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The Big Sleep

A scene from the classic movie
It was not your typical day in Los Angeles in 1940. It was raining. In fact it has just started to rain heavily, and private detective Phillip Marlowe (played by Humphrey Bogart) is trying to figure a way to stake out a store downtown. He sees a bookstore across the street, and enters. He’s standing in the window staring out across the street, rain dripping from his hat. The store attendant, a tall brunette, hair swept back, conservatively dressed, bookish looking woman (played by Dorothy Malone) says, “Happens every time it rains. People come in, dry off , and leave. They don’t buy! I might as well call it a day.”

Marlowe smiles, picks up a book off the counter, and replies “If it will make you feel better” He plunks down a five dollar bill, and pockets the book. “In the mean time,” he adds, still looking out the window "It just so happens that I've got a bottle of pretty good rye in my pocket."

She walks to the door, draws the shade down, and replies “Well. It looks like we're closed for the rest of the afternoon," She smiles as she walks to her desk and pulls out two cups.

Marlowe fills each cup, raising his. "Here's looking at you!" and drinks. She follows suit and walks up to him, her free hand caressing his trousers. The bulge in his pants responds immediately to her touch, and he puts down his glass. His hands go to her face, where he plants a wet kiss, his tongue worming into her mouth. She responds, kissing him back, their tongues fencing in each others mouths. Her hand grips his manhood, rubbing it through the fabric of his pants, feeling him stiffen.

Breaking the kiss, she looks down at his pants as she unfastens his belt, unbuttons his trousers and drops them, pooling around his feet. Grabbing his boxers, she yanks them down, freeing his cock, now sticking up in the air, pointing at her face. She drops to her knees jacking his staff as she rubs his balls against her cheek. Her tongue slips from between her lips and she licks up the underside of his cock, tracing the prominent vein, running up its length. Reaching the swollen crown, she stops, noticing a drop of thick clear liquid seeping from his slit. "What have we here?" she asks, looking up into Marlowe's eyes.

"A treat for you sweetheart!" he answers, his hands caressing the back of her head, holding it in place.

Her tongue swipes up the length of his slit, capturing most of his pre-cum. "Mmmm! I hope the rest is as tasty as that!" she purrs before sliding her lips over the dusky pink head. Her tongue now teasing the underside of his manhood as she slips more and more of him into her mouth until the crown bumps the back of her throat.

He holds her head in place and pushes more of himself into her oral cavity. She starts to gag as he slowly face fucks her, her eyes watering, and drools of spit hang off her chin. He lets go and she catches her breath before swallowing it again, her lips ovalling tightly around his shaft as she bobs up and down, her hands cupping his balls.

"It seems like you've done this before." Marlowe says, looking down at her as she lets all but his head out of her mouth before plunging the spit soaked member back into the depths of her throat.

Finally letting go, again to catch her breath, she answers, "A couple of times, but not with this much to work with." She grabs his shaft with her right hand and slides her hand up and down as she kisses his balls, her tongue gliding across the crinkled skin before sucking the orb into her mouth and pulling gently as she licks all around it. Letting go with a plop, she honors the other with the same treatment, all the while stroking his length.

Marlowe's hips help her with her task as he rolls on the balls of his feet. "You weren't planning on wasting that on your face were you, sweetheart?"

"No chance! Now I know what they mean by the phrase 'private dick'" she teases back just before popping the head back in her mouth. Her hand is pumping faster as her lips suck hard on his swollen head. She can see that he is close, his concentration on the store across the street is wavering.

With a grunt he jerks his hips forward, burying more of his cock in her mouth, as the tip explodes, spraying massive amounts of warm cum all over her tongue, teeth and inside her cheeks.

She manages to keep most of him in, a small drip forming at the side of her mouth as he pulls his still stiff member from her lips. She swallows, licking her lips and extends her tongue as she squeezes the last drop of sperm from his slit. "Mmmmm! That was as good as the preview" she says as she stands up, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"Was that the price for using your window to spy on your neighbor?" he asks, bending over to retrieve his boxers and trousers.

"Oh no!" she replies, "That was a for you. The cost of using my shop for surveillance is a lot higher." She pulls the smock over her head and starts untying the bow at her throat.

Marlowe stops trying to pull on his pants and steps out of them instead, his cock still upright. He steps toward her and kisses her again, not overly pleased with his own taste, but, knowing she liked it, and feeling indebted, continues to thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth.

Pressing herself against him, she feels his cock against her belly, and kisses him feverishly. She feels his hands on her back, unbuttoning her dress, and, not wanting to interfere, she grabs the cheeks of his ass, holding him close.

