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Take Her Down to Paradise City Pt. 1

Take Her Down to Paradise City Pt. 1

Lena was having a rough go of things. Then she got one hell of a birthday present...
Lena sat on her couch, excitedly opening the package from her aunt back home. Her birthday had been a month ago, but there had been some issues shipping this "mystery present". As Lena carefully extracted the hand-wrapped gift from within the bubble-wrap-lined box, she smiled.

"Thank you, Aunt Margaret..." she said to no one. She lived alone since breaking up with her fiancé, Collin. Due to this, she felt a bit lonely sometimes, but her family back home had really come through for her. They had all called or sent her a card on her birthday and had been there for her since she'd kicked the cheating creep out. And now her Aunt Margaret's "mystery present" had finally arrived.

As Lena tore open the wrapping paper, she noticed the weight of the package. Whatever it was, it felt strangely heavy yet light at the same time; almost trying to lift off of her lap, while at the same time pressing down firmly on her thighs. Finally, the paper was removed and the last box opened. Lena paused.

"What the...?" she muttered aloud as she lifted a miniature, antique jukebox from the box. It was candy-apple red with the classic gold and wood trim. It seemed to be in pristine condition, and if she believed the label on the back, it was made in 1989 in Chicago. As she turned the odd present over in her hands, she wondered what made her aunt choose this piece. It was beautiful, yes, but why for Lena?

Then she noticed that there was a card in the box that read "This jukebox works perfectly and will play 30 songs, but the best one is Track #13. Play it and you'll see why. If you can handle it."

"'If I can handle it'?" she pondered quietly to herself. Lena noticed, however, that the flap inside that bore the number 13 was also labeled "Guns N Roses: Paradise City". Thinking to herself that it was a pretty good song, she pressed the button to play the song. As the first note hit, the room trembled slightly. The sounds flowed out of the machine like water, clear and fluid. They resonated through her apartment and reverberated off the walls. Then, as the lyrics started, thick green smoke started to pour out of the speakers of the jukebox.

Lena screamed and scrambled away, her back pressed against the wall as she stared, open-mouthed at the sight before her.

The smoke that came out of the jukebox formed into a cloud in the middle of her living room, settling down on the coffee table. When the smoke finally cleared, there sat a man on her table, clad in faded blue jeans, a black t-shirt, Converse sneakers and a leather jacket. His fingers bore several rings and there hung a chain from his neck. His head was tilted down as he examined the still blaring music player, turning it over carefully in his hands. Lena could not see the man's face, as his long hair kept it hidden from her.

Finally, the strange man looked up at her. "Aah, so you must be my new master." he said matter of factly, standing to his feet as he set the jukebox back down on the table gently. "My name is Arion, formerly of Kalokairi, Greece." he spoke with a strange accent, like he was from many different places, all muddled together. "Or more recently, Boston, Massachusetts." he added, bowing to Lena, his hands folded in front of his chest. "Your wish is my command."

"What the hell just happened?!" Lena shrieked.

He looked at her for a moment and sighed. "Perhaps I should explain further." He walked toward her and sat down at her dining room table, holding out his hand toward the jukebox. Lena stared in a silent scream as it lifted off the table and levitated across the room to land in front of him on the table. "Please sit down, Master." he gestured to the chair nearest her as it slid away from the table for her to sit down.

The terrified woman practically fell into the chair, her legs to weak to hold her up anymore. She clutched the armrests and cowered against the back of the chair. "Wha... who... what are you?" she whispered, her voice trembling.

"As I said before, my name is Arion." he replied calmly, as if these things happened every day. "And I am jynn. Your wish is my command."

"Jynn? ...You're... a genie?" she wanted to think he was lying, but after the display she'd just witnessed, she was pretty convinced. "Like... three wishes, magic lamp... genie?"

"Yes, Master. I once resided in an old oil lamp, but then one of my previous masters decided that it was too... how did she describe it... 'cliché'? So I changed my prison to a jewelery box to better suit her. That was in 1925. Then in 1956, my master bid me to change the box to an American football. That was... much less than pleasant. In the summer of 1986, however... that was when I met my most recent master, who was a musician. I helped him gain fame and fortune, and when our time together ended, he presented me with the jukebox. I made it smaller so as to be portable, and I made it my new home. It is still a prison, but he was kind to me in that it has music inside of it. I thoroughly enjoyed my years with him. He showed me modern American culture. And what mortals call 'rock and roll'. For that, I am eternally grateful to him."

Lena just gaped at him as the sounds of Paradise City faded out from the jukebox. Arion sighed and leaned forward in his seat.

