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The meeting

Together with chocolate

She hadn’t done this before, and this was her first date with him. She wanted it to be special and she dressed for him tonight. She turned on the shower and stepped in, feeling the hot water cascade over her ample breasts, she loved the water playing over them; her nipples always became erect and very hard. Picking up the soap, she rubbed her body, allowing her hands to massage her breasts and nipples. She pulled on them, feeling the sensations generate through her body, turning the thermostat a little higher made her body tingle. One soapy hand crept between her legs, finding that tiny button, it too stood proud and she teased it gently. She thought of the coming evening and what she would wear, unwittingly letting her hand drift behind her to find her forbidden hole, she played gently, letting her soapy finger ease in and out of her tight hole. She knew she would be late and she couldn’t spend all night in the shower. She faced the shower and let the steaming hot water cascade over her face and body once again. She rinsed herself and turned the shower off.

                                      She returned to the bedroom, towelling herself dry and sat on the edge of the bed, looking into the bedroom mirror, her full figure and mature breasts looked very good, and her nipples were still tingling from the massage she had given them. She loved her body and hoped he would love it too. She applied her makeup and walked to the wardrobe to select her clothes for the evening. The red Basque would look very good under her blouse and her black skirt would hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties. What would be seen though would be the suspenders under that short skirt and maybe a hint of stocking top. She was going to wear her long thigh length patent leather boots, the heels were a good six inches and almost stiletto like. She felt good in these, it made her feel sensuous and sexy and she loved it.

                                      At the same time he was getting ready; he had had his shower and was preparing himself for this evening with her. She would be arriving in the next hour and he wanted things to be perfect.

He had prepared himself, open necked shirt and chinos, like her he didn’t wear any underwear today. He wanted the house to be ready for their meeting so he turned the lights off; all that remained was the soft glow from a very small light in the corner of the bedroom. He slipped the handcuffs and blindfold into the bedside cabinet and went into the kitchen.

He had been given one of these novelty chocolate fountains, and it stood in the kitchen with the molten chocolate cascading over. He reached out and put a finger into the fountain and licked it, mmmmmm he thought, that tastes good.

She took one last look in the mirror and walked out of the bedroom, the taxi would be here very soon. She looked out of the window and waited, two minutes later it turned the corner and parked outside. She headed for the door, locking it behind her and opened the taxi door; she slid into the passenger seat and closed the door. The driver’s eyes strained in the gloom as he saw her stocking tops above those long black boots. She smiled to herself, and allowed him a further look by sliding down in her seat. Then she gave him the address and he reluctantly looked ahead and pulled away from the kerb.

                                      He saw the taxi approaching as he gazed out of the darkened room, and as it pulled up and the door opened, he too was treated to a glimpse of her stocking tops. She paid the driver and approached the front door; he opened before she got there and smiling at her he put a finger to her lips and said sssshhhh.

She smiled and did as she was told; he took her arm and led her into the darkened lounge. She wasn’t afraid, she trusted him.

She sat down and he held out a glass of wine for her, taking it she crossed her legs, revealing the tops of her thighs. He looked down and smiled; she looked up and licked her lips. He left her in the dark as he went into the kitchen and brought the chocolate fountain and took it past her into the bedroom, she looked up quizzing but didn’t say a word. He returned and took her hand; she stood up and followed him into the bedroom. Just the small light in the corner cast a small shadow in the room. He held her head in both hands and kissed her full on the lips, she responded by opening her mouth to receive his moist tongue, he penetrated her mouth, feeling and caressing with his tongue. She sucked hungrily on him.

His fingers found her blouse buttons and slowly undid them to reveal the maroon red Basque. The blouse came off easily and his fingers carried on down to her skirt, finding the buttons and undoing the zip. It fell away and she stepped out of it.. He stood back to drink in this magnificent sight in front of him, she looked divine. Her smile said it all, as she proceeded to undress him, she took off his shirt and undid his chinos and they fell to the floor. She looked down at his manhood, it had begun to stiffen and her hand reached out to touch it. It grew beneath her fingers, hard and swollen; she could barely get her hands around it. He put a finger to her lips, and then picked her up to lay her on the bed.

She began to speak again but he put his finger to her lips again. He reached over to the cabinet and took out the silk blindfold, putting it over her eyes. He took out the handcuffs and gently placed them on her wrists before attaching them to the bed posts. He stood up and admired her, she looked stunning, her full breasts heaved beneath the Basque and her shaven pussy glistened where she had become moist. The long boots shone in the dim light and above them her thighs looked soft where they met the tops of her stockings. She couldn’t move much but the smile remained.

He kissed her on the lips then his mouth played with her neck and shoulders, tiny kisses and nibbles made her squirm and she squeezed her legs together. He unbuttoned her Basque from the front, and her full breasts exposed themselves to him. Her nipples stood proud and his fingers pinched them, making them harder; his mouth worked down to her breasts taking a nipple into his warm mouth, he sucked hungrily as he pulled her other nipple. She couldn’t move her arms, and her legs came up as she squirmed. He let go and got off the bed, he took a cup and dipped it into the molten chocolate, it filled to the brim and he pulled it out.

She wondered what would happen next, when she felt the hot chocolate touch her nipples she cried out, as it cooled, it formed a mould around her nipples, he reached down and licked it, before pouring more down her belly. She gasped, knowing what was coming next, the trail carried on and when it touched her little button it was electric, it trickled into her moist crevice and as she opened her legs it carried on to her tight forbidden hole. It was hot but not scalding, and that tiny bit of pain mixed with pleasure gave her a small orgasm as she writhed on the bed. He put the cup down and proceeded to work on her body, his tongue lapped up the solidifying chocolate, working slowly down her navel to her pussy, his face was covered in chocolate and still he worked. He reached her shaven pussy and her juices mingled with the sweet taste of the chocolate, he lapped it up, his tongue working deep into her very wet pussy. He lifted her legs up as his head went deeper, it found that forbidden hole and still he licked and sucked, she squirmed and cried out as his tongue probed her, pushing past that tightness, she relaxed and let him enter.

And then it stopped, she tried to speak again and once again the finger was placed on her lips.

She felt something warm and hard pressing against her pussy lips, and she gasped and cried out as he entered her, he was big, and he stretched her, she felt him as he slowly pushed his penis into her, she thought it would never stop as it slid deeper into her tight pussy. She was powerless; he slowly withdrew before plunging deep into her again. Then the rhythm began, long slow strokes powering deep into her, her first big orgasm came quickly, she cried out and a sob emitted from her lips as she bit them. And still his hard shaft penetrated deeply into her, he reached behind her and slipped a finger into her bum, it felt tight on his finger, but the juices from her pussy made it easy for him, his finger slipped in and out of her bum in time with his hard cock, It was amazing for her, she came again, riding on the crest of a large wave as he stretched her pussy and fingered her bum, he felt himself coming, and she did too, from the bottom of his shaft, he pulsed and his thick sperm erupted deep inside of her, she orgasmed for a final time and he could feel her bum clamp on his finger.

He slowly withdrew and sat astride her heaving breasts, she took his cock into her mouth and she could taste him and the sweet chocolate.

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