing in front of me Cath's butt brushed against my groin. I felt a stirring. "Please god don't let me get an erection," I thought to myself whilst at the same time enjoying the way our bodies fitted together. I didn't know if this was a deliberate move by Cath or an inadvertent happy occurrence. I placed my hands on either side of her waist. She moved closer in towards my groin. As the other players walked past and we acknowledged their thanks, Cath and I must have look liked like a pair of lovers rather than the friends that we were.

Coming off the 9th green, Cath said, "I'm tired, do you mind if we give the back 9 a miss?"

"No," I said, lying a little as I had paid for two full rounds.

"Do you have to get back?" she asked.

"Not now we aren't playing the back 9," I said, hoping that I knew where her question was leading.

"Good, come back to mine for a coffee."

Getting into the car my mind was buzzing. I know what I wanted to happen. I also knew it shouldn't happen as she was a married woman.

Cath leaned over to me and kissed me, saying "Thanks for taking me out."

I didn't know how to respond so lamely I said, "Not a problem".

Cath looked taken aback . It wasn't quite the response she was expecting. She settled back into her seat and I drove her home.

We were barely inside Cath's house when she gave me an almighty hug. And there we stood, holding each other. My breathing quickened, and I could feel Cath's body trembling. I loved the feel of her body against mine, so I wasn't going to let go.

"I love my husband," she whispered.

"I know," I replied.

"I'm not going to leave him," she continued.

"I wouldn't expect you to."

Cath looked up at me. Her eyes looked like they were on the verge of tears. Our faces moved together and we kissed. These were like no kisses I'd ever experienced. She was passionate with her tongue moving like an eel in my mouth. I loved how she tasted. I loved how she felt. My cock stiffened and I knew she would be able to feel it. She pulled away.

"Just a minute," she said. Walking over to the windows she pulled the curtains shut. "Would you like a drink?"

"err yes" I said, not quite sure what was happening. Cath returned with a jug of Pimms and two glasses. I sat down on the sofa as Cath poured me a glass. As I was going to be driving home I took a small sip and put the glass down.

Cath sat down next to me. "I love my husband," she repeated.

Again I said, "I know."

As I spoke Cath undid my belt, pulled the zip on my trousers down and pulled my stiff cock out. She looked over at me, possibly giving me a chance to tell her to stop. I wasn't going to do that. The whole situation felt like a surreal rollercoaster and I was enjoying the ride. Cath leaned across and took my cock into her mouth. Working her mouth up and down my shaft the feeling was incredible. She cupped my balls in her hand, gently squeezing them, while her other hand held my cock tightly at its base. I don't know how long she did this for, but just as I felt myself getting close to the point of no return she stopped. She sat back on the sofa with a grin on her face. I grinned back.

"I'm not going to fuck you. Playing is one thing, fucking is another," she said. I couldn't answer her.

We both took a sip of Pimms, and at that moment a car door slammed outside. Cath hastily opened the curtains, and seeing Neil outside motioned towards my groin. Putting my still hungry cock back into my pants, I zipped and belted my trousers just in time before Neil walked through the door.

"How was golf?" said Neil, pecking Cath on the cheek.

"It was fun, but I wasn't very good."

"She played some good shots, especially for a beginner. The consistency will come later," I added, trying to act as normal as possible.

Cath headed upstairs and left Neil and I chatting. 

"All this talk of golf is making me think of slipping in 9 holes before the light fades. Fancy it?"

I thought about Neil's offer. This was my escape route. My chance of guaranteeing that Cath and I could stay friends without any more complications. I should've agreed. I should've gone with him. Instead I made some lame excuse about going out that evening.

Cath came downstairs wearing a pastel pink Summer dress. It perfectly accentuated her curves. I could tell there was no bra underneath, I wondered if there were no knickers either. 

"You look great babe. I think I'm going to play a quick 9. Fancy it?"

"No, I'm pooped. You have fun!"

