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I Dream Of Bridgette

A routine flight turns out to be anything but routine!

Introduction: Bridgette B. is one of my favorite pornstars and so when I came across this photoset of her in a harem girl outfit, I knew I had to make a story of it! This story is a sexy parody of the old TV show "I Dream of Jeanie” but with a few sexy twists! I hope you like the story as much as I liked writing it!
* * * *
Tony Williams sat in the holding position, awaiting permission to enter the runway and take off. His small Cessna 340 twin-engine plane was fueled and ready for its flight to the Bahamas. He was a pilot for a prominent real estate agency, and was to fly to Nassau to pick up some clients who were looking to invest in a hotel deal there.

It was a good day to fly too; the sky was clear, there was no weather to be concerned with, and his plane was in top condition. It should only take him about an hour to fly there and pick up his people, then an hour flight back and he’d be done for the day.

Simple… or so it would seem.

But today was not going to be an ordinary day. Not for Tony.

The tower called him and gave him clearance to take off, and he rolled his aircraft onto the runway. A minute later he was airborne and headed for Nassau. But about 120 miles out, his aircraft started acting funny. He had passed Bimini and it was only another sixty miles to go to reach Nassau - a lot closer than trying to turn around and return to Ft. Lauderdale where he started from.

He tried calling the airport at Nassau to let him know he was having troubles, but he couldn’t seem to get through, even though he was well within range. He tried calling some of the other airports around the area - San Andros, Mastic Point, even South Bimini, but he couldn’t raise anyone. Then, in desperation, he tried calling back to Ft. Lauderdale to see if maybe he could get them, but all he got back each time was static.

Tony knew he was in trouble, but he had no other choice but to try to make Nassau and hope that his plane didn’t fall out of the sky before he could put it down himself. He took a look at his instruments. His altitude was good. His speed was good. He was flying level. He had plenty of fuel. The only thing that troubled him was that his compass seemed to be acting strangely.

He looked at the direction the sun should be in and it wasn’t there - it should be just off his right side at about 2:00 or 30 degrees roughly, however, it wasn’t there. It was actually straight out his left-hand window at 270 degrees. This was completely wrong. He was lost and there wasn’t anything he could see to orient himself. He knew that he was in the infamous Bermuda Triangle, but he’d never had any troubles with this trip before and had no reason to expect anything different this time.

Suddenly, his situation went from bad to critical; his left engine sputtered and died. A few seconds later, his right engine also died. He looked at his fuel gauge and, horrified, it read EMPTY!! He was miles from any land whatsoever and he was out of fuel! His plane began sinking closer to the water. He could glide for a little bit, but there wasn’t even land on the horizon anywhere around him. He was going to crash into the ocean and he didn’t even know where he was - and he couldn’t call for help!

The dark water crept closer and closer… it sure looked like the end for him. As he got closer to the water, he noticed how choppy the sea had gotten. This was going to be a hard crash landing and his plane would most likely break apart. At least he would sink fast and drown… it looked like a quick, albeit premature, death. Just before his plane struck the water, he blacked out, his mind not wanting to witness what was surely going to happen next.

The next thing Tony knew, he was laying on what appeared to be a beach. He was flat on his back on the sand. He didn’t remember any island nearby… he certainly didn’t remember swimming to it. He was alive - at least he thought he was - and not even wet! What had happened? Was he alive or was this what happens when you die?

He wasn’t sure of anything at this point. He felt hot, like the temperature was hotter than it should be. Hell, perhaps? No, it wasn’t that hot and there was no fire or anything he had come to associate hell with. But it wasn’t that nice seventy-two degrees it was when he left Ft. Lauderdale. His throat was burning and he stood up. His legs worked fine it seemed. He began walking, not having a clue where he was or where he was going. He just hoped he could find someone or something to explain all this.

Tony walked for what seemed like hours. But he couldn’t know because he found that somehow his watch had gotten broken in whatever had happened to him so he had no idea of the time, adding even more mystery to his plight. He was sure now that this was no beach, but where was he? Tony’s throat was really burning now. He felt hot and he had stopped sweating. He knew from his first aid classes that he was suffering the early stages of heat stroke and that if he didn’t find some kind of shade pretty soon, drowning in the ocean would have been a much better death than what would befall him.

Tony climbed one more sand dune and then he saw it. Something was out there in the distance. Or at least he thought it was something - at this point, just about anything was possible! But at least it was something to aim for… it was hope.

