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The Grimoire - My Inheritance

Never judge a book by its cover.

Sitting at an antique mahogany table alongside my three loathsome cousins I felt an immense sadness. My uncle, Darcy had passed away, and we were here at the request of his attorney to listen to the provisions of his last will.

My cousins, the sons of Darcy’s sister, Priscilla, commonly referred to as Priscilla the prude, sat there with a gleam of anticipation in their beady eyes. Darcy had lived a life of ease and comfort, and they apparently were anticipating a windfall.

Mr. Rutledge, Uncle Darcy’s lawyer, made a great show of pulling out and distributing copies of the last will and proceeded to advise us of the terms.

“To my nephews Roger, Samuel, and Richard I bequeath all of my money and other financial assets. These to include my house at 66 Salem Street in Salem, Massachusetts,” intoned Attorney Rutledge.

To John my favorite nephew I bequeath this package containing a book that has meant a lot to me throughout my life. May he find joy and solace within its covers,” Rutledge continued.

Richard the eldest of the cousins let out a whoop of joy, “How much do we get?” he asked.

“After careful examination of the bank accounts, stock certificates, and other financial instruments it comes out to about thirty thousand dollars. That is, of course, to be divided between you three.”

“What! That’s it.” Exclaimed Richard.

“Yes, young man, that’s it. The house is yours but requires much work to make it livable, and that will have to come out of your pockets if you accept the terms of the will. The land has some value, but it is my understanding that it is scheduled for expropriation by the city. The money is free and clear as there were no debts, and all taxes have been filed and paid.”

“I demand to see what is in John’s package.” Richard snarled aggressively.

“That’s up to him,” Rutledge stated.

“I have no objections,” I said unwrapping the parcel to reveal a book bound in black leather. Its cover was embossed with the title;

Grimoire of Agnes

Spells and Incantations for your Pleasure


“What is that worth?” asked Samuel.

“Well that’s none of your business,” retorted Rutledge.

“What if it is worth more than what we received? We could contest the will,” replied Samuel.

“Put that out of your mind, young man. Your uncle had to be declared dead as he disappeared over five years ago and as such his will had to be probated by the courts. The courts, in fact, questioned the equity of the distribution as to its fairness towards John. The monetary value of his share is substantially less than yours. They let it stand because the will had been witnessed by a friend of your Uncle, Judge Carmichael.”

After signing the appropriate documents, we finally parted ways. My cousins to wherever they went accompanied by the most insincere well wishes I had ever uttered, and I returned to my home in Nahant.

I made myself a stiff scotch and sat down remembering my Uncle Darcy’s eccentricities. Darcy for all intents was a recluse who had lived alone as long as I could remember. A ‘bon vivant’ who enjoyed his drink and food. He had always laid out a fantastic gourmet array of food and wine whenever I had dropped in on him for a visit.

He seemed to have no friends or visitors apart from me but was a most gracious host when I visited him. He was passionate about history and could relate historical anecdotes with humor and seemed to know odd historical facts that belied his lack of formal education.

He had been married to my mother’s sister. However, I had never known her as she passed away before my birth. To the best of my knowledge, he had never had female companionship after she passed away.

He seemed to live for the books which invaded his home. There were bookshelves from floor to ceiling covering most of its walls.

The other interesting thing about him is that he never seemed to age. Over the years he remained much as the first time I had met him.

We had often sat in front of the fireplace comfortably ensconced in our leather armchairs with a postprandial brandy talking far into the night.

I finally sat back and opened the covers of the massive volume that he had left for me. It apparently was ancient, and as I opened it, an envelope dropped out. It was inscribed ‘To my nephew John, Only to be opened by him after my passing away.’

It had been sealed with wax. I carefully opened it and read the contents.

Dear John,

I urge you never to judge a book by its cover.

Seek, and you shall find immeasurable wealth and joy.


I stared at this cryptic missive from my uncle and wondered what the hell it meant.

