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Spiritual Equinox

Spiritual Equinox

Love and acceptance must go hand in hand

"Oh, yes! Right there! Fuck yeah, Benny, that's it. That's the way I like it. Now, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

A low, throaty growl rolled from the man's chest, and he held her in an iron-like grip as he began to savagely thrust into her. Kassandra's body shook with the force of his unleashed fury and she gasped in lewd satisfaction as the last shreds of his self control were consumed in the fire of his lust. Her lean legs wrapped tightly around the young man's thighs and she eagerly slapped her shapely hips upwards to meet him as she reveled in the deep and primal call of a man overwhelmed by his instinctive need to have her.

"0h, fuck," she huskily moaned as he plunged his thick cock into her with an animal-like ferocity. Wet sounds of his torrid penetration merged with the rapid creaking of the bed, and her eyes flashed with fire as he lost himself in her unspoken demand to be taken.

The young man had never been so consumed by arousal. The unfamiliar rush of carnal desire rose within him like a beast and overwhelmed his natural shyness and conservative upbringing. It was like a mythic creature within his gut and it shattered the moral shackles that had always been the guiding influence of his life. Now, only his raw need to have this woman remained, and it drove him to plunder her body in ways he'd never before even dreamed were possible.

He hissed and groaned fiercely as the fiery heat of her body seared into him. His powerful arms sought to pin hers to the sheets as he fucked this beautiful woman with all of his strength. He felt the molten wetness of her sex clasp and drag over his cock as he thrust into her again and again, heating his taunt and sensitized skin like nothing he'd ever felt before. Her wetness felt like liquid fire on his cock and the intense heat of her passion added fuel to his hurried assault on her willing and supine form.

Kassandra sensed all of this within him and returned his hunger with her own limitless need. Laughing wickedly, she basked in the illicit act of being so thoroughly fucked by a man she'd just met hours before. Now, having lit his fire and stoked it into a raging heat, she surrendered into his grasp and let the lascivious joy of unrestrained pleasure spread throughout her supple and receptive body.

The pounding ferocity of his welcome assault sent jolts of lascivious pleasure rippling through her heaving breast. Her thighs, stressed and spread wide, tingled in the most delicious of ways and the pleasurable agony of her pussy being so forcibly stretched made her whole body roil in erotic ecstasy.

"Don't stop, Benny!" she managed to gasp between breaths. "Keep doing it just like that! Just like that! Oh, fuck, you are soo good at this!" Her course and husky words rolled out of her with an illicit laugh, and she arched beneath him as the raw energy of his passion flowed into her. She received it like a drunken whore, gathering it within her and letting it flow through her blood until the urge to thrash wildly under him became almost impossible for her to control.

Her legs gripped his even more tightly, drawing him into her and guiding his fevered pace until she felt the first, glorious stirrings of orgasm begin to coil like a serpent in her belly. "That's it," she hissed. "Make me feel it! Make me your bitch and fuck me hard!" Kassandra's lithe body trembled and her hips rolled upward, grinding desperately against him as his iron-hard cock pulsed and throbbed deeply within her.

Fueled with an unearthly, burning desire, the young man bore down on her, grinding into her at just the moment she desired most. For a long moment, Kassandra's body tensed and became hard, filled both physically and emotionally with the wildly uncontrolled fury of the man who held her so tightly. Then the serpent in her belly struck and her blood caught fire as she descended into the abyssal depths of her orgasm.

Kassandra gasped and screamed out in rapturous joy as the multi-layered sensations of release flowed through her. She was connected with him now on a level that went far beyond the physical and her own release washed back into him. The raw energy of her pleasure was far more than he could stand and it exploded through him, causing every nerve in his body to pulse and burn with pleasure. With a shuddering groan, he began to come hard, filling her with seed that was almost as hot as her body had become.

By the time she caught her breath, her lover was lost in a preternatural sleep. Kassandra smiled dreamily, and would have been happy to rest awhile with him if it were not for the voice that completely ruined the satisfying afterglow of her orgasm.


