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The Girl in 4D

Abby didn't know her downstairs neighbor knew she liked to watch.
Abby had just moved into this apartment building about six months ago, and was just about settled in. It was a pretty quiet building, no noisy neighbors, no late night parties. Most of the people who lived there were young single professional types like her. The one great thing about her apartment was her downstairs neighbor. Gwen was maybe five or six years older than Abby, and a total slut.

She was a beautiful brunette with a tight body. She loved to dress provocatively showing off lots of legs and cleavage. Abby lived in apartment 4D and Gwen lived in apartment 3D so even when Gwen had the blinds to her bedroom window closed,, Abby's bedroom window was at just the right angle to still be able to see inside. Gwen would bring men home to spend the night all the time, and Abby quickly discovered that it was a lot of fun to watch.

Abby didn't date much, she was a textbook nerd. She'd just finished her Master's in Quantum Physics, and was working on her doctorate. Most of her time was spent working on her thesis, and preparing lectures for the three classes she was teaching this semester, but she still had her needs.

Abby and Gwen would talk all the time. Every time they met around the building they would have a friendly chat, but Abby didn't think Gwen had any idea she was watching her have sex all the time. It was a Friday night, Abby had been at the library all day doing some research, so she was eager to get some rest. She was in bed flipping through the channels when she looked out the window and noticed that Gwen had just gotten home, and had a guy with her. Abby quickly turned off the TV.

Gwen was wearing a very short, super tight red minidress, with lots of cleavage showing. Abby didn't pay much attention to the guys Gwen brought home, she liked to watch Gwen. Gwen had a magnificent body, and what really turned Abby on was not so much the sex, but watching the way Gwen did it. Gwen had this way of moving. She was cat-like, primal, full of animal lust and passion. You could feel the steam rising from Gwen’s bed when she fucked. The thing that really made Abby melt was seeing Gwen on top of a guy.

Gwen was a dominating seductress. She didn’t use whips and chains or anything, in fact she never wore a stitch of clothing in bed. The way Gwen dominated was that you could tell she was always the one in control when she had sex. Even when she let a man on top you could tell she wasn’t going to let him cum until she was ready. Watching Gwen always worked Abby up so much that it was never long before she was masturbating with her trusty Rabbit. Abby always wondered what Gwen would think if she knew.

Abby was in the local convenience store one evening when Gwen happened to walk in. They exchanged their usual friendly greeting and started to chat a bit. Gwen had on a really revealing outfit that day, but she didn't have a guy with her. When they both had finished their shopping they decided to walk home together, still chatting along the way. It so happened that they reached Abby's apartment first, so Abby just absent-mindedly suggested

"Hey why don't you come in a while?" Abby asked

Gwen came in and as they were talking she blurted out, "So, when's the last time you got laid?"

Abby was shocked, “It's been a while, I've got a lot of work to do.”

"Oh so you, take care of yourself," Gwen slipped her hand inside her panties as she gave Abby a sly smile.

"Oh My God," Abby exclaimed as she tried to hold back a giggle. "Yeah," Abby stammered.

"You got a Rabbit?" Gwen suddenly blurted out.

Abby was speechless. Gwen grabbed Abby's hand and pulled her toward the bedroom.

"I bet I know just where it is."

Gwen went right to Abby's nightstand where she kept her toys.

"You little college girls are all alike, try to act all nerdy and shit," Gwen looked deeply into her eyes. "I bet you're a kinky little slut."

Abby grinned and looked away, Gwen grabbed her chin, turned her face back towards her, and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Abby gave no resistance, in fact she put her hand on Gwen's butt and returned her passionate kiss.

"I've wanted to do that since the day you moved in," Gwen admitted.

Abby was feeling really turned on so she decided to give up her little secret.

"I want to show you something," Abby said as she led Gwen over to the window.

"When you have guys over, even with your blinds closed, I can watch you," Abby explained.

Gwen smiled, "Is that right?"

"Yeah," Abby admitted

Gwen undid the buttons on Abby's shirt until her bra was exposed and said,

"I know you watch sweetie."

"What!!!" Abby exclaimed.

"I used to put on shows for the guy who lived in this apartment before you all the time," Gwen explained.

"So you knew I was up here watching you have sex all this time!" Abby shouted.

"Yeah," Gwen said with a sly grin.

Gwen pushed Abby's bra aside and kissed her erect nipple.

“I bet you get a lot of use out of your toys while you watch,” Gwen said.

Abby smiled, “I sure do.”

Gwen pulled her minidress over her head, revealing a gorgeous naked body. Abby removed the clip holding her hair up, and tore off all her clothes. She was completely lost in the moment. She needed Gwen so bad, she was beside herself. Abby pushed Gwen down on the bed and climbed on top of her, putting her pussy right in Gwen's face. Gwen was more that happy to put her experienced tongue to work.

