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The Upstairs Neighbor

Two divorced neighbors help each other out...
The Upstairs Neighbor

I rent a house and live in the bottom half. The top half is a separate apartment. The house is a corner house and the garage is on the side of the house away from the corner. So the upstairs neighbor has to walk from the driveway around the front of the house and then half way down the side to a separate staircase upstairs.

The bottom half of the house has a complete windowed alcove off the back door from the kitchen and some steps with screen doors to the front and the back yard as well as a door into the garage. From the kitchen you can look through the alcove out the window and see the driveway and part of the front sidewalk. As you take the sidewalk to the upstairs apartment along the side, you walk past the large living room window which is covered with a sheer curtain, allowing me to see out, but others can not see in. In addition, as you walk along the side walk to the stairs going up, you face the house, where there is a small little area with two windows. I have mini blinds on those windows, but I keep them slightly closed, so at least at first glance you don’t notice that you can actually see through the window. Those windows are below the upstairs porch and behind the stairs, so you barely even see them from the street or the street sidewalk.

The upstairs neighbor is a very good looking brunette woman, named Judy. She was just divorced which is why she had moved here. I have to admit I’ve certainly enjoyed watching her as she goes to and from her entrance. I’ve had the hots for since she moved in. I’d say she is about 5’ 5” tall, slim figure, nice rounded butt, cute face, infectious smile and in my opinion, her best feature is her breasts. If I was guessing, I would say they were a 36DDD. My cock swells at the sight of them.

We’ve met and have always been cordial with one another and have had lots of small talk. It’s been almost a year since she’s been living here. I moved in only a few months before she did. As I’m single and work at home, I don’t worry too much about how I’m dressed. Also being single, I spend a lot of time fantasizing and jack off a lot to relieve my sexual tensions. I will often be naked around the house as no one can really see me.

I also have a dog to keep me company. A couple of weeks back, I was on my favorite exotic stories site in the morning. I was naked and reading a hot story and masturbating. I heard my dog making some unusual noise so I got up and went out to the dining room.

I was naked and obviously in an aroused state. My cock had pre-cum oozing out and was hard as hell sticking straight out when I entered the dining room. My dog was standing there and looked like she was about to puke. I heard Judy coming down the steps, but didn’t even think anything of it and I said, “Susie are you allright, girl” to my dog.

Suddenly I heard, “Oh my. WOW!” as Judy had apparently gotten to the landing right at the two windows when I spoke to my dog. I keep both of the windows open to let the cooler shaded air in while it’s hot. She had stopped and turned around looking in. There I was standing there naked, hard cock sticking straight out dripping pre-cum off of it. Our eyes met and she immediately turned around and kept walking.

I’ve been in a similar state, naked and hard when she has been going up or down the stairs. I’ve deliberately gone into the dining room to catch a glimpse of her. Usually standing a little off to the side. I’ve always especially liked watching her when she went up, because as she would go up those first 3 steps the landing facing the windows, her tits would always bounce. Many times when I hear her pull up and park, I will run out to the kitchen to catch a glimpse of her, then go to my living room and watch her walking only a few feet away as I stroke my hard cock. I’ll then move to the dining room for the finale to watch her tits bounce as she climbs up her steps.

This was the first time, that she now realized that she could see inside. I guess that I should have been embarrassed, but I wasn’t. I’ve often thought about her and what it would be like to fuck her. What those big ass tits of hers look like for real, especially with my cock in between them. I’ve had many a jack off session thinking about her.

My dog had stopped and seemed to be alright, so I went to the kitchen hoping I’d catch another glimpse of her.. I usually kept my back kitchen door open, to let air in and because Susie likes to lay in the alcove with all of the windows. No matter where I stand, you can’t see below my waist. As I stood waiting for Judy to come around, my hard cock was throbbing and oozing out more pre-cum.

She came around the corner as Susie went out into the alcove. Judy noticed her and looked in at her as she was walking. She saw me standing in the kitchen. I saw her eyes immediately look down my body to see if she could see me again as she licked her lips.

