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What a tease

Tags: oral, rope, rough
I tie your hands together, and take a step back to look you over. I smile as filthy thoughts fill my head. I push you onto the bed and climb on top of you, lining my pussy up with the bulge in your pants. I grind on it slowly and little moans from both of us fill the room.

I rip off your shirt, then strip down to nothing. You groan in agony at the sight of my naked body. My c-cup breasts, small waist, wide hips, large ass, and smooth pussy is right in front of you, but out of your reach. It kills you, knowing you can't do what you want to me, and the thought of that only makes me wetter.

I lean over the bed and begin to undo your pants. I grab them and your boxers, pulling them both down and off. I toss them onto the floor, and climb back on the bed. I wrap my hand around your big cock and begin stroking it slowly. I tease the head with the tip of my tongue, then slip your full length into my mouth and down my throat. Loud moans begin escaping your mouth and I slide a hand down between my thighs, and start rubbing my swollen clit. At this point I'm dripping wet. I can't wait to have your cock fill my pussy.

I begin to fondle and lick your balls while stroking you. Your moans get more intense as I start going faster. Your breathing quickens, and you manage to get out the words,

"I'm gonna cum."

I stop. Your eyes get big and you let out a loud sigh, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

I look up and smile as our eyes meet. You tell me I'm evil, and I respond with an, "I know baby."

I roll over and start playing with my pussy while you watch. I want you to suffer. I slip fingers in and out, massage my clit, and moan your name. I do everything I can to drive you wild. I ask if you want to be untied and you start begging me to do so. I say okay, but after I please you a little more.

So I crawl up to you and kiss you hard. I bite your lip, and it starts to bleeds a little. You demand I untie you and I refuse. I begin kissing your chest, biting your neck, and licking your collar bone. You're going insane and I decide it's finally time.

I untie you and as soon as you're able, you grab my wrists and pin me down with extreme force. You flip me onto my stomach and spread my legs. You get the rope I used on you, and tie my hands to the bed. You position my ass in the air and begin rubbing the head of your cock up and down my open pussy.

I moan with pleasure, and you slam yourself into me. I whimper as you thrust as hard as possible. I can feel you hitting my cervix and I begin to cry. I am in ecstasy; pure ecstasy.

You thrust in and out for what feels like forever. My pussy is sore. The mixture of pain and pleasure is indescribable.

I beg you to go harder. The tears begin rolling down my cheeks again, when suddenly I feel empty. You pull out and cum on my ass. You collapse next to me, and look me in the eyes. I lay there silent and motionless for a few minutes before you decide to untie me.

I slowly get up and begin to collect my things. I give you a quick kiss, and you give my ass a hard slap. I turn towards the door, and before walking out flash a smile and wink at you.

"Same time tomorrow?" I ask.

"Of course."

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