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Train Ride to Remember

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Writen from the ladies point of view by the Cowboy
The train ride to remember

By rough riding tender cowboy

I had looked forward to this trip for a long time. Hubby couldn’t or wouldn’t leave the farm for long and I wanted to visit my sister on the coast. I decided that the train trip out there was just what the doctor ordered. I packed books and comfy clothes and planned on watching the scenery day dreaming, reading and sleeping for the 5 day trip.

I boarded the train and unloaded my suitcase in the sleeper compartment, took a walk around noticed where the dining car and lounge car were and made a mental note to stop by for a glass of wine later and went and found a seat. I leaned back in the reclining chair and started to relax for the first time in months it seemed. Before I knew it I was waking up form a power nap. I sat up stretched and looked around. A few seats ahead and across the aisle I spotted a cowboy grinning at me. He tipped his hat with his finger and nodded. And I smiled back; I just couldn’t resist the twinkle in his eyes. I settled back down to enjoy my book ………a few minutes a shadow fell over me, I looked up and the twinkle was there …He said “excuse me ma’am would you care to join me for a drink”. I smiled, put down my book and told him. “I thought you would never ask.”

We made our way to the lounge car and ordered. He was definitely a rum man and I enjoyed a glass of white wine. The hours passed quickly as we chatted of horses, dogs, our jobs and the likes, then we began to talk about our dreams and I found myself telling a perfect stranger (and god was he perfect) things I had never shared with any one. In a matter of a few hours I felt we had known each other for years. The wine tasted so good, as the evening sun shot beams of light through the pines and into the rail car. His soft smile captured my imagination I felt myself wanting to taste his lips and feel his strong arms around me. My heart pounded in my chest when he asked me if I would care to join him for supper. I agreed readily but added that I need to go back to my compartment and change and freshen up a bit. He took my hand and offer to walk me back. "I'll be back in a half an hour to pick you up," he said as we stood in the narrow hallway. I do not know what came over me but standing on my tip toes I reached my arms over his shoulders and pressed my lips against his and got that kiss I wanted so bad. Twenty minutes I said to him, "I'll be ready" as I opened the door to my compartment. I freshened up checked my make-up found my sexiest dress and began to change, as I changed my panties my fingers slid over my soft pussy, my God I’m wet and swollen I thought. I wanted to reach for my vibrator and relieve myself right then and there, but no time I wanted this cowboy and tonight he was going to be mine.

Like clockwork, he arrived standing tall nearly filling the narrow hall. He stepped back motioning me to lead the way, I could feel his eyes on me as I tightened every muscle I had putting a little extra wiggle in my step. The waiter met us at the dining car, “table for two?” he asked. I nodded and smiled asking for a quiet spot near the window. The cozy spot in the corner was even better that I had expected. We ordered drinks, wine for me of course and another rum and coke for the cowboy. “Would you care to taste my wine?” I asked. He smiled and nodded and with that I took as sip leaned over put my lips to his and let him taste, as my arms warped around his neck and my tongue darted into in mouth.

“I’ve never tasted wine so sweet,” he said as he put his strong arm around me, his hand brushing the side of my breast.

 “Would you like another taste?” I asked.

 He smiled and nodded as I dipped my finger in my glass and let it drip over my exposed cleavage. This cowboy needed no training as his lips quickly covered the wet spot and his hot tongue made sure there was none left. As he came up our lips met again this time much tighter and much longer as our tongues danced together. I felt his hand reaching around me cradling my breast as mine slipped between the snaps of his shirt. My fingers wiggling though his hairy chest, as my heart pounded, I wanted to just rip the shirt off right there.

The voice of the waiter jolted me back to reality as he asked if we were ready to order. We decided to enjoy a prim rib sandwich and a light salad. His eyes never left me as we ate, I felt he was looking right through me. He had to know how much I wanted him. My mind was racing for the right words, and the craving in the pit of my stomach for his touch was something I had not felt in years.

The waiter then delivered a desert tray of fresh fruit nested in a bed of ice; there were grapes, strawberries, and melon pieces along with a cut of hot melted chocolate. “Strawberries are my weakness,” he stated as he dipped on into the chocolate and placed it to my lips. I felt the warm chocolate against my lips as I held it in my teeth moving my face to his to share. Our lips met with the sweet berry between as we shared its succulent juices.

“Possibly we could enjoy this much more in a private setting,” he said with a smile.

 I agree readily as he nodded to the waiter and gave the waiter some strange kind of hand sign. He took my hand and headed to the back of the car with out paying the bill or leaving a tip. I found this strange as I asked “where are we going there is nothing beyond here but baggage cars?” He only smiled as we stepped through the passage way from one car to the next the sounds of the rails rumbled beneath my feet. Pausing at the end of the third baggage car, he took me in his arms kissed me so softly and said “close your eyes my lady.” I could do nothing but follow his every command, my heart racing as he led me to the next car. “This is my car you can open your eyes now,” he said. It was breathtaking- a complete private car with a large oval bed covered with a red satin comforter, matching red satin drapes, a full bar, a hot tub in the far corner, a private bath with shower and heart shaped tub. A single white rose lay on the pillow and another tucked neatly in a bowl of fresh strawberries next to the bed.

 “My god!" I gasped. I must be dreaming as he took me in his strong arms kissing me again and again. His hot breath against my neck was driving me insane as my fingers tugged at the snaps on his shirt.