"I take it you are having trouble believing me, Master. Understandable, but I assure you: I truly am a genie and you are my Master. I will grant you any wish your heart desires."

"You're... really a genie. And you're gonna' grant me any three wishes I want?" she asked. Arion simply nodded.

She took another look at this magical being sitting at her dining table, noticing his long dark hair, bronze Mediterranean tan and deep, blue eyes. He had smooth features and a thin goatee, perfectly groomed. His neck looked taut and muscular and his gaze was captivating, the blue of his eyes hypnotizing her. From what she could see of him under his leather jacket and his faded Van Halen t-shirt - How random is that? she thought - he looked to have a well muscled upper body.

As her gaze traveled down his body, it lingered on his thighs, the denim stretched tight over the hard muscle. Lena was shocked when she realized that she was checking out this strange being... and liking what she saw! Blushing, she looked back at his face, his eyes looking straight into her's.

"Does this form please you, Master?" he asked her.

"Uh... I, uh..." she stammered, her cheeks going from pink to crimson.

"I can change it if you wish, Master." he offered, straightening up in his chair.

"Uh, no. You look fine." she stammered, attempting to calm her heart rate.

"As you wish, Master."

"Uh, you can call me Lena." she told him awkwardly. She wasn't comfortable with people calling her "Master".

Now the rocker genie faltered. "But... you are my master. ...Shouldn't I address you as such? My master who enjoyed football was keen on it, and the woman before him insisted on 'Mistress' or 'Madam LeVesque'. Would you prefer something else?"

"Just... Lena." she replied, "Call me Lena."

"Very well, Mistress Lena." he replied, once again bowing to her. "Are you ready to make your first wish?"

"Uh... close enough." she mumbled. Then a thought occurred to Lena. "Anything I want?" she asked him, starting to get excited at the possibilities.

"Your wish..." he said, standing up and removing his jacket, baring his tanned, muscled arms and toned upper body, "is my command."

Lena gazed hungrily at his body, suddenly forgetting all about wishing for piles of money and a new car. It occurred to her that there was something else she wanted. Something she'd not had in three months....

"Arion..." she began, "take off your shirt."

He looked deep into her eyes with a knowing look. "As you command, Mistress Lena." With that, he pulled the vintage t-shirt over his head and draped it over the chair where his jacket was.

Lena gasped softly. His chest was perfectly chiseled, his pectoral muscles smooth and taut. The skin of his body was a golden brown. His stomach was tight and toned, with his abdominals clearly visible. His shoulders were broad, traps well formed between his shoulders and neck, his dark hair falling around his shoulders in curls.

"You're... bloody gorgeous." she whispered, still starting at him.

"What further would you wish of me... Lena?" Arion asked softly. She looked back into his face at the sound of her name, sans the title.

"Well..." she began again, "if I were to wish for the greatest lover of all time... what could you do about that?" she asked, looking the genie in the eye.

"Well, Mistress Lena..." he began, taking a small step closer, "that depends. What were you hoping for?"

"Surprise me..." she replied, biting her lip in anticipation. Then, taking a deep breath, she whispered, "I wish for the greatest lover of all time, who will love me and take care of me... in every way."

"Your wish..." he uttered, voice deeper and more sonorous than usual "is my command."

Lena held her breath... and glanced around... blinked a few times... but Arion just stood there. No gestures, no flash of light, no fancy smoke, nothing. What the...? she thought to herself.

"Um... Arion?" she began, looking around. "...Nothing happened."

"Of course something did, Mistress Lena." he replied simply. "I'm here, aren't I? The best way I can assure that your wish will be granted is, well... how do they put it...? 'If you want something done right... do it yourself.' Do I have that right?"

"You mean... you're gonna'... oh." she was stunned and could feel her face turning a deep crimson.

"Yes, Mistress Lena." he replied, rolling his shoulders and stretching his neck. "I am going to grant your wish... personally." That said, he took the few steps to her and pressed his hard body close against her's. Leaning in, he softly kissed her neck, just below her ear.

Lena shuddered. With a slight start, she realized she was suddenly naked, as was the man kissing her. She could feel every smooth, toned muscle of his warm body against her's, the scent of his skin intoxicating her mind.

His lips moved to her's, capturing her mouth in a deep kiss. Lena moaned into Arion's mouth, feeling her entire body tingling at his touch with strange sensations in her skin where he touched her. One moment it was a shocking chill, making her tense, followed by a deep warmth, releasing the tension from her muscles as their tongues danced together.

"Arion..." she whispered into his mouth, gasping at the sensations, some of which were completely new to her. She was quickly becoming so overwhelmed, she could not form the words. However, with a genie, no words are really needed.

