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Two Fantasies Fulfilles

Husband and wife both fulfill their sexual fantasies on a holiday in the sun
Two fantasies fulfilled

It had been a long flight from the UK to Barbados and we arrived at our hotel late at night and exhausted. The holiday was for our wedding anniversary and without kids so although the plan was for lots of sex to make the most of our freedom, we collapsed into the huge king-sized bed and just cuddled up. It was great just lying there with one hand on Anna’s beautiful large tits and before long we just dozed off.

I vaguely remember hearing the door of the next room shut noisily and some drunken giggling and thought someone had been having fun! Before long, lying there half-asleep I heard that familiar faint knocking sound which seemed to be getting faster and faster – soon I could hear their bedsprings going as the couple were obviously getting into their rhythm and the sound of her first orgasm started to echo through the walls. I’ve always loved hearing people fucking in hotels – must be the voyeur in me wishing I was watching!

Not surprisingly my cock had sprung into life and I snuggled up closer to Anna sliding my cock between her gorgeous ass-cheeks so the head was just poking up against her lips. “You can hear them too!” she said quietly as she pushed her ass back so my cock slipped into her very wet cunt – she’d obviously been lying there listening to the couple fucking as well. Next door’s moaning was building up to another crescendo as we lay there rocking gently with Anna taking the full length of my shaft – I could hear my cock slipping in and out of her dripping pussy it was so wet – I knew I wouldn’t last long! I could feel her start to rub her clit in perfect unison to the banging next door and with that the guy next door upped the pace and was obviously close himself – we could hear him grunting as he came and I could feel Anna’s cunt muscles grasp my cock as she made herself come and just as he let out one final shout she let out a little moan! It was my turn now and I rolled her onto her front with my cock still buried deep inside her. I pulled at her hips and she knew that was the signal for her to lift her ass and get onto all fours – I was soon pounding away just making out the beautiful sight of her luscious ass in the faint glow of the moonlight through the windows. I am sure that the next door couple must be listening just as we were and that turned me on even more – I could feel my balls tightening and let out 3 or 4 huge spurts filling Anna’s pussy with cum. We collapsed back on the bed and within minutes drifted back to a deep contented sleep.

After a good night’s sleep we showered, dressed and got ready to go down for breakfast. By coincidence, just as we were locking our room we heard the couple next door open their door – they glanced in our direction and said good morning in an American accent – they made a very attractive couple, both in their nid-30’s I’d guess – he was black about 6’4 and obviously worked out – she was gorgeous - about 5’3 with long black curly hair – a real latino beauty with a gorgeous body that I could make out through the fabric of her short flimsy sundress that showed off her tanned legs to perfection – small but perfectly formed tits - a really petite beauty!

We went our separate ways and over breakfast Anna and I chatted about how great they looked – she’d often fantasised about black guys and she had often told me that she would love to try a big black cock but had never seen one in the flesh! Before coming on holiday we had half-joked that by coming to Barbados she might be able to fulfil her wish – I’d told her that I was happy with that as long as I got to watch!! My personal fantasy was for a dark latino so to find a couple like this was too good to be true – however the chances of them being interested in this English couple 10 years older than them and slightly overweight was remote to say the least!

After a great day on the beach we changed and went for a pre-dinner stroll along the beach to a small beachside bar. Anna looked great – she had a flowing white sundress and had given in to another of my fantasies and had nothing on underneath – her 38dd tits swaying gently as she walked with her huge dark nipples clearly visible through the white material. I could also make out her tan lines but reassured her that people would just think she had flesh coloured panties on!

We reached the bar and couldn’t believe it when we saw the only people there were our neighbours – they waved and we went over to say hello. They introduced themselves as Mike and Livia and were from Houston – we ordered some drinks and got to know one another. I could see that Mike couldn’t take his eyes off Anna’s ample cleavage! Personally I couldn’t take my eyes off his latino beauty who was wearing a short tight dress – I could just make out some white lacy panties as she crossed her legs!

