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The Anonymous Honeymoon

Whatever do you do when you're on your honeymoon on your own?
There he was again, watching me. I’d seen him a few times now; by the pool, on the deck, in several of the bars and, one time, just in the coffee lounge as I walked through to breakfast. I never saw him with anyone, which struck me as odd. But then, I was on this cruise on my own too. It was supposed to be my honeymoon, only I got ditched at the altar; three weeks ago now. For the first few days I’d been a wreck, but now I felt practically fine. Free even. What did that mean?

My family had been disappointed in my choice of husband anyway; said I was marrying beneath myself. Maybe that was true. One thing it did mean was that I’d paid for the honeymoon cruise and I was damn well using it. None of my friends had been able to get time off, so I went on my own.

The man who watched me now, stood with one elbow resting on the deck rail, a glass of wine hanging loosely in one hand over the waves, far below. His black tux fitted perfectly across his broad shoulders. Unruly hair tickled the top of his shirt collar, and a couple of day’s growth of rugged stubble softened the line of his strong jaw. My pulse quickened.

He turned, leaned back on the rail and smiled at me as if we were playing a game but only he knew the rules. I drew my shoulders back and strode confidently towards him. If there was a game to play, I wanted to play it properly.

My full length dark-green silk dress swirled around my thighs. Soft ruched straps held it up over my shoulders leaving my arms bare and allowing plunging waves of fabric to fall across my chest. It left my back bare to only a fraction above my ass.

My long shadow fell across the deck in front of me as the sun slowly set behind. For a second a little gust of wind blew my dress against my body revealing every curve, hardening my nipples and raising goose-bumps along my arms. The man’s eyes flashed hungrily and I flooded with heat.

“I almost didn’t recognise you without your glasses,” he said as I approached.

“I prefer to wear my contacts in the evening,” I said. I leaned against the rail, hands clasped, looking out to sea. He turned to face me, inching into my personal space as if to claim it.

“Nice start to my evening, meeting a beautiful blond like you.” He reached out and stroked a lock of my hair back from my face. At the tiny touch of his hand, sparks darted through me.

I laughed. “I’m not blond.”


“No, I have dark hair, are you even looking at me?”

“It looks lighter in the yellow light,” he said, grinning.

“Are you sure you don’t just want me to be blond?” I ask running my hand through my very brunette hair, which tumbled down in soft waves to just below my shoulders.

“I have no preference,” he said, moving closer and raising his hand to my cheek again, this time to softly stroke it with his thumb. I took a half step forward, closing the gap between us to an intimate fraction.

“Are you sure, because ‒ ”

“Kiss me you fool,” he whispered.

My head spun and my heart leapt into my throat. “I thought you’d never ask.”

His lips came down to mine and I lifted up onto my toes to meet him. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me into him and lifting me slightly. His kiss tasted of wine and lust, and stole my breath away, leaving me gasping and my chest heaving.

With a little moan I slid my hands up into the soft, sexy curls of hair at the back of his neck, twining them between my fingers and gripping softly. My heart pounded in my chest at the instant, electric connection between us.

I traced my hands round his neck, feeling the rapid beat of his pulse, and then down across his throat to his bow tie. No clip-on here. Keeping my lips locked against his I found the ends and gently tugged the knot loose. He let out a little groan and tightened his grip around me.

The deliciously intimate moment, in full view of anyone who could walk past, thrilled me like nothing else. I felt an uncontrollable surge of lust welling up inside me and deepened the kiss as my fingers teased open his top button. I broke the kiss and dropped my head to place a delicate kiss on his throat. He shivered slightly and his hands stroked my sides urgently.

“Perhaps we should get off the deck,” I whispered in his ear. He nodded and took my hand in his to lead me to the elevators.

Before we reached them he backed me up against a wall for another deep, fiery kiss that made my knees weak. His body crushed against mine and the bump knocked a little gasp from my lips. I moaned, so desperate for him.

“I don’t even know your name,” he said.

“It’s not important,” I whispered. I liked the thrill of being two strangers.

His hands roamed up my thighs and round to my ass. Anyone could have caught us. I wriggled free, took his hand to lead him the rest of the way to the elevators, and pulled him into a waiting car.

The doors closed behind us and I backed up drawing him with me by his hips. For a perfect moment we were alone; a taste of what was soon to come. He traced his fingertips over my skin, so gently it almost tickled. I tipped my head back, eyes closed in rapture, as he kissed down my jaw to my neck and then to my collar bone. The thrill of knowing the doors could open any second made it so much sweeter.

I arched my back, pressing my body into his. He softly cupped my breast then gripped harder. I could feel his hard bulge pressing against me, straining, wanting. My nipples tightened, standing up against the thin silk of my dress. He hooked his thumb under one strap and pulled it off my shoulder.

