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Sky Gets What She Wants

Sky gets an unexpected surprise when she goes to Dimitri's house
“Sky?” You hear him calling from the corridor.


“Aren't you coming?” he asks with a hint of mischief in his voice.

What? No way in hell. There is no way that he is inviting you to shower with him. It’s a prank. It has to be. Or maybe you misunderstood or misheard or something.

“Coming where?” you ask, hoping he gives you an answer which counters your low expectations.

“To shower with me. Where else?” he asks, almost shocked by the notion that you would want to be anywhere but there.

Your mind goes into a state of utter shock. All those fantasies you’ve had of him touching you, feeling you, pushing inside of you , are about to become reality. You can almost feel the serotonin in your brain being releasing in millions as the notion slowly starts to sink in. You’re ready. You can do this. More importantly, you WANT to do this.

You decide to let your seductive side out, and take off your clothes leaving nothing but your panties and bra on. Luckily, you’re wearing your sexy underwear that day. The black and red lace bra, which pushes your breasts out a little bit too much, in a good way of course. And your black underwear, which possibly has the ability to send men into a state of utter hunger if seen worn by you.

You walk over to the bathroom, deciding on the things you want to do to him, when he opens the door wide open.

The look he gives you is unbelievable. His eyes widen at the sight of you, as he scans every area of your body with complete lust and desire. A small smile starts growing on his face.

“You’re stunning,” he says with a wink.

“Thank you,” you reply suddenly feeling a bit shy. You feel your cheeks burning up a bit as you blush.

“I wanted to be the one to strip every layer of clothing off of you with my teeth, but that’s okay. This is so worth it.”

 “Get in the fucking bathroom, Dimitri. Right now.”

“God, you’re sexy.”

The bathroom is quaint. It’s painted white, and it’s quite vast. The odor of aftershave and men’s deodorant crawls its way up your nose, and sends a tingling sensation down your back.

"So, are you going to take my clothes off or am I going to have to do that myself?”

In that moment there, you wanted him more than you have ever wanted anything in your life. This animalistic sense of need arose inside you, and it couldn't be satisfied unless you had sex with him.

You walk over to him and get on your knees. You place your hands below his shirt, and feel the muscles of his rock hard abdomen getting tenser as you feel your way through his stomach. You bring your head close, and place soft kisses across the line dividing his stomach, and his cock.

You can tell he likes it because he grabs the back of your head and brings you even closer. You hear his breathing getting more strained, and you feel his rigidity, bulging against your chin. You stop kissing his stomach, place your fingers inside the fabric of his shorts, and pull them down. His pubic area is completely shaved, and looks so soft that all you want to do is touch it. He's completely and utterly erect. His cock is beautiful. It's large, but not too large, pinkish in color, and a bit swollen from the front, indicating the massive flow of blood that has rushed inside his penis.

You kiss the tip, tasting a little pre-cum, and then start licking his rigidity, feeling his veins bulging against your tongue. His grip on your hair gets tighter. You move back a bit, and place your lips around his cock. Then, you slowly start sucking it in, feeling it entirely in your mouth, getting more rigid and heated. You start moving your head back and forth, and after a while, the motion gets completely accelerated, and you find yourself completely tasting him.

“Oh god, Sky,” you hear him say between struggling breaths. You hear his voice, moaning, pleading that you give him more. So you do. You bring your lips closer together, and graze your tongue against his cock in circle-like motions. He pulls your hair in an involuntary reflex and his moaning starts getting louder. You love it. You love that you have the ability to please someone like that. And not just any someone, Dimitri. He explodes inside your mouth, sending waves of hot fluid gushing from the tip of your tongue, to the inside of your throat. You remove yourself from him, and stand up.

“So, how was that?”

“Are you seriously asking me that question, Sky?”

“Yes, Dimitri, I am. Have I pleased you enough?”

“Not nearly.”

“Oh, really?” You approach him, place your hand around the left side of his neck, and use your tongue, which is still heated because of the blowjob, to lick your way up the other side of his neck. Then you bring your lips close to his ear, and whisper in a low voice: “From what I was hearing, and feeling inside my mouth, I was pretty fucking satisfying, now, wasn't I?”