I went back to my room and jacked off and came really hard thinking about Judy. I didn’t even finish reading the story that I was in the middle of. About an hour or so later, I got a shower. As I was taking care of other things after my shower, I started thinking about Judy again and my cock got completely hard again. I finished up and walked out of the bathroom, which is caddy corner to my bedroom on the other side of my dining room with three steps down to it which are in direct view of the two windows on the side.

I came out and walked down the steps, my cock bouncing up and down with every step and turned walking through the dining room which left me full frontal walking towards those windows. That’s when I saw Judy again. I didn’t know she had gotten home and she was standing on the landing staring at me.

“Oh my God. Nice!” I heard her say. Our eyes met, and she brought her hand up and covered her mouth, her eyes widened and then she ran up the steps. Over the next week or so, I purposely stayed naked and hoped to give her a show. I know she had to have seen me at least 5 more times since that day. Most times, I would pretend that I didn’t know that she was there. I knew at this point she was enjoying watching me. I was certain that this would lead to us fucking. I sure wanted it to.

I decided I’d really give her a show to try to see if I could speed this process up. I was already naked and semi-hard in the kitchen when she pulled up and parked. I went into the dining room immediately and sat in the dining chair in direct view from the windows. It was a side view of me from the window, sitting on the edge with my legs extended out in front of me.

I started stroking my self quickly. After the appropriate amount of time that I knew she would be at the steps. I closed my eyes and slowed my stroking and started moaning out. “Oh Judy, yes. Oh that feels so good Judy. Mmmmm, baby. Oh, make me cum, Judy. Make me cum!” as I heard her climb the three stairs to the landing. I didn’t hear any more steps. I knew she was standing there watching me jack off.

“Oh Judy, you feel sooooo good! Mmmmmm, baby. Oh Judy. OOHHH. OOOOH GOD, JUDY! I’m CUMMMMMIIIIIING!” I yelled out and came. I must have shot out at least 5 spurts up into the air and landing on my hand, stomach and chest.

“OH MY GOD!” she said rather loudly. Even though I knew she was there all along. I played the part and opened my eyes and turned and looked at her. “Oh God, Judy!” I said. I got up and started walking towards her. My cum was dripping down my front as I walked towards her. My cock remained hard and bobbed up and down as I walked.

She stood there frozen just staring at me. I stopped right in front of the window. We were literally only 3 feet apart, but she was outside and I was inside. I grabbed my hard cock and I slowly started to stroke it again.

“Oh my God, Tom. That was soooooo HOT! Were you really thinking about me when you came like that?” she asked.

“Oh yes, Judy! I’ve wanted you for quite some time. You are so hot and sexy! Why don’t you come on in?” I replied.

“Oh my God, Tom. Ummmm… Let me run these things upstairs and I’ll be right there!” she replied, turned and ran up the stairs. I went into the bathroom and wiped the cum off of myself. As I walked out of the bathroom, I heard my front door opening. “Tom?” I heard her say.

“Come on back.” I yelled as my cock immediately got rock hard again. I started walking through the dining room and we met at the corner.

She looked down at my hard cock. “Oh my God, Tom! Mmmmm.” and dropped down to her knees. She wrapped a hand around my shaft and immediately engulfed my cock head. She licked all around the head as she stroked my shaft. “Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm” she moaned as she continued to move her tongue all around me.

She pulled her mouth away and looked up at me with a mile wide smile on her face. “Oh God, Tom. It’s been so long since I’ve had any cock. Mmmm. Your cock is so nice.” She said and stuffed me back in her mouth.

She let go of my cock and brought both of her hands up to my ass and she shoved me all the way down her throat. “OH GOD, JUDY! YESSSS!!!!” I yelled out as she deep throated me. She was like a woman possessed as she pulled me almost completely out and then right back down her throat faster and faster.

I was nowhere near cuming since I had just cum only minutes before, but she was very good and it felt wonderful! I looked down at her and noticed she was wearing a halter top. I reached down to the back of her neck and untied the bow. Her top fell down revealing those big beautiful breasts of hers.

I reached down and cupped both of her breasts the best that I could. It didn’t even faze her as she continued feasting on my hard cock. I squeezed and massaged her breasts feeling her nipples getting hard with my manipulations.

