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The Office Encounter

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Office technician gets more than he bargained for.
Trufex Industries was an up and coming business that dealt with most of the up to date call centers and the one person who enjoyed their work was Luke. He was one guy that everyone could rely on at the office, as worked in the technical support department of the business. If anyone had any problems with their computer, they’d give him a call and he’d be there in a flash. He wasn’t one of these up and coming people who preferred to stay at their desk and remotely control their pc while on the phone to them. He wanted to get out of that office and be more face to face with the person he was dealing with. That is why most of the workers asked for him.

He’d just got into work and about to sit down, when there was a knock at the door it was one of his colleges Harry.

“Hey Luke, how’s you this morning ready get going?”

“Yeh will be once I’ve got this bloody mail sorted out first.”

“Oh leave that Luke, we’ve had our first call of the morning and I wanted to send you up.”

“Whys that? Something special or just want to get me out the way?”

Luke laughing at harry, knowing something was going on, but with the strange look in Harrys face Luke knew he wasn’t that happy with that statement.

“No Luke, we’re just sorting out some office supplies, but if you want to stay and do that your more than welcome to stay. I just know how much you enjoy doing it.”

“Sorry Harry thought you were having me on. Thanks for that. Where’s the problem and I’ll get off now.”

“The problem is with someone new this time, on the 1st floor for once!”

Luke looked happy, as he didn’t have far to go. He was hoping that it wasn’t going to be the top floor again, as they are ALWAYS having problems. Instead of taking the short lift to the 1st floor he decided to take the stairs and see a different view, but got stuck as there was a huge pile of boxes blocking his way. Suddenly a head popped up and said.

“Oh sorry didn’t know anyone was going to be using the stairs today. I’ll make some room for you to get through.”

It was only Julia she was a little slow on the up take, but friendly enough.

“No problem take your time today, I’m only going to your floor today so far. Got someone new today”

“Oh that’ll be Cassey she’s been having all sorts of trouble with the new system. Never known anyone like her”

Once Julia had moved the boxes out of Likes way, he went to find this so called Cassey. Turning the corner he could see a group of guys all standing around in the corner of the floor. Luke walked over to find out what was going on, that’s when he heard the name Cassey being spoken about.

“You sure we can’t help you any further Cassey, we don’t mind trying for you”

“No its fine guys, I’m certain the tech guy will be up soon”

Luke thought now he had to smug looking guys just so he could get to do his work, but couldn’t see this Cassey and she must have something that got them all hanging around her.

“Don’t worry I’m here!”

Called out Luke, the other office guys started to turn around. One of them even had an angry look on his face directly looking at Luke. He spotted this woman sitting down at the desk with a huge smile on her face, plus the figure to match.

“Guess your Cassey then?”

“That’s me! I started to get some typing done and now it’s all vanished, plus the pc has switched itself off.”

All the guys walked off and muttering under their breaths, they did not lime that Luke had turned up at all. But Luke had to do his job even if they didn’t. Luke started looking at the computer and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t switching on.

“Have you done anything to it?”

“No I was just typing away and suddenly the computer switched off!”

Luke got down and looked under the desk to where all the cables were and spotted the main plug had been pulled. Just happened to be near to the side of where the other guy had been offering to help Cassey.

“Ah I think I know what the problem is. Try it now Cassey.”

Bleep went the computer and Luke heard her sigh with relief as her foot kicked out as she was trying to uncross her legs. Causing her foot to kick into Luke’s chin and banging his head on the desk.

“Oh sorry about that are you alright?”

“Yeh no problem, I get kicked in the face a lot around here.” Laughed Luke.

Turning his head around trying to move from under the desk, seemed to go in slow motion as he spotted the red colored material that was between Cassey’s legs. He could see right up her skirt and he was now expecting it at all. Was this a day dream or had he been knocked out from the combination of her kicking him and banging his head?

But what the hell it was a brilliant view, better than any computer screen or even the inside of a pc that he was used to. Luke now started to move from under the desk and trying to take a mental image of the view between Cassey’s legs. Rubbing his head and face he got up off the floor and looked a little dazed.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” asked a concerned Cassey.

“Yeh, I’m fine thanks. Before I forget anything, the next time your typing use a USB stick to save your files on that way if you’re in the middle of typing again the computer will automatically save it for you. You can then move to another computer as we know the bosses here don’t like you just sitting around doing nothing!”

