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The Beast Within

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huge Atlantic rollers break, Heavenly Angels Hallelujah sing, and volcanoes like the mighty Mauna L
The Beast Within

A hidden appendage to his loins, it lies reposed, hanging limply against my thigh; dormant and flaccid, innocuous and benign, it poses no threat, offers no succour and satisfies no desire.

A beast, a sleeping beast, hidden beneath Calvin Kleins or Homs or Diesels or other underwear but, just as a dog sleeps with one eye open,the Beast is alert and ever watchful, and is easily stirred by circumstance and events; real, perceived, imagined or encouraged by deed or word; spoken or written.

Stretching lazily in response to thought, or scent, or sight or sound, the Beast awakens to touch or dream, or song or verse and, as in morning slumbers, for no apparent reason.

When fully awake, it is a sentinel standing rigidly to attention; bold and proud and full of majestic splendour. Increasing several fold in length and girth, the Beast becomes a powerful piston of pleasure, a lascivious ligature of lust and love.

A much worshipped idol of myth and legend, a demigod of extinct primitive civilisations, the Beast is an ancient symbol of fertility, strength and vigour. A giver of life, a bringer of joy, a source of pride or an object of derision, it can be an evil predator, a doer of wrong, or an instrument of joy and loving union. A creature of moods,the Beast can be warm, tender and loving or it can be spiteful, rough and brutal, feeding its primeval hunger without care or compassion.

Secret object of teenage wonder, of private experiment and adolescent discovery,the Beast is the doyen of delectable desire for wives and lovers or anonymous one night acquaintances.

Once awakened, it is wild, unpredictable and difficult to control. It is demanding, it is hungry, it is a lion rampant, a colossus standing proud, straight backed, and ready to dispense genes, implant seed or share interminable pleasure and love eternal.

The Beast has willing helpers, a supporting cast that play crucial roles in the Beast's performance, and soft lips form long, lingering kisses that encourage it to swell and increase in firmness. Tactile fingers, the Beast by proxy, touch and caress, push and probe, and imitate the impending actions of their master. Damp wispy hair and smooth wet flesh, sticky moisture and musky smells combine to arouse the Beast further, causing it to swell and secrete in anticipation of salacious pleasure.

Fingers having performed their task, they relinquish the baton, and the tongue continues the relay of rapture; licking and sucking, tasting and touching, inflaming soft, delicate flesh, or stimulating erogenous protuberances, it moistens the approach and prepares the way for the Grand Entrance of the Emperor, His Majesty, The Beast.

Like a prize-fighter entering the ring, a gladiator the arena, or an actor receiving an accolade, the Beast pauses, worshipped, adored and revered, it is about to achieve its goal. Probing exquisite dampness, tentatively touching sensitive tissue,the Beast teases, torments, and restrains from performing its carnal duty. Withholding, the Beast savours the moment and, anticipating impending sensations, gains strength until, incapable of further resistance, it is drawn into a soft, moist, sheath of sublime sensation.

Immersed in damp desire, caressed by folds of sensitive flesh the Beast descends slowly, exploring new or familiar surroundings. The Beast is on a quest, in search of the holy grail, the illusive Grafenberg or simply striving to achieve a climax of mutual pleasure of sweet sensation and extreme emotion. Content, calm and at peace, safe in the moist sanctuary of a woman's love, the Beast performs its corporeal task without concern or consternation.

Pushing gently with steadily increasing rhythm, the Beast, encouraged by sighs and moans, deep breaths and finger nails, quickens its pace, adopting a sense of urgency until, on the brink of prematurely expending its desire, it calms itself and varies the rhythm, slowing, pacing, heart racing. Gyrating, probing, muscles flexing. Twitching, pulsing, exciting, arousing, the Beast is now the servant obeying Her commands and strives to give his lover pleasure.

The Beast, a maestro of motion, continues to perform a steady rhythm which changes in tempo from slow and easy adagio to andante, from andante to allegretto, from allegretto to allegro and finally, a frantic cacophonous crescendo as huge Atlantic rollers break, Heavenly Angels Hallelujah sing, and volcanoes like the mighty Mauna Loa erupt... And The Beast, in an excruciating burst of heat and life and love and passion, releases its serum of life in a climax of sensation as, joined as one with the object of its desire, reaches a pinnacle of the purest pleasure.

Responding to the Beast, breath is held, fingernails rake, muscles contract and flesh, gripping tightly, restricts further movement, holding the Beast inert until the ecstatic moment passes, spasms and quivers abate, and it is allowed to continue, slowly, slowly, enjoying a variety of emotions. Ecstasy and tranquillity, the heat of passion and the height of pleasure but, above all, the unique bonding of love between two persons.

Aphrodite and Adonis, Orpheus and Eurydice, Venus and Mars and You, and Me.

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