Lena suddenly found herself in her bed, but it felt different than her bed usually did. Like the whole thing was freshly cleaned, fluffed and heated. It felt warm against her bare skin as she lay beneath Arion, her arms around his neck, hands clutching his long hair. She gazed deeply into his ocean-blue eyes. Eyes the color of the Mediterranean, she thought. Though as to how she knew that comparison, she had not a clue.

The mysterious genie kissed her lips with a passion she'd never experienced, his lips traveling along her jawline to nip at her earlobe, pinching lightly with his teeth. Lena shuddered. His soft lips continued down her neck, giving her goosebumps.

Pulling harder on her magical stud's hair, Lena moaned as she felt something hot and firm rubbing against her mound as Arion kissed her collarbone and chest softly, caressing her hips with his strong hands.

Panting as she clutched him, Lena begged "Please.... Please... Arion...."

The genie chuckled as he raised his head to look into Lena's beautiful eyes, a combination of rich brown and sparkling green. With a smile, he whispered "Your wish is my command... Lena." Then, in one smooth motion, he angled his hips and slid the tip of his manhood into her blazing, soaking wet pussy.

The two moaned in unison. Arion pushed harder and his cock slid slightly deeper into Lena. She groaned at the delicious feeling. Having not actually had a good look at Arion's member before this moment, she was more than pleasantly surprised at how big he felt as his throbbing cock slowly stretched her tight pussy.

"Lena..." he growled into her ear. She held her breath, listening intently, but all Arion said was "hold on tight."

"Wh-?" she began, but her words were immediately lost in a long, deep moan as Arion's long, thick cock thrust completely into her. With a steady but slowly accelerating tempo, Arion thrust his powerful cock in and out of Lena's hot pussy.

Her nails dug into the jynn's tough, tanned flesh, leaving claw marks all over his back. This, however, only spurred his hips on as he pounded into her even harder. The sound of their lovemaking filled the entire house and could probably be heard by the neighbors next door.

"Fuck!" Lena shrieked, her arms clinging to Arion's neck as her legs gripped his torso in a vice grip. She moaned and gasped as the magic man rode her hard and deep. It felt like no sex she'd ever experienced. Every time he pushed his cock deeper into her, it felt like her whole body was filling up with a strange, warm light. She felt like she should be glowing. Or flying. She felt as though her muscles were all being massaged at once, like dozens of expert hands were rubbing her troubles away.

At the same time, Lena's pussy was more drenched than it had ever been in her life. Arion's hands were clearly not the only magical part of his body. His cock seemed to radiate a heat unlike any before. It touched all of her most intimate of places. Every thrust felt like a miniature orgasm in itself. The heavy balls slapping against her ass seemed to be supernaturally strong, practically spanking her.

That or he had an extra hand somewhere. Either way, the genie was certainly doing his job. Lena could feel it coming like a freight train. The orgasm to end all orgasms. She was almost afraid. But when she looked into Arion's eyes, that greenish-blue gaze calmed her fears as she let him carry her away to paradise.

With one last thrust, Arion buried his cock in Lena to the hilt. She screamed, but no sound escaped her lips. The orgasm was too powerful for sound. It crashed over her like a tidal wave, threatening to drag her under and into unconsciousness. But a kiss upon her neck from Arion prevented that. She felt everything. Lena came like she'd never cum before. Her pussy erupted around Arion's cock, squirting so hard that she pushed his cock out as a literal deluge of sweet cum exploded out of her, drenching Arion's lower body and the bed beneath them.

She fell back onto the pillows, exhausted, her breasts heaving as she panted. "Arion..." she gasped. "That was... so amazing. I've never... cum like that... before."

Chuckling, he laid down beside her and kissed her lips softly, refreshing her with a breath. Her cheeks lost some of their flush, her lungs returned to their normal working order and her heart rate came back down to earth.

"Of course, Mistress Lena." he replied. She raised an eyebrow at the returned use of "Mistress". "I mean Lena." he laughed. "But you wished for the greatest lover of all time, did you not? I told you I would fulfill your wish. And..." he added, looking at her as a small smirk played on the corners of his lips, "we are not finished yet. Now that I have successfully... what is the phrase; fucked your brains in... out? ...Out. I am going to make love to you."

"You... what?" Lena was shocked, but when she looked at his long, hard cock glistening with her cum, she realized something. "You... you never came."

"Hm? Of course not, Mis... Lena." he corrected, seeing the look on her face. "I am jynn. I have powers mortal men can only dream of. Were you to command me so, I could make love to you for days and never... what did you call it these days? Come?"