Tony began walking toward the unknown object. It was some distance off; he could see it shimmering in the heat. And as he walked towards it, it got bigger and clearer. After about an hour of trudging through the sandy soil towards the object, he realized it was a tent! A multi-colored tent! Finally, maybe he could find out where he was and hopefully get rescued!

He picked up the pace and scrambled the last little ways to the tent. He went around looking for the entrance and found it but when he went inside, a surprise awaited him beyond anything he could have possibly imagined!

Inside the tent, laying on some fancy looking pillows and colored sheets, was a stunningly beautiful young woman! She appeared to be about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She was wearing what to Tony looked like a harem-girl costume… something a girl would wear to a sexy Halloween party. But she was rocking it! She had a killer body and her outfit showed off every amazing feature of it. Tony stood there in the doorway of the tent, slack-jawed as the beautiful woman rose and came over to him.

She spoke something to him, but Tony didn’t understand the language… it sounded like something you must hear in the Middle East someplace, but that was ridiculous - his plane only had a range of 1400 miles and the Middle East was almost 7,000 miles - and in the wrong direction! And because he was only going 400 miles round trip, he wasn’t even carrying a full load of fuel!

“Where am I?” he asked the woman, “What is this place?”

Again, she answered in the same strange language. This was getting him no place. He tried a different tactic. “Is there anyone else around?” he asked, making hand gestures that might help get his question understood. But she just looked at him still confused.

Great, he thought, the one person I find that might help me doesn’t speak English!

He sighed in frustration, “Oh, I wish you could speak English!” he said.

“Your wish is my command, Master!” she said in perfect English.

Tony was astonished. “You speak English! Why didn’t you say so before?”

“Because you didn’t wish it before, Master,” she replied.

“What?” he said, puzzled, “Who are you?”

“My name is Bridgette, Master. I am your genie,” she said.

“My WHAT?” he asked again.

“Your genie, Master. I am yours to command. Anything you wish shall be granted,” she replied calmly.

“I’m dead. That’s it. I died in the plane crash and this is my heaven. Or hell. That’s the only explanation!” he said aloud to himself.

“But you are not dead Master! You are here with me. I saw you wandering in the desert and guided you here to me. I am yours now Master,” she said, trying to explain things to him.

“In the desert? What desert - there’s no desert in Florida!” he said.

“What is… Florida?” she asked.

“Florida… you know, the United States! America, that’s where I’m from,” he said.

Bridgette looked at him confused. “I do not know this Florida or America,” she said.

“Of course you do, everyone knows of America!” he said.

“No, Master, I am sorry. But I do not know of this place you speak of,” she said.

Tony gave up on that line of questioning at that point. “Okay, that’s not important right now. Where am I? What is this place?” he asked.

“It is Hasi al-Tabook, Master,” she said, astonished that he didn’t know where he was either.

“Hasi al-Tabook? Where is that? What country is this?” he asked.

“It is the Great Desert Master,” she said. “Now please rest, Master. You have walked a long way and you are tired. Lay here and rest, Master, please. Would you like something to drink?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be nice,” he said. And with that Bridgette clapped her hands twice and a small table with wine and glasses suddenly appeared just to his left side next to Bridgette. Tony was shocked, but Bridgette poured some wine into a glass and handed it to him. He sniffed it, then sipped it, then took a good mouthful of the sweet wine.

When his thirst was slaked and his burning throat cooled, Tony laid back on the soft pillows. Bridgette sat down next to him and began running her fingers through his hair comforting her new Master.

“So you are a genie, are you?” Tony said, skeptically.

“Yes Master,” she said.

“And I suppose you are to grant me three wishes, then?” he said somewhat mockingly.

“Oh no, Master! I will grant you as many as you like! I wish to be your genie forever, Master!” she said.

“I see. So how does this work?” he asked. Tony was still quite doubtful that he was fully in charge of his senses.

“All you need do is wish for something and I will grant it,” she said. “I am here to serve your every desire, Master.”

“I see. Well then, I wish to go back home to Ft. Lauderdale then,” he said.

“Oh, Master, I am sorry but I cannot do that,” she said, sadly.

“Why not? I thought you were a genie and could grant me anything I wished?” he asked.

“Yes, Master I am a genie. However, I cannot grant that wish because you see not only have you traveled far from where you live, but you have also traveled back in time. This is the year 668 A.D. Master,” she explained.

