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The Band - Bad Sex

Sex is often cause for trouble, yet it can also help mend spirits.
He watched the tall elegant brunette walk away, as he crushed a note in his long fingers. She had been the best singer they ever had, and the quickest to leave. It was all his fault, as always. Mixing business with pleasure was what Robert Dawning did best.

"You take it all, Rob. And, when it comes down to it, you can't decide what you actually want of them.", scoffed Tanni in his direction, before finishing her drink.

Rob glared at the scrawny blond sitting across him at the table and stuffed the note into his pocket. The drinks tilted dangerously on the table as he abruptly stood up, and Tanni's blue gaze turned to the table, a hint of worry in her eyes.

"You're going to do something stupid, aren't you?", she said with surprising calm, her thin brows raising and her blue eyes peering up at the angered man. "Do try to be more of a gentleman this time."

"You're the one to talk! And what do you think you know, Tan?", asked Rob trying to compose himself.

This little blondie always managed to get on his nerves, yet part of him always appreciated her bluntness. He found himself wondering how come he never came on to Tanni. She certainly had the goods and would turn any puppy into a damn hound with those pretty eyes and slender curved body.

"Oh, I know.", she said gesturing to the waiter and pointing to her empty glass. "You screwed with her after each rehearsal for the past month. Everyone knew. It was only a matter of time before she caught your dick deep in another wet hole."

"That's not what happened.", said Rob shaking his head and pausing his rebuke as the waiter approached with a new drink for Tanni.

Tanni smirked rather invitingly at the young, well-built waiter causing him to clumsily pick up the empty glasses from the table and almost drop his tray, as he walked away.

"It's not?", she asked before sipping her drink.

"My dick was kept at a fair distance from...holes...My fingers, however...", he ended with a shrug and looked to the door seeming uncertain now if he should go after the singer or not.

"You know what I see when I look at you, Rob?", asked Tanni in the sweetest of tones as her delicate fingers set the glass on the table.

Rob looked in her direction raising a brow.

"A big throbbing dick pointing to any woman with decent tits and an ass. So you either go point yourself in her direction and hope to convince her to stay, at least for the show, or you go jerk off somewhere. Either way, this time, I won't be the one to explain to the guys how you fucked with our singer and, for the thousandth time, left us without a leading voice at the worst possible moment."

Rob's lips curled into a snarl as her words reached him and he leaned toward her pinching her chin, his stare rather defiant.

"Fuck you, Tan."

The scrawny blond grinned and leaned away from his hand, resting her back on the chair.

"Don't get your hopes up, Rob."

He walked away mumbling swear words under his breath, knowing Tanni was right. Eventually the band would decide he was a liability and replaceable. Also, he was getting too old for this shit.

Fifteen years after his first album spawned thrills and screams of ecstasy, all he could spawn, now, was enough noise to keep old rich bastards from falling asleep during dinner time, on cruise ships. His name was quickly smothered in his increasing bad reputation and Tanni couldn't take his side anymore. She was a good friend for sticking with him for as long as she did, he concluded as he went outside the restaurant into the chilling night.

Tanni stared at the half empty glass in front of her, gradually allowing her features to show her dis-hearted state. Rob was an asshole, but she couldn't help feel the way she did. In the eight years since she had joined the band, she couldn't shake it off, despite everything she knew about him. But, she'd be damned if she'd ever let him know she was in loved with him, just like any other flimsy chick that crossed paths with the bastard.

"Would there be anything else, Miss Lude?", came the waiter's hesitant question, waking Tanni up from her reverie.

She looked up to the young man and smirked slyly curling a finger, urging him closer. Her eyes glanced to his name tag before they aimed their mesmerizing blue to his face.

"Brad... When does your shift end?"


His rough hands ran over her back as they entered the flat, locked into a passionate kiss. He gripped at her dress and pulled it up pushing her into the wall. Tanni's leg raised and kicked the door shut, then wrapped around his thigh. Brad groaned happily and exposing her butt, began to grope it and slide his fingers under her delicate black string panties.