This was Abby’s fantasy come to life. All those nights watching Gwen in the grip of sexual ecstasy, it was as if she could feel just as much pleasure as Gwen was feeling just by watching. Now her fantasy was a reality, all she wanted was to feel Gwen’s sensual touch.

This experience was far more than Abby had dreamed it would be. Every touch of Gwen’s tongue to her clit sent Abby to paradise. Gwen reached up and began to gently caress Abby’s back. Just her touch was enough to bring Abby closer to exploding. Abby looked down into Gwen’s eyes. She was smiling as she slowly licked Abby’s sensitive clit.

Gwen knew Abby was in heaven. She wanted to make it last as long as she could for her. She wanted to slowly work Abby into a lustful frenzy before giving her a thunderous orgasm. She could feel the excitement building up in Abby’s body. Gwen knew it wouldn’t take much to push her friend over the edge. Gwen could taste Abby’s wetness and knew she was ready. She took two fingers and gently inserted them into Abby’s simmering pussy. Abby moaned as she felt something penetrate her. Gwen began to gently finger her, she was amazed at how wet Abby was. The moaning grew louder as Gwen increased the speed at which she was fingering. Gwen knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Her friend was only seconds away from experiencing pure bliss. All she had to do was wait for it…..

Abby moaned in ecstasy as she collapsed on the bed, her body twitching as the orgasm consumed her. Gwen sat up and started to giggle. She loved watching people completely lose it in the throes of pleasure. As Gwen watched Abby for a moment she thought to herself, “Damn I love nerdy girls, they’re so fucking hot.” Abby’s naked body was gorgeous. Long silky Auburn hair, soft perky breasts, smooth supple skin, Gwen wanted to touch her so badly.

She slowly crawled on top of Abby, and gently kissed her belly button. Abby’s whole body shuddered. Gwen was so turned on that just her simple touch could drive this woman wild. She continued to gently kiss Abby, slowly exploring every inch of her body. Licking her friend to a wonderful climax had really turned her in. Now Gwen’s whole body was tingling, she collapsed on her back and said, “Oh God I need to cum,”

Abby knew exactly what her friend needed. She reached into her nightstand and pulled out her special toy. Abby had watched her friend have sex enough to know she didn’t need much foreplay when she was like this. She’d heard Gwen scream at some poor guy more than once, "Just fuck me goddammit...I need your dick in me!"

A buzzing sound filled the room as Abby pressed the button to activate her toy. She looked at it seductively for a second. She knew the spinning and vibrating little plaything would drive Gwen crazy. Gwen's body was trembling with anticipation when she heard the buzzing start. She slowly parted her legs as Abby sat down on the bed. "Dammit will you stick that thing in me!" Gwen ordered.

Abby giggled as she inserted the toy. She could see Gwen was overcome with pleasure. When the vibrating tentacle protruding from the top of the toy touched Gwen’s clit she lifted her whole body off the bed. There was a good reason this thing was the best selling sex toy in the world for women, all Abby had to do was let it do the work. Gwen was cussing like a sailor in the heat of passion. “I’m going to fucking cum all over your bed!!!” Gwen screamed. When her orgasm hit anyone watching would have thought she was having a seizure. It sounded like she was spewing profanity in a foreign language.

“Damn I thought I had a nice little orgasm, I wish I could cum like that," Abby said.

Gwen was a puddle of steaming, sweaty, sex crazed goo when she collapsed on the bed.

“Whew Shit!” she exclaimed, "Now that’s what I call a Friday night!”

Abby and Gwen’s heads were spinning as they were laying in bed talking. It wasn’t very late at night so Gwen came up with an idea.

“Hey wanna have some fun?” she asked Abby

“Sure,” Abby answered.

Gwen jumped up and went over to Abby’s closet. She was looking for something cute for Abby to wear. She found a short little black dress and tossed it over to Abby.

“OK put this on."

Abby thought they were going to mess around a little more playing dress-up until Gwen said,

“Come on.”

Gwen grabbed Abby’s hand and led her down to the first floor of their apartment building. Gwen knocked on a door at the end of the hallway, and a handsome young man of twenty five or so answered. It was late so he was only in his boxer shorts. "Hey Gwen...what’s up?”

“Hi Travis, have you met Abby from the fourth floor?” Gwen asked.

“Oh yeah, we’ve spoken a few times...How are you?” said Travis.

“Oh good...How about you?” Abby replied.

Gwen pushed Travis aside as she walked into his apartment and shut the door.

