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Satisfaction in the Park

She needed some satisfaction...
Michelle lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. The little house where she had lived for almost twenty years was quiet, and that was bothering her. She had Jacob, her one child, at eighteen. His father had left her when the boy was three, leaving her as a single mother. Busy with parenting, housekeeping, and working at various jobs, Michelle had never really had a chance to feel alone. Now, however, Jacob had moved out to attend college, leaving Michelle with an empty nest at the ripe old age of thirty-eight. And the loneliness was filling her up fast.

It was not that Michelle lacked for company. She had drinks or dinner with friends once or twice a week, had a fairly sociable workplace, and was doing some work on the side for a couple volunteer organizations. However, that did not satisfy one core need in her life. It had been over a year since she had enjoyed so much as a one night stand with a man. Her fingers and a toy dealt with the physical urges but they only carried her so far. A real live, naked man was what Michelle badly needed.

Finally dragging herself out of bed, Michelle showered and pulled on cotton panties and a sun dress. It was a Saturday, so she was not going to work and did not really have any plans for the day. Breakfast was quick, just coffee and a bagel. Then she went out and sat in the sun on her deck, still trying to figure out what to do with a whole day, a whole life even, to herself.

The telephone rang inside the house. Michelle thought about not answering but, after a couple rings, she decided it could be Jacob or someone else of importance. Sprinting into the house, she grabbed the handset.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hi. I’m Brent Mason from the West Hall Foundation. We worked together on the last fundraiser.”

Michelle did not really need the reminder. She remembered Brent very well. He was a tall, fit man about a decade older than her. A bit of white streaked his otherwise black hair, giving him a bit of a distinguished look. The twinkle in his grey-blue eyes had captivated her often during meetings.

“Hi, Brent. Nice to hear from you again. What can I do for you?”

“I remember you were pretty good around a computer. I’m working on a report for the board and the spreadsheet is giving me some grief. Are you able to meet me at the office so I can show you the problem?”

Michelle hesitated. Yes, she wanted to see Brent again. In fact, she wanted it rather badly. It was just that helping with his spreadsheets was hardly what she wanted. More like getting him between the sheets. Still, it was a chance to get some time alone with him.

“Yeah, I can. What time is good for you?” she asked.

“I was going over after lunch. One?”

“Sure. See you there.”

As they hung up, Michelle felt an unexpected excitement. She had been quite attracted to Brent during the six months they had sat on a committee together. The possibility of an ongoing connection with him intrigued her. In fact, inviting her in to help with something that any number of other foundation volunteers or staff could have helped with seemed a bit suspicious. He was, after all, a single (well, separated), handsome, middle-aged male. Perhaps this was a roundabout, passive-aggressive way of getting her alone?

Lunch came and went faster than Michelle realized, though her excitement likely had something to do with it. After some deliberation in front of a mirror, she decided not to change clothes. The dress was casual but looked nice on her. She fixed up her hair and put on a bit of lipstick.

It was not until Michelle was in the car that she realized that she was not wearing a bra. She considered going in to put one on, but she was not overly endowed and her breasts actually looked pretty good untethered, so she decided to chance it. Worst case was that the dress’ neckline flashed Brent at an inopportune moment. That might not be such a bad thing, really.

“Hey, how you doing?” Brent sang out to Michelle as she entered the office.

“Good. How about you?”

“Fantastic, other than this fucking computer.”

Michelle laughed. Most guys did not take her computer skills seriously, so she had been happy to find one who actually admitted that she knew more about it than he did.

“Show me,” she said, pulling over a chair.

It took almost an hour for Michelle to work through what Brent had done and put it back together in a way that worked. She also cleaned up his formatting and fixed a couple other small problems that she came across.

“Damn, you’re good, Michelle. Thanks,” Brent said as he looked through the finished product.

“You’re welcome.”

Michelle sat back in her chair and stretched, the material of her dress pressing against her breasts. As she relaxed again, Michelle noticed an odd look on Brent’s face. Suddenly, she realized how big and open the dress’ armholes were. She felt her cheeks warming.