He was surprised to be in this position. He had jerked off, fantasizing about Miss Lude, many times, during the past weeks she frequented the restaurant where he worked and every time it was better and better. The image of his semen splashed all over the stall door in the restaurant bathroom came to his mind. He shook his head a tad, opening his eyes into the soft hot kiss. She was in his arms to have, she was really there.

Tanni broke the kiss gasping and tilting her head back against the wall, tugging at his soft fair hair to guide him to her neck. He obediently licked along her skin to her collar bone and bent his knees so that his hardness would be against her, rubbing himself against her pelvic area.

"Rip them off.", she demanded breathlessly, sliding her soft pale hand under his shirt.

"W-what, Miss Lude?", he whispered hoarsely.

She laughed and ran her fingers to his nipple squeezing lightly.

"My panties. Rip them off me, boy."

He grabbed the string of her panties and pulled, the sound of the tear in the light material causing them both to shudder and groan. As he slid the panties off her, the string ran over her pussy causing her to gasp. He threw them to the floor and clenched his fingers on the hem of the dress pulling, ready to rip, but her palm patting his cheek stopped him from his actions.

"Not the dress.", said Tanni holding back a laughter, her hand pressing on his youthful hard chest underneath his shirt causing him to step back from her.

She pulled the zipper on the side and the dress unfolded neatly off her body, eventually slipping to the floor. In the dim light, that came through the tall windows of the flat to caress Tanni's flawless pale skin, she appeared like a blond goddess. Her round perky breasts cast a soft shadow on her delicate ribcage, her deep breathing making them heave under Brad's longing gaze. Tanni smirked watching him and swayed her naked hips stepping toward him.

He embraced her, hungrily fondling her breasts with one hand and kissing over the other quickly, his lips finding her hard nipple, he began to suck harshly. She arched her back and rubbed a hand over the bulge in his pants, her fingertips tracing over the shaft form, revealing to her, quite a large long treasure pulsing under her touch, ready to emerge from the cover of his pants. Tanni grinned pleased and tugged at his hair.

He looked up to her only to meet her full heart shaped lips pressed into a kiss against his. The slender little blond jumped on him wrapping her thighs around his hips and her arms to his neck. He easily kept her up against his tall strong body, and cupped her butt-cheeks parting them more, his index fingers sliding to the lips of her vulva. Her pussy, against his crotch, felt so hot and inviting that he found himself rubbing against her suggestively.

She broke the kiss and tilted her head to the piano near the tall windows of the flat, the shape of it quite visible for them. He felt her wet pussy and couldn't resist sliding a finger inside her as he walked slowly toward the piano. She trembled and moaned against him, her arms tightening around him, feeling his finger shamelessly explore the inside of her pussy.

He placed her on the piano edge and, as her legs unwrapped, his hands grasped her ankles and urged her to pull her knees to her chest, resting her back against the cold piano. He bent licking at her inner thighs and quickened the thrusts of his finger inside her. Only the distant sounds of the busy sleepless city outside and her wetness could be heard. As Brad began to lick over her pussy, she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Tanni's hot vulva pulsed against his finger, her back arching as her small feet pressed delicately against his shoulders. He flicked his tongue against what he thought was the clit, but, despite her being completely hairless down there, he couldn’t be sure. Perhaps it was the poor light. But most likely, it was his lack of experience that deprived him of certainty. Was she pushing him away with her feet or was she simply unaware of her actions? He looked up and her half closed eyes caught the glimpse of hesitation and confusion in his gaze.

She smirked and pushed more on his shoulders, siting up. Brad stepped back and lowered his head in embarrassment, yet she gave him no pause, her fingers working quickly to undo his belt and pants.

"I can't wait any longer, Brad.", she whispered softly and pulled at his pants to help his shaft out of the wraps of cloth surrounding it.

Her fingers curled over it and stroke roughly a few times, his precum emerging and glistening in the dim light. Brad smiled at her, regaining his confidence, his rough hands groping her breast and thigh as he pulled her closer, making her butt slide over the smooth surface of the piano. Her hand pointed his hardness in the right direction and he thrust with his hips, finding with some surprise that her wet warm pussy was quite tight and required more force.