It was a deep and unearthly voice and it carried an immortal resonance she recognized immediately. Still laying beneath her now slumbering lover, Kassandra didn't even open her eyes when she responded.

"Well, well. If it isn't the Angel of Buzz-Kill himself," she asked with no small amount of annoyance. "What the hell are you doing here, Gabriel?"

The tall and Angelic figure had seemed to simply appear from out of nowhere and he pointed at the slumbering mortal and grimaced angrily at her. "I demand to know what your intentions are for this mortal. His is an innocent soul and you have no claim upon him!"

Kassandra slid out from under the now limp form of the man she been fucking and a predatory smile flashed across her face as she glared dangerously at the golden-haired intruder. "Oh, how very old testament of you, Gabriel. My intention, if you must know, was to fuck him into a coma and them maybe masturbate for a bit. You seemed to enjoy the first part, would you care to watch the rest?" Kassanda slowly rubbed her clit as she spoke and her lilting laughter filled the room, mocking the dour and powerful entity that was glaring down upon her.

"Harlot! Do not dare lie to me!" Gabriel's voice boomed with unearthly power and his eyes glowed a sapphire blue as his anger grew. "What did you take from him!" 

Kassandra's mocking smile vanished and she rose, cat-like, from the bed.. "Stop being so melodramatic, Gabriel. I didn't 'corrupt' your innocent little mortal. He was staring at my ass and I decided to have a little fun. You do remember what fun is, don't you? Your kind haven't banned that yet, have you?"

Digging through the mortal's drawer, she found a pack of cigarettes and pulled one from the pack. "Well, fancy that. Your mortal is a smoker as well. It seems I'm not the only vice he has." Kassandra brought it up to her full lips and with a single puff, it spontaneously sparked to life.

Gabriel's stern and stoic look never faltered, and his glare remained fixed on her, but when he spoke next, the majestic resonance of his voice was replaced by a more earthly if not less annoyed tone. "You're still being dishonest Kassandra. I know you too well to believe this was nothing more than just gratuitous sex. I'll ask you one more time. What did you take from him?"

"Okay!" she spat in defeat, "Maybe I... siphoned off a few days of his life."

Gabriel's incensed glare bored into her and she returned it with open defiance. "He's young! He won't miss them!" Seeing the indignation rising in the Angel's aura, Kassandra raised her hand in defeat and quickly added, "In return, I gave him a lifetime of knowledge on how to please a woman. I assure you, Gabriel, it was a very fair trade."

"I must admit though, his life force was soo invigorating!" Kassandra went on, smiling in satisfaction as she leaned against the dresser, and she stretched out seductively, openly displaying her nude form to him. "And believe me, he has become a very impressive lover. I imagine he will be very popular with the ladies from now on. That's a trade any mortal man would just love to make, don't you agree?" Kassandra's gaze moved to the still sleeping man and she giggled slightly as if savoring the memory.

Gabriel scowled in distaste, but his glare soften noticeably. "That's it? You made no claim on his soul?"

"Of course not. I haven't done that sort of thing in two thousand years. I know the rules. No contracts, possession or trying to coerce their precious 'free will'. Trust me, these mortals don't need my help to get into trouble. Benny wanted this every bit as much as I did. Besides, I'm not going to do anything that would give you reason to send me back. I like it here too much."

Gabriel scowled and his feathered wings flicked in disdain. "All of that for few moments of meaningless sex? It's beneath a being of your power, Kassandra. Why do you feel such a need to act this way? You could be so much more!"

"Because it's fun, Gabriel! Sharing my body with him made me happy!" Kassandra crushed the cigarette out and crossed the room until she was standing before Gabriel's towering figure.

