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Moving On Part 3 of 3

Moving On Part 3 of 3

Is she real, or just another personality? With the insanity of lust and love, does it matter?

She gasped and then went limp, melting into the bed. It took me far too long to decide something was wrong. As I slowed to a stop, she took a shuddering breath, and her eyes popped open.

There was surprise and delight in her eyes as she exclaimed, "Oh, don't stop!"

Her hands slid to the small of my back and she started pushing with the tempo she wanted. My hips started thrusting again, and she moaned in pleasure. Her hands started to caress all over my back. She pulled my torso down closer and she rubbed her face against my chest and shoulder in an odd way. She was continuously moaning in pleasure as she raced towards another orgasm.

Suddenly, she threw her head back and lifted her chest high.

"The nipples!" she cried out. "I forgot how good they are!"

My mouth was racing towards her nipple when her hands caught my head and pulled it to her breast. I tried to hold back on my teeth as I clamped down with lips and tongue. She cried out as her body exploded in orgasm.

Mixed into her cries and moans of pleasure were the occasional "no," and "not yet." She continued to hold my head at her breast, so I continued to thrust into her and tease her nipple. I felt her orgasm peak and wane, so I slowed down my thrusts, but I continued on her nipple. She cooed and purred in joy at first. All too soon, she started to get jumpy as the sensation became too much. Her cradling hands started to push my head away.

"I can't ignore the other one," I informed her as I pressed forward to kiss my way to her other breast.

"We need to talk first," she protested. It was a weak protest. Her hands made sure that I didn't return to her tortured nipple. They guided me to the fresh one.

I was much more gentle as I used my tongue and lips to suck and tease her. She was tense at first, fearing a repeat attack. As she relaxed into the pleasure I was giving her, the temperature of her core rose. I could feel her arousal on my cock.

Her hands slid to the small of my back, and she started pushing again. I slowly worked up to her rhythm again.

"Please don't make me cum again," she pleaded. "I won't be able to hold on, and we have to talk."

I was enjoying how responsive her body was. There was no way I was going to slow down. I intended to give her her best orgasm yet, and I was going to finish with her. I increased the tempo and started letting my teeth scrape her nipple.

"You're not listening," she cried, as her hand pushed harder on my back. "I can't hold on!"

She pulled my head harder to her breast and she pressed harder and faster on my back. I raced to keep up with her.

"Have women changed so much?" She demanded. I heard but didn't listen. I only responded to the demands of her hands.

"Fuck!" she cried out. "My nipples were never like this! Fucking was never like this! Fuck!"

With her final cry, her body exploded. Her legs tried to lift and close together, but my body was in the way. She pulled my head from her breast and caught my eyes with hers. The pleasure and lust shining in them pushed me over the top, and I exploded inside her. She must have felt the heat flooding out of me because her eyes went wide with pleasure.

"Let me stay!" she cried out. Her eyes seem to focus on me. "Don't let me go," she pleaded. With each tremor of her body and each pulsing of my cock, she repeated those phrases over and over. I don't know what she was worried about. I was too lost in my own pleasure to ever let her go. I held on to her and continued to push into her. Slowly, the energy faded, and we slowed to a stop. That's when I noticed the change.

The eyes looking up at me were blue. Not a faded brown that looked blue in the dim light; they were crazy-woman-hanging-out-in-cemeteries blue. My eyes raced in a circle as I pushed back and reassured myself that this was still Catherine's face and body. The soft smile that broke across her face didn't change the fact that her eyes were very blue.

"I'm still here," she said in a pleased voice. "I thought I'd lose hold like I did the last time."

A hundred details of all that had happened since Catherine kissed my neck flooded through my mind. Before that kiss, she had never missed an opportunity to have her lips on my skin. Even as she told her stories, she had been kissing me everywhere. After, she hadn't kissed me once, not even in orgasm. Before the kiss, her hips had been actively goading me into the tempo she desired. After, her body had barely moved until she came. Her hands had been pushing to convey her desire.

With all of that evidence, with her blue eyes looking out at me, I still didn't believe.

"You're Kathryn," I stated sarcastically. She saw the doubt in my eyes.

"That shouldn't surprise you," she said. "It won't surprise you that I have two more favors to ask of you. One is just a whim, and you may not want to do it after you hear the other. The other is absolutely important, and I absolutely need you to grant me that favor."

I started trying to think of how the crazy woman under my body had tricked me. Maybe she had blue eyes all along, and she had worn colored contact lenses. It didn't look like she had blue contact lenses in her eyes at the moment. There was no way I was granting her any favors. The sooner I got away from her, the better.