“Holy cow! That’s some 1300 years back in time! America won’t even be discovered by Christopher Columbus for another 824 years!” he said.

“Being a genie means not only granting my Master’s wishes, but it also involves protecting him from any harm. I cannot send you back home because your Ft. Lauderdale, Florida doesn’t exist yet, if what you say is true. I would not know where you were, I would not know you were safe, and I would not be able to bring you back! I am sorry, Master, but my genie laws do not permit me to send you into unknown dangers, even if you wish it,” she said.

“Yeah, I guess I understand. But what do I do now? I’m sure my boss is wondering where I am - I was supposed to be flying to Nassau to pick up some clients and bring them back to Ft. Lauderdale and the office to sign papers. He’s probably furious at me right now, I’m sure to get fired over this!” Tony said.

“Master, you can stay here with me. You do not need to worry about your boss; here, you are the boss. You do not need to worry about being fired because I will stay with you for as long as you wish me to. And you needn’t worry about what to do now, because I will provide everything you could want and need, Master. I am yours to command,” Bridgette said.

Tony listened to what Bridgette told him. He thought about his situation and about what he had left back home. He was single with no relationship ties. His parents were gone, and he had no siblings. His job, while fun and interesting, was still just a job.

Then he looked at Bridgette. This woman, this beautiful sexy woman, was making him an offer no red-blooded man would turn down. She was his… she would give him whatever his heart desired. All he needed to do was wish for it and she would grant it. And then Tony had an idea. 

I wonder… he thought to himself.

“Bridgette, you say that you are mine to command and anything I wish you will grant me. What all does that entail, exactly?” he asked, trying to be as tactful and polite as he could.

“Anything you wish, Master. Anything you desire, you need only wish it,” she said.

“Even you?” he asked, finally having to be blunt.

Bridgette smiled, lowering her head a bit but still looking at him coyly, “Yes, Master… even me.”

Tony felt his cock stir at her words. It had been awhile since he last felt a woman’s gentle touch and even longer since he felt her warmth next to him in bed…

“Okay Bridgette, I wish for you to come to bed with me. I wish to have sex with you,” he said.

She stood up and took off her skimpy sequin-covered crop top, revealing her generous 34DDD tits. She lay down next to Tony and he took the gorgeous genie in his arms, kissing her passionately. She put her arms around his neck, pulling him tighter to her and they began kissing even more urgently.

Tony’s kissing moved from her soft lips to her neck and then down to her shoulder. Bridgette moved her head to the side and brushed her blonde hair aside for him, inviting more kisses from him. Tony obliged her too, and enjoyed the soft moans that his hot licks and kisses brought out of her.

Then his mouth moved across and along her collarbone until he reached the notch at the bottom of her throat. With a final kiss at that tender spot, he turned his path due south, kissing down the center of her chest and headed for the twin mountains he had first noticed about her.

Bridgette wasn’t impeding his path either. In fact, she was encouraging it. She rolled onto her back as he kissed his way down her chest and into the valley between her wondrous tits. Moving over her, he placed one hand on each of her soft pillows and kissed the closest hard nipple, licking and sucking it into his mouth.

“Ohhh… she moaned, putting a hand behind his head and pushing his mouth down onto her nipple harder.

Tony took that as encouragement to continue, and he began licking and sucking and chewing on the stiff little bud he had captured. Bridgette writhed and twisted as she fed him more of her meaty globe, thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to her.

"Mmm, Master that feels wonderful,” Bridgette mewled. Tony licked and sucked on first one chewy nipple, then he moved over to the other so it wouldn’t feel left out. Bridgette gasped again as her second nipple got its loving reward and she arched her back in offering to him.

As much fun as Tony was having in feasting on his stunning new genie’s amazing tits and their delicious nipples, Tony could smell the musky, intoxicating aroma of more delights wafting up from below. And so, leaving the woman panting and her breasts heaving from his efforts, he kissed a trail further southward. He reached her bejeweled navel and playfully tugged at her navel piercing as she moaned.

He moved on down until he reached the scarf wrapped bottoms to her outfit. He looked up expectantly and she smiled untying the medallion-trimmed scarf and laid it to each side of her. Under the scarf, he saw what appeared to be a thong panty. He kissed down to the top edge of her thong and then looked up into the young woman’s lust glazed eyes.

He pulled her panties down slowly and saw that she was shaven completely clean. Thinking it odd that a woman of this time - the year 668, according to her - would be shaven like this he inquired.

