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Valentine / Birthday Wife

Husband and wife have a passionate night
I wake to an empty home, I made my way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I'm half asleep as I opened the cabinet to get a cup. I turn around and ask, "What's this?"

I see a stuffed animal and a heart shape box of chocolates along with a card. I move it to the side so I can pour my coffee. I grab the items and then head to my chair. Naturally, my wife sealed the envelope as I open it up. Its a very touching card. Placing it to the side, I take a sip of my coffee. I lean back in my chair and smile.

I realized that, I should have went out the day before to get my wife something. It's too late now, I have to shower and get ready for work. I walk into the bathroom, and I can still smell my wife's perfume. Turning on the shower, I undress and then get in. The water feels so good. I lather up as I stroke my semi morning wood. Damn I wish my wife were here. I wash up, then get out and dry off. I'm so horny but there's no time. I get dressed and then make my way to work.

I send my wife a text message, thanking her for the Valentines card and the gift. Moments later, I get a reply, "You're welcome, I love you."

"I love you too." is my reply as I pull into the business parking lot.

I park and make my way inside. I clock in and start my shift. It doesn't take long and I'm already getting upset. We appear to be out of the key items I need to do my job. The assistant manager of the department arrives and asks, "How are you?"

I unleash a volley of words telling him, we are out of the things I need to get my production done. He tells me not to get so upset. "Dude, how can I get my shit done if we don't have the things I need?" I ask.

I realize there's no point to pitch a fit, so I do what production I can. Then by 9:00 am, I go on my break. I head to the break room to heat up my breakfast/lunch, and then decide to eat in my car rather than in the break room. When my break is over, I feel so much better, and thus I'm in a better mood. I return to work, things went so much better and time went by so quickly. Before I knew it, the end of my shift had arrived. 

On my way home, I made a stop and bought my wife a dozen red roses and a bottle of her favorite wine along with a birthday/Valentine's Day card, as her birthday is also Valentine's Day. Once back in my car, I wrote a short message on the card, placed it back in the envelope, and continued to make my way home. Once I arrived I saw that my wife was already home.

I got out and with the items I purchased and made my way inside. It was dark and so I made my way to the bedroom and my wife was laying on the bed in a sexy nighty with a glass of wine. She gave me a sexy smile and said, "I was so hot that I had to put something else on, do you mind?"

"Oh heavens no," was my respose.

"Do you like what you see babe?" she asked. Yeah, like she really needed to.

I leaned down and took her glass from her and placed it on the night stand. Then we began to kiss very passionately, when she said, "I want you to make love to me. And I want to feel you deep inside me, do whatever you want to me."

She helped me out of my clothes and I helped her out of hers, not that she was wearing all that much. I opened up her legs and started kissing my way to her love box. She was so wet that I could see it glistening. She let out a soft moan as I reach the target. Her legs lay on my back as I began to eat her out. Within moments she had climaxed, which really started to get my motor going. My tongue went deep into her and I licked and sucked on her clit. It wasn't too long she came again. She was really into it now as her moans got louder and louder.

"It's your turn! It's your turn," she cried, repeating her words.

By her third orgasm it was clear she was well ready for me to enter her. She pulled me up as I latched on her left breast. Her nipples were at full attention. I sucked on it trying as though to get milk to come out. Then I went to her right breast and did the same thing.

"Oh I love you," I said as I placed my very hard cock at the entrance of her love canal.

Her legs were on my shoulders as I slowly pushed in her. She gasped as I continued to push deep inside her until I was all the way in her. I just stayed still as I could feel her tighten around my cock. Then I pulled half way out and then started to pump slowly within her. I sucked on her neck as I continued move and pump slowly in and out of her. She wanted me to cum quickly but I said no.

I told her I wanted to cum inside her, but she said, "No, Cum on my belly." This was something she loved for me to do, and who am I so not give my wife what she wants for her birthday.

As I continued pumping, her moaning and breathing became louder and louder. This was the first time in some time that I was able to bring her to a climax before me. Then I felt her tighten up. She was grabbing the sheets as she came on my cock.

"Oh yes baby fuck me fuck me good!" She cried as I started to pick the pace up.

I said, "I'm going to cum in your pussy!" I was lost in the moment of her orgasm and had forgotten her earlier request.

She said, "Do it cum inside me please cum!"

We were both moaning as I was now thrusting inside her.

Then it happened, I shot my seed, into her with all my might. I was so into the moment that I didn't stop. I just kept going, telling her, "I want you! I want you!"

I felt myself cum again inside her, also something that I didn't do very often, but as I said, I was lost in the moment of my wife's orgasm. By now, her body had gone went limp. Her legs slid down to the side of my body, as she dug her fingers into my back. I was still pumping her with purpose, when I shot my last load into her. I laid on her as I could feel my juices come out of her love box. A feeling I so enjoyed.

We just laid there for about ten minutes as we both tried to catch our breath. I got the towel, cleaned her up a bit, then said, "its time for the toy."

The toy is a strap on I use, as even after three rounds, she still wanted more. I placed a rubber around it and lubbed it up just to be sure it wouldn't hurt, even though she was well lubricated. I then had her on all fours as I placed it at her love canal. Slowly I entered her, she gasp as it made its way inside and then I rocked back and forth.

She moaned, "Oh yes," as I pumped the rubber cock in her. She took the entire thing with no trouble as I started to move it in her.

What a sight, I wanted to take a picture of it so bad, but she said no. This was a request I didn't mind honoring. Then she lay on her back and I again mounted her with the strap on. I was now pumping her deep and then she let out a cry, "I'm cumming!"

She lifted her pelvis to meet the rubber cock and then she came. Oh my god, that was wonderful. Watching my wife having an orgasm on this hard cock is still something I love to see, even after all this time.

After a period of rest, my wife got up and said, "Sir that was just awesome. Mind if I take a bath?"

"Not at all," I said.

I just laid there a thought how blessed I am to have a wife who loves sex as much as I do. After about 30 minutes my wife came back into the bedroom. She was still naked. I opened the bed covers and asked, "Round two?"

She looked at me with a smile as she layed down, and I was instantly hard. Her beautiful naked body does that to me every time. I mounted her and pumped her for a good 15 mintes before I exploded in her. By then it was clear my wife was well spent, and thoroughly satified. I gave her a kiss and rolled off her.

She said, "I'm sorry," as we kissed.

At first I didn't understand why, then she rolled over and in moments she was sound asleep. I looked at my sleeping bride and birthday girl, kissed her head and whispered, "Good night my Valentine. I love you." 
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