Laughing back at Luke, Cassey explained that no one had given her any USB stick or told her where they were.

“Wait here I’ll go get one for you”

Luke walked off still rubbing his head, ‘damn that woman can kick hard’ he thought. Walked into the store cupboard and looked for the USB sticks. But of course he couldn’t find anything as Julia had already been in there sorting everything out. Luke started to look for the USB sticks but couldn’t seem to find them and moved to the back of the room, suddenly he heard the door slam.

“Is that you Julia? I’m looking for the USB sticks”

All he just back was a mutter.

“USB STICKS! Julia?”

Around the stand Cassey popped her head and laughed.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist that.”

“What you doing in here Cassey I said I would bring one to you.”

“Well it sounds like you need some help, plus Julia is still sorting out the boxes on the stairs!”

With that both Cassey and Luke started looking for the USB sticks. But after 5 minutes of searching they couldn’t see them. Luke decided to go and find Julia and ask her where she’d put them. But as Luke tried to squeeze past Cassey his foot got trapped and fell onto a huge box. Cassey bent down to make sure Luke was alright, that’s when someone walked in. Cassey laid on top of Luke and put her hand over his mouth to stop him from talking. All he could do was lay there and look puzzled into Cassey’s eyes, when he felt her hot breathe hitting his face and feeling her chest pushing into him. He’d never felt anything hotter than this. Sexy looking woman laying on top of him and he hadn’t had to buy her a drink.

With that the person walked out and locked the door. Cassey just looked at Luke with her sexy eyes and smiled at Luke. Luke still looking puzzled took her hand off his mouth and asked her why she just did that.

"I didn’t want the other person to get the wrong idea of THIS situation!”

“What situation? I just fell over that’s all”

“With me laid on top of you and that poking into me!”

Without Luke knowing his cock had gotten hard. Luke tried to hide it and move from under Cassey but it was no good as Cassey had him held down.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere Mr.”

With that Cassey moved her hand down his body and felt his hard cock that had grown and was trying to push through.

“Mmmmm think someone’s a little excited aren’t they?”

Luke didn’t say a word his whole mind had shut down and was just looking into Cassey’s eyes.

“Did you like the view earlier? I saw you look between my legs when you were under my desk!”

“I didn’t mean to I just……”

“It’s ok, would you like a closer look?”

Luke just nodded back, which made Cassey laugh.

“Well I’ll let you have a look and more besides but I have to have a look at you first!”

With that Cassey moved down his body not letting go of his bulge and unbuckled his belt unzipped his trousers, yanked down his trousers which just left his cock straining to put through his pants. Cassey’s eyes lit up by the pants straining to keep his cock at bay. Putting her fingers around the seam of his pants gently pulled them down revealing his 8” hardened cock springing to attention.

“OMG I can’t wait to feel that!”

With stars in her eyes Cassey bent down and slowly parting her lips moving down with what seemed to be forever licking her lips. Put her lips onto Luke’s cock and moved down covering his cock with her mouth. Luke could only watch with excitement and delight as her head started slowly moving back up, but stopping just before the head of his cock was about to be revealed from her mouth. Cassey used her tongue to rotate around the whole head flicking off the underside of the head and catching the eye if the cock. Giving Luke extreme pleasure, he’d never felt anything in his life like this. Putting his head back and grabbing onto the edges of the boxes he let out a groan to which made Cassey slide back down with her mouth and using her tongue licking the whole length. Luke was in ecstasy with woman and wondering how long it was going to last. Lifting her head back up Cassey now took her mouth off his cock looking very pleased.

“Now I can’t wait to get that in my box!”

Stood up and lifted her skirt up, revealing her red silky panties that Luke had only glimpsed at from under the desk.

“Now before you can get to my inner box of pleasure you’ve got to get me excited!”

Pointing down to where her pussy was Luke started to stand up, but Cassey stopped him.

“No on your knees lick me out first!”

Luke without any hesitation moved between her legs and ran his hands slowly up her soft creamy legs he could sense the anticipation of the moment from Cassey as she was biting her lip. While holding her skirt up Luke started to massage the red silky panties covering her pussy, he could just make out the lips of her inner beauty and she was smoking hot. The temperature of the heat from these two must have been like summer had returned. Luke moved his hand to the side of the pantie line and moved them to the side to uncover her now juicy pussy. He could see she was expecting him any moment as her juices were starting to flow from the heat inside her. Just thinking of his hard cock was making her wet, the knowledge that he was a little than 2 inches from her pleasure center was starting to overwhelm her.