She nodded weakly, utterly shocked. Gathering her wits about her, she wrapped her soft, warm hand around his shaft and looked into his eyes. "Arion..." she began, squeezing the hard cock in her hand, "I want you to come with me. Understand?"

"Yes, Lena." he said with a grin.

Then he kissed her again. Immediately, Lena felt her nipples stiffen. Pulling her body to his, Arion positioned Lena on top of him, her large, soft breasts squished between them, hard nipples rubbing against his hard chest. She placed her hands on her lover's broad shoulders and slid back, finding his cock sticking straight up, nestling in between her smooth, perky ass cheeks.

She sat up and reached down, wrapping her soft hand around his thick cock as she raised her hips up above it. Then with one smooth plunge, Lena impaled herself on Arion's long, veiny cock. They gasped together.

Lena rode him slowly, enjoying the feeling of controlling the pace for this moment. Arion placed his hands on her hips as he moved his hips with her, raising them to meet her and pulling back when she slid up, leaving only the head of his cock in her hot pussy. Then he would thrust up into her as she started to slide back down.

His right hand slid down to allow his thumb to rub over her clit while she rode him, causing her to tremble slightly. His left hand slid up her side to cup one big tit, squeezing it and kneading the soft flesh. Lena gasped when she realized whatever his hand did to that breast, the other one could feel it as well, as if he had an invisible hand.

After a few minutes of this, Arion rolled Lena over and started driving his long cock into her slick pussy at a heightened pace. He thrust deeply into her, his cock rubbing long and hard against her g-spot, his hands gripping her hips as those invisible ones groped and kneaded her big, round tits. As he did, Lena's hand slid down her body to rub circles on her hard clit with her fingertips.

"Lena..." Arion moaned. "I... oh gods... I am not controlling hn... myself as a jynn right now, but... oohhh... as a man. I am going to... oh, gods..." He started breathing heavily as his pace quickened, his thrusts becoming deeper and harder. Lena moaned loudly as she felt his cock -which already felt huge inside of her - growing even thicker as his orgasm approached.

"Oh fuck...." she moaned as the nails on her left dug into his shoulder blades, her right hand still frigging her clit. As she felt him swell and increase his cock's ferocity inside of her, Lena's orgasm started building even quicker, quickly reaching the point of no return.

"Leeenaaa..." he groaned, fucking her even harder, "Oohh.... I'm gonnaa..."

"Yes! Yes! Yeeeessssss..." Lena shrieked as her pussy clamped hard around Arion's hard throbbing member. The buxom beauty threw her head back and screamed in orgasmic release as she came, gushing her sweet cum all over her lover's huge cock. With a roar of ecstasy, Arion exploded inside of her, pumping stream after stream of his hot, thick cum into her tight pussy.

When Lena woke up, she was in her bed, all tucked in and cleaned up. All the cum had been cleaned up and even the sheets were fresh. She looked around her room and wondered for a moment if it had all been a dream.

But then she realized that the bed she was in was not her own, but the one that she had made love in. And there was a scent wafting from the other side of the house. Breakfast.

She put on her silk kimono she used as a dressing gown and made her way to the dining table, upon which sat a full breakfast spread and, just beyond it on the table sat the jukebox with a note.

As Lena sat down, she took a sip of her milk. Hm... she thought. He even knew I like skim....

Then she picked up the note, noticing her glasses beside it. Putting them on, she saw the note was written in very fancy calligraphy, the penmanship clearly from a bygone era. It read:

Good morning, Mistress Lena.

As your perfect lover and devoted jynn servant, I have prepared you a meal. My last master once told me that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Regrettably, I have had to return to my prison until you call upon me or command me otherwise.

I am at your beck and call, Mistress Lena and as always... your wish is my command.


Lena put the note down and picked up her fork, thinking as she enjoyed the (surprisingly well made) meal.

He's my servant? she thought. The idea made her wrinkle her nose. Not sure I like that.

Just as she was finishing her meal, she noticed that there was something on the back of the note Arion left her. Lena's eyes widened as she read.

Oh, and by the way, Mistress Lena... you asked me last evening whether I would really "grant you three wishes." That is not quite accurate. You see, somewhere along the lines of history, there was a slight miscommunication. That being the birth of this "three wishes" myth. I will not grant you three wishes. I will remain with you for three years granting your every wish and your heart's desires. When that time is over, my creator bids that I shall leave your presence.

Until such time, however, I am your faithful jynn. Your wish is my command.


"Three years?" Lena whispered aloud to no one. "This is gonna' be interesting...."

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