“I want to fuck you, Sky.”

“Nothing’s stopping you.”

“That bra and those panties are.”

You instantly remove the items of clothing he stated earlier off.

“Good, now, let’s get in the shower.”

He grabs your hand, and you climb into the shower. He turns the hot water on, and you both stand underneath it. You tilt your head back, feeling the water traveling from your hair, down to your toes. Dimitri takes advantage of the position you’re in, grabs you by the waist, bring you close to him, and starts kissing your neck.

You feel his lips traveling from left to right, from up to down, as water droplets fall on your neck, increasing the heat. He sucks on your neck, biting it at times. Meanwhile his hand is feeling its way up your wet thighs, sending you into heat down there. You start feeling yourself getting wetter, and weaker. Your knees quiver as he reaches your clitoris.

You feel his fingertips rubbing up against the sensitive skin, and going in circles. He pushes you back against the wall, and drops his head down to your chest. He starts kissing your left breast while using his free hand to cup your right breast, and stroke it.

After he’s completely tasted your breast, he uses his hot, wet tongue to lick your nipple. That alone makes you wrap your hands around his back, and dig your nails into it. He starts rubbing the other nipple while still sucking hard on the left nipple. Your vaginal walls start trembling and you feel the breath in your lungs getting tighter as hot water courses down your body sending you into flames.

“ Don’t you dare stop,” you plead.

After saying that, he moves his fingers from your clitoris, to the inside of your vagina. Oh my god. It feels incredible. He starts off slow, wanting to loosen you up, and you feel the hot fluid inside you being released onto his hand. Then you feel his fingers pushing hard inside the walls your vagina, accelerating their motion inside you. You feel every single nerve ending in your body electrifying with heat, and hunger.

Your back arches and the hair on the back of your neck rises. Your thighs and knees feel like they’re about to collapse. Dimitri senses this. He removes his mouth from your breasts, slips his fingers out of your vagina smoothly, grabs you by the butt firmly, lifts you up, pushes you against the wall and places himself between your legs.

“You know what I just realized, Sky?”

“What?” you ask, barely able to speak properly.

“I haven’t tasted the inside of your mouth yet.”

With that said, he drapes his lips around yours, and starts kissing you with a heat which could only be described as similar to that of fire. You feel the motion of him against you, opening your lips, and closing them sucking on them at the same time. You feel his hot tongue, navigating its way inside your mouth, going in circles.

Your hands travel across his broad masculine back, feeling all the hard work he spent at the gym between your fingers, then to his cheeks, which feel hot and wet. He removes his hands from your butt, and opens your thighs wide. He’s inside you. His eyes start closing, and his neck arches backwards. 

“Oh god, Sky,” he says sounding vulnerable.

“I know Dimitri, I know. Now, push.”

And with that you feel his cock inside you entirely, pushing, back, forth, inside, out. You feel him pushing against your walls and thrusting, hard against you. A sound of pleasure escapes your mouth as your body feels like it’s just entered a state of complete and utter ecstasy. You feel your entire body electrifying, becoming wetter, hotter, and looser. He’s inside you, shoving, pushing, pulling, moving, shaking. Back and forth. Repeatedly.

“Come here,” you say, as you grab his neck and start kissing him again. His hands travel down every vertebra of your spine, forcing you to wrap your thighs around him even more. You hear him moaning, louder, harder, faster between kisses. You feel his breath against your face getting tighter.

Then, something amazing happens. You feel the tenderness of his nipples rubbing up against yours. You both realize this, and start rubbing your bodies against each other in rapid movements, feeling your chests and nipples moving against each other. That’s it, that’s all it took for both of you to explode. You feel his wetness inside you as he releases one final breath of pleasure, and in return, you orgasm, letting your body tremble for the final time.

He removes himself from you, grabs the shower head, and starts washing the fluid off both of you. You both laugh a little, then he says:

“That was amazing. You, were amazing.”

“Well, you were too.”

“So, when am I seeing you again?”

“Again? Wait, you wanna do this AGAIN?”

“Of course I do. I mean with someone like you, who wouldn't?”

That right there gave you an incredible amount of confidence, and made you re-evaluate your views of yourself.

“Whenever you want to, Dimitri.”

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