"If you're really Kathryn, tell me what happened at the bench after you kissed my neck."

I couldn't wait to hear the story Catherine made up. I hadn't really told her anything when I told my story. In fact, I didn't know any more than what my daughter had told me.

She actually frowned as she considered what to say.

"I shouldn't have kissed you," she said slowly. "I am not the only spirit in the world, and I have heard things. I knew what taking energy from you would do to you. I had never done that before, but I thought I could control it. I know I took too much. You probably should have died. It's hard to explain, but I couldn't exactly put yours back. I had to take in all that I could from around us to push some back into you. Although you survived, that was still a mistake."

She paused and turned my head with her hand to look at the marks on my neck.

"Maybe it wasn't, I don't know," she said sadly. Her hand slid back to my shoulder, and her eyes found mine again.

"Somehow, as I pushed to save you, part of me was caught in to mix. I think that is bad, but I'm still not sure. It has sure made communicating with Catherine much easier. I could always see what she saw, but I couldn't talk to her like I can now. I could direct her dreams, but she rarely followed them. She knows now to listen to them, and things will improve. The connection seems to skip a generation, so when she has a daughter, things will get better still. Which leads me back to the favors I want from you."

"Maybe it does," I countered. "You didn't really answer my question. You're not doing a very good job of convincing me to grant any requests, not even on a whim."

"Forget the whimsical request then, and let's get down to what I want," she said. "Following my whims is what led to the next mistake I made. I have to correct that mistake."

"What mistake? What whim?" I demanded. I was getting frustrated that she refused to give an answer. If her body hadn't felt so good beneath my own, I would have pushed her to leave long ago.

"I wouldn't even know how to ask," she said, avoiding my questions again. "Do you remember what she did after I lost hold of her?" she asked.

I shook my head in disbelief. She had done a lot of things after she pretended the ghost had left. And now she was trying to distract me from the questions I had.

"I can see and hear what she sees and hears, but it's not quite the same as actually being there," she said. "When you are near, I can speak to her, and hear her answer, but we don't hear each other's thoughts. I made a rude comment about the mess we had made. She seems to delight in shocking me. Instead of agreeing with me and going to get a rag to clean up, she dove in with her tongue to taste that mess. At the time, I don't think I could have imagined anything more disgusting."

She paused for a moment and licked her lips.

"Sometimes, I can feel the things her body feels. I couldn't miss the flush of pleasure that filled her body as she devoured that mess. She couldn't get enough of those flavors. She even used her fingers to get more from her own body. She loved how you were swelling in her mouth. She teased me about how she wanted to continue, but she knew there was no time. I was thoroughly disgusted and infinitely intrigued. I might have to do that to you myself."

"If you're trying to distract me, I'm not going to let you," I protested as I rocked my hips to press my slowly swelling cock into the sloppy mess we currently had between us.

"Who is distracting whom?" she demanded as pleasure rolled through her body.

It occurred to me for a moment that she was remarkably good at staying in character. Catherine would have started flexing inside while moving her hips to entice my cock to grow harder. The woman beneath me pulled her knees up a bit to make sure my swelling cock was pressing inside her. That is all I would have expected from Kathryn.

"You can imagine what I was thinking when you decided to mirror her degrading actions tonight," she said. The pleasure in her voice made me wonder what she was talking about. "There used to be rumors of women in brothels that might use their mouths is such ways. I was astounded by the intense pleasure that Catherine felt when you simply kissed your way down her stomach. I should apologize."

"Apologize?" I croaked.

I was remembering how soft her skin was under my lips as I had kissed my way down her body. I was remembering how sweet she had tasted, and how responsive she had been as well. My cock was getting stiffer inside the woman beneath me, and I was considering kissing my way down her body. I don't generally like tasting my own flavors, but for her, I might just ignore that aversion. I had no idea what she needed to apologize for.

"Yes," she replied. "I couldn't stop from making a rude comment, and she couldn't stop for torturing my prudishness with her desire. She started telling me the things she wanted you to do, and what her body would do for you. You started to exceed her expectations and she started to laugh out loud as she praised your skills."

I remember Catherine laughing, and then demanding my cock. I didn't need an apology. I needed to taste her again.

"Tell me that is your whim request," I suggested, playing along that she was Kathryn. "I can hear your desire in your voice."

"It is!" she agreed. "You have no idea how alive her body is. I can't imagine how anyone could want to be tasted like that, but I'm desperate to feel what she felt.”

My cock had grown to full hardness, and I had been slowly rolling my hips to move in and out of her for a while. She put her hand on my butt and made me stop.