After a few drinks we all thought it was time to head back to the hotel but we were having such a great time we didn’t notice the dark clouds rolling in and before long the rain started to come down really heavy. We scampered across the beach Mike holding Anna’s hand to help her along and me helping Livia who was struggling in her heels which weren’t really suitable for the beach! By the time we reached the hotel, we were all soaking and Anna’s dress was virtually see-through – Mike suggested we went into their room to dry off (as we were only next door it would have made sense to go to our own rooms but I could see what he was thinking!) – I said go ahead and I’d get some dry clothes for us! When I got back to their room the girls were in the bathroom drying off and Mike was fixing more drinks wearing a towel wrapped around his middle – he whispered to me how he really like Anna and especially her tits as Livia was lacking in that department! I asked her if he wanted to fuck her if she wanted it and his face lit up with a huge smile and said it would be his pleasure! He knew Livia wouldn’t mind as they’d had some threesomes with her friends back in Houston!

The girls came out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around them – Mike asked Anna if he wanted him to dry her back – she glanced at me and I gave her a reassuring wink to tell her it was ok. She said ok but only if she could do something for him – with that I couldn’t believe my eyes when she grabbed his towel which dropped to the floor to reveal his cock which looked huge even though he was only half-erect. Livia came over and sat on my lap – it looks like the girls had been doing their own plotting when they were in the bathroom.

Anna sunk to her knees and admired the cock growing right in front of her face – she pulled the skin back tight and took as much of it as she could in her mouth – he was now fully erect and she had at least 6 inches of it in her mouth and still had room to wrap her hand around the base – he was also much thicker than me so I know she must have been struggling to get any more in!

Livia’s towel had also come loose to reveal her lovely little tits – she had incredibly long nipples that I couldn’t resist sucking on, although I couldn’t stop looking at Anna fulfilling her fantasy passionately. He pulled out of her mouth and Anna wrapped her ample cleavage around his huge tool and tit-fucked him, licking the end of his bulbous cock!

She motioned for him to lie back on the bed and she straddled him cowgirl-style gently lowering herself down his huge shaft – she looked slightly uneasy as he was even bigger than her thickest vibrator that I had bought for her a few weeks ago! He was a careful considerate lover and let her move carefully until she managed to squeeze him all in – I was amazed to see her take all of it right up to the hilt. She began lifting herself up and down as he had a good feel of her curvy tits – I could see her love juices glistening on his thick ebony shaft. Livia was obviously enjoying herself as she had freed my cock from my shorts with one hand and was furiously rubbing her clit with the other – I slipped a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy and felt her clit with my thumb – it was massive and she had huge pussy lips that were begging to be sucked, but I didn’t want to take my eyes off my Anna fulfilling her fantasy. Anna’s nipples seemed to be bigger than I’d ever seen them before as she reached her climax – she started to moan as she came and came like I’d never heard her before – he gave a huge grunt as I could see his balls contact as they came at the same time. As she slid forward to kiss him, his cock slipped out followed by what seemed and endless stream of cum.

I could resist no longer and knelt beside Livia and started to suck on her amazing clit – in no time she was coming and I slipped a couple of fingers into her juicy pussy and could feel it ripple as she came and came. I glanced up and saw Mike and Anna smiling and admiring the view – I was the only one who hadn’t cum yet so rolled Livia onto her back – she lifted her legs high and wide to reveal those gorgeous pussy lips again and that smooth pussy with just a hint of a dark-haired landing strip. I sunk straight into her wet cunt and she started to moan as I pounded into her, her lovely tanned legs now over my shoulders. I glanced at Anna as I came and she was smiling as she held onto Mike’s now semi-erect cock getting him ready for round 2!

Needless to say we missed dinner that night and that was the start of an incredibly sexy couple who fulfilled our wildest fantasies!


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