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Six years later

Old friends Lily and Dylan meet for the first time in six years
I have been in London for a couple of years. Wanting to escape my small town, I took all my savings and soon found myself working hard as a freelance stylist. I live in a small apartment block that is in the suburbs so it is out of the way, but it's quiet and cheap.

On one particularly lazy Saturday, I go into the local café to get one of their special brownies and fresh coffee when I see a familiar face peering over a folded up newspaper. My heart almost drops as far as my jaw.

It is Dylan, an old childhood friend of mine. I turn away, not wanting him to see me. I quickly get my brownie, ignoring a murmuring of my name, and run out quickly. As soon as I reach my apartment, my head is flooded with images of him.


He was my first love.

He moved to the local neighbourhood and we became inseparable ten year olds. Being the only girl in my family with three older brothers made me into a bit of a tomboy, so Dylan and I bond over computer games and old-school films. When I reached my mid-teens, he became cute in my eyes. He had short dark hair, ocean green eyes and a shy smile. I knew when I was sixteen that I liked him more than a friend.

One day, we were hanging out by the park and I built up the courage to ask him out. He said no, as he didn't see me that way. Even though he still wanted to be best friends, I couldn't bring myself to look at him. The rejection hurt too much. I left him sitting on that park bench and spent the whole night crying my heart out. We stopped hanging out (not without trying on his part) and when he and his family moved away not long afterwards, I was relieved. But now and again, I think about him and how he was doing.

Back to the present, I decide to spend the afternoon doing my laundry. It's good timing as the basement laundry room is always empty on Saturdays - other people have a life, obviously. I put on a load and put on my headphones, picking something soothing. Dulcet tones fill my ears and soon I am singing out loud. Several minutes pass when I feel a soft tap on my shoulder. Startled, I spin round. My eyes widen as I stand face to face with Dylan. I pull down my headphones as he smiles.

"I thought it was you."

Acknowledging I can't run away from this encounter, I resignedly smile. "Hey, you."

"Hey to you too." He awkwardly pulls me into a hug and I melt in his arms. He smells welcoming and enticing. As he buries his head closely to my neck, I snap out of my trance and pull myself away from him.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

We soon start chatting and he explains that he had moved into the building after getting a new job at a law firm. As he talks, I have a better look at him. He looks less cute and more grownup than six years ago. His hair is tousled and he has a fine layer of stubble on his more chiseled chin. His body looks toned with a slight tan and he looks handsome in the dangerous kind of way. It is almost impossible not to drool. My clothes soon finish and as I go to leave, Dylan stands closely to me and gently strokes my arm.

"I've missed you. I tried to get in touch but you didn't want to know…"

My heart is beating at an ever quickening pace at his touch. I take a deep breath - I had hoped to avoid this. "It seemed to be the easiest thing after I made such a fool of myself."

Dylan moves his hand under my chin and tilts my head upwards, forcing me to look at him. "You weren't a fool. If I'm honest, you're just as gorgeous as you were six years ago."

His sweet words touch me and his gaze is piercing as his lips come toward mine. With all my strength, I pull away with a resigned look. "No, Dylan. Not this time…I just can't."

I walk away quickly and lock the door as soon as I get into my apartment. I can't believe his nerve! He infuriated and confused me. What was he thinking? Yet my head and heart are pounding. Even after all these years, I realise that I still want him like crazy. His hotness factor has gone up in the time we've been apart and now visions of what he would be like in bed take over my mind, making me horny in a matter of moments - I imagine him lying on top of me, his hands running down my body as his lips and tongue explore my skin…

My thoughts are interrupted by a phone call from my friend Kathy, who invites me to the opening of a new bar around the corner from my place. I decide to go to take my mind off Dylan. Putting on a short dress and heels, I strut out of the building to the bar. Inside, I wave to my friends who are already there and soon complementary cocktails start flowing. 

An hour passes when my friend Sarah says, "Look at that guy, he's really cute!"

I turn and to my surprise, it's Dylan. I grow angry yet suspicious - is he following me?

