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A Sunset to Remember

My story of meeting someone from a chat room, offline.

I’d been playing on the chats for a while when he came into the room, and we started up a conversation about where we were from, what we were doing – the usual stuff. We role played for a bit, just the mundane stuff (what we’d do to each other if we were to meet up in a hotel room, or some place semi-private).

I started to share more and more personal fantasies, and just other random ideas about sex with him as time went on. We carried on chatting about everything that crossed our minds for a couple months; then one day he said he’d like to meet up with me. I wasn’t sure that was a great idea, but I really wanted to see what he would do in person.

So I agreed, and we set up a time and place to meet the next week. We continued to chat online during the waiting that time as well. During our conversations we talked about sex more and more. We knew what would happen if/when we met up, just not sure about how it would happen.

We talked about gang-bangs, orgies, and dominance. We explored everything we could online, then when that wasn’t enough anymore, we both agreed that we should talk at least once on the phone before we actually met up. So we did.

That was hot, his voice was sexier than I expected. We talked about how we’d like to touch each other, and what our responses would be – it was fantastic to hear the enthusiasm over the phone. I could hear his gasp as he came, the shudder in his breathing as he stroked himself, listening to me describe how I’d go down on him, and how I would drink all his cum.

He had a fetish for anal, and wanted to explore all things related to it – he would often ask me about my anal experiences. I had been into anal for a while, but my experiences with hubby hadn’t gone well so far, and I’d taken to satisfying myself with objects. He was very interested in that, as he wanted to do insertions on himself as well. I wasn’t sure how to handle that, but I figured everyone had something that they did in private that would make the “normal” population shudder. And I had friends online who were into all sorts of other kinks, so what if he wanted that?

As we got closer to the time when we had agreed to meet, we both started to get excited and nervous. I met him in a public place – a parking lot near the lake where I often went to take pictures of the sunsets. He picked me up, and we drove out of town, toward another lake. He and his friends had a cabin out on a lake on the outskirts of another town, and that’s where we would go.

As we drove, I kept stealing glances at him – he was well built, and solid. You could tell he worked out a lot, but his muscles weren’t overwhelming, nothing bulged but you knew he was strong. And he had a handsome face as well, one that made me think he wouldn't need to go online to hook up with anyone.

I felt his gaze on me several times throughout the ride as well. I knew he liked what he saw, because after a few quick glances I could see a bulge start in his pants. We were more than halfway there, when he reached over, took my hand and put it to his bulge, and then he grinned at me.

We were somewhere I didn’t recognize, and I really had no idea how long we’d been driving, or even what the main road was that we had turned off of. I got nervous and shy all at once, and he noticed it. He told me he was nervous too, but that he came out this way often enough not to get lost, and that he wouldn’t let anything happen that I wasn’t okay with. I relaxed a bit.

When we got to the parking area, he explained that there would be a short walk to the cabin, and there were other cabins out here that were being used as well. He brought out a small bag, and explained that it was a laptop, and he had some pictures and videos to show me. So we held hands through the trees, and followed the path near the lake. The sunset was gorgeous here, the pinks reflecting off the glass windows of the cabins we passed, and the purples of the sky reflecting in the lakes surface.

Finally, after we’d passed about three cabins, we came to the one he and his buddies owned. But there were lights on inside, and seeing that my heart began to skip beats. I remembered our talks about threesomes, and gang-bangs. When he asked me to wait for him on the path, so he could see what was going on inside; my heart began to beat a little more regularly. He hadn’t been expecting anyone at the cabin, he explained. I truly had no idea what to expect on this trip, but I went along with it anyway.

So he came back to tell me that his bud and the guy's wife were going to be in the cabin, but we could use a cabin of a different friend. I followed him to a smaller, two story cabin a couple doors down. He opened it up (it wasn’t locked) and took his shoes off. I followed his lead. We went upstairs to the tiny bedroom; he set his laptop on the bed, and then lay down beside it. I sat on the edge near the foot of the bed. I wasn’t entirely comfortable, but at least I now knew I wasn’t here to get ambushed.

He opened his laptop and called me over beside him to look at what he had loaded up on the screen. I’d never really watched porn with a guy before – even my husband. I’d always just kind of done that by myself. It was a new experience, and we discussed what was happening on the screen. I sat next to him at first, then he gently pulled me down so I was laying in front of him, us both being able to watch what was happening on the screen.

I reached behind me and touched his jeans, his erection very prominent. I stroked him through the material. He ran his hands up and down my side, stopping to fondle my breasts, and then going on down to the curve of my butt. I enjoyed it, and I could tell he was enjoying it as well.

He put another couple of videos on, and we watched together, still touching each other. He unbuttoned his jeans, and I did the same, then we went on like we had been doing, but sometimes dipping under each other's clothes.

Finally, I felt confident enough to turn over, and I pulled his pants down a little then leaned down to take him in my mouth. He sucked in his breath as my warm lips closed around him, then he gently guided my movements, his hand tangled in my hair. I closed my eyes and melted into the sensation of it all. Tickling his tip with my tongue, and sliding my hand down under him, to cup his balls… it was sweet and intimate. It felt right.