“Oops. Did I flash you?”

“A bit,” he answered, his own face turning red.

“Did you like it?”

Brent reddened more, gulped and nodded. Michelle smiled at him.

“Then I don’t mind.”

Brent hesitantly smiled back. Michelle turned her chair to face him and leaned forward slightly, knowing he would probably get another eyeful.

“Want to go somewhere now that we’re done? Maybe get a drink or a snack or something?” she asked, noting that his gaze was torn between her face and her cleavage.

“Yeah, that sounds great. The Sunfest is on in Waterside Park. Let’s hit the food booths and see who is on stage.”

Michelle smiled. “That sounds fun. Let’s go.”

Soon, they were wandering along the river with ice cream cones in hand. A local pop band was on stage filling the air with music.

“I love this music,” Michelle said quietly as they stopped to listen.

“Me, too. I’ve heard them once before and was very impressed,” Brent answered, “How is your cone?”

Michelle had ordered a rather odd, to her, flavour called red bean.

“Delicious, actually. Want a try?” She held up her cone.

Brent smiled and took a lick. “It is good.”

“Can I try that chocolate swirl of yours?”

“Be my guest.”

Michelle licked it slowly, keeping her eyes on Brent’s face and hoping it looked as flirty as it felt.

“Mmmm. That is good,” she said.

“Got some on you.”

She looked down to see ice cream running down her breast. With a grin, she caught it with a finger and slowly licked it clean. Her eyes were locked with Brent’s the whole time, even when she licked her lips at the end.

“You’re coming across as a bit naughty, Michelle,” Brent said with a chuckle.

“Is that a good or bad thing?”

“Honestly? Good, I think.”

Michelle smiled and wrapped her lips around her ice cream, sucking some off the top. Then she eyed Brent and licked her lips again. He smiled, then lapped up some of his own ice cream before returning the gesture.

“Want another taste?” Michelle asked, trying to sound innocent.


Dipping her finger to get a big blob of ice cream, she offered it to Brent. He giggled, then took her finger between his lips to suck and lick it clean. Michelle sighed, enjoying the sensation.

“Your turn,” Brent said, offering Michelle a finger full of ice cream.

Michelle winked at him, then wrapped her lips around his finger. Her tongue dealt with the ice cream while she sucked on it. A stirring in her lower body and moisture between her thighs suggested that more than sucking on a finger was needed.

“This way,” she said as she let go of Brent’s finger.

Michelle headed towards a corner of the park that she knew had some privacy. She was not sure if Brent would go along with what she had in mind, but at least he followed with a grin on his face.

Finding the spot she wanted, Michelle climbed up on a picnic table.

“Hold this,” she said to Brent, giving him her cone.

He took the cone from her and then Michelle began undoing the top of her dress. Brent stared in surprise as she unbuttoned the front, then slid it down to her waist, baring her tits to his eyes. They weren’t big, but they were nicely rounded with only a little sag. Her nipples were big and surrounded by large, dark areolas.

“Give it back. Yours, too,” she said, loving the look on his face.

Brent handed Michelle the cones. Taking one on each hand, she rubbed the soft, cold ice cream on to her nipples. The chill hardened them, and the melting treat ran down her body.

“Want some ice cream?” Michelle asked in a sultry voice when her tits were thoroughly covered in the sweet cream.

Brent did not need a second invitation. Kneeling before Michelle on the table’s bench, he began eagerly licking cream off of her tits and belly. Michelle watched, enjoying the sight and feel of his tongue on her skin while finishing the ice cream. When he got down to her nipples, Brent pulled one between his teeth and lovingly sucked and nibbled it. Tossing the almost finished cones aside, Michelle put her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying just the feel of his lips, tongue, and teeth working on the sensitive bud.

“Oh fuck, Brent, that is good,” she moaned, cradling her lover’s head against her breast as he continued to pleasure it.

Brent’s hand slid up Michelle’s thigh as he switched breasts. His fingers found the soft cotton, found the soft lips underneath it, and began gently rubbing. The fabric moistened as he pressed it into her wet opening.