My temper is soon swayed when Sarah announces she is going to go and 'talk' to him. I turn myself fully to see her go to him, swinging her hips as she walks sexily to him. It is hard to stop staring at him - he is wearing a casual suit with an askew tie. He looks unbelievably hot; my temper turns to jealousy.

As I watch Sarah charm and flirt with Dylan, I make an excuse to go to the ladies', just to calm down. Knowing that I am so not okay with my friend possibly going home with the guy I still wanted for years, I bite the bullet and return to the table only to notice Dylan and Sarah have left. Even though I am relieved that I don't have to watch them together, I am crushed. I put on a brave face and resume the chit chat with my friends.

The night soon finishes and I walk home. I keep thinking about the events of the day. Seeing Dylan everywhere I went pissed me off. And so what if he went home with one of my friends? It probably serves me right for not doing what I wanted to do six years ago.

When I arrive in my apartment block, I go into the elevator and as the doors closes, a hand stops them. I look down as I notice Dylan step in, avoiding eye contact. Surprisingly, he is alone. The doors close and there is a moment of tension before he turns to me.

"Are you going to talk to me?"

I can't answer, scared about what I would say next. After a pause, he sighs.

"Fine, I'll start."

I look up with an anxious look.

"Before you ask, nothing happened with Sarah."

I try to play it cool, crossing my arms. "Why should I care? It's none of my business who you want to screw."

Dylan looks at me, as if he knew that I did care and expected me to cave in. I let out a deep breath.

"Fine, let's say I care. What happened, she shot you down?" I ask questioningly.

Dylan takes a step towards me. "I took her home and she invited me in. I said no."

I don't buy the gentleman act for a second. The elevator is quickly approaching my floor and I turn away from him.

"How courteous of you. 'Night," I say, mockingly. The doors ping open but as I begin to walk out, Dylan pulls me back and pushes me against the wall. He puts his hands on the wall by either side of my face, staring intently into my eyes.

"No, you're not walking away from me again," he growls at me.

My heart is racing as his hand moves to stroke my face. His voice is barely a whisper.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you. Seeing you again has made me realise that I was the fool all those years ago."

"What do you mean?" I ask him.

He slips a hand round my waist and leans towards me. He stops so close to my face that I can smell his aftershave. I try not to get too turned on as he brushes his lips across my cheek to my ear, pulling me closer while doing so. I close my eyes, leaning my face slightly towards his.

"You really want to know why I didn't do anything with your friend?" he murmurs in my ear. I realise I'm panting. I try to calm my breathing.

"Why?" I whisper.

He moves his head back to look deeply into my eyes. His beautiful eyes darken.

"She is not you."

Stunned, I try to speak but Dylan brushes his lips against mine. My body catches fire and I grab hold of his tie, pulling his head down and I kiss him back. He tastes lovely. The kiss deepens as I bring my arms around his neck. His arm pulls me closer round the waist while his free hand tangles in my hair. I feel his tongue running against my lips and I part them to let him in. The kiss is intense and I lose my breath and my train of thought. His lips move down my jaw and my neck, making me moan. I feel his tongue running up my neck to my ear.

He asks quietly, "Come home with me?" Trying to remember how to breathe, I nod my head.

Dylan pushes the button for the top floor and recaptures my mouth and thoughts with a kiss as the doors close. His lips become more ardent and his body is pinning me against the wall. He begins kissing my throat again, and as he continues to suck and run his lips up and down, I roll my eyes closed and start to lose myself as he is turning me on even more by the second. His hand moves to the hem of my dress and hooking my bare thigh, brings up my leg to rest round his waist and I pull him closer to me. I feel his erection pressed against me.

I subtly grind my hips against him, eliciting a moan from him. As he slowly runs his hand up my thigh, stroking my skin, his lips passionately claim mine again and I begin to think about what is going to happen - are we going to do it here? - as he reaches the top of my leg and his fingertips brush against my damp panties. My thoughts abruptly stop when the elevator doors open and Dylan suddenly breaks the kiss, breathing heavily.