Opening the book I was confronted with arcane symbols and notations as well as what seemed to be Latin words and phrases.

I nonchalantly turned the thick, well-preserved pages, and about twenty pages in came across a page depicting a naked female engraving.

I stared at the engraving enjoying the seductiveness of the woman pictured. Long black tresses framing an elfin face, small perky breasts, flat stomach and long legs made a very seductive picture. It had been an inordinately long time since I had had any feminine presence in my life. I just sat staring at her and slowly felt myself falling asleep while looking at her mesmerizing eyes.

My sleep was far from dreamless. I dreamt of the woman in the engraving while she and I had a series of erotic trysts and for the first time in ages on awakening, I discovered that I had ejaculated during my dream.

I slowly opened my eyes and looking down at the wet stain on the front of my trousers I uttered a vehement curse. I stood and proceeded to remove my pants and underwear when I heard an amused chuckle coming from across the room.

I froze and faced the source of the sound to discover the presence of the nude woman from the engraving. I immediately attempted to cover my raging erection and blurted out, “Who are you and how did you get in here?”

“Well as to whom I am that’s easy my name is Agnes. I got in here because you summoned me in your dream,” she answered.

“But how?”

“You wished that I was here with you,” she said. “It’s just that simple.”

“Are you a devil or an apparition? What?”

“That will require a bit of explaining, and I am prepared to tell you. First, however, I think you should take a shower and get cleaned up and then I will tell you my story and of my powers.”

I looked down at myself as she smirked at me and saw that she had a point. I went into the bathroom followed by her and proceeded to get cleaned up. She sat on the toilet appraising me with her huge violet eyes. Halfway through she asked, “Shall I scrub your back?”

Without waiting for an answer, she stepped into the shower with me and placed herself behind me she lathered my back and proceeded to wash every inch of my body. I could feel her breasts with their hard nipples brushing against my back. Her hand snaked between my legs, and she continued to lather my cock with the expected result that I again had a massive hardon.

She then pulled me out of the tub and dried both of us with a large bath towel before leading me to the bedroom. “Make yourself at home,” she giggled pushing me on the bed. She got on the bed next to me and said, “Are you ready to hear my story, John.”

I nodded dumbly unable to take my eyes off her fully displayed charms.

“John, I am a witch. One of the ones who was persecuted at Salem in 1692. I was one of the lucky ones who escaped.”

“A witch!” I blurted out.

“Yes, a witch. Now please put aside any thoughts of hexes, black cats, and broomsticks. Most of us were nothing of the kind. We were young girls of easy virtue who had had sexual relations with the elders unbeknownst to their wives and the rest of the citizens. Rumors were spreading of our actions, and they decided to silence us. I was fortunate in that one of the deacons was sweet on me and warned me. I had some unusual powers and had studied magic through the very book that Darcy bequeathed you and was able to hide within the pages of the book. I have dwelt there ever since.”

“I find that very hard to believe.”

“Well, test me. Make any wish, and I will grant it to you.”

“I suppose that I get three wishes and that after that I will owe you, my soul.”

“No silly what would I want with your soul. All I ask from you is some of your beautiful cock on a regular basis,” she said before grabbing my erection. She pulled it to her lips and slowly sucked it into her mouth. I was soon in the throes of another orgasm as I filled her mouth with my cum.

“Mmm…” she exclaimed while daintily wiping the corners of her mouth. “You are much longer than Darcy, and I love your flavor.”

“By the way what happened to Darcy?” I asked.

“Darcy? He is very well and lives within the pages of the book with me. He has a new girlfriend who shares his part of the book. A cute little redhead named Jezebel. You will be able to visit with him later on, and he is chomping at the bit to see how soon you figure things out.

You should also know that I am not limited to granting you only three wishes. You have an unlimited number of requests to be had. I neither know nor care if you have a soul. To date, I have never seen one. All I want from you is to share your body on a regular basis. I don’t even care if you desire other women as long as you take care of my needs.”

“Prove it,” I said.