I let go of them and put my hand on her shoulders and pushed her away from me. My cock came out of her mouth with an audible pop. She looked up at me as if I had taken away her last dollar. “Judy, it’s been even longer for me without any pussy. I want some pussy. Let’s go to the bedroom.” I said and helped her up to her feet.

“OK, I can’t wait to feel that hard cock of yours inside of me. Mmmm.” She said as she reached out and squeezed it. I pulled her by her arm and led her to my bedroom. I sat down on the foot of the bed with her standing right in front of me. I leaned in and started sucking her hard nipple. She held my head pulling me into her more as she moaned out, “Mmmm. Aaaaaah.”

I reached around and untied her halter top at her waist and it fell to the floor. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic waistband of her shorts and panties and slid them down over her hips. I pulled away from her breast and slid down onto my knees in front of her and removed her shorts and panties together.

I leaned in and grabbed her hips and spun us around so her back was towards the foot of the bed. I pushed her back onto the bed. She fell back and laid down on her back as I spread her legs at her knees. Her pussy was spread open slightly and was already wet. I bent down and forward and licked her from the bottom of her wet lips and up to her clit. I repeated this and she moaned out. “OH YES!!!”

I sucked in her pussy lips as I thrust my tongue as far inside of her as I could manage.. She screamed out and arched her back up and towards me. I flicked the end of my tongue up and down rapidly inside of her. She kept moaning out, “YES! OH GOD! OOOHHHH!”

I thrust my tongue in and out of her a few times quickly as she continued moaning out. Then I moved up and flicked my tongue over her now swollen clit and brought my hand up to her pussy. I stuck my index finger just inside of her and twisted back forth as I sucked her clit into my mouth now.

I added another finger and thrust them together inside of her as far as I could. She screamed out and started writhing, twisting her hips. I thrust my finger in and out of her as she continued to moan and scream out. Then I curled my fingers up together as I slowly pulled back looking for her g-spot.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!” she screamed out when I found it. She arched her back up as I wiggled my fingers on her g-spot. Her pussy grabbed my fingers and she came arching her back even higher up then before. Her juices soaked my fingers and hand and leaked out of her.

After about 30 seconds, she dropped her hips down onto the bed, but her body was shaking. Then she just went limp and lay perfectly still. I pulled my fingers out of her and cleaned them off in my mouth and I licked the rest of my hand clean too.

I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. I watched her big breasts rise and fall with each of her breaths. I stood up straight and then crawled up on the bed onto my knees. The movement of the bed broke her out of her trance as she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Oh my God, Tom! Where did you learn how to do that? Holy SHIT!!!” she said looking at me as I crawled up the bed and lay down on my side and my head on the pillow. She wiggled herself up beside me.

“Seriously, Tom. Oh God, that was good!” she said as she leaned in placing a hand on the back of my head and kissed me on the lips.

“You wonderful man, you.” She said as she pulled away from my lips.

“I don’t think I did anything special. Guess we’ve both been without for so long, it’s all that much better.” I replied as I leaned in and then kissed her lips again. She still had her hand on my head and she pulled me in tighter. She opened her lips and snaked her tongue out into my mouth.

I lifted my leg up and over her body onto my knee on the other side of her. I pulled away and straightened myself up. My hard cock stuck straight out just below her tits. “Mmmmm.” She said as she reached out and started to stroke my cock. I moved myself up further till my knees were just below the bottom of her breasts. I grabbed a breast in each hand and lowered myself down laying my cock down between her breasts in her hand.

I started to gently push her breasts together around my cock. She knew what I was doing as she smiled and licked her lips and let go of my cock. I pushed her tits around my cock. I was completely enveloped in her massive breasts and my cock couldn’t be seen.

I thrust my hips up through her breasts and the head of my cock appeared below her chin. She smiled and licked her lips again as I drew back down. I thrust up again as she stuck out her tongue and licked the head as it appeared.

I continued thrusting faster as I moved my thumbs up and over her nipples. She licked my cock every time it poked out. I massaged her hard nipples as I kept the pressure of her breasts on my shaft. After a couple more minutes, she said, “Oh God, Tom. Take me, honey. Put that cock where it belongs.”

