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The Beckwith Affair chap 4

August 7 th , 8:00 a.m. Los Angeles

“Maggie, I want to go over what we have so far,” I said.

“Beckey has a warehouse where she is importing dolls filled with pure cocaine from Bolivia.   These dolls are not going through customs and are being delivered in small packages and probably to different locations.   We don’t know how the money is being transferred but it’s probably cash all the way, and likely being transferred to the ship at the same time the dolls are picked up.”

“Alan has gone to Mexico with something that Beckey wants,” said Maggie, “and its likely cash, and lot’s of it.”

“I agree.   Now the question is, do we want to be involved with this case any further?   Our lives could be in danger if the Colombians get involved.   On the other hand, I’m curious about Mr. Beckwith’s death. It’s possible he was murdered and thrown off that cliff.   Why?”

“I don’t know.   Maybe he was in the way,” she said.

“Right, but in whose way?   I think I need to get into the Beckwith mansion and look around.”

Call the Grand Velas and make sure Alan is staying there.   Once that is confirmed we can tell Beckey any time and wash our hands of this case, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet.”

I went into my office and called Beckey and asked if she could meet me for dinner that night. She agreed and we planned to meet at 7:30.    I heard Maggie on the phone but did not pay attention.   After a few minutes Maggie came to my door.

“There is no Alan Jankowski staying at the Grand Velas,” she said.

“Great, I mumbled, “Does that mean he went to another hotel or is using an assumed name?”

I sat there moment thinking about it, then decided that I needed to go to Puerto Vallarta.  

At 7:00 I was parked down the street from the Beckwith place.   I watched as Beckey drove off, then drove around to the alley behind the mansion and climbed over the wall.

I assumed there would be a servant around somewhere, so I circled the house to try and locate him.

I found him in the kitchen, apparently making his dinner.

I went back to the rear of the house and picked a lock into the living room.   I didn’t know what I was looking for, so I just started going through cupboards and drawers.   There wasn’t much in the living room so I quickly went into the study.   After a few minutes I opened a drawer and found a picture that looked familiar.   I realized it was the one that was missing from the mantel in the living room.   I looked at it closely and recognized Alan in the background.

So Alan knew Randall Beckwith before he died!

I was afraid I was running out of time so I left the way I entered.   I called Beckey as I was driving away and told her I was going to be a little late but I had news for her.

At the restaurant I told her that I had tracked Alan to Mexico but the trail went cold and there was nothing more I could do here.   Without hesitating she told me to go to P.V. and she would pay for the trip.   Then she changed her mind and said that she was going with me.   I tried to talk her out of it but she insisted.

I had Maggie make reservations to depart as soon as possible.   Beckey wanted to stay at the Grand Velas, but it turned out there was only one room available.   I called her and she said that was perfect, so Maggie reserved the room also.

I told Beckey that I would have to get her a disguise.   We can’t take a chance on Alan seeing her before we see him.  

August 8 th , 7:00 a.m.

We met at the airport and boarded the plane together.   We were in First Class, but because we had made last minute arrangements our seats were not together.    Beckey was very persuasive however, and convinced a man to change seats with her.

I debated whether to tell her what I knew about the cocaine.   If she knew I knew, would that allow her to be honest and tell me everything, or would I just be signing my own death warrant.   I felt that at some point I would probably tell her, but decided that this was not the time.   However, I decided to test her reaction when I told her that I knew about her other warehouse.

“Beckey, why didn’t you tell me about the warehouse at the docks?” I asked.

She looked at me quickly.   “What warehouse, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Beckey, I need you to be honest with me, it will make this investigation a lot easier and you’ll get what you are looking for a lot faster.”

“I am being honest with you, I don’t know anything about another warehouse,” she said.

“Ok, I’ll take your word for it.   The warehouse is empty, maybe it’s not being used,” I said.

“Just get me the address and I’ll look into it when I get back,” she said with finality.

I didn’t know whether to believe her or not.   I decided that it would be best to assume she knew.   I could not think of any other reason why Alan would be so important to her.

We landed in Puerto Vallarta but instead of taking a cab right to the Grand Velas in Nuevo Vallarta, I had the driver turn south and take us into old town.   Beckey asked why we weren’t going to the hotel, and I said there was something I wanted to show her first.