Her eyes fixed to his face as her hips bucked pushing her pelvis toward him, to ease his passage. Her nails scrapped over his back and she gripped his butt pulling him to her. Under her tacit guidance, he thrust more forcefully, his long shaft finding resistance, it pulsed in frustration. Eventually, he dug deeper inside her, with every thrust, the sensation leaving him breathless.

He was deep inside her, and she welcomed his hardness with moans timed to his thrusts, her breathing loud and warm as it fell over his neck. He felt his blood rush and his mind come to a pleasant halt. His instincts told him to fuck her hard and he had no reason to argue. He tugged at her long blond hair and forcing her head back, he began to bite along it, his thrusts quickening. His other hand fondled her breast and pinched at her hard nipple harshly. Her whimpers and ecstatic moans urging him further.

He found a fast rhythm and his hand holding her hair pushed against her back as if he sought to completely overpower her with each stab of his shaft inside her warm soft pussy. Her nails running over his skin caused him to groan and arch his back. He took that as a challenge and gripped her butt raising her against his body, her thighs wrapping around him. Tanni's pussy pulsed hungrily as his thrusts ceased while he carried her to the piano bench.

He slid his dick out of her and set her on the bench. As he straightened his back, the tip of his manhood was right at her lips and pulling her hair he moved his hips. She'll have the fuck of her life. She'll be speechless. She'll want more. He decided in that split second as his dick was prodding at her lips.

But her mouth opened and her tongue slid out to lick over his dick. She moaned sensing her own juices on his hardness and wrapped her mouth over it, hungrily beginning to suck. His resolve faded with her actions. He stopped feeling the need to prove himself. The wetness and warmth of her mouth stealing groans from his throat. And the sucking made his eyes roll to the back of his head.

"Miss Lude... You're a goddess...", he whispered hoarsely.

His dick was soaked in her spit, cleaned of the pussy juices. Her fingers wrapped over it and began to stroke gently. Tanni looked up at him and her soft lustful gaze took in his tall figure, his wide shoulders and handsome features.

"You're not too far from being a demigod yourself, Brad."

"Only a demigo-..Oh, God...", he managed to say, his words fading as her mouth went over his balls, her hand quickening the strokes over his wet shaft, keeping them light and teasing.

She licked and suckled at his balls, first taking them in one at a time, then both. His groans became louder and to his dismay he felt the familiar tension building up, yet it was more intense than ever. The climax seemed inevitable, yet he fought against it, his butt cheeks bucking and fingers tugging at her hair, unable to pull her away.

She stopped her stroking and leaned away abruptly. Brad gasped opening his eyes widely to gawk at her. He struggled to keep his breathing steady and aid the tension fade off, enough to avoid the climax. Did she know he was about to cum?

But his question was quickly forgotten as he watched her turn her back to him and rest her knees on the bench. The sound of her palms hitting the piano keys as she bent, startled him. His hands reached for her perky butt-cheeks clasping over them as she stood on all fours, her butt to his dick, swaying invitingly.

He smiled intoxicated and placed his shaft to her pussy slowly thrusting in. He had heard this position was painful for some girls and usually required tenderness. Yet once inside her clenching wet pussy he forgot himself and quickened his thrusts, letting his hardness go as deep as possible. He gripped her butt harshly and parted her butt-cheeks squeezing them with his rough hands.

He thrust to and fro, soon finding her hips met his, with every thrust, her moaning louder, accompanied by the resonating piano as her palms unwillingly applied pressure to the keys and relaxed in tone to his hips' movement. Her wetness inside her, reaching his ears in the rhythm of his choice.

Brad smiled at the thought that they were making music and, somewhat encouraged by it, he began to pound at her deeply and without restraint, faster and frantically squeezing her butt-cheeks. He let his palm fly and spank her butt, the sound surprising even him. Tanni grinned and moaned louder at the spank. She loved being taken. She loved losing herself in the moment. And yes, she loved being spanked.