The lift doors opened and we both tensed. It had been so easy to forget where we were. He backed out, pulling me with him. There was no one there to see us… this time.

“Where’s your cabin?” I asked.

He backed me up against the wall again, devouring my neck with increasingly hungry kisses.

“End of the corridor,” he whispered by my ear.

I groaned; so far! Arousal burned in me like a fire. I dripped wetness down my tingling thighs; my sheer, figure hugging dress hadn’t allowed for underwear.

“I’m not sure I can make it to the end of the corridor,” I moaned.

He stooped and brought one strong arm up behind my knees, catching me as I fell back, and swept me up into his arms. I left my stomach behind and a little excited giggle escaped my lips. He carried me down the narrow corridor; soft waves of silk draped over his arms and falling in a curtain below me.

“Card?” I asked as we approached his door.

“Left jacket pocket.”

I unclasped my arms from around his neck, reached into his pocket to retrieve his key card and then twisted to put it in the slot. He managed to push the handle down and the door swung inwards. He strode into the room, carrying me as if I weighed nothing, and kicked the door shut behind him.

He dropped me softly onto the bed. I shifted back and propped myself up on my elbows to watch him. He stood over me and unbuttoned his shirt. I bit my lip, heart racing with anticipation.

When he shrugged out of the shirt, I ran a nervous hand over my stomach and breasts. With only the fading, slanted, golden light from the setting sun shining in through the porthole his figure stood out in glorious relief. Strong, toned, faintly tanned skin. His eyes met mine, burning with lust and I suddenly felt like an inexperienced teenager.

He moved towards me and knelt between my legs. Then he placed his hands on my ankles and slowly moved them up along the undersides of my calves to the backs of my knees. The fabric of my dress gathered up as he moved his hands higher up my thighs; his grip on my flesh firm, but restrained, like he was holding himself back. With gentle pressure and a calm reassuring look in his eyes he parted my legs and exposed my moist, swollen, aching slit.

He lowered his head between my legs and I let out a desperate moan before he even touched me. The stubble on his jaw rasped against the soft skin of my inner thigh and I felt his warm breath on my wetness. I gripped handfuls of the sheets in each hand and lifted my hips to meet him. The wait was agonising and yet exquisite.

I felt the hard edge of his teeth first, nibbling at my swollen lips and clit, and then his tongue pressed into me. I whimpered, overwhelmed by the force of my passion and the elation of having that passion returned. His tongue darted in and out, teasing and tasting me. He hooked his arms under my knees and encouraged me to put my legs up over his shoulders.

His eyes lifted to meet mine as he nibbled on my clit. My head spun with the intensity. I wanted to give myself up to it but it was daunting too. He moaned, sending delicious vibrations through me. I clenched my teeth and forced myself to watch him. I hooked my feet together behind his back and he gripped my thighs in his strong hands.

I’d never felt such incredible sensations before. The ache inside was growing painful; I needed him inside me, but I couldn’t find the words to tell him to stop.

I didn’t need to though. As I was about to come he pulled my legs aside and stood up. I let my head drop back for a moment as I caught my breath. When I looked up again he unzipped his trousers and released his eager shaft. My eyes widened and my pussy clenched at the sight of it. A little fear mixed in with excitement, would he hurt me? I was no virgin, but I’d never had anyone so…

I met his eyes as he knelt and lifted my hips with strong hands. He forced himself into me, stretching me out and filling me completely. My muscles clenched and quivered inside, totally out of my control.

He touched me, deep inside, in ways I’d never felt before. I tilted my hips to meet his strong thrusts, bending him inside me and making him push harder and deeper. He tugged my dress down off my shoulders, releasing my breasts.

His thrusts grew more frantic as he stopped holding back. I watched the bright, burning, animal lust in his eyes and gave myself up to him completely. He shifted forward over me and drove deeper and harder. He wrapped his fist in my hair, holding my head back, and then bit my neck, moaning. The pressure of his teeth on my neck tipped me over the edge and I cried out as I came, the spasms of my orgasm lost amongst his relentless pounding. I didn’t want him to stop; I wanted him to use me until I couldn’t move.

My aftershocks went on forever and my legs felt weak, my whole body shook in his arms. I felt him tense and clamped down as hard as I could, finding the strength and the will from somewhere to lock him tight inside me. I clenched my teeth and growled until I felt his release at the very deepest part of me. His strong pulses matched the ones still rippling through me. I squeezed every last drop from him and he slumped against me, panting.

