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Ghost Stories


Sister Noelia's Christmas Visitation

A Nun in Holy Orders Gets a Glimpse of An Alternate Reality

Sister Noelia was alive. To begin with, there can be no doubt about that. To confront a further suspicion the reader may have of her, based on events in this tale, she was not only alive but very much sane. In fact, she was beloved and respected throughou...

Redheaded Witch

She visits him yearly on All Hallows Eve with a special purpose in mind...

The cool air moved as she crept into the room. Inky darkness precluded the ability to see, but the vision of her tousled crimson locks was vivid in his mind’s eye—a sight that took up residence there years ago when she first touched him. She glided noisel...

The Psychic

A call from a psychic makes for an entirely new assignment, taking "supernatural" to a new level.

A weird advertisement in the paper drew Ralph's attention. It was a request to assist a psychic. He first thought it was a joke, or a mistake, but a call told him it was all real, and after looking up this psychic online, he couldn't deny that it looked l...

Spectral Kiss

Angie has a ghost-sex fetish, so it's only fitting that she'd rent a haunted house

The harsh winds of the storm rattled the ancient windows; the foreboding-looking house creaked and groaned as if in torment. Eerie sounds, reminiscent of footfalls in the cold, darkened corridors, randomly approached, then retreated. The power was out yet...

Mrs. Peter Thornton

A woman ponders if she has had a nocturnal visit from her deceased soon-to-be husband

I'm sitting on the side of my bed. Remembering the day my future husband was killed. Thinking back, I can’t believe it has been a year. A year ago, I was three months short of becoming Mrs. Peter Thornton. But I am still Patricia Singleton and Patricia, P...

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The Thrusts And Grinds Of The Incomparable Cheek-Clapper

Some urban legends are more pleasant than others

“Clap these cheeks. Clap these cheeks. Clap these cheeks.” The dark-skinned, ponytailed beauty stared into her bathroom mirror and shook her head in an “I knew this bullshit wouldn’t work” motion. It probably served her right for buying into nonsensical u...

Ghost Town

Rose makes a stop on her long drive and is stretched in unexpected ways.

Rose had been on the road for six hours. Her coffee was gone and the snacks she brought were picked at to the point they were no longer desirable. Signs on the side of the freeway announced a Ghost Town just up ahead. She still had several hours until she...

Ghost Town Orgy

City woman attends a festival at a ghost town, and finds herself part of a graveyard orgy

Visible steam rose from a porcelain cup of coffee as Chloe tried to sip at it, burning her tongue in the process. She got her coffee first, while her friend, Sylvia got an iced-mocha-chai-latte with almond milk. Chloe hated when people ordered that, it ma...

Back in the early 1800s, in old London Town, lived a lady called Carol. I say lady in the loosest possible sense. For Carol you see, was a lady of the night. And day actually, she wasn’t really that fussy. She was happy to give her body to any man, or wom...

What Dwells Within, Chapter 1: Dream House

Wife feeling mysterious urges in their brand new house

"Ready?" Ali asked with excitement as she looked out of the passenger window as they pulled up in front of their new house. Scott looked over at his wife and gave her knee a little squeeze. "Yep, we finally made it. It'll be a long couple of days getting...