“Travis, I want you to take Abby here into you bedroom and fuck the shit out of her while I watch,” said Gwen.

Travis and Abby were shocked. They thought poor Gwen had lost her mind for suggesting that you could just knock on someone’s door in the middle of the night and have sex with them.

“I’m so sorry I don’t know what’s gotten into her,” Travis said to Abby.

“Oh come on, How many times have you told me about the naughty things you’d like to do to the hottie on the fourth floor, Now’s your chance,” said Gwen.

Abby took the opportunity to look Travis over a bit as they were talking and despite the shock of it all, she liked what she saw. Travis had a nice fit body, standing here in his boxers, and Abby hadn’t been with a man in a while so she spoke up.

“I don’t mind if you don’t...” Abby sheepishly touched Travis’ bare chest and said. “If the situation was reversed I wouldn’t kick you out of my bedroom.”

“Well I guess I could...," Travis said.

“Look I’m horny, and I wanna watch you two fuck, so get your asses in that bedroom....March!” Gwen ordered.

Travis, Abby and Gwen all went into the bedroom. Gwen took a seat on a chair in the corner, as Travis and Abby sat on the bed. Travis sheepishly touched Abby as he cautiously leaned over to kiss her. He could feel a slight resistance from Abby for a second, but the nervousness melted from both of them quickly. Abby decided to lie back on the bed as Travis cautiously lay on top of her. Travis was being careful to take things slowly. He was gently kissing her when his hand found its way to her thigh. Abby hadn’t been touched by a man in some time so this sent a chill up her spine.

Travis was carefully inching Abby’s dress a little higher up her thigh when she felt something hard touch it. Abby’s heart started to pound when she felt Travis’ erection touch her. Gwen wasn’t wasting any time with her dress. The hemline was above her belly button, and she had one foot up on the chair as she slowly fingered her clit. She was so turned on by this steamy display of two timid lovers exploring each other.

Abby couldn’t resist, her hand found it’s way to Travis’ thigh. She could feel the goosebumps as she inched toward his massive erection. She felt his whole body shake as she touched his penis. She just wanted to feel it in her hand for a second. She found the slit in his boxers and reached inside. She wanted to touch it directly. When she wrapped her fingers around it, she could feel his heartbeat. Blood was rushing into his sex organ.

Abby just wanted to touch this beautiful thing forever but she knew it was time to let go, something much better awaited. Travis slipped off his boxers, and Abby pulled her dress over her head. Abby lay flat on her back and opened her legs wide, begging Travis to enter her. Travis cautiously climbed on top of the gorgeous little bookworm from upstairs. Abby’s toes were tingling when Travis penetrated her. It had been so long, he was so warm, Abby could feel his heartbeat deep inside her body. The pleasure was indescribable.

Travis could feel Abby’s heart pounding too. He thought this had to be a dream. This beautiful girl he’d been lusting for was actually in his bed, making love to him. He just knew any second the alarm clock would go off. The alarm clock didn’t go off. Travis was slowly fucking Abby as he felt his nature begin to rise. He didn’t want his time with his beautiful new mistress to be over yet, so he let her get on top.

“Oh my," Abby thought to herself as she climbed on top of Travis’ hard body. She gently massaged his chest as she guided him back inside her. “He’s so big” Abby thought eight inches at least. He filled up every inch of her pussy. As Abby grinded her hips up and down on Travis’s pole she could almost feel every vein in his dick as it glided in and out of her love canal.

Abby was so wet, Travis’ massive penis was gliding in and out of her effortlessly. She wanted to feel him cum inside her so bad. Now that she was in control she started to fuck him faster, knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold out long. Faster, and faster, she bounced on him.

“God I want your cum inside me!” Abby screamed.

“You naughty girl," said Gwen as she had her fingers deep inside her own cunt. This little display of timid strangers turning into passionate lovers before her eyes was driving her wild. Her fingers were soaked with her own pussy juice. She hadn’t watched sex this steamy in a long time.

Travis moaned as he erupted inside of Abby. The warm seed filling her body made Abby toes curl. All her primal urges, her lustful passion was let out in a spontaneous night of wild animal sex. Abby had never done anything like this. She was naked and sweaty on top of a man she just. met with his sperm dripping out of her. How many PhD candidates got to do something like that.

“Damn, that was fucking hot!” Gwen exclaimed as Travis and Abby slowly uncoupled.

Gwen stood up and pulled down her dress, she found Abby’s dress on the floor, and picked it up as she walked over and grabbed Abby’s hand.

“C’mon sweetie, time for bed,” said Gwen

“Hey I hope I’ll see you around...,” Travis said as Gwen pulled her away.

“Count on it....Bye," Abby smiled and waved at him as Gwen pulled her out the door.

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