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Supposed to Be

He started out teasing me, pulling out and plunging back in.
Why did it have to be this way? He was just a dorky kid a few years ago. Now, he is definitely grown up. He comes home from college every weekend, making me long for him. Ugh, why did I get married so young? I have always been so rash. Seeing him every week just helps confirm that I am not with the person that I was intended to be with. What makes it worse is that he is with one of my very best friends. This is so wrong on so many levels.

One weekend, when he was home, we got to talking about my upcoming trip to the town where he goes to college. I told him that I had to run some "bigger city" errands. We laughed and made plans to meet for a late lunch that day.

The next couple of days went by so slow. And I know it was because I was so ecstatic about my upcoming trip.

The day came and I left the house after seeing my husband off to work. As I was driving fantasies were unfolding in my head. I had to get a grip on myself, because my excitement was making it hard to drive.

I arrived in the "city" and ran my errands. I had an hour to prepare for my late lunch date.

I walked into the restaurant wearing my cutest casual outfit I owned. He had a table ready. He stood to greet me and even pulled my chair out for me. That gentlemanly act only made me yearn for him more.

We sat and talked about our weeks and things going on in the world as we ate our lunch. Every once in a while our eyes would meet, and he would smile. I would quickly look down.

As lunch came to an end, I did not want to leave. I enjoyed his presence way too much.

Very much to my liking, as we walked out the door, he asked if I would like to go chill at his dorm for a while and finish our conversation. I tried no to act too eager when I accepted his invitation.

We got to his dorm building and walked into his room. I noticed that my only seating options were the carpet covered concrete floor or his bed. Of course, he offered me a seat next to him on the bed. As we continued talking, I noticed that sitting so close to him made my heart flutter, and he could tell. He smiled as he brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. I almost lost my breath at that moment. He leaned in slowly, tilted my chin up and kissed me so passionately that I thought I might burst. He chuckled and whispered in my ear "It's okay." He brushed his lips up and down my neck as we leaned back onto the bed.

His lips were so soft, just as I'd imagined. As we continued making out, his hand slowly made its way to my shirt. He lifted it up and over my head, smiling so gently at my breasts that were covered by my black lace bra. He pulled the cups away from the skin and lowered his mouth to my hard nipples.

I could feel his penis getting hard against my leg. I reached up and pulled his shirt off and gently caressed his soft but strong body.

As he continued fondling my breasts, my hand lowered to his bulging member. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his huge, erect cock. I massaged it with my hand; up and down.

His heart was beating faster as I continued to stroke his cock. I then felt a hand sliding gently into my pants. He fingered me and massaged my clit so good, I had to hold in an orgasm.

By this time his pants were at the foot of the bed, and mine were coming off too. I lay there in only my black lace panties and matching twisted bra. He unsnapped my bra, moved down to my panties, where he proceeded to pull them off; kissing up and down my thighs during the process.

My pussy was so wet and so eager for pleasure.

He stood up in front of where I sat, placing his dick right in front of my mouth. I playfully licked the tip as he tilted his head back and smiled. I worked my mouth over every inch of his cock, sucking and licking. Only a few minutes in and I could tell it was hard for him to stand up.

He pushed me onto my back and lowered himself to his knees. My legs spread, inviting him to do as he pleased. I felt his soft lips kiss my entrance and his warm tongue circling my clitoris. The pleasure was immense! I held his head as he continued eating my pussy. I moaned in delight at every lick and kiss. I came a little.

He looked up at me smiling. Stood up, scooted me back onto the bed and lowered his body onto mine. He playfully rubbed his cock between my legs; and then, here it was, I could feel his throbbing head at my entrance.

He stared deep into my eyes as he plunged his cock into my pussy. I let out a moan. He started out teasing me, pulling out and plunging back in.

Oh it was so amazing!

Then he began stuffing his hard cock deeper and deeper inside of me. I moaned and yelled as I felt every inch of his dick moving inside me. I clinched his strong shoulders and watched every part of him thrusting and glistening with sweat. I moved my hands up and down his gorgeous body, and moved my hips to his timing.

Oh! My orgasm was building as I watched his muscles clinch with every plummet. I screamed out his name and squeezed his arms so tight as my cum dripped out of my pussy.

But he wasn't done. He smiled and leaned down to kiss me all over as he continued pressing his big, hard cock into my swollen pussy. I moaned and moved with him; up and down.

I could feel it building again, and as he looked me in my eyes, I could tell it was for him as well.

Our eyes locked, my back arched and at that one deep thrust we both let out a cry of pleasure.

My body trembled as I felt his hot juicy load explode into my engorged pussy. He let out a sigh of pleasure, whispered "I love you Rosaline" and slid his slick member in and out of me a few more times, shaking at each thrust.

He pulled out and looked at me with his big glowing eyes and said, "See. This is how WE were supposed to be."

As I left his dorm room that evening, I wondered what would lie ahead. And one question remained in my mind, "Will things ever be how they were supposed to be?"

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