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The End of the Day

Lucy enjoys a fun day in the mountains
The sun burned into her eyes as it crept over the snow covered peaks of the mountains. Lucy waited outside the chalet in the crisp morning air. A van drew up,

"Allo Lucy, 'ow are you?" Leo asked in heavily French-accented English. Leo was six feet of handsome, boyish, dark-eyed instructor and her guide for the day. Lucy pushed her sunglasses back into her hair, sweeping it off her face.

"Great, looking forward to getting out there" she replied.

Leo left the engine running, got out the van and took Lucy’s board, stowing it in the back. They both climbed in, and set off for the far end of the valley, where the sun came first and long views of the mountains dazzled.

They were quiet as they parked, gathered their boards and headed to the lifts; the energising rays had yet to warm them. Walking clumsily in their boots, they shuffled into an empty cable car, sitting opposite one another. Leo pushed down the plastic window, and offered a cigarette. Lucy accepted wordlessly, bending to accept a light, she exhaled and smiled sideways at Leo. Then she pushed her sunglasses back down allowing her the privacy to take in Leo’s charming, open face. He stared at the piste, sitting open-legged and slouched back, smoking, smiling his dimpled morning smile. Lucy was aware of how young he was, and how handsome. She thought of all the girls he must have had this season, up here in a town that was its own whole world.

Leo looked at Lucy, carefully, from the corner of his eye. He knew that clients were off limits, but he could enjoy her flirtatious manner and her teasing eyes. She wasn’t like the other guests, and she looked so good, wrapped up in layers and layers of clothes, dark hair spilling richly over her shoulders.

Getting out at the top they were separated by the crowd, meeting in the bright light outside on the snow. They paused to strap on the boards, just one foot to allow then to push along to the chair lift. Slowly, they made their way to the short queue to be taken higher up in the clanking chair lifts. Nodding and smiling to reassure each other that they were together and moving in the same direction, they moved slowly towards the chair lifts, hopping with boards on one foot the other pushing. They were nearly at the barrier when Leo looked down at Lucy’s board,

"No, no! Stop!" he said. Lucy looked up startled.

"Your boots," Leo continued,"What is going on wiz zem? Sit, sit." He gestured to a spot by the side barrier. Startled Lucy sat, and gazed mutely up into Leo’s face. A cloud of irritation was passing over his gorgeous face and she was confused. Leo looked down at Lucy then bent forwards, released his own board and set it aside, dug into the snow.

"’Ow can you be dressed so badly?" Leo was also most talking to himself, shaking his head and smiling gently. Lucy was shocked, and looked at Leo as if to question him, but glancing down she saw that she was in a mess. Her snowboard pants were rucked up again, the waterproof inner not attached to the boot and the trouser riding up her over her boot and ankle. Leo continued muttering about badly dressed English girls as he knelt down and undid the bindings that held her board in place before digging it into the snow next to his own. He then gestured for Lucy to sit as he gently folded the outer part of her trousers up on each of Lucy’s legs. Lucy now sat knees bent, with her boots and calves exposed. Half smiling half frowning Leo worked to undo the laces on the boots, shaking his head laughingly from side to side as he worked, dimples marking each tanned cheek.

Leo pulled Lucy’s boots off and she sat, two feet clad only in bright socks, exposed. Leo put her boots to one side and pulled up her socks, taking each foot in turn he placed it in his lap and then cradling Lucy’s calf with one hand, he eased the sock into the correct position with the other. His warm hands lingered on the smooth cool skin of her calf, his fingers trailing to the hollow of her ankle as he placed each foot gentle back into its boot. He then looked up slightly and smiled into Lucy’s face as he firmly tightened each boot, before neatly folding down each leg of her trousers and securing it. Satisfied with the job he had done, he ran his hands one final time over the contour of Lucy’s legs. Lucy sat still on the snow, hardly daring to breath.

"Much better," Leo said, more to himself than to Lucy. He held out his hand to help Lucy up and pulling her to her feet she took a step towards him to steady herself, his arm by instinct encircling her waist to catch her. They both looked away, shocked and let their arms fall quickly. Without speaking again they moved off into the crowd.

The sun shone down, the piste glistened and the day passed quickly. A feeling of quiet exhilaration filling Lucy as Leo guided down the runs. Clear mountain air filled her lungs; her skin tingled under warm alpine sun. As they headed back down the mountain, her thoughts turned to Leo’s re-fastening of her boots and she smiled, recollecting the private thrill of his strong warm hands working deftly, tracing across her taut muscles.

Back at the chalet, Leo stopped the van and went to unload Lucy’s board. He leaned back, slouched against the side of the van and lit another cigarette. Lucy shook one free of her packet and joined him.

