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Pleasure on a beach

He kissed her and moved his hand to her breast, deciding to kiss it and then kissing her again. “Maybe we should do something tomorrow, something interesting, what do you think?” he took a breath and answered her, “Alright, what do you want to do?” she thought for a moment, searching her mind for an idea. “I can’t think of anything specific but I will think of something, hopefully” she said. “Okay well let me know when you do think of something” he said, still kissing her. She kissed him back, wrapping a leg around him and placing her hand on his back. He undid her bra and took it off, edging closer to her still. She took his top off and felt his manly flesh, kissing his shoulder and blazing a trail over his chest with her hand. She put her hand on his penis, making him kiss her intensely as she touched it.

He moved on top of her and put his penis that was jutting from his groin to her mouth, jamming it in and moaning as she sucked it. He eventually moved it inside her, sweating with intense pleasure and looking down at her. She gripped on the sheets and held on to him, shuddering and gasping as he ejaculated into her. He tried to catch his breath again, lying on top of her and drenching her in his sweat. She traced his face with her fingers, feeling totally in love with him, wanting to stay in the moment forever. He lied down next to her and looked at her, pressing his lips to hers and hugging her. She placed her head to his chest to listen to his heart beat, smelling his sweat and loving the familiarity of it. “I feel so comfortable with you” she said, hugging him back as tight as she could and smiling. He said in a warm, tender voice, “I feel comfortable with you too”. They fall asleep in each others arms, dreaming of one another and not bothering to dress again. When she woke he was still hugging her, there was an odd smell in the air, it was weird and stuffy and she felt the need to get up and go outside.

He awoke as soon as she moved and looked at her in astonishment. “Good morning”, she said, smiling at him happily and getting out of bed”. He held her gaze and then watched her as she got dressed, focusing on her breasts as she put her bra back on. He got up and went to the toilet, looking like he was having trouble feeling awake. She sat at the kitchen table and looked out the window thinking, ‘I am basically living here, it’s like I go home for a day or two and then come back here again’. He flushed the toilet and sat at the table with her, drinking orange juice and smiling at her. “So did you decide on something to do today?” he said, “Umm, No”, she said, sighing. They both got up and went to the shower, laughing and kissing. “I don’t like this shampoo”, she said, it’s not as good as my other one. He picked up his shampoo and said “I have awesome shampoo”, she laughed and put her shampoo in her hair.

 They took turns in going under the water and watched each other as they waited to go under the water again. “When is your mum meant to be coming home anyways? What if she walked in and saw us in the shower together?” she said, giggling. “She won’t be back until tomorrow, she would go crazy if she saw us in the shower”, he said. “Yes, I can imagine”, she said, washing the shampoo out of her hair. After showering and dressing they went out to the car and he drove to the beach. “I’m not going swimming though”, she said, watching his face for some kind of expression. “Well neither am I”, he said, in a rather amusing tone. When they got to the beach they just sat in the sand, looking out at the water. “It’s nice here”, she said, he nodded and looked at her. He put his hand in hers and kept it there, lying down in the sand and pulling her down with him. The sand was warm and soft and the sun was relaxing but his hand in hers felt best :) They turned to face each other and stayed there, locked in each other’s gaze for what felt like forever. Finally, he kissed her, brushing his prickly beard against her face. “I think it’s going to rain”, she said, moving away from him and looking up at the sky.

“Fuck, probably, who cares”, he said, pulling her face to his and groping her backside. She felt his hand moving up her dress, over her legs, knees and thighs. He ran his fingers up and down the side of her underwear and made her ache for his touch. She kissed him eagerly and moved closer to him, no longer caring that somebody might walk past and see them. He put his fingers into her and felt her wetness, making her gasp and grip at his t-shirt. Suddenly a big dog jumped on top of them, barking and wagging its tail. A lady came over to fetch her dog, running up to it saying “Bad dog! Bad dog!” she looked at them weirdly, obviously noticing that his hand was up her dress. She said “Sorry to disturb you” and ran off with her dog, not daring to look back. He kept feeling her, moving his fingers around inside her, eager to turn her on. “What if somebody else comes over”, she asked. “Well then they’ll see a lot more than they expected”, he said, smiling and digging his fingers in deeper. She pressed her face into his chest and moved closer to him, trying to hide what he was doing from everybody on the beach, hoping their bodies would disguise it. She heard thunder in the sky and realised a storm was coming.

 “I really think we should leave now”, she said, pulling away from him and pushing away his hand, even if it was making her feel fabulous. He nodded and got up with her, holding her hand as they walked to the car. As soon as they got inside they made love again, ripping each others clothes off like animals and leaning up against his desk. His tongue swirled around in her mouth and she sucked on his lip while holding onto him for balance. He put his mouth on her nipple and licked at it, making her hold onto his tighter. He pushed her down onto the bed and continued to kiss her. She moved her mouth to the head of his penis and tasted it, tantalizing it with her tongue. He spurted out some semen and she licked at it like a cat, tasting its salty taste. He pushed her up against the desk again and went deep within her, eventually bringing them both to a release of exquisite pleasure.

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