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The Dance

The Dance

Brooke looked down at the month’s bills for her dance studio and pushed her fingers through her hair in frustration. Where was she going to come up with the money for all of this? The mall she ran her small studio in was failing badly ever since the new strip mall on the other side of town opened. She’d only had her business open a few years, being proud of herself for having her own business at only 26 years old. But now it seemed she was already failing. If only her rent wasn’t so high, maybe she could make things work. Maybe she could go talk to the mall manager in the morning. She pushed her reading glasses back onto her head and rubbed her temples from the ache forming there. Her dream had always been to run this studio. She kept herself in perfect physical shape and loved to share her love of ballroom dancing with the world. There was something so special about it that took her away from everything else. She was only completely happy when in her ball gown and being swept across the floor in some strong man’s arms. But ever since her dance partner had left to form his own school when the financial difficulties started, she had not had that pleasure. Oh how she longed to be swept away from all of this. She laid head down on her arms and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she woke and readied herself for the day. Her back was sore from sleeping in that awkward position and she was exhausted. Still, at some point in the night, she had made up her mind; she was going to go speak with the mall manager today. Maybe he could help her work something out. He had to; there was nothing left for her. She’d only met him once, when she first opened, and she remembered how at the time he reminded her of her father. Hopefully he’d be as nice and understanding as her father was.

She strode into his office later that morning and was greeted by his secretary. She was a kindly older woman with graying hair and her glasses on a chain. The classic librarian type. She smiled to Brooke and asked, “Can I help you, dear?”

Brooke smiled back and replied, “I need to speak with Mr. Blevins, please.”

“Ok, dearie, let me buzz him, I don’t think he’s very busy this morning.”

Brooke thanked her and took a seat to wait. It wasn’t very long afterwards that Mr. Blevins came out to greet her. He was exactly as she remembered him. Around six feet tall and a muscular build, softened only slightly by his age. He had coal black hair with just a tinge of grey at the temple. His face had soft smile as he extended his hand to her. Brooke stood to take his hand, surprised by his gentle touch, despite his large hands. She felt a chill run up her spine from just that brief contact. Was that attraction? Surely not, the man was almost twice her age? Still, he was attractive... Composing herself, she followed him into his office.

“So Ms. Slone, to what do I owe this honor?” he asked her politely. His voice was deep and soft as he spoke to her. The sound of it comforted her somewhat.

Brooke started slowly, “Well Mr. Blevins,”

He interrupted her with a raise of a finger from the desk. “Please, call me Bill.”

“Ok, well, uh, Bill, as you know, I run the dance studio here in your mall,” she replied timidly.

“Yes, I’ve been meaning to get down there for sometime, actually. I used to ballroom dance with my wife years ago. She passed away six years ago from cancer, and I haven’t danced since.” he told her with just a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry, I never knew,” Brooke said, whole-heartedly apologetic. “I didn’t meant to”

“Think nothing of it. I need to move on with my life anyway. I don’t know why I even brought it up. I guess you remind me of her a little,” he smiled and asked her to continue.

“Oh, yeah, well, I was wondering if, uh, well,” she hesitated. This was a whole lot harder than she thought it was going to be. She always had a hard time talking to men above her like this. And to top it off, she felt like she was begging her father for money.

“You want me to lower your rent,” he said with a small frown.

“Uh, yeah, that would be great.”

“I can’t,” he replied softly.

“Why not?” she asked him.

“I don’t set the rent around here, the owner does. I wish I could help you, but my hands are tied. I’m sorry.” he said with his hand held open in sign of an apology. “But can I ask you for something?”

“Well, I guess,” she replied a little sheepishly. What was she going to be able to do for him now? She was ruined!

“I want some lessons. Just for old-times sake,” he looked at her and smiled.

“Well, sure, when would you want to come down?” she asked him. The thought of dancing with him strangely excited her. Was she really attracted to this older man?

“Well, this manager job has been a lot easier of late, since there’s only a few stores around anymore, so I’m free from pretty much now on today,” he looked at her with his deep blue eyes and a thrill shot through her. Could he sweep her across the floor like she loved? Stop thinking like that. She told herself. The man is still grieving his lost wife for Christ’s sake!

“I do have some classes today, but my sister is teaching them for me right now, and I do have the private room in the back for special lessons and practice, would you want to meet me in about an hour?” she was getting more turned on to the idea by the minute.