“Y-you’re shaved?” he asked.

“Yes, Master. We genie’s also have the power to read minds and I learned in yours that you like your woman shaved, as well as this type of makeup and perfume. I just wanted to be pleasing to you Master,” she explained.

Well, you certainly have done that! he thought to himself. He smiled at her “You are most pleasing Bridgette,” he said. Then she parted her legs and invited him to partake of her sweet fruits.

Tony took one pillow and put it under her hips, raising them to a proper height and he laid down between them. He inhaled her delicious scent deeply wanting to savor her odor as well as her taste. Then he bent his head to the buffet before him.

“Ohhh, Masssterrr!” Bridgette moaned loudly as Tony fastened his mouth to her sweet slit. His tongue found its way deep inside her tunnel, seeking out every drop of the delicious nectar she had to give. She felt him inside her wriggling and squirming as he explored every nook and cranny, every fold and ridge where a precious drop might hide. Bridgette arched her hips up, holding his head with one hand and grabbing at pillows and blankets with the other as his licking and lapping took away her senses.

It would be a hard call as to who was enjoying themselves more right then; Bridgette at having her sweet pussy eaten, or Tony at his feasting on her. Tony loved the sound of a woman’s moans of pleasure and used them as a guide in his lovemaking. And Bridgette was very good at directing him, her moans, squeals, whimpers, and mewls giving clear indication on what was pleasing her.

Tony ate her as if he had been starving and she was prime rib. He was ravenous and she was more than willing to be his banquet, offering him a flood of her sweet syrupy juices as fast as he could lick them up.

But Tony wasn’t the only one who had been without comfort for a long time. Bridgette, herself, had been waiting well over a millennia for Tony to come along. While not trapped in a bottle as some stories of this type would say, Bridgette had nonetheless been trapped here in her tent in the middle of this endless expanse of desert since her last Master met with an untimely end.

So she was just as hungry for love as he was. She had been alone a very long time, and now her Master was making up for all those lonely nights. Bridgette was beside herself and it didn’t take long before she was ready to show him her appreciation.

“Oh, Master! Master, I’m… I’m going to burst!” she said, and then she did. She erupted, gushing forth a flood of sweet juices as she cried out her passions to the heavens. She arched her back and shoved Tony’s face deep into her crotch while her whole body shuddered. She held her arched position, her legs trembling with effort as her orgasm - the first in over a thousand years - ripped through her, tearing at her very soul.

Tony did his part to make up for her lost time by continuing to lick and lap up her juices and in doing so, extend her rapture until, at last, she collapsed down on the pillows out of sheer exhaustion. She lay there moaning and giggling as the wonderful ripples of her orgasm tickled through her, little electrical spasms racing up and down her body from her toes to her head.

Tony lay down next to her and she took him in her arms, pulling him close and kissing him over and over. “Oh, Master! Oh, that was wonderful! Oh, thank you! Thank you! It’s been so long, Master!” she said between kisses.

Bridgette laid her head on his chest and stroked his stomach as she regained her strength. Then she noticed something. “Oh, my poor Master! Oh, you haven’t had your pleasure! Oh, how thoughtless of me!” she said, sitting up. “How can I pleasure you, Master?”

She pushed him back gently laying him back on the pillows. She unfastened his belt and tugged on his pants. Tony raised his hips a bit to help her, and she pulled his pants the rest of the way down and off him. Then she crouched down like a lioness and crawled seductively up his body moving between his legs as she grinned playfully.

Bridgette used her long fingernails as “claws” scratching the insides of his thighs as she worked her way up his legs. Tony watched the beautiful woman as she stalked him like a cat, she knew exactly what he liked, again using her powers as a genie to search his mind. She had “seen” the porn movies Tony watched at home and she learned, through them, what he liked.

Bridgette moved further up his legs until she was right at his crotch. She raised her head so he could see her and looked at him, licking her ruby painted lips seductively. Tony watched, holding his breath, as she took his hard, throbbing cock in her hands, admiring it and examining it. She reached out and gave it a tentative little lick around the rim of the mushroom cap and liking the taste, she licked the full length of his hard shaft.

Bridgette liked the soft velvety feel of his cock against her tongue and she proceeded to give his cock a thorough tongue-bath, making sure she covered every inch of his shaft from his balls to the tip all the way around. Once she had covered him with her saliva, she pointed the tip at her soft lips and slowly sank down on Tony’s cock.