We drove though town and came to the Esplanade.   Puerto Vallarta has a lot of statues along the beach sidewalk through that part of town, and they are interesting to see.   Beckey became quiet and focused on the statues as we drove by.

Shortly we came to old town.   There are many little vendor booths in the area selling everything you can imagine.   There are cabs all over the place so we got out and let the cab go.   We walked around the booths looking at everything they had to sell, and whenever one of the walking vendors came up to me to sell jewelry and such, I have them a couple bucks but didn’t take anything from them.

There is a river running through that part of town with an upscale restaurant right beside it.   We stopped and had a nice lunch; it was even a little romantic.  

Then it was time to get back to business.   We went up to a cab and haggled over the price to take us to Nuevo Vallarta, then agreed and got in the cab.

  I had gotten Beckey a black wig and a mouth piece that changed the look of her upper teeth.   She also wore sunglasses.   When we got to the hotel I had her take a seat in the lobby and keep her eyes open while I checked in.

I checked in as Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eyestone.   The only room that was available on short notice was one of the Penthouse suites.   I was going to enjoy the room if I got to spend any time there, but I was not sure having Beckey sleeping with me was a good idea.  

I motioned for her to follow and we took the elevator to the top floor.   There were 4 towers in the hotel, and each one had one penthouse suite on the top floor.  

We unpacked and checked out the suite.   The patio was very large and had a large jacuzzi, probably big enough for 10 people.

I found that the sofa was a sleeper and offered to sleep there.   Beckey put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips.

“Now why wouldn’t you want to sleep with me?” she asked, with a teasing smile on her face.   She kissed me again and pressed her body against me.   My arousal was pretty close to instantaneous.   In spite of my better judgment I found my hands sliding down her back to her ass.   She was wearing a pair of slacks and she stepped over my leg and began to press her crotch against my thigh.  

“Beckey, shouldn’t we get to work on finding Alan?” I asked as she ground her womanhood against my thigh and kissed my neck.   I had no will power and if she said Alan could wait then he would wait.   As it turned out, Beckey felt Alan could wait.  

We quickly began to undress each other while standing in the middle of the room.   Our clothes ended up on various pieces of furniture and when we were both naked I picked her up and carried her to the bed.   I put her known next to the bed, turned her back to me and reached around her, caressing her breasts and kissing her neck.   She began to moan and pressed her ass against me.   I spread my legs and bent them slightly and began to slide my rigid cock up and down between her ass cheeks.   She leaned her head back against my shoulder and moaned as she pressed my hands into her breasts.

I bent her over the bed, keeping her legs straight, and got down on my knees.   I licked and kissed her ass cheeks, slowly moving closer to her glistening pussy.   The closer I got the louder she moaned.   When I slid my tongue between her slippery folds her orgasms started.   I kept licking and sucking on her pussy for a while, and then I stood up and slid my cock between her lips and slowly drove it all the way in.   I stood there, my ass muscles tightening and loosening as I thrust slowly in and out of her dripping pussy.   I picked up the pace until Beckey was moving forward and backwards from the force of my thrusts.

The sound of her orgasms were echoing off the walls as I made her cum again and again.

As I looked down and watched my cock disappear and reappear I also noticed that her ass hole looked very inviting.   I pulled out and straightened my legs and pressed the head of my cock against her asshole.   She made no move or comment so I pushed the head in and stopped to get her reaction.   She pushed her ass back against me and my entire length disappeared inside her.

I slowly began to fuck her ass and before long was pounding her hard.   She was moaning but not having orgasms, so I reached around her and began to massage her clit.   The orgasm was immediate and I continued this until a minute later when I began to shoot my load deep into her ass.

Beckey pulled away and got on the bed, turned around and went down on me while my cock was still hard.   By the time she had licked me clean I was beginning to go limp.   She looked up at me with a pouting look on her face.  

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time for this,” I said, “we should be getting to work on this case.”

We unpacked and changed clothes, then went down to have dinner. Afterwards it was late and I felt there would be little chance of running into Alan so we went back to the room for the night.

I felt our best chance of finding Alan was at this hotel.   The next morning we decided to take turns waiting in the lobby while the other walked the grounds and the beach.   I took the first shift in the lobby while Beckey checked the pool and beach.

I picked up an American newspaper from the gift shop and took a seat in the lobby with a clear view of the desk and entrance to the elevators.   I had been there for about 30 minutes when my phone rang.

