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Taking David

Old High School sweethearts become lovers
David and I had been friends for five years... since high school when he accidentally hit me in the head with a football at the school picnic. He never had been good at any sports outside of wrestling but when he was on the mat, he was golden. Somehow we had managed to stay friends all through high school although sometimes he was more like my big brother than a friend.

I don't know what got into me that night. Maybe it was a wild hair, maybe it was simply too much alcohol. David's fraternity was hosting the annual jocks and schoolgirl social. The last keg went dry and I went searching for David to see if he had liquor stashed away. I cleared the entire house and had almost given up when I rounded the kitchen entry and spied him speaking to a scrawny little blond. He gives me a half smile. I can’t tell from his face if he is enjoying himself or if he in need of a rescuing, so I jingle my keys and raise my eyebrows as to say I’m leaving. He bounds in to my rescue. "Your much to drunk to drive home silly!" he yanks the keys from my hand.

"I've got the perfect hiding place for you. " He grabs me by the elbow and whisks me upstairs to his room. Once inside, he closes the door, sits in his wooden computer chair and pats the bed signaling for me to lie down. I give him a raised eyebrow 'I don't know who you think you are' look and follow it up with my best 'refusal' look, turning my head away from him. He stands up with authority and tosses me onto the bed. I land with a little girlish "ump” and roll over on my side. I girlishly flutter my eyelashes at him. "Does that really work?" he asks sarcastically. I smile sheepishly, not because it works, but because I feel the warm breeze from the heating unit drifting over my ass, my outer thigh and my inner thigh. I smile because I know my schoolgirl skirt is laying high enough for him to get a good look at my lace thong. He gives me a 'thinking' look and cocks his head to one side as he surveys the situation. He tries to figure out what doesn't fit, His eyes begin tracing me from my head down. He stops at my panties. He doesn't stare. He looks longingly for a moment as though he's memorizing the scene. He bites his lower lip. He's considering his options, weighting the cost. He gives my skirt hem a stiff tug, "Naughty girl!" he scolds and lightly slaps me on the thigh with the back of his hand. I stick my lower lip out and give my pouty look. " I have to get back to the guys before they start to wonder. You know how they are." He does his best 'big brother' routine. I give him a long blink, followed by a devilish grin. He gives me a squint. “Are you really okay?" he asks me, but inside he's questioning himself much more. He's David-the protector. I’ve seen this face a million times before. In his head, he's quickly listing every possible bad outcome to this situation and weighing it against how much possible pleasure he might gain by going back down stairs and rejoining the party. He hesitates. He can't decide. I don't want him to go. I don't want him to go and leave me all alone. I certainly don't want him to go back to her. I get up and straddle his lap. I get two inches from his face and give him a goofy look. His steel blue eyes lock mine and I get lost for a moment. All I think about is tasting him in everyway possible. My heart races, my eyes shut and I softly brush my lips against his. His lips are soft and smooth, warm and inviting. I kiss him again, a little harder this time; I pause to suck on his bottom lip. He opens his mouth to me as I continue to kiss him. Our tongues meet and I'm instantly wet. We kiss at length. I'm reduced to nothing ...a pair of eager, hungry lips and a pulsating wet hole. I feel his hand slide up my thigh and rest just below my buttocks. I softly begin an elongated grind against his groin, slowly sliding down and then back up. He resists for a few moments until I suckle his ear lobe. His thighs and back muscles tense up simultaneously. He grips my thighs, pulls me hard against his crotch and grinds back against me. I open my eyes to study his face as I lick his neck. "We shouldn't be doing this" His face winces in a look of agony. I have secretly wanted this for over a year now. I have been thinking about this, contemplating if it would ruin our friendship. For six months I have been secretly lusting about this moment. Planning it, plotting it. Late at night I would allow my fingers to venture in to my underwear as my mind wandered over David's body, constructing all sorts of nasty things to do to him. I wasn't going to let him off this easy. I wasn't going to give him an option. I drop to my knees and pull down his track pants. Part of him is already willing and able. Part of him has already decided. I draw my tongue from his base to his tip and trace my tongue twice around his head before drawing him deep into my mouth. I stroke his shaft with my mouth, wiggling my tongue against the under side of his head as I neared the top. He runs his fingers through my hair, pulling it away from my face and I know he's given in. I lock eyes with his as I bath his tip with my tongue. He rolls his head back, closes his eyes and lets out a low quiet groan that makes my thighs quiver. I pull my underwear down as I stand up. I climb back onto his lap. He stops me before I can push him inside me. He eases me back and holds me there. He kisses me softly at first, holding my face in his hands as he caresses his tongue against mine. He pushes my head back and works his mouth over my neck, alternating between sucking and teething. I'm panting. My skin is on fire. He is sweating. The room is unbearably hot. He pulls his shirt off over his head. Then yanks mine off. He studies me, memorizing my expression. His eyes trace my neck, work their way down to my heaving breasts where he pauses before he dives back into his kissing frenzy. He cups my lower back with one hand to steady me as his other hand softly slips down between my legs. His index finger and ring finger work the parameter as his middle finger slides in and out with ease. He pulls out and rubs tiny tight circles against my clit. He drives me nuts, makes my eyes roll back into my head. He grins and then tastes his finger. He stands up quickly, picks me up with him and deposits me on the bed with a bounce. He pulls my skirt off and pushes my legs up towards my hips; he dives into my wetness with his whole mouth. He laps at me in long smooth strokes. He takes my lips into his mouth and sucks on them, stretching them out, spreads them with is fingers and dives back into my center. He laps me in a rhythm, long slow strokes up and down combined with the occasional probing of my hole or rousing of my clit.

I come in fierce waves, unable to stop myself. My hips thrust and pump as the walls of my vagina contract against themselves. He plants both of his hands firmly on my hipbones and holds me still as he continues to caress my sex.

“I want you, ” I tell him. It comes out as a whisper and for a moment I’m unsure if he’s even heard me. “You want me to?” he inquires, not stopping his escapade. “I want you do fill me up” I feel my face turn a hot red color. “Why?” he asks, his eyes wide, his mouth smiling. “I need to feel you inside me.” He slides two fingers deep inside me, curls them and pulses on my spot. “I want to come on your dick.”

He situates himself right below my entry, pushes his head just an inch or so but I‘m too tense and tight for him to pass at this time. He keeps him self there as eases the rest of his body forward; his lips meet mine. My body surrenders to him, allowing his entry. My back arches up as he fills me with his full length. He holds me there, impaled on him, while my muscles contract in violent spasms against his stiff, thick cock. I come again but different this time; it’s hot, warm, and wet, very wet. He plays with my nipples for a moment, licking and tugging at them with his mouth. He pulls out with a slow stroke as I beg “please, please” and strain to push him back inside of me. He leans forward again, pulling his body tight against mine and begins assaulting me with hard, power full thrust. He gives me everything I ever wanted and more. I come some many times it all becomes a blur as I am lost in his strokes, licks, kisses and bites.

I woke up the next afternoon with his arms curled around me, his nose nuzzled against my shoulder and his school ring on my chain around my neck.
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