“Well make a wish, and I will gladly oblige.”

I thought it over, and after some reflection, I ordered her to bring me Helen of Troy.

“You’re sure? She asked.

“Yes. I’m positive.”

“Master, your slightest wish is my command.”

A woman materialized at the foot of my bed. I drew back not in fright but amazement. The woman must have weighed a good 180 pounds most of the weight located in her hips and pendulous breasts. She stood about five foot tall. I could see that face launching 1000 ships. Not to go to her, but to escape from her. The smell emanating from her was horrendous. “Take her away!” I yelled.

She immediately vanished, and Agnes turned to me with a smirk. “O tempora O mores! For her time she was considered a great beauty.”

“Spare me from that type of beauty please,” I begged.

“How about a more reasonable wish,” she suggested. “How about a nice supper? Just you and I before you make love to me and discover my wanton ways?”

I realized that the emotions of the day had left me starved and the enticement she threw in for after supper entertainment was very alluring.

I acquiesced, and she handed me my dressing robe. She was clad in a very sheer silk shift which did not do much to hide her body. Taking my hand, she led me to the dining room where a meal was already sitting on the table.

I sat her down facing me, and she proceeded to serve the meal from dome covered serving dishes.

The food was delicious. Agnes served a perfectly cooked filet mignon with béarnaise sauce, sautéed mushrooms, and shoestring fries, accompanied by a delightful Beaujolais wine.  During the whole meal I kept looking at her, she was indeed beautiful with her porcelain skin, violet eyes, and long black hair. I felt drawn to her more than I had ever been attracted to any woman in the past.

“Tell me,” I said, “Are you the one who prepared those suppers when I came to eat with Darcy?”

She smiled at me and nodded her head.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“It’s all in the book and if you wish I will help you learn its contents. Through it, you will obtain the wisdom of the ages. You will be able to visit all times past and find the truth of history rather than the distorted views you now hold. You will obtain power beyond your fondest dreams. You will become in your own right a master of your universe.”

“Will I be able to change the past?”

“No, John. The past is cast in stone. You will, however, be able to influence the future,” she answered.

I mused on her words and was lost in thought when she came to me and helped me up and back towards the bedroom. She removed the robe from my shoulders and pushed me onto the bed.

Agnes straddled my cock and rubbed her wet pussy back and forth over it causing it to rear its head. Slowly she lowered herself on me, sliding my cock into her warmth. The sensation was so erotic that I immediately started to pulse in her. She bounced up and down on me, and I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her cervix.

My hips went into motion thrusting upward against her down thrusts as she moaned. I could feel her clamping down around my manhood and felt her pussy milking every inch of my cock. I started to pulse in her, and soon we both came together. My cock jetted thick streams of cum into her while my cock was drenched with her hot cum.

I pulled her towards me, and we ended wrapped around each other our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. I fondled her body paying a lot of attention to her tiny breasts and elongated nipples while she lay purring softly at my side.

Somehow I could not resist asking that most stupid question a man can ask of the woman to who he has just made love. “Was that good for you, darling?”

“Oh yes, John. That was just what I needed. It has been a long time for me.”

“What about Darcy?” I asked.

“I was with Darcy for over forty years. We had a great time, and I regret not a single second of our time together. He is now with Jezebel, and yes we do occasionally indulge in a threesome. However, I want my lover all for me.”

“Are you bisexual?” I asked.

“Yes, you might say I am though I prefer men to women. In truth, you might say I am sapiosexual. I positively fall in love with intelligence. The power and beauty of the mind are what most attract me.”

I resumed cuddling her to my naked body as I thought of what this day had brought for me. I marveled at this witch who lay at my side.

Sapiosexual! She had opened the doors of a whole new world to me. I resolved to study with her and discover the secrets of the book. I could feel that the power of the book was not in learning to master people but in having the ability to master your fate.

Yes, I could easily see me spending long years with her as my mentor and my lover.

Truly you could not judge a book by its cover.


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