He takes my hand, guiding me into his apartment. I walk in and take a minute or two glance round the minimalistic surroundings. I begin to say "Nice pla-" while turning to face him but Dylan grabs my face and deeply kisses me. No longer am I mad or confused - all I can think of is what is happening at that moment. The more we kiss, the more I have to stop myself from pouncing on him and riding him like hell on his new cream sofa. I pull off his jacket and as I start fumbling with his tie and shirt, he picks me up and carries me to his bedroom.

He puts me down on the bed and drags down one of the dress straps, reverentially licking and kissing my shoulder and the swell of my breasts as the dress exposes my skin. He pulls down a bra cup and sucks hard on my erect nipple. I moan loudly; I cannot wait anymore and I practically and impatiently tear off his shirt. His chest is smooth and toned and as I run my fingertips down his defined abs, I can feel my panties getting wetter by the second. I quickly unbuckle his belt and his pants fall, showing a snug set of black boxers, which make his erection even more tempting to touch. I slip my hand into his boxers and squeeze him, before running my hand slowly up and down.

Dylan groans and pulls away from me. He clasps his hands around my head to look deeply into my eyes. As we catch our breath, he quickly grasps the hem of my dress and whips it off in one swift movement revealing the strapless bra and lace panties. His eyes darken as he drinks me in and my excitement levels are too high for words - even just for one night, I finally have my dream guy want me the same way I want him. The way that I've always wanted him.

Dylan suddenly grabs me round the waist and pushes me down on the huge bed, our lips meeting. We kiss for what seems like hours, caressing and writhing against each other. Feeling Dylan's body against mine is electric. His hand lightly trails up my side and cups my breast before holding my waist against him while the other is buried in my hair, holding me in place. My fingers gently run up his lower back towards his toned shoulders. He soon pulls away a little bit and looks at me.

I ask breathlessly, "What is it?"

He smiles at me. "Nothing - I just want to look at you. God, you're so beautiful."

I growl and push him down on the bed so I can straddle him and kiss him passionately. He returns each kiss and I move my lips down Dylan's body, exploring it slowly. I run my hands, tongue and lips past his abs and gently stroke the rigid length straining against his underwear. Dylan purrs as I lick against the waistband on his boxers and kiss the inside of his thighs. Wanting to take him in my mouth, I pull down his underwear and his erection is released. As I squeeze his long length, he groans as pre-cum oozes from him. I flick my tongue against him before slowly licking the head.

I run my lips around him and take him further into my mouth until he hits the back of my throat. 

Dylan shifts and props himself on his elbows, watching me pleasure him as I move quicker up and down his cock. Dylan starts to take shallow breaths and tilts his head back in pleasure. He begins to moan, "Oh God, Lily," and starts to say my name over and over until he fills my mouth with a tangy sweetness. I swallow all of him and give him one sweeping lick before moving up his body.

Dylan pulls me closer and looks deeply into my eyes. Holding me tightly to him, he swiftly unclips my bra and flips me onto my back. He pulls my bra away so my breasts are bare to him. My nipples are so erect, they are brushing against his chest.

He rests his forehead on mine and whispers, "That was amazing. But now, I have to taste you."

I moan softly as he kisses down my neck and down my body. He kisses the curve of my breast before taking a hard nipple into his mouth, and runs his thumb across the other. He sucks and licks my nipple as he squeezes my other breast, making me cry out with pleasure. Dylan continues to lick and kiss down my body before he yanks down my wet panties. He teases my folds with his fingertips and I feel him slowly lick my wet lips, flicking against my sensitive clit. I bite my lip as he plunges his tongue inside me. I cry out loudly and as he licks me out slowly, my body begins to tremble with pleasure.

He continues to bring me closer to erotic heaven until he rolls my swollen clit between his fingers. I am screaming as my skin shivers at the sensations of a powerful orgasm flooding my body. Dylan continues to lick and suck my pussy and I have trouble catching my breath, as several more orgasms drain my body. Soon I can't take any more and I have to beg him to stop. He crawls up my body, slowly kissing all the way before reaching my mouth. I taste myself on his soft lips.

"Mmmm…you're delicious." He smiles seductively.