Tony groaned audibly as she started swallowing his impressive seven and a half inches. Although Bridgette had never given a blowjob before (it wasn’t done back in those times as it was considered “dirty”), she was doing a very good job of it now. She mimicked what she read in Tony’s mind and his thoughts and memories of the movies guided her and showed her what to do. And Tony relished the feeling of her warm, wet mouth bobbing up and down on his hard cock. She used her hands to stroke him following her mouth up and down his cock, adding more sensation to her work.

She worked his cock until he thought for sure he would explode, but she wanted him inside her and she prevented him from cumming too soon. With her powers, she could allow him to play for as long as she wanted and she had one more place she wanted him to visit before he was through.

After a bit of Bridgette’s exquisite oral skills, she relented and popped him out of her mouth. She rolled over onto her back and Tony got on top. She spread her legs and Tony positioned himself right where they both wanted him. Holding himself up with one hand, he took hold of the base of his cock with the other, aiming it at her dripping bald slit.

He pressed forward an inch or so until the tip of his cock had parted and pushed aside her pussy lips and was nestled right at the entrance to her tunnel. He gathered himself and Bridgette grabbed hold of the pillow under her head in preparation for what was to come.

When Tony was ready and saw she was too, he pressed into her. Watching her eyes get large and her mouth drop into a sexy “O” as she felt him enter her, Tony was welcomed with the sound he loved: a woman’s unbridled moan of pleasure!

“Ohhh, Master! Ohhh, I feel you inside me! Oh, it’s so wonderful - you are filling me up so much! Oh yes, Master, yes! Ohhhh!" Bridgette moaned. She didn’t need any coaching or mental telepathy for what she was feeling - these were genuine joyous emanations coming from her now!

Tony kept pressing into her, slowly sliding deeper and deeper until he was fully inside her and he felt his balls touch her ass. Then he began slowly pulling back out and as he got to where the head was just about the only thing left inside, Bridgette grabbed his arms "Please, Master! Don’t leave yet! Please!” she said, afraid he was pulling out and done.

Tony smiled at her and leaned forward to kiss her. “Don’t worry Bridgette, I’m only getting started!” he said and as he held his kiss with her, he began pushing back in. Bridgette moaned again - this time into Tony’s mouth - as she felt him opening her up once more.

When he had reached his end, He broke the kiss getting back up on his knees on the floor of the tent. He lifted Bridgette’s legs, placing her ankles on his shoulders and wrapping his arm around her thighs just above her knees to hold her in place. With a wink, he began pumping into her in and out with a moderate pace now.

Bridgette closed her eyes and moaned and mewled her delight at what he was doing. As he felt her getting used to him, he increased the pace and force of his thrusts. Bridgette kept up with him, her moans and cries increasing in volume and urgency as her passions rose.

Tony was plowing into her at full speed and full power, now. Bridgette was howling and crying out as she felt her world crumbling around her. It had been so long since anyone made her feel this way! She reached up and clawed at her tits, pinching her nipples and trying to rip them off her tits as his cock plowed her fertile field.

Tony was having the time of his life as well. Bridgette was the hottest fuck he’d ever had and her pussy was magic - he had never felt anyone as tight and yet as wet as her and the way she used her pussy muscles was like having his cock in a warm, wet milking machine! He knew it was only a matter of time before he wouldn’t be able to hold it back.

As he neared that end and felt the cum in his nuts at the boiling point, he dropped her legs to either side of him, spreading them wide. He used his thumb on her clit as he continued thrusting hard and fast into her. Bridgette squealed at this new addition, and he felt her walls clamp down on him,

“Master! I am going to burst again! Oh please finish with me! Please Master finish with me please!” she cried. He knew what she meant and with a couple more strokes, he growled out his own orgasm.

“Cum with me, Bridgette, Cum NOW!” he ordered, And together, the two of them both climaxed, their combined fluids mixing inside her and spilling out around his still pumping cock. He kept pistoning in and out, even as they both climaxed and when he was drained and she was finished, he lay down on top of her holding himself up a bit on his elbows and Bridgette wrapped her arms under his and her hands on his shoulder blades. He leaned down and kissed the gorgeous, satisfied, and very happy Bridgette.

If he was to be stranded in a remote desert, thousands of miles and thousands of years from home, he thought to himself, being stranded with a genie like Bridgette wasn’t such a bad way to be after all!


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