"We didn't invent the pleasures of the flesh, you know," she said softly as she carefully stroked his wing. "It was a gift meant for all of us, remember? There was a time when you could enjoy it with me, without the baggage of guilt that your kind wraps around you, as if it were a part of these robes you insist on wearing." She plucked a single feather from his wing and gently rubbed it over her nipples. "Mmm, you were such a good lover in those days."

Gabriel's scowl faded and a look of sadness took it's place. "That was a long time ago, Kass..."

"Oh, posh! What's a few dozen millennia between beings like us? You used to love me, Gabriel. Can you truly tell me that those feelings are gone?" Kassandra flicked the feather under her nose and smiled playfully as her eyes bored into his. "Be honest with yourself for once, I know at least part of you still wants me."

"It's always been so easy for you, hasn't it, Kass?" he replied, dodging the question. "You've always been willing to share your body with anyone who catches your eye! It's an ugly way to live and it destroys the meaning of something that was meant to be beautiful. Look at you. You have no shame at all. At least cover yourself while we speak, for heavens sake!"

Kassandra laughed playfully. "For heavens sake? Funny you should put it that way. Personally, I think I look beautiful like this, but maybe you would prefer my more natural look." Her radiant skin took on a distinctly reddish hue as she spoke and tiny horns slowly protruded from her forehead. As she stretched out her body with feline grace, bat-like wings unfurled from her back. Then a prehensile tail uncoiled from behind her and curled up between her legs until the barbed head rested in her palm. Stroking it gently, she grinned in delight at the Angel.

"I used to hate this form, Gabriel. It reminded me of all that I had lost, but over the years I've come to realize it truly reflects who I am. I'm not angry anymore, but I don't regret being the creature I was meant to be."

"You've become a creature of evil, Kassandra. That's why that form was forced upon you."

"Like hell, I am!" she snapped, but then laughed again at the obvious irony. "I suppose there was a time when I was though," she conceded. "You turned your back on me, Gabriel! For what? For being the woman I was created to be?"

"Do you even realize how much that hurt!" she went on venomously. "I was angry, and in my anger, I was determined to punish these mortals that you always loved so much! I wanted them to suffer for having the love you once held for me!" Kassandra's eyes flashed with fire as her emotions rose, but as quickly as it came, the flames calmed and her anger receded. "I admit that I did some horrible things in those days, Gabriel, but those days are past."

Gabriel's eyes glowed with azure light as he sighed in disbelief. "I find it difficult to believe that after all these centuries you've renounced your desire to spread your wicked ways. You are a demoness, Kassandra. Lies are as natural to you as breathing, or would be if you actually needed to breathe."

Kassandra laughed with a musical grace that belied her demonic appearance. "My wicked ways? I suppose that would depend on your rather strict definition of the word 'wicked', now wouldn't it? I admit I've been naughty," she said as she caressed the sleeping mortals back, "but naughty isn't the same as evil, Gabriel." Then her eyes flashed with fire again and she smiled with a distinctly wicked grin.

"I have been such a bad girl though. Maybe you'd like to give me a good, hard spanking?" Kassandra bent over invitingly as she spoke and scratched her nailed fingertips over her firm ass.

"Would you enjoy that, my love? Or maybe you'd like to tie me to the bed and make me confess my sins? Oh, but that would take such a long time, wouldn't it?" Her laughter taunted him and the more his irritation grew, the more she seemed to enjoy teasing him. "Come on then, tie me up and make me repent. Then maybe you'd want to stick something other than your sword into me."

Kassandra's laughter took on an echoing resonance not unlike Gabriel's booming baritone. It had always been such with her. The more he had tried to reason with her, the more irreverent her attitude became. Long ago, he tried to convince her that her path would lead to her destruction, but even then she had laughed in his face. Thus it had been for thousands of years.

Tonight though, Gabriel's patience was at a end. He had come in the vague hope that maybe after all those centuries, she might have been ready to hear reason but it was a useless effort. She was a natural seductress, and her insistence on treating everything he said with utter disdain had finally become too much.

