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As I continued to run, I noticed that my body started to get a little more toned and I could run a little farther each week.

One night my daughter's friend was over and I was walking out of the house to go for my daily run. She looked at me with my running garb on and told me that the running agreed with me. I just looked at her and laughed. She then reminded me that she ran cross country and that an old man like me could not hang. Again, I just looked at her and laughed. "Any time you feel you could handle me, just let me know."

Her reply took me by surprise. "I could handle you in sooooo many ways it would make your heads spin," she whispered. I winked at her and walked out the door. As I started my run, I was thinking to myself, did she just suggest what I thought? NO WAY, just some harmless flirting. I continued my run.

I got back to the house and went upstairs to shower and change. I went outside to the patio to relax and enjoy a wonderful summers night. Soon after I sat down, she came outside and sat down. "Hey, how was your short walk?" she said with deep sarcasm. I proceeded to tell her how far I went and the route I took. She looked surprised. What's the look for?

"I could go that far with you easily, but that is not a good route to take" she complained. The route takes me down a local road and then onto a walking path. I know she had no problem with that, but the path then goes into a deep forest area and back in the woods is a picnic area. "That place scares me, there are no lights back there and creepy people hang out there all the time" she again complained. I told her that when I run there are no people back in the woods or around the picnic area, plus there is a light on the shelter. She shrugged her shoulders and went to go inside. "Maybe I could go with you sometime" she asked.

"Every night, same time, same route, same distance" I told her.

"hmmmm" she said as she shut the door.

A week went by and she did not come over. It was a little strange because she was at our house all the time. She only lived a couple of houses down from ours. But since she graduated from high school, and started working. Maybe she has too much on her plate.

The next week I walked out of my house to go for my daily run. I was in the front stretching and a car pulled up. It was her. "Give me 5 minutes, you are going to take me tonight" she stated.

"Oh I am now, what makes you think you are good enough for me to take?" I jabbed her back.

"Listen I need to run off some of this stress."

"What stress could you possibly have?" I shot back.

"Are you going to wait or not?"

"Hurry up oh little one," I said. She stuck out her tongue and drove down the street. She hated the name little one. I called her that because she was only about 5'5" and could not weigh anymore than 75-80 lbs. I think I heard her say she wears a size 1. Now even though she is small, she is a very very pretty. Red hair, brown eyes, loves to tan, a great ass, but not much in the chest area to speak of.

She came down the street and was ready to go. I asked her if she needed to stretch out before we left, but she told me to get the show on the road. We took off. During the first 20 minutes of our run we talked about work and what was stressing her out. Her applications for college, the dumb boys that are all over her at the pool and her boss at work who she claims is a jerk.

As we got to the forest she slowed down a little. I told her to keep up and she would be fine. We continued and just about 200 yards from the picnic area she slowed down. "What's up?" I asked. "Cramp," she said. "I told you to stretch before we took off, where is it at?" "What do you mean" she said breathing hard. "Your cramp," I asked. "My groin muscle," she could hardly speak.

I stopped and started to walk. "Oh thank you," she said. "Let’s go over to the picnic table and stretch out," I stated. We walked over to the tables and started to stretch out. She was in a lot of pain. I asked her if it was getting any better, but as she turns to tell me with tears in her eyes. I grabbed her waist and put her on the top of the table. "Where exactly is the pain, I will try to rub it out." She pointed to the inside of her thigh. "From just above my knee all the way up," she said as a tear came down her cheek.

I placed both my hands on her left thigh and started to message her muscles. She leaned back on her elbows. After about 2 minutes I asked her if I was getting the right spot. She told me it was working, but she needed me to go higher. I joked and told her any high might be inappropriate. She barked at me and stated it would not inappropriate if she told me to go higher and she was still in a lot of pain. I spun her to the right so I could sit down between her legs at the picnic table and continue the massage. I was thinking that she was in a lot of pain and this might take a while. So much for the rest of the run...

I moved my hand up into her running shorts to where the muscle turns right next to her pussy. Wow, my hand was about a ½ inch from her pussy. I noticed that she was smooth shaven. I kept thinking to myself that this was not right and that I need to get her back on her feet and get home soon. I could not help but notice how hard my cock was and the thoughts were sailing thru my mind. All I could think about was getting home and taking care of my cock in the shower. The angle I was in was starting to hurt my hands and she could sense it. "If you need to move your hands or come at it from a different angle, do not let me stop you," she said looking up at the roof of the picnic area.

"Is this getting any better?" I asked. "NO" she said. I took my left hand off her thigh and placed my elbow on her right thigh and back on the highest point of the muscle over her shorts. After a couple seconds she told me that was not as good as when my hand was on her bare skin. I stated that the position I was in before was cramping my arm.

She told me to go through her shorts if I needed to. "Oh shit!" I thought. So I took my left hand went up her right leg, into her shorts and then over her pussy (but not touching it) to the muscle and continue the massage. She then laid back on the table causing her pussy to now touch my wrist. The bone of my wrist was now pushing into the top part of her pussy. "Oh do I need to go get in the shower," I thought. After a couple more minutes I could feel her getting wet. Not a little wet, but very wet. Then it dawned on me that I must be pushing on her clit with my wrist. Her breathing started to get deeper and deeper and I started to over exaggerate the movement of the massage so the bone on my wrist would push harder on her clit. I continued like this until I heard a little moan.

"Good to hear you moan, that means what I am doing on your muscles must be working," I said. There was no answer from her. I smiled and knew she was getting off on my wrist. After a couple of minutes her hips started to move and she was moaning. Then all of a sudden a splash all over my wrist. "Holy shit, she just came!" I thought. I continued for another couple of minutes until she was breathing normal. "Are you doing better?" I asked. She nodded. "Ready to walk back?" I asked. She just nodded. I knew she must feel really embarrassed about what just happened.

As we got to the house I told her thanks for the company on the run and I hoped her thigh gets better. I then joked and told her that when she gets in better shape to come join me again so we can finish what we started.

She just smiled and told me that she would think about that.

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