I giggle at the cheesiness of the line. Dylan grins and plunges his tongue into my mouth again. He is hard again and he teases me, rubbing his cock against my slit. I grind my hips along his and I can feel him smiling against my lips as his endless teasing make me want him inside me even more. His lips move to my ear and he holds me closely. All I hear is him breathing deeply as he pushes his full length inside me. I moan loudly at how good he feels.

"Oh god, I want you," he murmurs as he starts to move. I run my hands up his back and gently run my fingernails across his toned skin and close my eyes.

As he slowly withdraws and moves inside me slowly and deeply, all I hear is his soft groans. I lose myself in him fucking me and moan louder as he subtly quickens his pace. I do not want this to finish just yet.

Clamping my legs to his sides, I shift and flip him onto his back. I rock my hips slowly and rest my palms on his abs, revelling in how good and perfect he feels inside me. Bringing my legs in closer, I tease Dylan like he did with me as I push myself up to the tip of his cock, driving him mad. His head tips back, he closes his eyes and groans loudly as we lose ourselves in each other. He utters my name over and over as he thrusts upwards, meeting my hips as I push myself downward and start to ride him, making each movement one closer to pure pleasure. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, surrendering to the feel of him.

Dylan's hands run up my thighs and grasping my hips, he sits up and captures my lips in a passionate kiss. He runs his hand into my hair and the kiss intensifies. I move my arms round his neck and into his hair as he pulls me even closer, while his other arm helps me move up and down his rigid length.

I can feel the flutterings of a huge orgasm and soon find myself moaning loudly. Dylan sucks my bottom lip and starts kissing my throat. I am about to come undone when he suddenly pulls my legs around him, so I am sitting on his lap and forcefully pushes me down onto the bed, allowing him to take control.

Tightly grasping my thighs, he pushes himself harder into me and I am nearing towards the peak of sexual oblivion. His thrusts gather pace and I am screaming his name. I know he is about to come and he kisses me hard. Eventually, enormous waves of pleasure overcome me and I fall into a state of heavenly bliss. Dylan soon loudly cries out "Lily!" totally satisfied, as I feel him climax inside me. Breathing hard, he collapses on top of me. As we regain our breath, he places a gentle kiss on my lips before rolling over and pulling the sheets around us. I cuddle close to him and his arms envelop me as we fall asleep from our ecstasy-induced haze.

I wake up slowly, feeling Dylan's arm round me. I look over at the man who had satisfied me like no other man had done before. Part of me wants to tell him how I feel about him after all these years but self doubt creeps in. I start to inch away from him but I feel Dylan's arm stiffen round me.

"Leaving so soon?" he murmurs.

I take a deep breath and reluctantly turn to face him. It is strange to see him half naked; I guess I can't believe we had slept together only the night before. After all these years, I was seriously missing out.

I lean towards Dylan and awkwardly wrap a bed-sheet around my chest. It is hard not to drown in those sexy eyes, marvel at his hot body, lose myself in the musky smell of his skin… My train of thought breaks as Dylan props himself on his elbow and leans towards me, using his free hand to brush my loose hair away my face.

He asks me, "Lily, what's wrong?"

I look at him with a sad expression on my face. "I'm sorry Dylan, but do you blame me?"

My eyes face down - it's like being sixteen on that park bench all over again. After a short unbearable silence, Dylan moves his hand and brings my chin up, so I see his beautiful face. As I try not to relive last night's mind blowing moments, I realise I can't deny him any longer. His lips come toward mine and this time, I don't pull away. His tender kiss stirs me as his tongue enters my mouth, I feel one of his arms curl round my waist and the other hand cradles my head. I use my free arm to wrap around his neck as he gently moves me so I'm trapped underneath him, his lips never leaving mine. He stares deeply in my eyes.

"I know I hurt you - I am so sorry. Lily, I made the mistake of losing you before and I don't plan on doing it again. Will you stay with me?"

My face breaks into a smile. I stroke his face with the back of my hand and pull him closer to me.

I whisper, "Okay."

Dylan's face breaks into a relieved smile. He gently kisses me at first, eventually growing in urgency and passion. I feel something against my thigh and he begins to plant soft kisses down my neck.

"That's good to hear," he purrs seductively, "because I am not finished with you yet."

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