“Be patient my love, we have four days till we reach the coast,” he whispered as he lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bed, setting me down so gentle. I wanted to tear his clothes off and mine as well and feel our bodies so close. I wanted him more than any thing I had ever wanted and his patience was only driving that want to a higher level. His lips again moved over mine as our tongues danced and I found myself biting at his lower lip, as I felt his hands begin to unbutton my blouse. His lips moving slowly down across my shoulders as my blouse slid off my shoulders. My hand reached for the single snap in front of my bra as I felt his hand push it away as his tongue traced my breast along the line of the low cut bra.

His lips kissing softly at my cleavage as my fingers moved over his back being careful not to let my nails run to hard. Then with the slickness of a magician his teeth unlatched the single snap allowing my breast to be free. My nipples hardened as I felt his hot breath against them as his tongue traced so tenderly. I moaned softly as his lips covered my nipple and his hand caressed the other. My hand slid up his thigh as I felt the hard lump in his tight levies.

“Come with me my dear,” he said as he took my hand and led me in the direction of the hot tub. I watched as he toed his shiny cowboy boots and slipped off his levies and shorts, my heart racing faster and faster.

I barely remember getting out of my slacks and panties, but the rest of the trip I shall never forget. The warm water was so inviting as we touched and played. I felt his large strong hands softly caressing me as I pressed my wet firm breast tight against his chest. His fingers slowly slipping up my inner thigh as my legs unconsciously began to spread. His large palm was resting on my pubic hump rocking back and forth, as I felt his fingers sooth my wanting pussy lips. My hand slid down from his chest finding his swollen great rod, wrapping my fingers around it the best I could I began to stroke his manhood. I trembled a bit as I felt his strong fingers enter me pushing in and out along with the warm water swooshing against my clit. I began to moan uncontrollably as his finger began to roll back and forth over my clit.

Then with the accuracy of a pearl diver, I watched as he disappeared beneath the water his wet lips coming against my cunt, his tongue rolling against my clit as my grasped his head pulling him closer. I could feel his strong hands against my buns lifting me as he slowly emerged, setting me on the edge of the hot tub. I reached down to spread my pussy lips as his lips covered my clit sucking and licking. The sound of the trains whistle crying, as we sped through another town was the only thing close to drowning out my moans and screams of excitement. I felt my body shake and tremble as hot waves rushed through me. The warm water feeling so good against my swollen pussy as I slid back into the water reaching for his hard cock, stroking him beneath the water as our lips met again.

The warm terry towels felt good as he wrapped a large one around my body and handed me another with which I used to dry him off, paying close attention to each rippling muscle in his strong body. Then in a sweeping move, he swept me off my feet, carried me to that big bed, and gently laid me across it. His rugged frame hovering over me as his lips again began to explore my body as I quivered with excitement. I wanted him in me so bad now and his patience was driving me wild as his soft whiskers brushed against my breast. My nipples hardening to his touch as he sucked gently and I felt his strong hands slid up my thighs. I could feel my legs spreading wider and wider for him as his fingers teased the soft outer lips of my cunt.

 “My God Sir pleaseeeeeee I need you in me!” I begged. I had never met a man with so much patience and so much affection. He only smiled as he leaned back, his eyes glued on my wet wanting pussy. I watched as he reached for on of the cold strawberries next to the bed and with on hand spread my wet pussy lips and with the other squeezed the sweet cold juices out of the berry and letting it drip on my clit. I heard myself screaming words I had never spoken before as he grabbed another strawberry and gently push the cold fruit into my pussy. Then taking another in his lips and using his tongue to push it in also. I arched my self to his face uncontrollably as I felt his tongue push in deep. I moaned loudly as I felt his tongue riding back and forth over my clit. Totally out of control now, as I felt my body cumming as his tongue pressed against the sweet berry.

“Feed me my desert,” he growled as his tongue probed my cunt. The glazed cover fruit was easily pushed to his lips as I watched him eat it, as wave after wave rushed through my body. I felt his tongue once again probe for the last one as I felt my self pushing it to him, then I felt his tongue push it back, as in a reverse tongue of war. “Share that last one with me,” I moaned as I felt my self push it hard to his lips. Then I watched as he moved to my lips with the sweet pussy glazed berry between his lips and we shared it together. I felt my body quivering, feasting in my own ecstasy, of multiple orgasms, as I tasted my own juices on the berry and on his lips.

"How can I ever please this man in the manner that he has just pleased me?" rushed through my mind. However, before my dazed mind could ever think, I felt him roll me over to my stomach and lift my hips as I felt him mount me. His hard cock driving in and out of my swollen cunt. I could feel his ball slapping against my clit as his body crashed into mine. The sweet musty fragrance of our love making filled the room as my moans turned to screams of ecstasy. My hot juices flowing over his swollen cock as I felt him fucking me harder and harder. His strong hands griping my hips and pulling me over him as he totally controlled my body and soul. “OH MY FUCKING GAWD!” I screamed as I felt my knees rise off the bed as in a great lunge I felt him explode deep inside of me.

I felt our love juices mixing as we collapsed to the bed together, smiling and cuddling together.

The sound of the train whistle reminded me of where I was as the lights of another city flashed thought the widows. Enough light that I could read a small sign on the nightstand that read, “Any man can ride a train--- It takes a special man to run a railroad.”

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