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Sex in the V.I.P. Room

A customer accepts a strippers invite to the VIP- he gets what he pays for!
My night was going way too slow until you came in. Just a handful of regulars that say the same creepy shit to me every dance, and a few scrubs that pay ten dollars at the door just to watch us undress on stage or get a sneak peak at some other guy's lapdance.

You came up to give me a few dollars during my dance, even asked me how I was doing when I leaned into give you the close up. I like your type, there aren't enough of you- business guys that dress the part, how to groom, but don't get all dressed up just to go to the damn strip club. You gave me a smile and walked away. I knew I would see you again before too long.

I came back out in my camisole and walked the floor. I'm not a lifer at this, only been at it about six months, but I have learned how to walk through the club and watch about five different guys at once. I see you out of the corner of my eye politely decline a dance from Michelle, but that bitch is past her prime, so I don't think too much about that. I make a lap around the room, then come back to where you're sitting alone.

"Hey baby, mind if I have a seat with you?"

You accept, and I know right then that you aren't going to be an asshole or a cheapskate. You don't want to tell me too much, and that's alright, but I do know you're in town on business. I know you had a shitty day- men like you only drink whiskey when work gets you down, and then you get lonely so you go where you know the women will be and real life will not. You don't try to sell me on what a wealthy stud you are, and you treat me like a real person. By the time I'm in your lap starting a dance for you, I know I've got your attention, and I know one will lead to two.

The rules say you can't touch the dancers, and because an agent could come through the door any time and shut us down, we have to enforce that one. I don't mind that your fingertips trace the sides of my legs though. I can tell you like my body, you can't help but crack a smile when I remove my camisole and lean in, letting you take in my scent. You look hungry for me, and I know something that may interest you. I lean in close, draping my hair over your head, creating a canopy over both our faces. I lean into your ear, tickling it with my breath as I speak.

"You wanna touch me baby?"

You tell me you'd like nothing more, but that I told you the rules already.

"That's okay baby, we can go someplace where the rules go away a little bit."

You're bolder than I expected- you want to know just how far away the rules go. I giggle into your ear, running a hand down your dress shirt, then yanking down on your tie for effect.

"That all depends on what you want, baby. I can make good things happen if you want them to."

I look into your eyes, you tell me "let's go." You don't need an ATM, you have plenty in your pocket. I only need three hundred of it right now to get us into VIP, then I take your hand and lead you away.

"Thank god Tim's working the VIP door today," I think to myself, giving him a wide smile as we approach. Tim takes care of me, watches my back. We exchange glances, I hand him a c-note in the palm of my hand, and he hands me a condom, just in case. If an agent catches us with rubbers in our cash purse, then we and the club are both in a lot worse trouble, so Timmy doles them out one at a time so long as he's taken care of. But that hundred dollars buys me more than a jimmy-hat, it buys protection. Now I know I'm safe to run my game in the VIP, and if any agent or cop walks in, Tim turns the lights up and keeps them away for a few more precious seconds. I ask him if my spot's free, and he nods. You don't see or hear any of that take place; you're too busy looking past us into the VIP room, wondering what will happen next.

The lights here are lower, the music a little softer. I get you a new whiskey on the rocks and lead you around the corner, beyond the two other dancers entertaining customers. Angel's got her regular fool here, dropping hundreds 'cause he can't work up the nerve to ask a woman out on a date. We all do what we gotta do, I guess. My favorite spot is on one end, facing away from everything else. It's like a little circular restaurant booth, with a tiny table in the middle. All the booths have privacy, but this one's the best. Nobody can see us unless they walk all the way back here, and Tim's paid well to make sure that doesn't happen.

I sit my tiny little ass down on your lap while you sip your drink. I just want to make you comfortable, put you at ease. You pay a lot of money for this room, it ought to be worth your while. I take your tie off and put it around my neck. It's the only thing I'm wearing besides a g-string, lucite heels and the tiniest little belly chain- my good luck charm. You're a gentleman but you're not here to talk, and I can definitely respect that. Aside from a few pathetic old guys, I'm not paid to converse either. As soon as the next song starts, so do I. Your $300 buys you six songs in here; it's time to get them started.

I always like to start off slow, not grinding too hard, not getting too close. I want to remind you what I'm working with and make you really want me. By the end of the first song, I've crawled into your lap and your hands are all over me. Not too rough, but excited enough to know you're enjoying yourself, which is all I really want, baby. When you reach down to my ass, your fingers catch the edge strap of my g-string- you probably don't even mean to do it, but I know that you want what's inside of them.

"You like my ass? You can touch anything you want, baby."

You told me your name before, but as long as you don't mind I'd rather not use it. I can tell that right now, with my titties in your face, my perfume filling the space, and my body grinding on your lap that you don't care what I want to call you, as long as I don't stop. You're really getting it now, kneading my ass, pushing my hips back and forth a little with your hands- you can imagine that it's me fucking you. You can see yourself, not in the VIP room but on the couch in your living room, or maybe your motel, with Xuan riding that stick all night long. You're in a daze now, and I'm moving in for the kill.

I love to hear a man groan in ecstasy, and rubbing your hard cock with my hand usually does it. I'm on the outside of your pants but I can feel that big boy jump when my palm makes contact and I wrap my slender fingers around the girth, and squeeze. I get in real close to your face, too, so I can hear every sound you make, then ask if you want some more of that. You always do, and I always keep doing it, too. The temperature in our little hidden booth is rising. I turn around and grind my ass back on your dick, sawing my ass crack up and down the length of it. You're just bursting to break through your pants down there; I giggle to myself know how much of a tease I am, but hey, teasing is my business! It's okay though, your hands cup my breasts, even squeeze my nipples.