Pushing Brent’s face back from her breast, Michelle leaned in and kissed his mouth.

“I’ll bet I know some other cream that you’d like,” Michelle said.

Brent’s fingers were still working her pussy, leaving her panties wet. “I would love it.”

Changing his position, Brent grabbed the waistband of Michelle’s panties and pulled them down from under her skirt. After a sniff of the wet crotch, he put them on the table beside her and pushed the skirt of her dress up to her hips. She had trimmed her pubic hair into a little strip to accommodate a thong bathing suit. The strip ended just above her full, soft lips, which glistened in the little streamers of sunlight that made it through the shade trees above them.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful,” Brent said breathlessly.

He plunged his face down between Michelle’s thighs. His tongue caressed her opening, running along the slit a few times. Then Brent teased her clitoris with it while probing inside her with a finger. The finger quickly grew slick with her juices and he slid a second in to join it, fucking her with them while licking and sucking her swollen clit.

Michelle closed her eyes again and savoured the feeling of tongue and fingers exploring her pussy. She leaned back, supporting herself on her arms. The tension in her loins built to a crescendo before exploding out through her body in a hot wave. She groaned inarticulately as the orgasm shook her body and Brent’s fingers and tongue kept up their work.

When his fingers slid out of her pussy, Michelle opened her eyes and sat up. Brent was licking his fingers clean while unzipping his pants with the other hand. Soon, his pants and briefs were down to his knees, leaving his very erect, circumcised cock standing up like a long pole pointing almost straight at her.

“I want to fuck,” Brent said, giving Michelle a wicked look.

Smiling she slid to the ground and turned her back to Brent. Bending over with the table for support, she glanced back at him over her shoulder.

“Come and get it, then, baby,” she said.

Brent smiled and walked up to her. He flipped the dress up to bare her ass and pussy. Michelle looked away and closed her eyes, awaiting the penetration. The head of his cock entered first. He fucked her with just the head a few times, then drove his entire erection in deep. With Michelle’s vagina wet from her orgasm, he went in easily. She gasped as its thickness stretched her a little. Brent’s hands gripped Michelle’s ass and he began ramming his dick into her with fast, firm thrusts. Her body shook with each collision.

Brent was loving the feeling. It had been a long time since he fucked a wet pussy good and hard. Michelle was a bit tight and the walls of her vagina squeezed and massaged his shaft. He thrust into her again and again while massaging her ass and thighs with his hands.

“Oh fuck, yes, Michelle you have such a nice, slick puss. I love fucking you, baby,” he said between gasps.

His hand slid under her and he began vigorously massaging her clitoris. Michelle was moaning again, raspy moans that rose in pitch and volume with the renewed stimulation. Brent felt his orgasm starting to build.

“I’m going cum in you, baby,” he said.

“Do it, Brent. Cum in my hot, wet pussy,” Michelle moaned between ragged breaths.

They came almost simultaneously. Brent was a little ahead, his body stiffening as he shot a load into Michelle’s pussy. He was still shooting when she came, her vagina fluttering around his cock as she let out a rather loud cry.

As their orgasms passed, Brent slipped free and stepped back to catch his breath. Michelle turned around and sat on the picnic table’s bench. Her eyes fell on his wet cock.

“Let me clean that up for you,” she said.

Brent walked up, his cock almost in Michelle’s face. She licked it several times, then took it in her mouth to lick and suck it clean.

“There. How’s that?” she said when she released it.

“Good. I’m amazed that we got away with this,” Brent responded, starting to pull up his underwear and pants.

Michelle pulled the top of her dress up and began buttoning it. “I’ve done it here before, but not in a long time and never with a busy music festival nearby.”

“I’ve never done it in place where I could be caught before. My previous outdoor experiences were usually in more private places.”

“I needed this badly, Brent. Thank you.”

“Been a while?”

“Over a year and that one wasn’t this good.”

Brent smiled. “Sounds familiar. Look, my place isn’t far. You want to use my shower to clean up?”

Michelle grinned. “Or maybe to get dirtier,” she answered slyly.

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