Luke went in for the kill and began to run his tongue up the folds of her pussy, licking every drop of juice that was coming from her. It tasted warm and sweet and he wanted more of it, licking the sides and the outer edges of her lips was driving her nuts. It was as if he could read her mind in what drove her wild. Luke went for the center and slowly inserted his tongue as far as he could possible go into her wet pussy placed his lips over the top and sucked as much as possible. Moving his tongue up the sides of the walls darting his tongue inside as imagining his tongue was his cock. All Cassey could do was to grab hold of the box that was on the shelf and with her other hand grab his head pulling him in further. Her legs were feeling weak from the motions of Luke’s tongue. She wasn’t expecting this experience from a geek, he was a likable god she thought if this is what he’s like with his tongue she shudders to this what he’ll do with his cock.

That was it he could feel Cassey starting to buckle above him, her whole body was shaking and hips were thrusting forward into Luke’s mouth, she could feel and orgasm building up inside her. So intense that the box fell off the shelf and just missed Luke from Cassey’s hand pulling at it. Both her hands were now holding onto his head slamming her body into his mouth. Gasping for air she let out a shuddering moan which let all the juices force their way into Luke’s mouth, sweet warm juice filled his mouth. Luke toke his mouth off Cassey’s pussy but she couldn’t stand up any longer and collapsed onto the floor.

“Where the hell have you learnt to lick like that?”

Luke just had a grin on his face looking at Cassey while wiping the juices that were running down from his mouth. Cassey just took one look at him and said.

“Well to hell with this! I’m having that cock of yours!”

Pushing Luke down back on the floor, she got the energy from somewhere to grab hold of his cock moved up his body her knee’s at the side of him and firmly lowered herself onto his cock. Luke was so taken aback from this that he threw his head back and closed his eyes. He could feel his cock slowly entering his pussy with every inch going deeper and deeper into her pleasure box. Feeling the warm juices that were still left inside her pussy was now covering his cock. Her body was touching his skin it felt as if electricity passed between them Cassey lifted her body up and slammed back down hard and fast. They both groaned from the pleasure it was giving them both and Cassey was finding it had to even move her body as her legs were just exhausted.

Luke sensing this moved forward and lifting her up walked forward and up against a cupboard, it was just high enough to sit Cassey on the top and easy access for him insert his cock. Cassey wrapped her arms around him as he started to thrust his cock inside her melting pussy. Every thrust was earth shattering for her, groaning and moaning with every thrust his body was slamming against the cupboard making the doors bang. Luke seem to get faster and faster with every time he entered her, Cassey’s body was just exhausted but being pleasured at the same time, she could feel his chest banging into hers, she felt that her pussy wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this. Feeling her legs banging into the doors of the cupboard she was sat on, she wrapped them around Luke’s waist and pulled him in close. His body trying to thrust deeper into her, Luke reached round the back of her and pulled her forward. It was the access he needed and grabbing two handfuls of her backside he forced her further onto his cock. Cassey was in pure heaven with this move and she could feel another orgasm coming, digging her nailed into the back of Luke’s shirt made him aware that she was nearing a climax.

Luke began to sway side to side just enough so it would give him a little more room from her legs, Cassey loosened her grip with her legs as she wanted more. Luke now was able to go faster into her with every penetration. The sides of Cassey’s pussy walls moving onto Luke’s cock taking a grip her legs got more life in them squeezing onto Luke’s waist. Harder and faster the movements were coming. Their bodies were now one and hitting each other. Both knew each other was about to cum, like a bolt of lightning Luke’s cock shot into Cassey which in turn made her shoot for the stars. Their juices were now mixing together. Both of them panting into each other’s arms with Luke’s cock still in Cassey, he gave one more thrust. Cassey smiled back at him with sheer exhaustion gave him a huge kiss.

“Never have I felt that in years! I hope you can service me tonight!”

Luke just smiled back and knew he would be he wasn’t going to miss this again. Cassey still feeling drained got off the cupboard. They both smartened themselves up and got to the door.

Before they could knock for someone to come and open the door up, the key turned opened the door. There stood before them were all the guys in the office. They’d heard everything and started to cheer and clap. Luke and Cassey just looked at each other in disbelief and gave each other a huge kiss.

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