“Sure, I’ll meet you there. But I’m afraid I don’t have my tux here,” he replied.

“That’s ok,” she said. “We have several that we rent, and I’m sure we can find your size.”

“Well, alright then, I’ll meet you in an hour.”

“Ok, see you then,” she said rising to shake his hand again before leaving his office. There it was again! Every time he touched her she felt that shock. She was even more excited now, and rushed to her studio to prepare.

Several people tried to stop her on the way into her private room. She brushed them all aside telling them that she had to prepare for a special lesson. She really was getting excited now. To think he was a dancer too! She rushed to her closet of dresses, and went all the way to the back to get her favorite dress, one that she had not worn in over a year. Sliding off her business outfit, she began to dress for the lesson. Taking the dress off of the hanger, she held it out before her to take a good look at it. It was a bright pink with sequins that made it shimmer in the light. It was tight, but cut in enough places so that she could move freely. It was also backless and cut low enough in the front to show her nipples if she was not careful. She slid it over her head, feeling the soft fabric cling to her every curve. She stood in front of a mirror to give herself a good look. Her slim body was toned to almost perfection from years of dancing. Her tits were small but firm and still perky, so she didn’t need any additional support even if she could have worn any with this dress. She adjusted herself slightly in the front and turned to view the side. There was a slit up one side of the dress that came almost completely up to her hip, which was actually to free her legs to move, but made for a very sexy picture with her smooth legs beneath.

The problem was, it was exposing the underwear that she had on. Realizing that she had to wear a thong with this dress, she cursed herself for stupid. She hadn’t worn one today, never dreaming she’d have to wear this dress, and her boy shorts weren’t going to cut it. To hell with it, she was wearing this dress. She removed her underwear and stuffed them into her bag with her other clothing. She then put on her matching heels, and then a matching choker that she always wore to top it all off. Looking at herself in the mirror again, she ran her fingers through her dark hair and stared at herself. The dress still fit her perfectly. She felt a little drafty without her panties, but otherwise she was as comfortable as she always was in it. This was who she was, not the girl stuffed into a business suit everyday chanting out steps to students. An elegant, beautiful dancer, just waiting to hit the floor. She took a deep breath and watched herself for a long time in the mirror, moving around seductively, more excited than she had been in what seemed forever. She was ready.

Just as she was finishing up, there came a polite knock on the door. She glanced at herself and straightened one last time, and composed herself before opening the door. It was almost like going on stage at a recital.

Mr. Blevins, Bill, she reminded herself, was there waiting for her. Her sister had already found him a tux, and he was ready for her, as well. He stood there for a time, looking her up and down. He wasn’t staring, more like appreciating a fine piece of art at a gallery. He finally looked into her deep brown eyes and smiled. “Stunning, absolutely amazing.”

She blushed and lowered her head slightly. “Thank you, Bill. You cut a handsome figure yourself.”

He extended his elbow towards her and asked, “Shall we?”

She took his proffered arm and strode with him to the center of the floor. Even with her heels, he still stood several inches taller than her. The perfect match for a dance partner, she thought. “So what dance do you like?” She asked him.

“How about you start, and I follow?” he said, “Never was one to just start a specific dance. Let’s just let the music they’re playing up front takes us.”

She liked this already. She walked away slightly, and held her hand out to him. He bowed as he took it and kissed her fingers gently. Then he took her hand and pulled her towards him, and she spun on the way. She was close to him now, feeling his heat and muscles, smelling his cologne. She smiled up at him and he sent her into a twirl around the floor. Already she was impressed! He followed her moves flawlessly around the floor, even showing her a few steps that she hadn’t seen in years. He spun her and dipped her, pulled her tight against him and lifted her as if she were nothing. She was in heaven. This was what she had been missing.

They danced on and on, never stopping even between songs. They were dancing to their own rhythm now. They no longer needed the music. She began to be freer with her movements, getting closer and closer to him. He responded in kind, pulling her hard against his chest and holding her tightly. Suddenly, he stopped and looked down at her. He was staring deep into her eyes and breathing hard due to all of the exertion. She was breathing hard, as well, and enjoying every minute of it. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly now, threatening her tits to come right out of her dress. She didn’t care. He had her completely now.