"Come in for a beer?" she asked "There’s always time for a bit of après…" Leo shook his head and smiled slowly.

"I shouldn’t, you know," he shrugged.

"Shouldn’t isn’t won’t," Lucy replied, and she turned grabbing him quickly by the hand to pull him after her. A jolt went through her travelling up her arm and fizzing through her blood as she realised what she’d done. She quickly dropped his hand back and they both continued walking up the steps into the chalet.

No one else was about, and silence filled the large modern rooms. Taking two beers from the fridge, Lucy stepped onto the secluded sunny balcony. Leo followed.

"Mmm, its so warm in the sun," Lucy said lazily as she began to peel off her outdoor kit. Leo followed suit. They settled into the bench, backs to the warmed wooden wall and drank.

"You should stretch, to make sure you don’t ache later," Leo advised. 

"Here," he said, pulling her to her feet. He held her hand for one, two, three seconds more than the action required as the sun poured down and their gaze locked. Then moving quickly Leo’s lips were on Lucy’s, his warm slippery tongue touching lightly on her parted lips, a moment’s hesitation before pressing on harder. His hands held her waist, pushing at the waistband of her trousers. Sliding together they sank back on to the bench, Leo’s hands sweeping over Lucy’s bare skin as he pushed her t-shirt over her head and un-clasped her bra, releasing her perfect firm breasts. Leo leaned down to take Lucy’s rosy puckered nipple in his mouth, and an icy shiver shot through her and she gasped.

Lucy could feel Leo hard now beneath her ass, his hands were stroking her back while his tongue swirled over her reddening nipples. Still kissing on swollen lips, Lucy slipped off Leo’s lap and nudged his legs gently apart. Trailing kisses down his chest he lent back allowing her to move down, licking her tongue past the peak of his hip bone, easing the final layer off to reveal his hard cock. Lucy paused to moisten her lips and glanced up to smile at Leo, just fleetingly. He closed his eyes and leaned back pleasure tracing over his face as Lucy ran the flat of her tongue up the length of his swollen cock, running the pointed tip over the head, her hands hungrily stroking his balls.

Licking back to the base of his straining cock, she gently teased each ball in turn, sucking it gently into her mouth before turning her attention back to the shaft, both hands now firmly twisting as her mouth worked over the glistening purple head. Leo groaned, briefly lost, before opening his eyes, reaching out to gently run his fingers through Lucy’s hair. She looked up and he bent forward, kissing her insistently, his straining cock pressed between them.

In one smooth movement he stood, turning Lucy around, so her firm flat belly pressed against the wooden railing of the balcony. Leo kissed the back of her neck as he pushed and nudged Lucy’s legs, moving them apart. One hand caressed her full firm breasts, lingering briefly on each cherry red nipple before moving steadily down, feeling taut muscle beneath flame hot skin. His fingers found the strip of warm hair at the top of her slit, and moved over it making for the slippery bare skin of her cunt. His fingers paused, savouring the silky feel of bare, smooth skin made slick with desire and the sound of Lucy panting gently. Lucy moaned and pushed back, feeling Leo’s insistent cock pressing against her rounded buttocks.

His fingers found her clit and dipped deeply into her hot wet silken insides as she rolled back her head sighing, rubbing herself against his hand. Feeling Leo’s cock pushing at her, Lucy groaned and moved her legs a fraction wider, wanting him to take her. She could feel him lingering now, his flesh was pressed against her slick, hot skin for the whole length of their bodies. As she ground back with her hips trying to force his cock into her wet cunt, Lucy panted harder and moaning with desire. She was desperate now to feel his cock pounding into her. Leo held back, enjoying the feeling of power, knowing she wanted to feel all of him pushing in hard, filling her. Then as Lucy pushed back once more.

He met her with a gasp as his thrust forwards his taut hot cock surged into her forcing her against the rough wood of the balcony railing. She gasped as he filled her, moving inside her, fucking her, his hands holding the swell her hips as he pumped into her steadily and hard. Each movement forced deep into her tight cunt. She moved her right hand down below the railing to touch herself, enjoying the feeling of a thick cock filling her cunt. Her own fingers were slick with her juices, working on her clit, the pace quickening as her pulse raced on and a wave rose in her. 

Leo pounded hard into her, Lucy panted and bucked back as she came, shaking, waves of pleasure rolling over her the spasms in her muscles sending him over the final edge as they gasped together.

Then he collapsed, his face turned to rest against her should blade, his cock still inside her, gripping her body as he became quiet. The low afternoon sun gleamed on the sweat of their entwined bodies.

"So, same time tomorrow?" Lucy murmured.

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