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The Story of Finch and Stifler's Mom Part II

the things i didn't know.

I wake up the next morning...

glowing, tired, and a bit sore.

But in all, i am fine, just kinda getting last night through my head.

wow, i had fullfilled my fantasy....and it was truely amazing.

Anyway, i get up and shower....gotta get the previous nights smell off mom would know for sure.

I get in and the hot water cascading over my young toned body...oh how good it felt. i looked down and sure enough, i was standing tall....i thought to myself, jesus, you are no super soldier,

I get out and dry off. and as i pass by the mirror on my way out, i take a good look at myself. i notice that not only do i feel older, but the way i present myself, i am more confident and my face shows that innocence is meerely has left my body at last.

So, i walk in to my room with my new found confidence and glow of esteem.i pick out some studly clothes...and get on with the day.

Later on when things finally slowed down around the house, i couldn't keep the dirty htoughts out of my head....i couldn't wait to go further with mrs. anna.

lucky for me, after everyone went to sleep, i was still awake.

i couldn't sleep and i decided to go chill at mrs. anna's house for a bit.

when i got there, she was like, let's watch army wives upstairs in my room.and my stomach turned to nails and needles. i didn't believe what i was hearing from mrs. anna.

so i followed her upstairs and crawled into her bed to watch army wives, i forgot to wear underwear that night and i kinda started to panic as mrs.anna crawled under the covers next to me and cuddled up.

i stated breathing hard and lucky for me she had promised me a she asked if i was ready for my massage.....i gleefully answered hell yeah. i took off my shirt and laid on my stomach.

she drizzled lotion on my back and sensuously rubbed it in withso she massaged me with her fingertips...and believe it or not, it felt sooo damn good that i nearly exploded in my shorts.

after she massaged me for awhile, i decided if i didn't reverse the situation soon it was going to end with me in a sticky mess.

so i got her to undo her bra and take off her shit.

she too laid on her stomach and i began the massage.

as i rubbed the lotion into her skin i could feel myself getting harder than an icicle in a blizzard.

finally i stopped and laid next to her...holding her close to me and making cheesy passes at each other....until finally i got the courage to just go in for the kiss...and let me tell you....BAM!!!!!!

fire works imploded in my brain.

well, as we all know, kissing leads to sex....haha, but you are soon to forget the most fun part.....foreplay.

as i expertly used my mouth to seduce mrs. anna, i ran my hand along her left thigh...and massaged higher and higher until i finally reached her pussy lips through her pj pants.

i massaged her there for awhile and found that it was turning her on quite magnificently.

so i decided to get even more bold and slide my hand into her panties and she let me. i kept it up and slid my digits between her pussy lips...slowly at first until my hand was practically swimming. then i inserted my left middle finger and she about i did what i had taught myself to do, bring my finger out and as i did so, i curled the tip towards the front of her body....hitting the g-spot, everytime.

finally she was practically spent so i said to her, you know this means that it is your turn now right ? and she said, yeah i know. so i layed on my back as she took off her pants completely...but before she comenced the love making, she started in on sucking my neck...god, if only she knew how much it turned me on there...but then she moved down to my nipples and slid her hand into my shorts, lightly stroking my erect cock....then she started moving lower towards my member and all the while slowly stroking it.

finally she helped me get my shorts off and started sucking my balls.

i had never felt such a was amazing...she awirled her tongue up and down the shaft and stopped at the head of my cock...and somehow, at the same time, she was stroking me too.


after a good long while, she asked me if i was ready and at first i thought to myself, this is sooo, wrong, but i said yes.


i mean, i couldn't help it.anyway, she straddled me and guided my shaft into her well soaked pussy...and when i entered her love box, i felt such an amazing feeling in my balls that i thought i was going to blow my load right then and there...but i didn't.somehow, bt the grace of god, i held we stayed like that for awhile until i decided to take control. so i rolled her ver and onto her back...i began a slow steady thrust....softly in at first and then driving to the depths of her pussy at the end of each thrust.

i told her i was going to cum soon, so she went into the bathroom and put some contraceptive gel in herself....she told me that i had fifteen minutes until i could cum....i thought to myself, shit....but i decided to go for it like a true champ.

so, we got up and moved to against the closet.and at first she was facing me and i was just driving in her for all i was worth, and then she got tired and her back was starting to bother she turned around and spread her legs.then she kinda bent over, and i re-entered her....and in those last few minutes i found that this is something i have wanted for every secong since i met mrs. anna.


and with that thought in mind, i groaned and let loose a large load deep in mrs. anna's pussy....i slowly left her vagina and almost passed out. it was such amazing sex that i almost fell out....can you believe it....almost fell out.

anyway, i snuck back home and crawled into my to dream about tomorrow night's escapades.

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