He pulled her tightly to himself, and leaned down to kiss her forcefully. She accepted it greedily. He pressed her so hard she had to arch her back with the pressure of it. His tongue forced its way into her mouth and she moaned with the pleasure. She lifted her leg and slid it gracefully up his towards his crotch. With her knee, she could feel his hard cock just waiting to be let out. Finally done with the kiss, he moved his attentions lower on to her neck and up the side to her ear, licking her and then biting almost painfully. She began to breathe more heavily and gasped for air as he forced his way onto her. He was being more forceful than she was used to, but she was caught up in the passion of it and began to grope down his chest and to the front of his pants to feel his dick inside. She loved the feel of it in her hand and stroked it as he began to slide the straps of her dress down her shoulders. She let it fall to the floor, exposing her completely. He picked her up and pushed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him and held tight as he kissed her up and down. He was ravaging her and she didn’t care. But she had to be quiet! What would the students in the front think? In a moment of clarity, she managed to whisper into his ear, “Shh, there are people out front, and that door isn’t locked.”

He paused for a moment and then nodded, smiling. He didn’t move for the door. Instead, he moved towards the table where the stereo normally sat. She had sold it a while back to cover some bills, so the table was now empty. He set her down on the table and held a finger up for her to wait a moment. He then went into her dressing room and came out with her underwear. Had she left them out? He then came over and kissed her forcefully again, pushing back on her elbows on the table. Then he put the underwear in her mouth.   She tried to protest, but accepted them when he put his finger to his lips and whispered, “shhh”. She understood then.

Pushing her the rest of the way back on the table, we began kissing her all over her body, starting at her neck and working his way down. He pulled and sucked hard on her nipples, causing them to stand out farther than ever before. The sensation was driving her crazy, she’d never felt like this before! He then moved down lower and pushed her legs apart so he could look at her tight shaved pussy. He lowered his head down and went to work. Licking, sucking, and nibbling, he brought her to the edge of orgasm, before sliding his thick fingers deep inside her. Her wet slit accepted them readily, and he began to pump it hard. With every stroke, he managed to hit her spot, while he was still licking her swollen clit. It didn’t take long for her to cum under this pressure. He didn’t stop, however, and continued on long after she was begging him to stop. He would simply push her back down and go about his business. Soon her body was sore from all of the times that she had cum. She writhed and fought against her own underwear to scream, but couldn’t. She pulled at his hair and closed her legs on her head, but he wouldn’t stop. It was a wonderful torture.

Finally, he slowly stopped. He stood over her quivering body and smiled. He roved the jacket of the tux, and then his shirt. He reached down and pulled his hard dick out of his pants. He leaned over her on the table and without any assistance from his hands, guided it into her soaked and wonderfully sore pussy. She arched her back as he pushed his way in, and almost cried out again. It filled her completely, and was hitting her cervix when he was fully in. It hurt still, but it was wonderful. She could see the sweat beginning to form on his hairy chest as he began to pump into her. He was panting now, too, and moaning slightly. As he fucked her for all he was worth, he leaned down and again sucked on her now sweaty tits. He sucked and bit and pulled with his teeth as she writhed beneath him. She wrapped her legs and arms around him and leaned her head back in ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back into her head; she was on the verge of cumming again. He was going to as well; she could feel his dick getting even harder as he forced it into her. He was speeding up, too, reaching the crescendo. Finally, with a faint grunt, he released. Feeling his dick throb in her pussy finished her off, as well, and they came together for what felt like hours. Then he collapsed on top of her sweating and breathing hard. His weight made it harder for her to breath, but the heat and sensation made it worth it. They lay there together for a while, just regaining their breath. Finally, he stood and withdrew himself from her. She felt so empty now without him, but it was a relief as well, because her poor little pussy was going to be sore for days. She didn’t care. She finally rose and headed for the dressing room for a couple of towels, and returned to hand him one as he rested on the table. They cleaned themselves off, and dressed as though nothing had ever happened. He gently took her hand and kissed it again, just as he had before, very formally.

“Thank you my dear,” he smiled at her as he rose from his bow, “you can be assured you will have a new student from this day onward.”

Blushing, she watched him walk out the door of the room and into the classroom beyond. They didn’t appear to have even noticed! He gathered his own clothes and went into the public dressing room and looked back at her and smiled as he went in to change. No one else seemed to notice that, either. She slowly closed the door and collapsed against it, sliding to the floor. He might not have lowered the rent for her, but he had given her back the one thing most dear to her that day, and she would never forget it.

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