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Supernatural Stories


Hidden House of Whorrors: The Stray's Live Stream

Streaming Live! The Deflowering of a Monster Girl

Waking at the witching hour, Grgur the demon made his way to the kitchen. His long-fingered-short-clawed hand idly scratched an exposed hip near the fleshy orb that was his butt cheek, as his floofy tail curled around his leg like a shivering serpent. Red...

Sleeping Under The New Moon

After my spontaneous dance in the rain, I wake to discover that I am not alone on the night of the new moon

The sun had warmed me into a cozy oblivion and I fell asleep in the grass. Flushed from exertion and naked under the sky. I didn’t hear the dusk birds begin their song, nor the crickets take out their fiddles to welcome the night. My dance in the arms of...

When Ravens Die

What happens when the balance of power is abruptly disrupted?

Deep within a forest in Romania… The Carpathian mountains rising above the dark green silhouettes of the three-hundred-year-old trees were no match for the splendour of the castle, protected within the virgin forest. On its intricately carved balcony, a y...

Remembrance Of A Valentine

It came upon a midnight dreary, while I was weak and weary.

The day was ending with a dreadful cumulus battle on the horizon. Studdering flashes of lighting silhouetting the mountains of clouds as they rumbled towards me. Today of all days I found myself alone sitting in the kitchen looking out across the swaying...

Coquinas - A Tale Of Thanksgiving

She had nothing to be grateful for...

She had nothing to be thankful for… As vacationers flocked to the area for the Thanksgiving holiday, Kelly sat on the beach, looking at the water. Sitting on this powdery sand and staring into the blue-green water made things seem less distressful. She co...

One of the Wildfolk

A wild Winter Solstice in the woods transforms a young woman

Alissa MacDougall pulled her Ford Transit camper off the main road into a gravel patch in the woods. It looked like an abandoned driveway or side road. It was hardly a perfect spot, but the time was past nine and she still had almost three hours to the ne...

Howling Under the Moon

A Halloween Romance

Night wind howled, chill to the bone. Monstrous legends of fear and fur lurk under the full moon. Yet no fear stopped fair Amelia on one Hallows Eve not forgotten. Entranced by beastly myth, she snuck past the pumpkin patch and crept away from the safety...

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She Was Sweet Satan

Like an insect trapped in the cobweb of seduction, she can't crawl away from exorcism.

Satan. A brilliantly beautiful virgin. Like an insect trapped in his cobweb of seduction, she can't crawl away from exorcism. Not when she has surrendered her heart, body, and mind to the Supreme Cambion. Not when her wrists and ankles are bound on the on...


Will she discover the secret of the pumpkin patch?

I remember the rumors. The rumors about having the best night of your life in this pumpkin patch. I'm lying here, naked in the dirt, feeling the night breeze on my exposed and swollen pussy. Nothing is happening and I'm beginning to feel foolish. As the m...

Fire And Ice

In a cursed pumpkin field, vampire Damon and demoness Selena's forbidden love blooms beneath the Halloween moon.

Damon, the ruthless vampire, locked gazes with Selena, a malevolent demon chanting in a cursed pumpkin field beneath the haunting, full moon. Her sultry whispers, like tendrils of shadow, drew him closer, tempting him to abandon his insatiable hunger, and...

The Seduction Of The Vampire

The way his hand trailed down my arm made my pulsating cunt wet & made me moan pleasurably as he dug his vampire fangs into my neck

My name is Charlotte Bennett, and it was the year 1912, London England when I met him. The demon from hell named Daniel Somerhalder. I had been working as a bartender at the local pub serving customers, who were loud, cheerful, and merry after a few drink...

Basement Secrets

Beneath her mischievous smile lay a secret, tucked away in the dim corners of the basement.

"Trick or treat!" chorused the kids as the door creaked open, revealing a witch. She admired their outfits, handing out sweets. "There's a red smear on your chin," one had observed. "Oh, just marmalade," she chuckled, wiping it off. As she shut the door,...