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The Meeting

A chance encounter between strangers unleashes undeniable desires.



As I walked down the street one evening, shadows falling all
around from a vanishing sun, I saw her, walking slowly in my
direction. As we got closer, I could see she was very well shaped.
Her swelling breasts were pushing up and out against the fabric of
her dress; a light weight cotton, knee length dress. I could see the
outline of her bra against the fabric as we finally were but a few
feet from each other. As our eyes met, the instant bond between us
was undeniable.
Without speaking a word, not knowing each others' name, I
reached my hand out to her. As she took my hand, both of us knowing
that this was meant to be, we silently walked away from the
sidewalk. Slowly walking into the shadows of a large maple tree, we
embraced, kissing softly. Her soft lips parted as my tongue darted
past her lips, exploring the sweet softness of her mouth. My hands
on her waist, I traced a path up her back to her neck, under her soft
flowing hair. Her hands unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing, slowly
opening it, allowing her hands to rub against the hair on my chest.
My hands slid over her shoulders to the buttons on the front
of her dress, slowly loosening the material, allowing first her bra-
confined breasts to be exposed to my exploring eyes, and then her
panties. As we kissed softly, my hands found the clasp on the front
of her bra, and fumbling with it the bra opened, exposing her soft
mounds of flesh, each tipped with a dark brown, erect nipple.
I moved my lips down to her neck, teasing her by first
kissing her neck's hot spot and then moving to her ears, sensitive to
my touch. As a soft moan escaped her lips, my mouth wandered down to
her soft tits, teasing her nipples, first by touching each with my
tongue, tracing a circle around the swollen tip, and then sucking her
tit into my warm, waiting mouth. Alternating this pattern, she was
becoming aroused with anticipation, wanting me to continue this
little game, but wanting more at the same time.
I moved down to her stomach, finding her navel, kissing and
licking her soft skin. As she moaned with excitement, I dropped to
my knees, finding myself staring at her panties, wet from
excitement. Slipping my fingers inside the elastic band, I pulled
gently downward, her panties dropping to the ground exposing her
bushy mound, wet from her lubricating juices.
Pressing her back against the tree, my mouth found her bush,
my tongue probing the depths of her womanhood. Letting a soft moan
pass her lips, she placed her hands on my head pressing me into her
with abandon. As my tongue explored her mound, moving up her slit I
found her clit, swollen with excitement. Her juices were flowing,
running on my face as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She let out a
gasp of pleasure as my lips squeezed her love button, causing more of
her lubricant to flow in anticipation of my swollen cock. As I
sucked on her swollen clit she began to gyrate her hips into my face,
moaning louder and louder as my mouth on her pussy intensified her
pleasure. With an explosive release, she cried out, "I'm
cummmming!" as her juices squirted against my face.
Spent, she leaned against the tree, breathing heavily. In a
husky voice, she said, " Now it's my turn ." Pulling me to my feet and
pressing me against the tree, she dropped to her knees, unzipping my
pants. As she opened my trousers and pulled them down to my knees,
my hard, throbbing cock sprang loose, the head quivering with
anticipation. Cupping my balls in one hand and her other hand
wrapped around my shaft, she flicked her tongue out, licking the drop
of cum oozing from my slit. She first kissed the head of my dick,
and then running her tongue down the shaft she sucked my balls into
her mouth. Moaning, I placed my hand behind her head, pulling her
onto me. First one ball and then the other, she teased me. She then
ran her tongue up the underside of my erect shaft, causing the cum in
my balls to begin to move to the canal, preparing for the race. She
slid her soft open mouth around the head of my cock, squeezing gently
with her teeth. Slowly she slid her lips down my shaft taking my
dick deep into her mouth. Sucking, she moved up and down, causing my
cock to pulsate with excitement. As she continued to move up and
down on my shaft, sucking, I could feel my balls swell with a load of
jism. Trying to hold off, she overcame my resistance, and as I let
out a loud moan, I said with excitement, "I can't hold it – I'm
cumming!!" My semen, racing up the inside of my cock exploded in her
mouth, and she drank it all in, sucking for every drop. As she
licked the final drop of cum from my cock, I was still hard from the
pleasure of her lips.
I stood her up, and kissed her deeply. Pressing her back
against the tree, my still hard cock pressed against her hot, wet
mound. Opening her legs, she guided my love muscle into her wet cunt
as she moaned with pleasure. As my shaft probed deeper into the
depths of her pussy, she wrapped her legs around my waist as her arms
were around my neck pulling me close to her. We fucked in wild
abandon, my hard cock stroking in and out of her hot pussy. As we
bucked against each other, I could feel cum inside of me swelling up,
preparing for the trip into her hot womanhood.
"I'm cummmmiiing! " She screamed, as her hot juices flowed out
of her on to my hard cock. Just then the cum inside of me began the
race up my shaft, the jism exploding into her hot hungry pussy. We
both pumped until we were spent, not another drop left inside my cock.
As we stood there embracing for several minutes, her legs
wrapped around me, my cock still inside her pussy, we kissed
tenderly, nuzzling each other. Finally, both relaxed from the
frenzied fucking, got our clothes on, kissed deeply one last time, as
we continued on our separate ways.
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