Neil looked over at me. "Hope to see you soon."

"You, too." 

And with that Neil headed upstairs to get changed. Cath put the tv on and we made small talk. All the while I was looking at her, stunning in her dress. Following her curves and looking for evidence of underwear, but without success.

A quick farewell from Neil as he almost ran out the door and he was gone. Cath waited. We heard the garage door open and close. We heard the car's boot slam shut and we heard the car reverse out and drive off. Neither of us said anything. Cath stood up and looked out of the window. He was gone. She pulled the curtains shut once more.

I took a long sip of my drink as Cath advanced towards me. She knelt on the sofa, straddling my legs. As she reached down and undid my belt and trousers once more I ran my hands down her body, feeling every curve through the thin fabric. Her breasts were firm, her nipples erect. As I reached her hips and went lower it became apparent that she was wearing no underwear at all. That realisation made my cock burst free.

"Hello, big boy," she said, smiling.

Cath slid her body towards me, grinding our groins together. We kissed, long, deep, passionate kisses. Taking turns to give and receive, our tongues dancing a tango. She rubbed herself up and down against my cock, careful to avoid penetration. 

I reached my hands under her dress and upwards. I felt my way towards her breasts. I loved the feel of those perfect tits, holding them as I kissed her. 

"I love my husband."

"And yet..."

"This is just two friends having fun."


Even at this stage, I didn't know where this was leading.

"Perhaps you don't want me?" Cath said, reaching over for her drink and emptying the glass.

"You know I do. But perhaps we shouldn't."

Cath put her fingers to my lips, and with her free hand took my fingers downwards to her lips. Feeling her pussy I could tell that she was already wet.

"Just so you know," she said, taking my hand away. 

"So what happens now?"

Cath raised herself up and took my cock in hand before gently lowering herself onto it. She let out a little gasp as she slip down its length enveloping it. Cath didn't have the tightest pussy I've ever had the pleasure of. This was just as well, for with over a decade of expectation and desire plus the preceding hour or so of foreplay, a tight pussy would have tipped me over the edge very quickly.

Cath took her dress off over her head, and there she was, naked and fucking me. I had dreamed of this and the reality did not disappoint. Cath's spectacular breasts, soft and womanly body, and beautiful face was in front of me, and I was in her. Cath was doing all the work. She was gyrating her hips and grinding whilst moving herself up and down, up and down. I knew that as sexual performances go, hers was top class while mine was destined to be less spectacular than either one of us would have liked.

Perhaps sensing that I was fighting to prevent myself from ejaculating Cath whispered:

"I want you to cum inside me."

I needed no further encouragement. I began thrusting to match her motions. I kissed her and then with one explosive release I sent a hot stream into her beautiful body. We stayed there for what seemed like an eternity. My cock slowly shrinking back down to its regular size, cum dribbling from Cath's pussy onto my thighs.

"You look like the cat that got the cream," she said tenderly.

"I feel like it."

Cath lifted herself off me, my cock slipping out with a sloppy popping noise.Taking a tissue, she passed one over to me and took one herself and began mopping up the mix of her juices and my cum. 

Watching her, two thoughts occurred to me. The first was that I had been a party to adultery. Something that had never happened before. The second was that we'd had unprotected sex. This bothered me. How would we explain any pregnancy that might result?

"Neil must never know," she said

"Agreed. Are you...on the pill?"

"No, there's no need. I can't have kids."

"Have we made a big mistake?"

"I don't know, but it's been a decade in the making. Perhaps it was just as well to get it out of our system. I won't leave Neil."

"I don't want you to."

Cath kissed me sweetly.

"I think you ought to go. If you don't we will end up having sex again, and Neil could come back any time"

I took my cue. Finishing cleaning myself up, I did my trousers up . By the door, we hugged each other once more. Was this a one off or the beginning of something? I had no idea. But as I left Cath I knew that she was wrong. I hadn't got her out of my system. I wanted her more than ever.

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