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Night Angel

Eyes like Emeralds on fire glitters lustily.....
Put on the song Gimmie Shelter by the Stones and enjoy :) ^..^

Through the night she glides, her hunger knowing no bounds. Searching for prey in the dark recesses of a town filled with lustful intent. Her hair is as dark as a raven wing, and her eyes feline born. Lips are full and red. Breasts lush, body made for lusting. She is hunter, is in heat and satisfied it shall be.

She materializes in shadow to find what she craves. Into the steamy bar she walks and people stop in their tracks as she walks by. Many are mesmerized by this feline creature that oozes sensuality and heat. She takes her strategic position in a dark corner to watch for prey.

Her eyes scan the bar for one who will sustain her. Nothing but teeny boppers meets her intense gaze. A boy tries to hit on her, but her gaze and mental message send him off to pursue others of his own kind.

She seeks a man grown, one who can help her satisfy her lusts. She is hidden in a lightless place for the moment, carefully observing him. She spots him enter the bar, and her nipples harden. He is handsome, he is fit and she almost drools over the possibility. She sends out her siren call and he looks up, searching the faces in the crowded bar, and across the dance floor he searches. She then walks toward him, the sweeping light catching her eyes just right. He freezes like a rabbit in the light, his eyes upon her. She holds his gaze and never wavers. She stands before him and looks deeply into his mortal eyes. She draws a long finger down his cheek and licks her beautiful red lips. She hungers and he is dinner.

He gazes down at the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, not knowing that she is but an illusion, for to each man she looks different; that's part of her disguise. She takes hold of his shirt and pulls him to her dark niche in the back of the room. She dumps him in the booth and straddles his lap. Her perfect mouth captures his and her lush body grinds against him. He moans out in pleasure as euphoria fills his brain. His hands she roughly places upon breasts full and round. Her hips grind on his lap as her passion and need rises. Her mouth is upon his neck, not caring if she leaves marks there.

She rises up and rips open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere, she cares not. Her hungry mouth greedily devours his nipples as he nearly bends in two from the sensations. Her teeth leave bite marks and welts here, but he doesn't feel them. All he feels is bliss.

A waitress comes over to take an order and is met with blinding, glowing eyes and a snarling hiss. She flees the scene not remembering it seconds later. The Night Angel yanks open the front of her dress, exposing her large breasts and he grabs them roughly to suckle the large dark nipples there. She throws her head back in bliss as he does. Her fingernails clutch his shoulders drawing blood to the surface.

He bites and sucks, leaving marks of his own. Never has he known such primal lust and he revels in it. She seems to ooze down onto the floor from on his lap to lewdly
caress this man's mahogany hard cock. She rubs her face all over the front like a cougar in rut then viciously bites open the zipper with her powerful mouth. He groans as she tears away his silken boxers.

Exposed to the world he is, but nothing matters except this woman and her passion. Her mouth engulfs his thickness in one gulp and he yells out in pleasure. Up and down the entire length she slowly slides and his hands dig into the top of the table. No other woman has ever been able to do this due to his size and girth; he is in heaven. It may be a diabolic heaven, but he is there none the less.

She licks and slurps, entwines his meat with her serpentine tongue. She suddenly leaps up with a primal growl to impale herself down upon that big cock. She sinks all the way down as he cries out in bliss. She holds still for a scant moment then begins to fuck him hard and deep. He grasps her hips and holds on for dear life as this Angel of the Dark fucks him in plain sight. He doesn't care one iota, all he
knows is pleasure like he has never experienced before.

Her pussy grips him tighter than a virgin’s wedding night, and slips up and down from head to hilt over and over again, pumping, hunching, fucking. She delights in it- draws energy from him, and all of the humans around them, and it fills her body and soul with life giving power.

She twists and writhes and feels it approaching! Feels it coming, what she came here for. It hits with all of the force of a lightning strike, and she throws her head back to scream out her joy as a monumental orgasm shakes her whole body! One powerful orgasm that is so electric energy-filled that it even flickers the very lights of this club.

No one notices; all they know is the music, the swirling, twisting lights and the virtual scent of passion in their senses.

She bucks and snarls as his huge cock swells and his hands dig into her breasts digging ruts into her skin. He thrust up so hard into her that the table top is wretched from the nails that hold it together. 
He feels it as it comes to her, an overwhelming feeling the likes he has never experienced, it is heat, it is light in a dark place and it seems to explode from with in his very soul, or from the very cosmos around them!

When it comes he screams out loud and long and fills her pussy with hot, white creamy man cum. On and on it comes, jet after jet until it is painfully delicious. He wonders if it will ever stop.

Suddenly a boom of white hot energy rips through the bar, exploding light bulbs and neon tubes. People scream and cover their heads in fear. The music blares momentarily as a primal scream cuts the night.

Moments later she walks through the mass of perplexed humans who mill around dazed and confused. She walks like a feline through them and they see her not.
Out into the beloved darkness she moves, she blends and merges with the shadows to be swallowed up while her prey slumps panting in the booth, in the corner, in the dark; ravaged, but happy.

He has been visited by a Night Angel and although he will remember only bits and pieces, he will remember her eyes, and her mouth, and the bliss that she bestowed upon him this night.

There will be others, for the Night Angel walks…

TLK 2009

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