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Summer In California part 2

Going all the way
Summer In Northern California Part 2

This is the story of my first time spending the weekend at Kelly and Karen’s house while their parents are away for the weekend. Karen is Kelly’s younger sister. They are a year and a half apart.

Well it was summer vacation in California and my girlfriend Kelly called me to tell me that her parents where going away for the weekend and did I want to spend the weekend with her and Karen. In less than a second I said yes. We talked about riding bikes around town and going to have pizza on Saturday night. Anything sounded good as long as it was with Kelly. I told my parents I was going to stay at my friend Jim’s house for the weekend. So I called Jim and told him to maintain my cover for the weekend and I would pay him back.

So Saturday morning came and I rode my bike over to Kelly and Karen’s. When I got there it was still fairly early and Kelly greeted me at the door with a smile and a kiss and only her nightie and panties on. When I walked in I saw Karen dressed in the same attire and she was bouncing around the house trying to get some laundry done. Kelly said she was going to take a shower and get ready and I could sit on the couch and watch the TV while she got ready. So there was nothing much on except cartoons but I had my eyes to the TV anyway, that is until Karen came in and sat in the chair directly across from me. It was one of those chairs that swiveled and when she sat down she kind of turned to the TV but not completely. And when she sat down she pulled her knees up to her chest and pulled her nightie over her knees as far down as it would go, which was not enough to cover her bottom and panties. At first I just thought it was the way she was used to sitting around the house and hadn’t thought that I was straight across from her. But she made no attempt to sit any differently as we caught each others eye. In fact her next move was to move her hand to where the bottom of her thigh and her butt connected and slowly started scratching that area with her nails as if using her hand as a pointer to her panty covered pussy. The other thing I noticed straight away was that the crotch of her panties was not doing it’s job. By that I mean the amount material was not enough to cover what appeared to be a large set of pussy lips similar to her sister’s but with course black pubic hair. It also seemed that most of the material in that area had rode up into her slit. So there I sat, trying not to look at her crotch and start some conversation with her while Kelly was in the bathroom.

Needless to say my penis was feeling like it needed to be liberated from the bounds of my cut off jeans. To start some talk I asked her if she had a boyfriend this summer and her reply was “no not yet, all I seem to attract are nerdy geek’s”. I said “I’m sorry but you will attract a match soon.” Karen’s reply was “I sure hope so”. Then she looked at me, and said, “ my sister sure seems happy and satisfied since she found you.” I replied, “I’m glad and I feel the same way since finding her.” Just then Kelly opened the door to the bathroom and said “next!”. Karen popped up out of the chair and made her way to her bedroom and then into the bathroom. Kelly then walked around to the couch with a towel around her head and a short robe on and sat next to me. She leaned into me and I could see all the way down inside her robe. I then leaned a little forward to kiss her and get a better view of her hairy pussy. As I did her arm touched my crotch and she asked, “did I do that?” My response was, “Absolutely!”

Soon Karen was out of the bathroom and both girls where dressed and ready. We went into the garage grabbed our bikes and headed out on the town. We cruised around town on our bikes and stopped at some of the stores but basically just window shopped and enjoyed each other. Most of the places we would stop the girls would turn the heads of the men and boys. Both Kelly and Karen had on short shorts and halter tops, i.e. plenty of skin for the 1970’s. Soon we were all hungry and stopped at a sandwich shop and had a sandwich and a soft drink. After lunch we worked our way back towards their house.

Once we arrived back at the house we parked the bikes in the garage and went inside to cool off for a while and relax before going to dinner. The girls headed to the bathroom and took turns going and I went into Kelly’s room and sat on her bed. Once Kelly came back to her room she sat on the edge of her bed and we talked about school, grades, friends, etc.

Before long it was dinner time so we went into the garage got the bikes and went down the street to the pizza parlor. Inside we ordered a couple of pizza’s and a couple of pitchers of soft drinks and found a table. The place wasn’t too busy for a Saturday night so our order was up quickly and we began eating and talking. Both girls looked so prim eating pizza with their hair pulled back in ponytails, legs crossed and letting their feet dagel with their flip flops on. Once again the conversation went to school, friends and Karen’s lack of a boyfriend. i.e. this girl is not good enough for him, that girl is such a slut, he is to good for her, yada, yada, yada. I would chime in occasionally. Soon we had the pizza almost eaten and it was time to bike back home for the evening. We raced back on the bikes and Kelly won this time.

When we got into the house Kelly flipped on the TV which we watched for awhile. Kelly and I were on the couch and she was leaning into me shoulder to shoulder. Karen was across from us in the chair. At about 10:00 we all three decided it was time to go to bed. Karen got up as did Kelly who took hold of my hand as I got up. I followed Kelly to her bedroom and when we all reached the doors to the respective bedrooms Karen turned at her door and said “Now John you be a good boy.” I fired back with a smile and said, “but Karen I’m always good.” Karen smiled back at both Kelly and I as she disappeared into her room and closed the door.

