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Ghostly Visitor

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Another visit from her lifetime lover.
Today had been different. No one came to the house to see her and only one friend called to check in. She knew this would happen; it’s all part of the cycle. Everyone is there in the beginning, but over time it dwindles down to just those few diehards who really care and love you that remain.

It had been a month since her partner of decades had passed on. She knew the time was near, but that was of no consolation when it happened. The two of them were amazing together. Everything they touched turned to gold, so to speak.

They had gorgeous children, perfect grandchildren, fabulous careers, a beautiful home; the perfect life. They loved to laugh and their devious little minds worked in unison to come up with some very interesting twists and turns.

They had a love for each other that was like no other. Everyone that came in contact with them knew that their love was that once in a lifetime, fairytale love that they all wished they had. Some nights they would take a blanket out into the backyard and lay under the stars talking or just holding each other.

Tonight, as she sat in her chair on the patio sipping her wine, she looked up at those same stars with tears in her eyes. She was alone. She had been without him before, but this was different. This was forever.

She stood and dried her eyes before heading inside to bed. She set her glass in the sink before heading upstairs. Walking up the stairs, her legs felt like they had weights attached. Each step was heavier than the last.

She reached the top of the stairs and turned toward the bedroom-- their bedroom--the room they shared the most intimate places with each other; the place they shared their hopes, dreams and fears. Now it was just a hollow space: walls, ceiling, flooring and furniture. The life of the room was gone.

She walked into the bathroom and began her nightly routine. She pulled her thinning hair back from her face with the beautiful lace hair tie he had purchased for her on their trip to France. She brushed her teeth and washed away the day from her face. She took his favorite pajamas and put them on. She needed to feel him; this would bring him close.

She climbed into bed and pulled the covers up high toward her head, rolling onto her side as she did. She snuggled them tight, almost cocooning herself. This part of the day hadn’t gotten easier with the passing of time. If anything it had gotten worse. In the beginning it was as though he was just away on a business trip, but now it was real. Now she knew this was the way it would be every night until she was once again reunited with him.

It wasn’t long before the tears started just as they had every night since his death. Tonight it wasn’t just tears. Tonight those tears came from a deep place in her soul. Tonight’s tears were the rip-out-your-guts kind of tears. Her body began to convulse with the pain of loss.

She felt what seemed like an arm reaching over her and the back of her body got warm. It was as though someone was lying in the bed with her. Apparently, the wine had gone to her head a little more than usual and now she was feeling things.

After a few more minutes, her crying began to subside, but the feeling was still there. The arm that she had felt around her was now moving and she could feel a hand stroking her cheek. The gentle, warm caress of her lover. She began to cry again.

The arm went back around her waist and held her tight. The tears were now different. The tears were now tears of knowing that her lover had come back to her. She knew it was him and now she could smell him.

As the tears began to subside, she could feel him move his hand toward her breast. There was now no doubt in her mind that this was her lover. He cupped her breast and pinched her nipple. She moaned and began to feel wetness pool between her legs.

Then the sensation of her lover left her. She thought her imagination was just playing cruel tricks in the second before she again felt his hand on her arm rolling her onto her back. The covers that cocooned her had somehow been loosened and were now being pushed down to the bottom of the bed.

She felt a hand on the bed near her head and what seemed to be a knee and calf near her hip. She then felt the same thing on her other side. She felt the weight of him straddling her.

The hand left the sides of her head and began unbuttoning the pajama shirt. She watched in disbelief as the shirt began to part, exposing her breasts. She could see what looked like her breasts being pushed together, but there were no hands that she could see, just a haze.

She felt each of the nipples being sucked and kissed as her hips began to grind into the bed. Then again she felt the hand by her head as her breasts hung to the side of her chest.

She could feel his tender kisses on her cheeks and lips, then wandering down her neck. She could feel each of his legs as they moved from her hips and were placed between her legs, spreading them wide.

She lifted her legs as she always did for him. She could feel his cock sliding into her pussy ever so slowly. He was making love to her. She wrapped her arms around what appeared to be thin air and hugged him tight.

She could feel his face and kissed his cheek. Tears began to come again; tears of happiness knowing that her man was still with her. She felt him pulling back from her and she unwrapped her arms.

She could feel his hands as he placed them on the back of her calves, slightly lifting her ass off the bed and driving his cock deeper into her. She could sense his cock pounding into her pussy as he had done a countless number of times.

She began screaming and moaning loudly. Her orgasms were waves of ecstasy unlike any she had felt before in her life. Then she felt the three hard strokes, the last one staying deep inside her. He had cum.

After a few moments, she could feel the hands come off her legs. She slid her legs down his body as her ass once again came to rest on the bed. His cock was still inside her as he lay down on top of her and held her.

After a few minutes, he kissed her on the cheek and got up from her body. He sat next to her on the bed and grabbed the covers from the bottom of the bed and covered the two of them.

He lay next to her with his arm around her until she fell fast asleep. His time with her was over for now, but he would return the next time, and every time she needed his touch until they were able to be together for eternity.

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