“Robert, I’ve been all around the grounds and I don’t see them,” said Beckey.   “Any luck at your end?”

“Not yet, but it has not been long,” I responded.   “Do you want to wait in the room or what?”

“I’d be bored, why don’t I take the lobby and you wait in the room?”

I agreed, and when I saw her come into sight I headed for the elevators.   In the room I changed into my bathing suit and went to the jacuzzi.   I noticed that from my position I could also see people at 2 of the other 3 penthouse suites, although all I could see were their heads.   I was thinking about getting out and getting myself a drink when something caught my attention.   I looked across at the penthouse nearest me and saw a woman who looked vaguely familiar.

I got out and wrapped a towel around me and ran into the room to get my binoculars.   I just inside the door to be less conspicuous and focused on her.

Her back was to me, so I could not tell at first, but after a minute she turned sideways and I could just see enough to think that it might be her, might not.   She never turned my way and eventually went inside the suite.

I called Beckey and told her that she needed to move so that she could watch the other bank of elevators.

I had an idea and went down to the lobby.   I told the clerk that I was in the unit 2 penthouse suite and would like to switch to the unit 3 suite if it was available.   I was told it was not.   I asked when it would be available and was told not for another week.   I asked if he could call the current occupant and ask if they would mind switching.   He said he could not do that.   I asked again, this time with $50 in my hand.   He took the money and made the call.

“Hello Mr. Garcia, there is a gentleman here who wants to know if you would be willing to change suites with him, He is in unit 2.”

The clerk listened for a moment then hung up the phone.

“I’m sorry, he does not want to change rooms,” he said.

“Thank you for trying,” I said.

All I got was his last name, but that was a start.   I decided not to tell Beckey, she might do something rash and give us away.

I went into the hallway outside the room and looked for roof access.   There was a glass door at the end of a short hall and I stepped through onto a small balcony.   I found a ladder next to the door and climbed to the roof.   I did not look in the direction of the other suite as I was in plain sight.   I walked along the roof until I got past an air conditioning unit, then turned and looked around the side.   I could see into their patio and the jacuzzi.   I could see two people sitting in deck chairs, but they were facing the ocean.

I decided to see if my key card would work to gain access to their floor.   The elevator key card was not the same as the door key card and might have access to the penthouse floor in all units.

I went down the elevator, walked around to the other tower and entered an elevator.   I slid the key card in and punched the penthouse button.   It worked and I rose to the top floor.   After the doors opened I quickly walked past the door of the suite and out onto the balcony.   I climbed the ladder and lay flat on the roof.   I listened, didn’t hear anything then crawled over toward the edge of the roof above the balcony. I could now hear voices, but not clearly.   I was afraid to get closer so I remained where I was trying hard to pick out words in their conversation.   I was going to feel stupid if these didn’t turn out to be the right people.

Alan and Savanna had been talking about their plans for moving into a house on the hill above Puerto Vallarta. Alan had finalized the purchase of a large home with a sweeping view of the bay.   Savanna was not happy that they were not able to leave the suite until the house was ready to move into.

“I’m tired of being a prisoner, I’m going out,” she said, as she got up and walked into the room.

“Come back here Savanna,” Alan shouted.

Bingo.   If she is Savanna then he must be Alan.   I decided I better get out of here quickly before Savanna came out of the suite.   She would probably change clothes; at least I hoped she would.

I moved quickly back to the ladder and climbed down.   I looked through the glass door and saw no one, and quickly went in and down to the elevators.   I pushed the button and waited.  

“Just my luck,” I thought, “the elevator would have to be at the bottom floor.”

I waited nervously until the elevator finally opened.   I quickly jumped in and punched the button for the lobby.   Just as the doors began to close I heard the door to the suite open.   I stepped back out of sight, but she surely was able to see the doors closing.

“Damn it,” said Savanna, “I just missed the elevator.”

Alan was about to close the door when he heard her comment.   He quickly stepped into the hall.

“What do you mean you just missed the elevator?” he asked.

“The doors were closing just as I came out,” she said.

Alan looked at her but didn’t say a word. Why would someone be on this floor?   They would need the key card to get to this floor.    His mind went back to the call from the desk clerk.   Was it possible that someone was on his trail?

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