I reach back with my free hand and snake it down your pants. I grab your cock, moving past that big mushroom head of yours and grip the bare shaft. I lean back and nuzzle your neck, flicking my tongue against your skin. I hear you moan, I grind harder into your lap, I start to tug at your cock, I ask if you want me to make a little more space for him to come out and play, and you can't say yes fast enough.

You're not the biggest boy on the block, but I'm still tiny in your lap, unbuckling your belt and unzipping your pants as I gyrate to the music. I don't stop there either, I slowly unbutton your dress shirt too, then shove your undershirt up so I can feel some skin, running my hands up and down your chest, feeling the trapped heat unleashed into the cool club air. We look at each other, I know what you want. I reach into your boxers, lifting the top up and pulling your man meat out through the fold. It's all red, probably from me groping it, and I can see it pulse a little when it hits the air. You have a nice-sized cock, don't worry, it won't be sorry it met me. I lean you forward a little so I have better leverage, and crawl up to grind on you, shivering when I feel that bare erection rub against the tiny crotch of my g-string. I feel the sides of it against my thighs- forward and back I go, dry fucking you with the most sensitive part of your cock. Your hands haven't left my body since we got here, and now your grip is getting a little tighter and your breathing a little heavier.

"You like that, baby? You like feeling my body against your cock?"

You tell me you'd like something else even more, whispering it into my ear, like it's a secret. I smile like the devil, and ask you,

"What do you have in mind?", I ask you, putting even more weight on your cock, as my wet pussy's making it moist against your hardness, "do you want me to give you some more attention with my hands?"

You shake your head, running a hand through my hair.

"With my mouth?", I ask with a smile. Another hand traces my leg all the way down to my heeled foot. You shake your head again. I lean into your ear, my lips touching you as I whispered.

"You wanna fuck me, don't you?"

You don't say anything, but I hear you hum 'mhmm' as you nod your head. I ask you if you got something for me, and as soon as I'm saying it you hand me a wad of money. You had it ready. I put it into my cash purse and pull out the condom. I break the seal with a nail and pull it out of the wrapping, all with one hand, while my other is stroking you. You said you loved the smell of my hair, and now you have a face-full of it. I'm kissing your neck while I unroll the rubber onto your hard cock. I pull that shit down tight, and you're nice and thick which makes it easy for me.

"Ready, baby?"

I can feel your heart about to beat out of your chest when you nod 'yes' to me. I walk toward you a little with my knees, and tell you to feel my pussy. I see you shudder when you reach behind the fabric and feel my wetness. You don't sink a finger inside you just run my pussy lips through your fingers. I gasp a little when you hit my magic button, I guide your hand with mine and soon I am dropping it down, letting go of your hand and grabbing your cock, positioning it just right. I pull my g-string to the side and close my eyes as I press myself past your head. I hear you moan, and I am feeling good so I keep dropping it down, feeling your shaft sink further into my guts as I go. I lift up, then sink down again. My arms reach around your head, my mouth breathes against your ear, and I'm fucking you in the VIP room.

Your hands rest on my ribcage, like the rest of you is unable to function with me bouncing on your cock. I tell you to rub my tits and squeeze my nipples, taking your hands and putting them in place. I love the way your cock feels inside of me, sliding perfectly in and out. From behind all anyone would see in the dim light was a stripper giving a good dry-fuck dance. Your pants are still on and so is my g-string- both are moved out of the way of our fuck parts, but I just know I'm soaking the shit out of your pants with my pussy juices.

Your hands squeeze me harder and harder. Squeezing my breasts, squeezing my ass, and I'm bouncing on your cock harder and harder. I want more of you inside, but you can't just do any damn thing here, it has to at least look like something besides fucking, because you never know who might see, Tim or no Tim.

I think you're getting close, I clamp my pussy down on your shaft, trying to coax you to let it all go. Next thing I know I'm getting picked up with you still inside of me. The room spins my shoes fly off and next thing I know I'm on my back in the booth and here you come on top of me! You grunt through gritted teeth as you sink all the way in at once, much deeper than before. This is nice but what the fuck! I'm on my back and a customer's fucking the shit out of me in a VIP booth. You're pumping me with all you got and my legs can't do shit but flail behind you up in the air. Somebody walking by could damn sure tell what's going on now, but I was liking this white boy's dick too much to start tripping on him about it.

I could hear the "thhwpp" of your groin hitting mine in a regular rhythm, my g-string pushed to the side and your pants down below your ass now. Some fools will cum in their pants after one lapdance, but this guy truly surprised me, I just knew he'd blow his load after two minutes in his lap. Fuck though, the longer this goes on, the more likely somebody hears us or even just stumbles up on us.

I hear you almost forming words, baby, but mostly just grunts and moans, fucking me harder and harder, and now I can't keep quiet any longer. With one hand on my button and a thick cock plowing in and out of my little pussy, I gotta let a little holler out, but I try to keep it down. You're grunting like you can barely hold it in too, and then suddenly I hear you groan louder and I feel your cock pulse inside me. You shake and shudder, then collapse on me, your sweaty chest rubbing all over me. Fuck, now I gotta wash up afterward! Not that I cared right then. A customer actually got me to cum, and I was tingling all over as you were filling your condom. I close my eyes and feel you get up off me. Just as I start to sit up and offer to get you another drink, you are gone. I look up and your watered-down whiskey is there, but nothing else is. My lucite heels are strewn on the the floor nearby, but otherwise I'm just a hot mess laying back on the cushion, my swollen pussy exposed to the air.

Finally I sit up and look inside my cash purse- $600, just like you promised. I smile and test my legs before walking back out. Tim winks at me and I head to the dressing room to reapply my perfume and change wardrobe. It's almost time to take the stage again, and I see another new guy who might want to spring for the VIP. You are nowhere to be found, but something tells me you'll be back someday.
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