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Male and female Stories

male and female


Virtual lovers indulge their wildest desires.

Ravenlock69 logs into the private chat room, her heart pounding with anticipation. The familiar tingle of arousal is already building between her thighs as she waits for him to appear, knowing he always keeps her desperate and wanting more. A ping - there...

Afternoon Delight

A secluded trail leads to insatiable public passion...

Note: The following story contains extremely explicit sexual content and language. The warm afternoon sun filtered through the trees as Jared and Samantha strolled hand-in-hand along the secluded park trail. The gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of bl...

Serpent's Sinful Symphony

Forbidden desires blaze in shadows, then consume all.

Shadows of Desire. In shadows cast by flickering light, A private dance unfolds in the dead of night. Her silhouette dances, a tempting tease, Eyes closed, lost in the throes of sweet release. Slipping her hand beneath lace and silk, Exploring the depths...

Forbidden Dance

A charged, illicit encounter explores the intoxicating rhythm between desire and taboo.

The lap dance was something forbidden, A line crossed, a limit pushed, She had her skirt around her waist, Her body exposed, her desire lush. The lap dance was beyond the norm, Her skirt hiked up, her panties damp and warm. She ground against his swollen...

Aroused Observations

A woman's bus ride takes an unexpectedly sensual turn, igniting her desires and inner fantasies.

Amanda had planned to meet Jen, a long-time friend, in town later that afternoon. She showered and changed into a new pair of skinny jeans (these were VERY figure-hugging, especially around her buttocks) and a black t-shirt. Putting on some makeup, Amanda...

Diary of a High Price Escort Book 13 Part Two

Angel spends the morning at home, then goes shopping for virginal white lingerie

The sound of a gas engine running woke me again, but this time, bright sunlight was streaming through my bedroom windows. Stretching my muscles before I flipped the comforter off my naked body, I slipped out of bed. As I walked toward the window, I glance...

Unholy Descent

A passionate sexual encounter where desire overpowers restraint, leading to rapturous release.

In the dimly lit chamber of desire, Where Beauty danced with Danger's fire. A demon of lust reared its head, Temptation luring, darkness spread. Innocence lost in the depths of sin, Self-love tangled, a battle to win. Exploration of bodies intertwined, Im...

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

A chance encounter at a local dogging spot leads to a mutual pleasure.

There is a spot where the bushes make a kind of cave. There are used tissues, used condoms, and pornographic pages torn from old magazines, fading and damp with spunk, slowly turning into leaf mold. It’s the haunt of doggers and I haunt the place in the h...