"I have to stop doing things with her body on a whim," she said sternly. "Let me tell you my other request."

I had a feeling I wasn't going to like what she asked. I held still on top of her, but I nodded for her to continue.

"What happened at the house was a mistake," she said. "It was almost like I was drunk on all the things that I felt when I first realized that I was in her body. Just the feel of her clothes, the strength of your arms as you held me, everything was an erotic explosion in my mind. I couldn't get over how good she smelled, how good you smelled, how much more depth there was to your eyes that I had ever seen in anyone. On a whim, I let myself be overcome by those feeling. I let you seduce me as I seduced you. It was incredible. But it was a mistake."

"I almost agree with you," I said. "It happened too fast. Catherine and I need to talk about that and work something out. Together, we can ensure that it's not a mistake."

"No, you're wrong," she insisted. "It was a mistake, and I need you to walk away from her. She can't hear what we're saying now, so here it is, straight. You are too old and too poor for her. Take the memory of what you enjoyed and walk away. I will find a way to financially reward you as long as you stay away from her."

For a long moment, I considered all of the warning signs. This woman had split personalities and a dozen other crazy problems. I didn't need an imaginary ghost to flag me off. I already knew that I needed to run fast and far. I smiled at her.

"Let me show you why you are wrong," I said.

"You seem to think that women have changed since your time," I said as I started kissing my way down her body.

Her eyes were on mine. I could see that she didn't want to hear my argument, but she knew where I was heading, and she didn't want me to stop. She did try to turn her nipple into my mouth to distract me. I momentarily fell for the distraction and teased her nipple.

"They have to have changed," she gasped as she enjoyed the pleasure. "My breasts are nearly the same as hers. I certainly enjoyed having them handled, but they weren't like this!"

As enjoyable as it was for both of us, I had bigger plans for her. As I continued kissing down her body, her hands raced ahead of my lips.

"And this!" she exclaimed. "I remember enjoying the feeling of my coarse hairs as I spread myself for my lover. She had no hair and I can't understand why it feels so good!"

"It's not women that have changed," I insisted as I kissed past her stroking fingers. "Technology has changed, as have personal preferences. She is clean and smooth. One of the advantages is that we can share more pleasure. Haven't women always enjoyed pleasure?"

I started stroking my fingers up and down her labia, parting them. Things were entirely too sloppy between her lips, but I couldn't stop myself.

"Just removing some hair makes it feel this much better?" she asked.

"Being smooth makes this more enjoyable, for both of us," I said as I leaned in and started licking the outer edges of her lips.

At first, I tried to avoid the mess leaking from her vaginal opening. I teased around the edges and around the top at her clitoris. As I changed from fingers to tongue, her hands had reached for my head. Her fingers flexed against my head in time with the stroking of my tongue, but again, her body was barely moving.

I was determined to make her break character. I let my tongue circle in closer and harder at her clit while I brought my fingers back to stroke just inside her opening. She kept gasping for air and making encouraging noises, so I pushed harder and deeper. Suddenly her knees lifted and closed hard on my head as she started to cum. She let out a long wail of pleasure until she ran out of breath, and then she collapsed back onto the bed.

I let her catch her breath for three seconds. I wondered for a moment whether or not ghosts had g-spots. I was pretty sure that Catherine would not be able to ignore hers, and she would break character.

The flavors around my tongue were more of Catherine than me, and I found that I kind of liked the pungent mix. My tongue started lapping deeply through her lips as my fingers pressed deep inside her.

"You awful, awful man," she chided. "This is too much, too much. Don't stop!"

I incoherently said some very agreeable sounds into her as I continued to tease. She grabbed my head and tried turning it from side to side, especially as I sucked on her clit. She started moaning her pleasure, but her body did not move like I expected from Catherine. My fingers turned and probed and found their target.

She shrieked once and then froze. She tried to hold her breath as I quickly rubbed her g-spot. I started with barely any pressure at all and quickly increased to moderate pressure. Her knees started to quiver just as she sucked in a deep breath and cried out for dear life. Her insides trembled and sweet tasting fluids gushed out of her. I buried my face in it and kept licking and rubbing. Although her legs closed on my head again, she did not break character.

Call me greedy if you will, but feeling her pussy clamping down on my fingers made me eager to have my cock back inside her. She cried out again as I pulled my face and hands away, and then she cried out as I forced her knees apart. They would not spread enough for me to lay on her as I fucked her, so I settled on my knees and forced myself inside her.

