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The Kendall Chronicles - Part 2

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Kendall continues to explore her slutty side
It only took a few seconds to get out of the building and into the cool evening air. I was holding Greg’s hand and pulling him behind me like a little puppy. Greg’s grip on my hand suddenly tightened, and he pulled on my arm spinning me around. It was like I was a rubber band being released, and I spun around and landed in Greg’s arms. His lips were on mine and a deep passionate kiss was developing. Greg’s hand grabbed the bottom of my blouse and lifted it up over my breasts.

“No bra? No panties? Damn. Why did you even bother wearing clothes?”

“The owners wouldn’t like it if I walked in naked.” I teased.

“Cute. You realize you own the bar. For that matter you own the whole fucking building.”

“All of us own it.” I countered.

“Mark and I just run the bar. You own it.”

“Actually daddy’s trust fund owns it. Are we going to stand here and talk with my tits hanging out, or are you taking me upstairs and fucking me.”

“Damn you’ve got a dirty little mouth.”

“Really! I never heard you complain about my “dirty little mouth” when I’m giving you a blowjob. In fact, as I recall, you were saying my mouth felt amazing.”

“And soon enough I’m going to be saying it again!”

“You think so do you?” I sassed.

“I know so!”

With that Greg grabbed me and threw me up over his shoulder. My bottom was completely exposed to the night air. Greg slid his hand up my thigh and right between my legs. His fingers pressed again pussy and his thumb wrapped around my leg. Greg carried me to the back of the building where the entrance to the upstairs was.

“Oh, your sweet little pussy feels nice and hot right now.”

Greg easily carried me into the building and up the stairs. He stopped only to put the key into a heavy steel door and slid it to the side.

It was ten short steps from the door to the granite island where Greg placed my exposed ass. The polished stone was cold against my bottom and the back of my legs but after the initial shock it felt very comforting.

Greg stood between my spread legs and roughly grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his waiting lips. His soft lips touched mine, and our mouths opened in a passionate kiss.

“Get us some drinks and that cute little ass of your better be naked when I get back!” Greg said.

“Where’re you going?” I pouted. “Stay and play with me!”

“I’m getting some rubbers and um, stopping in the boy’s room for a quick ‘Gentleman’s Wash’.”

I had never heard the term Gentleman’s Wash before I met Greg. It’s something that sometimes I wish all men knew but sadly they don’t. It’s just a quick wash of his private parts, that’s all, nothing more.

As Greg started to walk away I kicked my heels off and jumped up to a standing position on the island. In the next motion, I pulled my blouse over my head and undid the button on my skirt and let it drop down. I was naked.

“I’m ready! Are you coming to fuck me?”

Greg looked back over his shoulder and stopped.

“Wow! Holy fuck you’re gorgeous.” Greg said. “Give me a minute girl.”

“Can I wash you? I promise I’ll be gentle.” I said with a devilish smile.

I didn’t wait for an answer. I stepped from the island onto the main counter. I opened a cabinet and grabbed a bottle of Patron and another of Stoli’s Vodka. I continued walking and stepped down from the counter onto the back of the couch. From the couch to the table and across to a matching couch to where Greg was standing.

Greg reached out and wrapped his arms around my legs and buried his face into my lower stomach and kissed my belly.

“I get the feeling that wasn’t a question.” Greg said and placed another kiss on my stomach.

Greg picked me up and set off toward the bathroom and placed me down on top of the toilet. I was standing completely naked with a handsome man staring at me.

“Don’t move or I’m going to slap that ass.”

I couldn’t resist and turned around and bent at both my waist and knees and shook my ass right at Greg. His hand came up quickly and landed on my right butt cheek with a loud smacking sound.

“I told you not to move!”

“I know!” I said with a smile and shook my ass again.

Just as quick as the first time, Greg’s hand landed on my butt cheek with an even louder smacking sound.

“Oucccccc…..” I started to squeal but let it trail off. The sting of the slap jolted through my body and an instant burning sensation erupted on my butt cheek.

Greg quickly leaned forward and placed his lips on the glowing red hand print on my butt check and started kissing. He slid his hand around the front of me and right between my legs. Then he started to move his hand up. His thumb pressed down onto my clit and the edge of his fingers slipped up against my womanhood. He didn’t enter me, but he applied pressure against me and pressed down on my clit. The pressure from below and the squeezing on my clit started to have a rhythm. A pulsing, slow at first but picking up speed.

I put the bottle in my hands down on a shelf and placed the palms on my hands against the wall.

Greg slid his thumb under my clitoral hood and pressed right on my clit.He kept doing this for minutes.

I could feel my legs quivering and my breathing changing.

“Awwww, fuck, fuck, fuc………” I mumbled and my orgasm started to roll over me. My legs were shaking, and I tried to cling to the wall.

Then just as suddenly as the slap on my bottom a few minutes earlier Greg stopped.

I tried to step down of the toilet seat, but Greg stopped me.

“I want to look at you! I want to see you standing there with your juices running down your legs. You’re not that tough little dirty mouthed girl now are you? You can hardly stand you’re shaking so much.”

“Fuck you!” I gasped.

“Oh, no! I’m going to be fucking you. I’m going to be fucking you hard! You want to play those games downstairs in the bar and pretend to be so tough, well I’m going show you that you’re just a little rich girl that’s lost. I’m going to fuck that little pussy of yours real hard. That cum running down your thighs is nothing compared to how much I’m going to make you cum.”

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