I reluctantly let go of her breasts and straightened my self up. My cock as hard as steel, sticking straight out, pointing to her mouth. A little pre-cum oozed out of the tip. “Oh God!” she said and grabbed my cock at the base pulling me up as she opened her mouth and sucked my cock head into her mouth.

She swirled her tongue all around my swollen cock head cleaning it up. “Mmmm.” She moaned with my cock still in her mouth. I pulled myself back and my cock fell from her mouth. I crawled backwards over her body, my cock bouncing up and down.

After moving past her pussy, I placed a knee between her legs. She spread them out further as I lifted my other knee and set it down between her legs. I grabbed my cock as she lifted her hips up slightly waiting for my entrance inside of her.

“Come on, Tom. Fuck me, baby. Stick that cock in me!” she yelled. I scooted up and placed my cock head at her entrance. She was soaking wet as I parted her wet lips. I pushed in a little more and her lips parted further to accommodate my cock head.

I let go of myself and grabbed her legs by her knees. I raised her legs up and onto my shoulders. I let go of her legs and reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them. We were staring into each other’s eyes.

“Are you ready, Judy?” I asked.

“OH GOD YES, TOM!” she almost yelled at this point.

Holding her ass tightly, I thrust forward with all my might. I felt my balls swing up and slap her ass with the force.

“OH GOD YES!!!!” she screamed out.

I slowly pulled back out until just my head was still inside her and then thrust again with force fully inside of her again.

“Oh you feel so good, Judy!” I said.

“Faster, Tom. Faster! Fuck me faster and hard!” she said.

I started thrusting in and out of her quickly. We both screamed out as I continued my rhythm. I leaned forward still thrusting in and out of her. I brought her knees with me raising her ass up as I got to her breasts. I started kissing and sucking on them

I increased my thrusting faster and faster as I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth and bit down on it. “OH GOD, TOM!” she yelled out.

I flicked my tongue over her nipple as I held it in my teeth. “OH GOD, I’M CUMIIIIING!” she screamed out as her pussy gripped my shaft and she released her juices. I immediately straightened my self back up onto my knees, my cock still buried deep inside of her.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and kept my body still as I lifted her by her legs up and down on my hard shaft. I could feel her juices dripping down over my balls now as she was cuming hard and screaming. I dropped her back down and started thrusting in and out again with vigor. I brought a hand over to her clit. I stuck my thumb down and inside of her over the top of my cock wetting it.

I brought my thumb back up and massaged her clit with it as I continued thrusting in and out. She screamed out again and came one more time. Her grip on my cock was enough to take me over the edge as I shot my cum deep up inside of her. I shot 3 more streams of my seed inside of her.

I pulled her legs off of my shoulders and pulled out of her and laid down on top of her, exhausted. I snuggled into her neck and kissed her neck gently and held her head with my hand. We just lay there together for a few minutes.

I rolled off of her onto my side and snuggled up to her with my arm laying over her front and my hand on her breast. We both fell asleep…

I woke up and opened my eyes. I felt very aroused for some reason. Images of Judy and I flashed in my mind as my cock flexed. I looked down my body to see Judy between my legs with my cock down her throat. I moaned out and she looked up into my eyes.

She pulled herself up and held my cock with her hand still looking into my eyes. My cock popped out of her mouth audibly. She smiled at me and said, “Hey sexy! I didn’t have any trouble getting you UP! Hope you don’t mind.” And immediately engulfed my hard cock again and stroked me with her hand.

Within a couple of minutes I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it all and sucked and licked me completely clean. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and let it drop down onto my leg. She crawled up to me on all fours and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Tom, I need to go. Thanks for everything. Mmmm, you are one sexy guy! I hope you want to do this again sometime.” And kissed me on the lips.

She rolled over and off of the bed and walked around to her clothes and started to get dressed. I couldn’t believe this happened. I was in disbelief as I rolled over to the side of the bed and sat up. I stretched and yawned.

“Tom, I have to tell you. That was incredible. Thank you so much.” She said as she walked over to me. “Seriously, thank you.” She continued. She bent over and kissed me on the lips. “Hope to see you later. Mmmm, do I.” she said laughing and walked out. A moment later, I heard the front door shut.

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