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Monster Sex Stories

This is a relatively new but very popular niche in the world of adult literature. This category deals with erotic fiction featuring sexual encounters between humans and 'monsters'.

From the traditionally Japanese sub-genre fetish of tentacle sex, to more contemporary styles involving dinosaurs, mermen, Bigfoot, werewolves, and so on, let your imagination fly and share your weirdest most quirky monster stories.

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Merchant & Monster Girls Chpt 1

A human merchant meets a fairy looking for a life-partner

Along the king’s highway, among the edge of the tree line, a small fairy flitted her way between the scraggly firs and majestic spruce. At first glance, it appeared she had no particular destination in mind. She kept stopping every so often, perched on a...

Hidden House of Whorrors: The Stray's Live Stream

Streaming Live! The Deflowering of a Monster Girl

Waking at the witching hour, Grgur the demon made his way to the kitchen. His long-fingered-short-clawed hand idly scratched an exposed hip near the fleshy orb that was his butt cheek, as his floofy tail curled around his leg like a shivering serpent. Red...

Dreaming Of A Demon Part 1

Dream or reality - A sexual encounter like no other.

I found myself walking barefoot along a jagged path, with walls of rocks to my left and a fiery abyss to my right. The heat which surrounded me was making my body sweat, with beads forming on my skin, making it glisten in the glow of the flames. I was wea...

A Trip To The New Spa In Town - Part 2

This is a continuation of our trip to the new spa in town with Kay and Amy

This is a continuation of a trip to The New Spa in Town. I had taken Kay and her friend Amy to the new spa in town. The receptionist told me that it would be a few hours while they got the spa treatment. As I was leaving a woman covered in something, late...

Chapter 19: Concomitant Variations

Emma recounts the town's encounter with Hades.

Emma: There was a single woman in the room, sitting on a bed centered in the room. Each of the walls was lined with heavy thick foam. I watched as Jessica looked in and noticed that the woman’s arms were crossed in front of her, held there by a straight j...

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Death Cums For Me

The Angel of Death is no match for a horny redhead

“I am death, the Grim Reap…” “I fucking swear if you point and say, ‘the salmon mousse,’ I’m going to kick you in your bony balls!” In a harrowing, shrill voice, the cloaked figure intoned, “The time is nigh.” “The science guy? What the literal, living fu...

Inter-Dimensional Consentacles: Chapter 2

An ancient magic shared, another dimension awaiting... consent and join their passion.

The glowing circle was entrancing, strange glyphs rotating in concentric rings around an eight-pointed star, the iridescent color shifting in waves like the refraction of light through a clear pool in summer. The eerie glow dimly illuminated the bedroom,...

Inter-Dimensional Consentacles: Chapter 1

An ancient magic discovered, another dimension awakened... consent and join their passion.

Anya had never expected something so exciting to happen when she first touched the mysterious runes. Flipped on her back and suspended in midair, her arms were restrained behind her, her calves and thighs bound together and spread wide, allowing ample acc...

Chapter 18: Gravitational Pull

Abigail asks her unsuspecting friend Megan to stop by the locker-room.

Abigail ”Abigail? Are you in here? Why did you have me come so early to practice today?” Megan said as she entered the women’s locker room. I stood behind one of the locker banks, feeling my heartbeat in my chest. Not from worry but from the pure exciteme...

Carolina's Tale: The Dragon Awakens

The matriarch of the Lopez family conducts a rescue

Carolina had a lot on her mind that day. There was her mother, Pilar, who was dying in the hospital. There was her husband, who had gone to speak to Pilar privately and heard something that had unsettled him, for he had not been the same since. And most o...

Chapter 17: Impact Ejecta

Jessica and Persephone find themselves in depths they could not have imagined.

Jessica Unsure of what to do, I froze in fear and stared across the length of the church. There, in the burned remains of the threshold, Emma stood holding a shotgun. While I was far from an expert on weapons, I could clearly see that she had it aimed rig...