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The Haircut

Every three weeks for the past fifteen years, I have gotten my hair cut
by a woman named Tina. I book the last appointment of the day so she
can take her time, and not have to rush in order to be on time for her

This past Thursday, I entered the salon to find out Tina was not there.
I was greeted by Anthony, the owner, who explained how they tried to
reach me to let me know that Tina had broken her leg skiing and would
be out indefinitely. They were able to have Anita cut my hair if I so

I really had no choice as my hair was thick and in desperate need of a
cut, so I agreed. I was a bit concerned because I am anal about my
hair. Tina is the only person to cut it for fifteen years!

Anthony called over Anita as I took out my cell and dialed my florist. I
was speaking with him, arranging to have flowers sent to Tina when
Anita appeared. It was a struggle for me to concentrate talking on the
phone. Anita was simply gorgeous. She was about 35. with long jet black
hair. Her eyes, the size of a quarter, were  shade of blue that were
hypnotizing. She was about 5'5  and fit. She was wearing black jeans,
with a white blouse. Her curves were perfect.

Anthony told Anita, who turns out is his daughter, that he was leaving
and she should lock up when she finished with me. Anthony has known me
for a long time and therefore was comfortable leaving her alone with

Her father left and she locked the door behind him. She asked if I
minded if she changed the music from the typical salon dance beat to
something else. I told to feel free. She took out a CD that she had
burned and played it. It was mostly classic rock which was fine by me.

She offered me a glass of wine and I, of course, accepted. We chatted
for a while and got somewhat acquainted. She had spent the past few
years traveling abroad and decided it was time to come back to the
states and try to settle down somewhat. It was clear to me that she was
a free spirit.

Anita said we should get started and led me to the sinks so she could
shampoo my hair. She gently rinsed the warm water over my head and
stroked the water thru my hair. She then began to shampoo me. As she
did, she gave me a scalp massage that was amazing. She pressed in areas
that sent shivers down my spine. It was so relaxing. She rinsed the
suds off and then gave me a second shampoo. Again, she massaged my head
that I was completely relaxed. I felt the stress of the workday leave
my body. I had never experience a shampoo  like this. She softly said
since we have all the time we need, do you mind if I go slow? Naturally
I did not object. I told her I was in her hands. Anita rinsed off the
second shampoo and she told me she was going to put some conditioner in
my hair. She could do whatever she wanted, it all felt so good. She ran
the conditioned thru my hair and began a massage that was different
than the shampoo one. Instead of sending shivers down my spine, it sent
the blood to my groin. I felt my cock twinge and begin to stiffen. I
don't know if she was aware of the effect she was having and I really
did'nt care. It was heaven. All to soon she finished and she led me to
her chair. I told her that was the most amazing head massage that I
ever had. She giggled and thanked me. We finished off the first glass
of wine and she poured each of us another.

I told her how I liked my hair cut and she seemed to get what I was
saying. The effects of the wine were kicking in and I was feeling very
nice. We continued chatting as she took out her buzzer and some
assorted scissors. With her back to me, I could not help but check out
her ass. It was small and tight. Just the way I like them. I looked up
and saw she was watching me, watching her thru the mirror. I was busted
and a bit embarassed. I started to apologize but she cut me off. She
flat out asked me if I liked her ass. I told her I thought it was
perfect. She told me she wished it was a bit bigger and I told her she
was crazy. She began combing my hair and doing whatever it is she
needed to do. As she worked, her breasts were pressing against my
shoulder. My cock was pulsating.

I should say that I am 6'2 203lbs my hair is black and I have brown
eyes. I work out and am in good shape and considered good looking. So,
as I was looking her over, she was doing the same. There was sexual
tension in the air.

We talked about her travels and the placed she'd been. The ususal small
talk but it was great. She asked me if I was married or had an
girlfriend. I did'nt and asked the same of her. She also was

We finished the second glass of wine when Antia really suprised me. She
asked if I smoked pot! It had been a few years but I said sure, why
not. She went to the back room and came back with a fat joint. As she
approached me she lit that bad boy up. I poured each of us another
glass of wine as she took a nice hit then passed it to me. I took a hit
and coughed a bit. She laughed at me as I did another hit. We finished
the wine and the joint and I was pretty wasted.

She went back to work on my hair and asked if I was up for a game of
truth or dare. At this point, I was up for just about anything. So the
game began. After some basic general questions I gave her a dare. She
warned me to be careful because whatever I dished out, she would give
back and then some. I dared her to take off her shirt. Without giving
it a thought she unbuttoned her top and flung it over the chair next to
hers. I could not believe it. Her breasts looked perfect in the white
lacey bra. They were atleast a c cup and beautiful. She asked me, truth
or dare. I felt I had to choose dare so I did. I told you to be
careful, you took my top off, I want you to take your slacks off. So, I
stood up, unzipped and removed my slacks. She looked me up and down as
I stood in front of her wearing my boxer briefs and a cape.