Once inside Kelly’s room we closed the door and started kissing and touching each other. My brain was spinning with images of this beauty, and the smell of her skin and hair. I loved the feel of her skin and the way she pressed her head to my chest as if listening to my heart. Soon we were removing our clothing Kelly removed her halter top exposing her sweet breasts which I cupped caressed and kissed. I removed my shirt and cut off jeans and Kelly removed her shorts. Then I knelt down and took her white cotton bikini panties and gently rolled them over her bubble butt down her thighs to her feet as she stepped out of them. At this point I thought of just diving into her dark brown nest. Instead, I resisted, stood up, and just admired her beauty for a few minutes. I was rewarded as she then reached for my white cotton briefs and slid them over my hips causing my semi-hard penis to spring out. I finished removing my underwear then she held my penis in her hand and softly stroked it while cupping my balls in the other hand. She then lead me to the corner of her bed where I sat down and she knelt between my legs and moved her lips to the head of my now erect cock. Her tongue timidly worked on the head as if she were not sure if she was doing it right. I responded to this by saying, “Oh Kelly that feels is soooooo gooood” hoping to encourage her to keep working at it. Next she removed the head from her lips and approached it with the tip of her tongue. Taking the tip of her tongue she ran it around just the ridge of my cock head. This was more than I could take and pulled her head away from my penis. I bent forward and kissed her on the lips and said, “If you continue that I’m going to spill my seed right now.” I then took her by the hand and directed her to lay on the bed. With her head at the top of the bed I positioned myself between her legs spreading her thighs apart as she raised her knees towards her chest. I then moved in closer so that I could inhale the sweet smell of her pussy as I gently started to kiss and nibble on the inside of both her creamy soft thighs. I worked my way up her thighs to those plump hairy pussy lips where I took my tongue and ran it up and down her slit and through her labia several times. At that moment the taste of her tangy pussy was something I knew I never wanted to be without. I looked up at Kelly’s face and her eyes were closed and her head was to one side with both hands on her breasts and soft moans were coming from her mouth. I went back to work on her pussy with my mouth. I would like to have taken her entire vulva into my mouth and then parsed out which parts to lick with my tongue, but the area was to large for my mouth. Instead I went to work on her vagina working my tongue in and out. Doing my best to work all of my tongue in, I continued for quite a while. Working my tongue in and out of her vagina just like my penis would eventually do. I then raised my head up from between Kelly’s legs and as I did the cooler air of the room hit my face and it felt like my entire face was covered with her pussy juice. Right then I would have loved to bathe in her pussy juice.

I proceeded to move my hips up between Kelly’s thighs and ran my penis up and down her slit several times adding her moisture to it. Slowly I positioned the head of my penis at the entrance to her vagina and inched it in, inch by inch until I was completely in. The inside of her vagina fit like a silk glove and I began the natural pistoning motion with my cock. My hard teenage penis was on it’s desperate mission to find the bottom. As I stroked in and out of her the headboard played tap music on her bedroom wall accompanied by the scratchy sound of the bottom bed boards. Her moans of pleasure were more clear now, her legs wrapped around my waist with her feet and toes trying to dig into my butt cheeks. I moved my face up to kiss her so she could also smell and taste her own pussy. I was approaching my climax as I stoked ever faster, and soon I was ejaculating. My hard penis spazzing deep inside of her vagina coating it with stream after stream of my juice. We continued to kiss and caress until my cock grew soft and snaked out of her vagina. She and I continued our teenage fuckfest for two more sessions until I was drained of my juice and my cock stayed eternally hard for the night. Before I fell sleep that night I made a plan to wake Kelly up the next morning by rubbing my penis up and down her slit.

The next morning with my eyes still closed and barely awake I could feel lips and fingers playing with my flaccid penis. I knew it was Kelly trying to arose and wake me gently. I thought she was repaying me for the oral sex on her pussy. She was doing such a good job I continued to keep my eyes closed enjoying her tongue as it danced around my cock head. I could tell my cock was now stiff and hard so I looked down expecting to find her lips around my shaft. But to my surprise it was not Kelly but Karen who was performing on my penis. As good as it felt and as good as she looked in her nightie with her hand in her panties, I was scared shitless. Here was Kelly’s dark haired sibling working on my cock while she slept next to me in the same bed! All I could think about at that moment besides the pleasure was how Kelly would react and maybe blame me for what was happening. So I very quietly whispered to Karen “go back to your room.” She just shook her head “no” to that. I then said “go back to your room and I will meet you there.” That got her up and she quietly walked out of the room and I heard her bedroom door close. Not wanting to mess up anything between Kelly and me, I very gently awoke Kelly and told her it was time to get up. She awoke slowly and we started some conversation as she made her way to the bathroom. Now Karen could see that Kelly was up and stirring, and see why I couldn’t come to her room.

After Kelly returned from the bathroom I said “I better get up and take a shower so I can return home before your parents return home.” She agreed, and so I showered put on some clean clothes and proceeded to tell her good by. I kissed her and thanked her for the great weekend. As I rode my bike home with the smell of Kelly’s pussy branded on my brain, I thought about our first fuck session and then it struck me. Holy Shit! She could in fact become pregnant! Fortunately that did not happen and she saw a doctor later that month to ensure that it would not happen in the future.

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