The angle that I entered her forced my cock against her g-spot. Her eyes went wide and she shook her head, but she forced her legs open as I started stroking inside her. She cried out again. Her pussy tried to expel my cock, and waves of cum blasted out of her. Too many sensations raced around my cock, and suddenly I was filling her again. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I turned her face to mine and kissed her.

Her body went rigid, then burning cold, and then hot. I was startled, and I pulled back to look at her. She gasped as our bodies pulsed together in orgasm, and then her brown eyes flew open. A smile touched her lips as she lifted her hips and started milking my cock. Her eyes went wide with surprise, and then she pulled my face to her own. I expected a kiss, but she caught my chin with her teeth as she sucked the wet flavors from my face.

Suddenly, she stopped. There was a very puzzled look on her face as she studied mine. She tentatively rolled her hips and then stopped.

"This is going to be one hell of a story," she decided out loud. With a look that demanded an explanation, she said, "I can feel your cock inside me still, rubbing against something. What the hell did you put inside me?"

"Nothing that wasn't already there," I said reasonably. "Haven't you ever had a g-spot orgasm before?"

"Those aren't real," she said authoritatively. "Those women in the videos are just peeing."

"I'm surprised that you've seen videos like that," I teased and she blushed. "Would you like me to prove you wrong?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I'll be gentle," I promised as I sidestepped her question.

Her whole body trembled as I pulled my cock out of her. She looked puzzled as I kissed my way down her body. I barely noticed the flood of cum that was leaking out of her. A couple of wide licks up and down her lips actually relaxed her so I could press my fingers back inside.

"When properly stimulated, the area around the g-spot becomes engorged, similar to what happens to a man's penis," I said as I traced the edges of the area. Her eyes got large with pleasure, and her whole body started to rock against my hand.

"Without that arousal, pressure on the g-spot can be painful," I added. I found her rhythm and started circling in. Her thrusts kept the same speed, but she was snapping her hips harder with each thrust.

"G-spot orgasms are very different than regular ones, much in the same way that anal orgasms are different than regular."

I don't know if she was even listening to me. I was very gently stroking a trident shape inside her. I was using a fair amount of pressure to the left and right, but barely any pressure at all as I went up the middle over her g-spot. She tried to use her hips to get more pressure, but I was able to control it to tease her more.

"Of course, any orgasm is good, G-spot orgasms are over the top good. Adding a clitoral orgasm at the same time is the path to insanity."

I know she didn't hear the teasing tone of my voice. As I spoke I moved closer. As I finished speaking, I attacked her clit. Her thrusts jumped to double time, and she cried out. I caught her clit with my lips and as I slammed my tongue against it, I increased the pressure inside. Her entire body began to vibrate as her orgasms exploded. She flooded my face over and over. I tried to savor as much of her flavors as I could, and she just kept cumming. With a final shriek, she pushed me away.

Her body continued to vibrate as she grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss. Then she buried her face in my shoulder and held me close as she cried. I knew to hold her until the intense pleasures and emotions passed, and so I did.

After a bit, she pushed away. Without saying anything, she gave me a shaky smile as she crawled off the bed. She grabbed a couple of tissues from a box on my bookcase by the door, and she blew her nose. She maintained her silence as she crawled back onto the bed. She rolled to lay in front of me and she pulled my arm around her to spoon. She was almost shivering as I held her, but she slowly relaxed.

"You had no idea what was coming, just now," I stated. She shook her head, but then pulled my hand up to her lips and she kissed it.

After a moment, she pulled my hand to her chest and flattened it against her heart. It felt good to hold her as she relaxed into my arms. Abruptly, her body tensed, but she stayed in my arms. Her silence lasted long enough for me to start worrying about what I had done wrong.

Sadly, I know some of the signs that a woman is unhappy. When she took a quick breath in through her nose and then snorted it out, I knew I was in trouble.

"Explain the argument in my head," she quietly demanded.

"What is the argument?" I replied, trying not to sound antagonistic.

Her hand caressed my arm and then her fingers closed around my hand as she clutched it to her chest.

"She says not to get comfortable," she said. "She says you two have an agreement."

"She argued for a course of action, and I made arguments against it. I'm fairly sure that I won."

She stiffened even more and then rolled in my arms to face me. She almost spoke a couple of times, but the words never made it to her lips.

"One of you better talk," she threatened. Her eyes focused on me. "She says you better do the right thing."

"Right by whose terms?" I asked. I gently caress her cheek. "She says there are many reasons I should walk away from you, that it was a mistake for her to take me to your room."

I hoped that her stunned silence included the voice in her head.