I sat back down and we remained silent. Anita began working on my hair
with the thinning scissors. I was watching thru the mirror in front of
me. I asked her truth or dare? She said Dare, of course. Fine, I said.
I dare you to strip. Completly naked. Again, without pausing she did
just that. Very matter-of-factly. She a sick body. Curvey hips, long
thin legs, flat stomach and perky 36 c breasts with light pink areolas
and nipples. Her pussy was clean shaved with a small landing strip just
above it. She finished up the cutting of my hair and told me she needed
to rinse my off. She led me back to the sink and rinsed out my hair.
Her breasts were dangling just inches from my face. I could smell her
perfume. My cock was as stiff as it ever was creating a pup tent in my

She finished and led me to the back of the shop where the day salon was.
We enetered a room with a massage table and a shower stall. She walked
to the back and turned on the shower. Not a word was spoken. She walked
back to me and we kissed for the first time. Her pouty lips felt like
velvet against mine. My tongue slid over hers and toghether they danced
and played. My hands held her waist and pulled her closer to me. After
a bit, we broke the kiss and she led me to the shower. She tugged off
my shorts, springing my cock free of its restraints. She grabbed it and
walked me into the shower. It had a rainfall shower head as well as
body sprays located all over the walls. Water was pouring out from the
waterfall head and shooting out in all directions from the body sprays.
I picked up Anita and she wrapped her legs around my waist. My cock
slipped into her wet pussy and I grinded it as deep as I could. We
kissed again. My cock fully emerged inside her. I could feel her
contract her vaginal muscles on my dick. It was an amazing sensation
that made my cock throb. I bent her over as I supported her by the
waist and pushed my penis deeper into her. I found a good rythym and
was able to hold on for a while. Slowly stroking my cock in and out of
her tight tunnel. I let her down and bent her over. I entered her from
behind. My hands on her hips pulling her close to meet my thrusts.
Releasing my grip as i pulled back. My head was spinning and I could
feel my balls tighten. Within seconds, I felt my release shoot deep in
her. Spurt after spurt. I kept cumming. Shooting my seed deep inside
her. I thrusted faster and faster untill my cock went limp and slipped
out of her. She turned and kissed me. We took turns washing each other,
then rinsed off and dryed one another in the thick lush towels the
salon uses.

Once we were dry, I lifted Anita and laid her down on the massage table.
I lifted her arms over her head and spread her legs open. I walked
behind her so I was standing behind her head. Slowly I began massaging
her chest and stomach. My hands squeezed her breasts together and I
carressed the underside of each one. Her stomach was flat and tight.
Her nipples erect, I playfully rolled them between my fingers. I walked
to her side and contined to rub her body. Moving my hands doewn to her
legs. I rubbed her thighs inner and outter. I allowed my hand to graze
over her slit as I moved them from the left to the right. She had her
eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying the attention. I know I was
enjoying it. I moved between her legs and massaged her foot. First one
then the other. I kissed her feet and sucked on her toes. I rubbed her
heels and the ball of her foot. I kissed them, and slowly kissed my way

Finally my face was where we both wanted it to be. I took in the beauty
of her pussy. The pouty lips, the bright pink color and the sweet
arouma of it. I kissed it softly. Then I licked her from the botom of
her sweet slit all the way up. Her clit was pertruding and I softly
sucked it into my mouth. Gently, I grazed my teeth over it and she let
out a soft feminine moan. I could feel my cock stir and knew if would
be fully erect soon. I lapped her up. Taking all the sweet juices that
her sex produced. My hands found her tits and massaged them as I ate
her pussy till my mouth went numb. I continued to lick and suck her in.
Her sweet nector glazing my chin. Her taste was sweet and inviting. I
spread her outter lips open providing my mouth greater access to her
sex. I ate her pussy as if it were my last meal. She was delicious and
I could'nt get enough. Her labia spread, I slid two fingers into her as
I licked and bit her clit. Her hands were pushing my face deeper into
her. Her moans told me she was enjoying my efforts and that made me
want to give her more. Soon her body started shaking and her moans
became louder. A small gush leaked out of her and it was sweeter than
the juices I had already swallowed. I continuted to lick and kiss her
pussy for awhile.

Anita sat up and laid me down, she climbed atop of my and grasped the
shaft of my stiff member and sat herself down upon it. I watched as my
cock disappeared inside her box. She lowered herself so her breasts
were at my face. I sucked each one as she slowly bounced on my dick.
Soon we were cumming in unison. That orgasam was one of the most
shattering ones I can ever recall.

Needless to say, this was the best haircut I ever had. Anita will be
cutting my hair from hereonin.
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