He reached for her arm and drew her up until she stood only inches from his chest. "You may not be the vile creature that you once were, but you are still not able to hear the wisdom I offer. Do you truly have so much hate for me now that it poisons you, even when I try to help?"

Kassandra tried to tug her arm free but even her power was no match for his. Anger rose like bile in her belly and the urge to burn him in hellfire rose with it, but deep down, she knew she could never bring herself to harm him, even if she actually proved able. In impotent frustration, she tugged her arm again and this time he allowed it to slip from his grasp. "Wisdom?" she spat. "Is that what you call it, Gabriel? Do you really believe I have wronged anyone in the last two thousand years?"

"Look into that's mortals heart, Gabriel!" she angrily said, pointing at the slumbering man. "You will see no pain or regret. He was chained by the twisted morality inflicted on him by your followers, not those who would share my beliefs. All I did was show him what life could be for him. I gave him the strength and knowledge he needed to live a fulfilled life and to share it with another. What he does with it is his choice, that's the point of free will! In all your angelic wisdom, you've always seemed to forget that point."

Gabriel gazed into the depths of the young man's soul and saw that she was right in her claim. It was a difficult thing for him to admit, but he was an ancient and wise being, and the truth of it revealed to him a greater purpose for the continued existence of creatures like her.

"You are at least partially right," he finally conceded. "He had been a sad and lonely soul before this night, and there is a new strength in him that bodes well for his future. That future though, shall never come to pass if he doesn't learn to use it well. He could just as easily become the instrument of torment for those mortal women he will be so skilled in pleasing. That risk is great with mortals, Kassandra. You know well how often they fail that particular test, yet you give it no heed at all."

"It is not my place to guide him through his life, Gabriel. I can only show him the door, your kind has seen to that. What he does with my gift is as much in your hands now as it is his."

As Kassandra approached him, her bat-wings fluttered ever so slightly as she struggled with her fear of being rejected again. "I know you don't approve of me," she said softly. "But at least try to believe that I have no ill will left for these mortals now. Tell me I can still be forgiven, even if just by you."

Gabriel sighed in resignation. He had only shared angry words with her in the time since she had been cast out, and only now did he truly perceive the purpose her kind was meant to serve. "You need no forgiveness, Kass," he quietly said.

"Nor do I think now you were ever truly punished. For so long have I watched you, and yet I never truly understood until today your purpose." The thought he'd been forming became ever more clear in his mind as he spoke, and by the time he fell silent, he was feeling a joy he had not felt since before he had lost her to the depths.

Kassandra sensed his joy grow, but she lacked his perception in such theological thoughts. What she did feel was not the forgiveness she had sought, but rather his sudden and complete acceptance for what she'd become. It was confusing to her and she struggled to believe it, but a smile she had not seen in thousands of years slowly crept over his angelic face, and hot tears began rolling down her scarlet cheeks. "I don't understand where you are going with all of this, Gabriel."

"Kassandra, you need no forgiveness because you are only being the force you were destined to be. You are right in that we cannot allow your impulsive nature to guide the mortals, but it must also be true that rigid righteousness denies them the belief in themselves. Don't you see? That is a gift only the Fallen can give. You and the rest have a true purpose, just as we do. The whole war between us has lost it's meaning. We only needed to accept your purpose for what it is, just as you only needed to forget your hate. Mortals need your strength just as much as they require our guidance. I believe that must have been the plan all along."

Kassandra kissed his hand as his joy flowed into her body. It was a magnificent revelation and it brought reason to millennia of pain and confusion to her. The thought that she hadn't failed in some way lifted a great weight from her spirit, and for the first time in longer than she could remember, she felt truly proud to be who she was. "I think, Gabriel, that this must have been our test. A test to see if both of our kinds could truly be as responsible and as tolerant as we were meant to be."

Gabriel took her into his arms and finally let his love for her be revealed. "If we can learn this lesson, Kass, then perhaps there is hope for us all."




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