"Several of her points sound valid," I continued. "I am not exactly a young man anymore, and my ex-wife gets a pretty good chunk of my paycheck. Just because you had a dream, and your aunts say it means something doesn't mean you shouldn't do what's right for you."

Her eyes had slowly fallen to my chest.

"Is that what you want? Am I just a story for you to tell?" she asked quietly.

"I have voices in my head, too," I teased, and she looked up sharply.

"Both of them are me, and they are both right," I continued before she could say anything. "One voice points out that you and Kathryn represent a level of crazy that I can do without. I should be running as fast as I can."

She just stared at me, with an edge of pain creeping into her eyes.

"The other voice keeps winning," I said. "It wants me to tease and flirt and woo you, although I'm not sure if it's you or Kathryn that it wants. I do know that I could lust both of you for different reasons. In spite of all that, there is something about the woman that rushed me out of her house, the woman that stood in my arms while I told her a story, that makes me want to hold her. I'm pretty sure it's not just in lust, or because I need her insanity."

She frowned as tears gathered in her eyes. Her chin was quivering as she rolled her back to me again, and gathered my arms tight around her body. I held her tight and tried not to let too many of my tears drip onto her skin.

"Kathryn says that the woman you're talking about is insane if she doesn't leave you," she finally said. She felt relaxed in my arms, but it was as if she were poised to leave.

"Are you crazy enough to keep her?" she barely whispered.

I pressed my lips to her neck, and gently squeezed her.

"She would be crazy to stay here with me," I suggested.

"She is probably certifiable," she agreed. She pushed her shoulder back to demand more contact of my lips on her skin. She caught my hand and pulled it down to rub low on her belly.

"She believes she is already going to be having your baby girl," she teased, although her tone was full of hope. "She is probably more eager for that to be true than a sane person would be."

"We'll have to see how that works out," I said as I gave her another gentle kiss.

We held each other for a while longer, gently caressing and kissing.

"It's obvious we are both crazy," I softly announced as I turned her. My eyes met hers, and I asked, "Will you stay the night with me?"

She smiled and bit her lips.

"No," she answered with a smile. Her smile was infectious, so I matched it and waited for an explanation.

"My sister would kill me, and it would set a bad example for her girls," she finally said. "We should date first, with dinners and movies and picnics. That would be better."

"That's a crazy plan," I teased, and then I kissed her.

What I intended to be a nice kiss of acceptance quickly turned into a heated kiss of passion. I was surprised how quickly my body responded to her demands. Her hand took hold of my growing shaft.

"It's getting late, and I should probably go," she suggested.

Her breathy tone suggested exactly the opposite. I pushed back. Suddenly I felt the need to see what color her eyes were. They were brown, and they were laughing at me.

"I'm not sure what to make of it," she said, "but Kathryn says I shouldn't leave yet. She says you still owe me a story."


Although the basket only contained food for two, three of us sat and talked as we ate our lunch. Catherine and I sat on a blanket on the ground, while our guest sat on the bench beside it. Catherine could not take her eyes from the other woman. I couldn't either. She seemed to blush when she noticed.

"You're trying to see if my body is really all that different than hers," she accused me.

"You always claim it is," I teased. I undressed her with my eyes to see if she would follow suit.

"Don't you dare flash him when there are cars driving by!" Catherine demanded.

I smiled and blew a kiss at Kathryn's ghost.

"Be careful what you offer," she pointed out. "I don't think I should kiss you again, not here."

Catherine rubbed her rounded belly.

"Cool it, you two," she laughed. "There will be no kissing like that until after the baby is born! Tell us about the next hidden treasure we need to research."

"Are you sure?" Kathryn teased. "This treasure hunter thing was supposed to keep him out of your inheritance, not lure you in, too. You'll like the next one I found. It's gold from a notorious wild west outlaw, with good provenience to be found in the historical references. That makes it worth more than the gold itself."

She gave Catherine a sly look.

"I know the first time nearly killed him, but I think he needs to be marked on his hip. You spend an awful lot of time with your face down there, and you forget about the marks on his neck. A set down there would remind you to be tempted."

"I think that's you spending all your time down there," Catherine retorted. "You keep your greedy self as far from his lips as you can, so his kiss doesn't send you back."

I couldn't help but smile and enjoy their banter. I'm not sure what level of insanity it takes to sit and have a picnic in a graveyard, but if they were happily insane, so was I. There was nothing I wouldn't do to keep them happy.

Okay, there is one thing I wouldn't do. Tempting as it was, I was not letting the real Kathryn kiss me again.

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