His palm landed more heavily on her butt-cheek with every spank. He felt her pussy clenching and noticed her body remaining tense as his thrusts inside her continued fast. His muscles twitched at the effort and his skin covered by sweat, yet he'd not stop until he felt her cum. His spanking became more daring as he became sure she was about to climax.

Tanni felt her body harden, her mind swirling in the delight of pure bliss before melting away with the waves of pleasure that washed over her entire being. Her moan much resembled a scream of ecstasy punctuated by the sound of his heavy palm falling over her butt. The piano resonated erratically as her body jerked out of control. She breathed heavily into the surface of the dark piano and rest her forehead against its cold smooth surface, letting the last of the orgasm run through her trembling limbs.

Brad slid out of her, his throbbing manhood soaked in her juices. He looked down at her and enjoyed the image of her peacefulness as she seemed to savour the last drops of ecstasy. Eventually she sat on the bench turning to face him, her face not without curiosity. He felt his dick was about to explode, yet would not cum now, no matter what. Her lips disagreed as she slid them along it gathering her wetness from the glistening shaft.

Her tongue soon joined the dance and licked over it, cleaning it. His dick prodded back at her tongue and slid inside her hungry mouth. Brad let out a sigh of pleasure and caressed over Tanni's head as she began to suck at his shaft. He could feel her throat clenching around the tip of his dick as she took in more of him, her tongue massaging against it.

Tanni peeked up at him and noted he had his head tilted back and jaw clenched. His breathing stopped for a moment and she quickened the pace of her sucking inviting him to cum inside her mouth.

He groaned loudly. His dick throbbed and let out his semen in strong hot jets deep inside Tanni's throat. She swallowed and continued to suck at his shaft as he climaxed, his muscles trembling from the previous effort and the orgasm. The release was very much welcomed and more intense than what he usually felt.

She swallowed the semen his hardness had offered, and kept sucking at the tip of it, her teeth grazing over the sensible tissue, caused Brad to grunt and tense. She leaned away and guided his hips to sit next to her. He let himself fall on the bench, extending his legs in sweet exhaustion.

Her full lips were wet and thoroughly licked as a bit of his semen had dripped on the corner of her mouth. He stared at her as her fingertip gathered his semen and her mouth sucked at the finger cleaning it. The image was haunting and surreal. Her blue steel gaze seemed softer now, lost in the pleasure of the moment. She ran her fingers over his shaft and found he was once again almost fully aroused.

He watched her stand up, with a sense of helplessness and want, her pale body blending with the scenery of the flat in the dim lights of the city. She seemed more a ghost than anything. Even her slow, graceful gestures completed the illusion.

"How old are you, Brad?", she asked in a sweet soft voice.

He shrugged, for a moment not really sure himself of his age. As he let the words escape his lips, it dawned on him that his age was not very flattering.

"Seventeen... I mean eighteen. I'm turning eighteen next week...", he eventually replied.

"Sixteen then.", came Tanni's conclusion, her eyes glimmering in the darkness as a cat's, or so it seemed to Brad as he gawked at her in surprise.

"No whiskey for you, then, dear.", she added and he could see her sip from a glass.

"I wasn't a virgin... If that's what you're... Did I do something wrong?"

Tanni laughed softly and walked toward him. Her hips swaying to the feline motion of her steps. Her warm delicate hand cupped his cheek tenderly.

"No, darling. You were perfect.", she said before leaning to kiss his forehead. "Now, run along and get some sleep."

He blinked at her suggestion and seemed rather hesitant. Tanni turned around and as she walked back to her whiskey, he noticed her butt still mildly red from his spanking. He smiled at the image and stood up.

"Will I see you again, Miss Lude?", he asked buckling up his belt, his pants stifling his hard shaft that seemed quite eager to continue the night.

"Who else would be serving me my drinks, darling?"

Brad left, closing the door without a sound and Tanni jumped under the covers of her bed. She was really going down a dark path. A woman in her early thirties seducing a poor youngling.

"I bet my mother is turning in her grave right now.", she muttered amused, yet with a hint of defiance.

She allowed the soft dizziness of the alcohol take over her mind and soon fell into a deep sleep, so deep, that for the first time in a long while, she had no nightmares.
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