With enough buttons undone, he unsnaps her bra and pulls it off, revealing small but full breasts, topped with almost brown, little nipples. Leaning in, he captures her left nipple in his mouth, chewing it gently. She moans as he suckles on her. She is becoming wet, her panties barely able to keep her from dripping down her legs. He picks her up and carries her to the table in front of the store window. Still standing between her legs, he says, "Keep an eye out across the street, sweetheart! I'm gonna be busy for a few minutes."

Flipping up her dress, he reveals long smooth legs, encased in thigh high nylons held up by a white garter belt. She is also wearing lace panties, very wet lace panties. The scent of her assaults his nostrils, making his cock twitch with anticipation. Sliding his hands up inside the garter belt, he pulls off her panties, sniffs the crotch, and puts them in his pocket. Looking down at her exposed pussy, he smiles. Her hair is thick, but matted with her juices. He lowers his head as he spreads her legs, his tongue extending toward her warm, wet lips. As it touches the pink skin of her pussy, she sighs, opening her legs wider. "Is this what you had in mind for renting your window?" he asks, before plunging his tongue into the depths of her sex.

"For starters" she pants, grabbing his head and pulling it into her sopping pussy. "I'll let you know when I'm ready for round two."

Marlowe smiles as his tongue furrows deep, gathering more of her musky sauce, his nose rubbing gently against the hood of her emerging clit. Lifting and dropping his head, his tongue swipes from just above her anus to her clit and back, breathing in her heady scent, and moaning with his face surrounded by her wet, warm pussy flesh.

"God, you're good" she moans, clamping her thighs against Marlowe's ears as her fingers grab handfuls of his hair and her hips thrust against his face.

"Practice makes perfect" he answers back, his words muffled by the soft skin of her overly aroused sex. Reaching up with both hands, he gently pulls on her erect nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.

She reacts with a moan, pushing her cunt against his face as she issues more of her precious liquid. Marlowe slurps loudly as he drinks her, moaning himself.

"Fuck me!" she says, "Now! Please?" as she comes down from her first orgasm, letting go of his head and spreading her legs.

Letting go of her nipples, Marlowe raises his head and smiles. "I thought you'd never ask."

Grabbing his face in her hands she leans in to him and starts licking her secretions from his face, running her tongue up the cleft of his chin. "Fuck me like a dog in heat!" she pleads before stabbing her tongue deep into his mouth, tasting herself.

Not waiting for a reply, she slides off the table and presents her dimpled ass cheeks to her partner. "I'll watch out the window! You just give me what I need!"

Stepping behind her, he grabs his cock, aiming it at her damp pussy. Slowly pressing his crown between her lips, he stretches her tiny hole with his ample girth. As he sinks in, she moans, pressing back against his rampant manhood. Inch by inch, he presses home, feeling the velvet smoothness of her tight young pussy as it envelopes his cock, until his swollen balls bump against her.

"Ohhh! Fuck! That feels soo good!" she groans as his hands slide from her hips to her breasts, cupping them, rubbing his palms against the stiff, pointed nipples.

Marlowe's hips begin a slow rhythmic dance, as he pistons in and out, in and out, his hands caressing, then grabbing her breasts. The slow churning in her gut creates more juices that flow around his cock and seep out of her ravaged pussy. Silently they continue the slow fuck, the only noises in the store are the squishy sounds emanating from their conjoined crotches and the rain on the window.

She places her hands on top of his, pressing his palms tighter to the swaying orbs as she moans in ecstasy at the thorough fucking he is giving her. Plying his right hand from her breast, she slides it down to her honey soaked bush, pressing his fingers against her fully erect clit. She swoons as his finger grazes the sensitive nub, flicking back and forth across the tip. "Ohhh! Yes! Oh Fuck! Don't stop 'til you cum!" she pleads, bucking back against his cock each time he plunges forward, burying his prick deep in her hungry cunt

Marlowe's strokes pick up speed and intensity as their bodies slap together, his eyes closed . Her cloying cunt massages his invading cock, silently urging him to cum deep inside her. Knowing she is as close as he is , his fingers rub her clit harder and pinch her protruding nipple, twisting it as his hips buck, taking him into her hot, wet depths.

Her panting and moaning become one long wail as her pussy pulsates with yet another orgasm. Marlowe grabs her hips and rams fast and hard, the room resonating with the wet slap, slap of their bodies colliding. Animalistic grunts coincide with his cock erupting deep inside the young woman, his seed painting the walls of her cunt.

He pulls out, a string of sperm stretching from the tip of his well oiled cock to her seeping pussy, until it breaks, landing on her tan colored stocking.

Still panting from the exertion of their wild coupling, he gathers up his clothes and re-dresses. She turns to him, licking up the cum from fingers she's just dipped in her battered pussy and asks, "You have a business card? You never know when a girl might need a thorough investigation!"

The rain has stopped. The sun has returned. He gives her a peck on the cheek, handing her a card, as he heads for the door. "See ya around, kid!" he says as he slips out onto the street.

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