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After a night of heavy teasing, I slipped out of bed and picked up the shirt that was lying on the floor beside the bed. I figured I would be nice and make him his favorite breakfast before he woke up.

I was setting the table for two when I felt a hand move my hair away from the back of my neck and shoulder.

“You were being evil last night,” he said kissing my shoulder wrapping his strong arms around my waist.

“We haven’t been dating that long. I don’t give it up that easy.” I smiled looking over at him.

His hands slid to my broad hips and gripped them tightly.

“I noticed that. That is why I am going to have to force it out of you.” He jerked me into his somewhat hard groin.

“Wha-" I didn’t get to finish before him hand was over my mouth and his lips to my ear.

“Shut the fuck up. You are gonna give me what you promised me, you fucking tease.” With this he pulled my hair back making my head go into his shoulder. He knew I was into the forceful stuff. I smiled at him.

I couldn’t do anything but wonder what he was planning to do next. He released his grip on my hair pushing me down over the table, knocking the dishes to the floor.

His hand made their way to my ass where they grabbed each cheek forcefully. I could feel his body press up against mine. Pulling me back up by my hair, he slid both hands around to the front of the shirt where he began to unbutton it.

“You look so fucking sexy in my shirt.” He didn’t get to the bottom before he ripped it open. “You’re gonna be my little whore aren’t you?” he asked me. I didn’t answer right away. “Aren’t you?!” He pulled at my hair again.

I nodded gladly so he would let go of me. “Good,” he said. He started to kiss my neck just the way I liked it. I started to melt right in his grip; if it wasn’t for the table holding me up, I would have fallen to the floor.

He ground his now fully hard cock on my ass. Moving his left hand to my stomach and his right to my boob gripping roughly biting in to my shoulder hard. I moaned for this is turning me on. I reach around to unbutton his pants and they dropped to the floor.

Wasting no time, he pushed me back to the table and shoved his cock into my dripping pussy.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“What do you want me to do?” He grabs my hips as he thrust hardly.

“Fuck your little whore!” I yelled as I orgasmed.

After moments of him doing this I lay there limp for I had no more strength left in me. He leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“We aren’t done yet, we are just getting started.” He smiled and kissed my neck again.

He pulled me to my feet, picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down then got on top of me.

“You want this cock in your mouth don’t you?” He didn’t even let me respond for once I opened my mouth, it was filled by his growing cock. I would suck on it every time it would go into my mouth and letting it go when it moved outwards.

“Yes baby, that’s good,” he said tossing his head back. “Suck my cock like the slut that you are.” I started to suck harder and use my tongue. I could tell he was getting close by the way he picked up the speed in his thrusting. By then I wasn’t doing any work but sitting there. One last thrust and it went all the way down my throat and cum started spraying out of it.

He pulled out and started kissing me again making his way from my lips, to my neck, shoulder, boobs, nipples, stomach, navel then finally my pussy. He had pulled my legs over my head and told me to hold on to them. I obeyed.

Running his tongue along my slit before forcefully shoving it deep inside of me. I screamed out in pleasure. He tongued fucked me for a long time before I came all over his face. I let go of my legs and he kissed his way back to my mouth and smiled up at me.

“I bet you won’t be teasing me anymore.” With that I smiled at him, pushing him to the bed. We both laughed and giggled at I tickled him.

“Stop that!” he laughed grabbing my hands.

I got on top of him and started to kiss him. He moved his hands through my hair pulling me closer to him. I adjusted myself so his cock could easily slide inside of me. He moaned as I ride him hard. I did that right until he was about to blow then I shifted to my mouth and he came soon after that.

“That was fun,” I said smiling down at him grinning.
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