He closed down the laptop screen, and set the machine aside so we could lie down on the bed. He kicked his pants off, and began pulling mine down further to expose my freshly shaved pussy. He fingered me, and caressed my ass while I continued to pleasure him with my mouth. Then he began fingering my ass as well, and I moaned aloud.

He slipped one finger in… then went to two, while still fingering my pussy. He didn’t push himself into my mouth, he let me give him oral, and wasn’t demanding about it. I appreciated that, as he was hard as stone now, and I was working to swallow him down and it was a little painful. I pulled off, and kissed his shaft, then looked up into his eyes, his desire apparent.

I lay down on the bed, and he stood at the edge. He pulled me toward him, and keeping his eyes glued to mine, entered my pussy so softly, I wanted to cry. He was being so sweet and gentle with me, I wanted him to be mine. I wished that he was my hubby, and that we made love like this all the time. Then I felt guilty because he wasn’t. And we couldn’t. I was already married, and I was doing this anyway. I pushed that thought out of my mind, and melted back into the cabin with him.

He grabbed my legs, and began pumping my pussy, every move was like poetry. He had me so wet already that I didn’t hurt with the friction we were creating, and I could feel an orgasm building, even though it didn’t feel like he was hitting “my” spot.

He let go of my legs, one at a time, and leaned over me, giving my nose a quick kiss, before picking up the pace again; thrusting in and out in long, smooth strokes. I giggled, because I’d never had anyone kiss my nose during sex before, and it was the cutest thing. This big strong guy, with a serious look on his face; bending over me during sex to kiss my nose. He grinned, too.

He stopped thrusting, and pulled out. Then he thrust back in, and started again… a few more strokes in and out, and he pulled out again. He grabbed my hands helping me to sit up, then guided me to turn over, with my bottom half off the bed. He entered my pussy from behind, using the same rhythm he had before. Thrusting in and out; then pulled out for a few seconds. Then back to thrusting again, only to pull out for a few seconds.

After a couple minutes I felt his finger at my ass hole again, and when he was thrusting he pushed his fingertip inside. Wow, the sensations! I felt the orgasm as it ripped through my body, there was no building of it, it just exploded through me. I groaned loudly, and he continued his probing. He slowly added another finger to my ass, and when he pulled out of my pussy the next time, I felt him enter my ass with is shaft.

He didn’t thrust it in, as he had done with my pussy, but he pushed it steadily inside, and his other hand went to my clit, teasing and pinching softly. The combination making me dizzy, I thrust back into him, and he let me lead the pace.

We rocked back and forth together for a few minutes, while I got use to his size inside my ass, and then he gently pushed me down against the mattress, and started pumping at his pace. No words were spoken, but there didn’t need to be any, we both understood the desires the other had.

I crawled up onto the bed, and he followed, his knees beside mine on the bed. We were both kneeling, and he grabbed a handful of my red hair, holding me in place, and heightening my experience. I pushed into him, as he thrust into me. Our breath became ragged, and uneven, our bodies molding to one another.

I cried out as he leaned over me once more, pushing in further than he had so far; his breath hot against my neck and ear. He finally spoke, and his words set off fireworks inside my brain.

“Can I cum inside?” he asked. I knew he wouldn’t if I told him not to, but I really wanted to feel him explode inside me. I took a quick minute to think about it, I had to think seriously. This was not my husband, and if he came inside me, what would that mean? Would I get caught? Would I get pregnant? In the moment though, I could only think about what it would feel like to have him go off inside me. So I cried out, “Yes… oh yes!” He thrust hard and held it. My ass felt full, and I could feel his shaft shuddering inside me. I came too, my own shudders rippling through my body, making my vision swim.

We collapsed onto the bed, he still inside my ass, plugging it for now. I wanted to stay like that, but I knew that the sun would be setting soon, and I needed to be going. I needed to have at least a few pictures of the sunset, this was too lovely to pass up. And that was my excuse for being out anyway; my husband knew how passionate I was about my photography, and he accepted that sunsets were a wonderful photograph.

He sighed as he rolled over on the bed, and then sat up on the edge of it. I stood up shakily, and pulled my pants back on – then as an afterthought, I stuffed my undies into the back of my jeans, to soak up any fluids that might escape back there. He smiled, and thanked me for the experience. I grinned back at him, and told him honestly, “Any time.” We gathered up the rest of our things, and then headed out.

It was getting dark as we picked our way over the exposed tree stumps, and roots in the path. I stumbled a few times, and he reached back to take my hand and help guide me out. We got back to his truck, and when we climbed inside, he reached across the cab and pulled me over to him for a kiss. It was a deep, hard, passionate kiss. I wanted to melt back into him, and then it was over.

On the way back, in the darkness, a moose crossed our path in front of the truck, and we almost ran him over. I laughed really hard at that, and he asked what was funny. I explained my train of thought, that we’d done all this, and hadn’t been caught. But if we’d have run over that moose, there was no way that we could have escaped calling the police to report it, and then I’d be busted. In a place I’m not supposed to be, with someone I don’t really know… And coming back to town from doing something that I most definitely wasn’t supposed to have done. He laughed along after that.

When he dropped me back at my car, we both agreed that it had been a great night, and that we should try to get together again sometime.

I regret that we never did.

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