His grip on me softened and I held him close with my arms and legs wrapped around his body. He kissed me sweetly, tasting my lips and my tongue delicately, and stroked my hair. His barely softening cock still filled me and I savoured his weight pinning me to the bed.

I ran my hands down his back, faintly damp with a sheen of sweat. Melting into the bed with him it was hard to know where I ended and he began. The ship swayed softly beneath us and with my eyes closed we could almost be floating in a void.

“I don’t think we’re going to get much sleep,” he whispered by my ear.

“Maybe not,” I said. The idea of more both thrilled and scared me; I wasn’t sure how much more I could take.

“I could use a shower,” I said. “Will you join me?”

He chuckled. “I think we need it.”

I smiled at the softening warmth in his eyes.

“Good job they change the beds every day too, the sheets are a mess,” I said.

“We must’ve needed that.”

He slowly disengaged, got to his feet, and kicked off his trousers. He reached for me and pulled me up beside him.

“Can we take it a little slower next time? I’m a little sore.”

He helped me out of my tangled dress and wrapped me up in his arms. “Hmm, I’ll scrub your back, come on.”

He led me through to the bathroom and we stepped under the hot, soothing torrent. His hands gently smoothed soap over my skin and rubbed away aches all over my abused body. His lips followed the path of his hands with soft kisses.

He held me close, with my back to his chest, and I pressed my languid, sated body into him. I felt safe in his arms.

His hands slowly made their way to my breasts, just cupping and holding them at first. Then he started to slowly stroke my taut, tender nipples with his thumbs. I closed my eyes as his gentle touch soothed away the pain of his rough treatment.

He turned me round to face him and looked into my eyes. The raw animal lust had faded now, replaced with softer desire. I felt the floor drop away beneath me as his hands cupped my bottom and pulled me into him. My knees went weak; I was glad he held me so tight, keeping me upright.

He pushed me back against the cold tiles and I gasped at the shock. I felt his hardness press against me. So soon? I thought I’d have more time to recover. He put his hands under my thighs, gripped my wet skin tight, and lifted me up.

“I can’t,” I moaned. I still throbbed from before but I was wet and ready again, which I couldn’t grasp. How was he doing this to me?

“Shhh, relax, you’ll enjoy it, I won’t hurt you.”

His shaft rubbed against my burning slit, spreading my moisture out and gently staring to enter me again. My hands shook as I clung to his shoulders, his chest holding me up against the wall.

The water tumbled down between us, cooling and caressing our burning skin. He pushed into me, slowly, and my aching pussy stretched and took him in once more. I kept my eyes locked on his as he began to move in me. The connection between us heated the air and I felt lost and feverish.

“I don’t think I can,” I whimpered, pleasure surging and overwhelming my trembling body. “I can’t take it.”

“Shhh, let go.”

I let him guide me, giving him all my control. He rocked himself inside me, hips powering between my wet thighs. The cold tiles behind were soothing now, against my hot body. I’d never felt anything like it; it was like my body was not my own, it was his to evoke within whatever deep, powerful, intense pleasures he wanted.

I kept my eyes on his the whole time, falling into them and letting them support me. His hands clasped my bottom urgently, his forearms tense as he held himself in check. His breath came in short gasps.

He kept his rhythm slow and tiptoed to the edge of oblivion, carrying me with him. We hung together on the brink for an eternity, desperate for the release. Time slowed down and still he held us at that delicious point.

When he tipped over it was almost calm and relaxed. He held himself deep in me and let out a long, shuddering sigh as he released inside me. Just the feel of his climax pulled me off the teetering cliff into the abyss. I whimpered from the intensity and he kissed me slow and deep, still filling me with his hot cum as I continued to clench around him.

He set me back down on my shaky legs and helped me rinse off, holding me up. Then he wrapped me up in big fluffy towel.

“Hold me,” I whimpered. He enveloped me in his arms, cocooning and protecting me as I shook and trembled. I leaned on him, needing his strength. He helped me back into the bedroom and lifted me onto the bed. My eyelids drooped while he softly dried my hair and pulled the damp towel from around my exhausted body. He lifted the covers for me and then settled himself beside me, stroking my cheek as I drifted off to sleep.

“I want to stay awake with you,” I mumbled.

“Shh, sleep now. Pleasant dreams.”

“Hmm.” Darkness quickly closed in around me.


In the morning the sunlight slanting in through the porthole woke me from a deep sleep. I rolled over and a protesting throb from between my legs brought back the night before. I stretched my arms out across the crisp sheets beside me and found an empty space with just a hint of lingering warmth.

Slowly the sleep cleared from my head and I recognised the sound of the shower running. I grinned to myself. Looks like I was getting all the perks of my “honeymoon” cruise after all.

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