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Frustration and Relief

Sexual frustration leads Bill and his daughter-in law Becky into a steamy affair.
I laid back in a patio chair under the bright summer sun and yawned. My wife Eva was away on business so I was on my own for the next week. The house and yard work were done for the weekend, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to kick back and relax.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs from the upper floor reminded me that I was not totally alone. Our house was a huge old two storey with the upper floor converted into an apartment. The current inhabitants of that apartment were our daughter-in-law Becky and her two children.

Keith, our rather reckless and immature son, had left Becky for some fiery young lady he met through work. He and his paramour now lived a thousand miles away from us. Eva and I were just as upset with him as Becky. When our daughter-in-law realized that keeping up the house payments was going to be a problem, we were more than happy to let her live rent-free with us until she got her life back into shape.

“Thanks, Bill,” Becky said brightly, hugging me from behind and laying a moist kiss on my cheek.

“Whoa, girl. What’s that for?” I said in surprise.

Releasing me, she sat down in the chair next to mine.

“I talked to your lawyer friend yesterday. She’s going to get started on the paperwork on Monday. Six months is long enough to wait for Keith to come to his senses,” she responded.

“Excellent. I’m glad Carol can help you. She’s a hell of a good lawyer. Did the incorporation work for my first business and I’ve been using her ever since.”

“I need a favour, Bill. Another one, that is,” Becky went on.

“Fire away,” I replied with a shrug. “Always glad to help out my favorite daughter-in-law.”

“I’m your only daughter-in-law,” she pointed out.

“And I would like it to stay that way but that seems like wishful thinking now,” I said wryly.

Becky giggled.

“I know you’re not as comfortable with the kids as Eva but I really, badly need a sitter tonight. Could you do it? This came up late and my regular sitters were already committed,” she explained.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Becky blushed a little.

“A date. Maybe,” she answered hesitantly. “I ran into a guy that I dated back before I met Keith. He asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him.”

“Excellent! Getting back in the saddle is good medicine for you, I think. And if you have someone, that just turns the screws on Keith some more,” I responded with a wink.

“So you’ll do it? I’ll make sure they’re bathed and changed for bed before I go. You just have to keep an eye on them, help with their bedtime snack, and make sure they go to bed on time.”

“I think I can handle that, my dear. Just let me know when you go and I’ll come up,” I affirmed with a smile.

“Terrific. Thanks again, Bill.”

Becky gave me another quick hug and kiss, then was gone back up to her apartment. I sighed and closed my eyes. I was trying not to think about how much I had enjoyed those hugs and kisses. The thought of my daughter-in-law’s lips on my skin and her body close to mine was an almost unbearable one.

To be honest, I had lusted after Becky since the first time that Keith brought her home to meet us. She was a small woman and very pretty. A bit of a fitness nut, Becky kept her slender body in top trim. Her breasts were small and shapely, perfectly suited to her slight frame. Even a glimpse of them through a bathing suit or low-cut top sent little thrills of excitement through me.

To top it all off, my daughter-in-law had an incorrigibly cheerful demeanour. In fact, she was probably the brightest, perkiest human being I had ever met. The night that Keith bailed on her was one of the few times I had ever seen Becky really down.

While I had historically gone for darker, curvier women like Eva, something about Becky excited and aroused me beyond all reason. I knew that lusting after my son’s wife was a bad idea but fantasies had nonetheless danced through my head over the years. Recently, with Keith out of the picture and some marital woes of my own, they had become more vivid and frequent.

With a yawn, I checked the time and saw that the afternoon was wearing on. I needed to get some dinner and do a couple small errands before it was time to babysit my grandchildren. Getting up off the chair, I wandered inside. My rather lusty mind was still replaying the feeling of Becky’s soft lips on my cheek.

When Becky came home that night, I was out on the patio again. It was past ten and the kids had been asleep for a couple hours already. The night was hot and muggy; the kind of weather that I absolutely hate. Neither our rooms on the main floor nor Becky’s apartment had central air, just window conditioners in the bedrooms. To escape the heat, I had stripped to my boxers and retreated outside for some relief.

The only light came from my kitchen so I could not see Becky clearly in the darkness. However, I had seen what she wore to dinner when she left earlier. The image was burned, and burning, in my mind. It was a red dress with a short skirt that showed off plenty of leg. In my fantasies, there was a skimpy lace thong under that skirt but I could not know for sure. The top of the dress was a halter that left her back and arms bare and showed off her breasts beautifully. Becky had put on a minimum of makeup, which was her usual style. Her pretty, girlish features didn’t need a lot of makeup.

“How were the kids?” Becky said in a rather flat tone as she slumped into the chair next to mine.

“Good. They’re always good for Grandpa,” I answered.

“I know. They love having you two around,” she responded, perking up a bit.

“Miss their Dad, though,” I observed.

“You can tell, eh?”

I nodded.

“How was your dinner or date or whatever it was?” I asked.

Becky let out a mournful sigh, which was not a good sign.

“Dinner was delicious. We went to Rio North,” she said with little enthusiasm.

“Nice place,” I agreed, “So what went wrong? You certainly don’t sound like someone who just had a successful date.”

“Rich is as nice a guy as I remember from high school,” Becky began with a sigh, “But the reason he asked to have dinner with me was so he could update me on some important news.”

“Which was?” I asked expectantly.

She sighed again.

“He came out to his family and friends last year. He’s gay,” she answered, sounding close to tears.

I reached over and stroked Becky’s arm sympathetically.

“Isn’t there a joke that all the good ones are either taken or gay?” I asked.

“It’s not a joke right now,” Becky said, her voice rising a bit, “I was so hoping to restart something with him. To relieve some of my frustration if nothing else.”

“Frustration?” I said quizzically.

“I haven’t had sex in months. My fingers and toys just aren’t cutting it anymore.”

The bluntness of Becky’s words startled me but the situation sounded painfully familiar. I sighed and looked over at my daughter-in-law.

“You know what? I haven’t had a good lay in almost two years,” I told her quietly.

“Seriously? You and Eva aren’t doing it?” Becky asked, incredulity in her voice.

“Nope. She had some health issues and decided sex was no longer healthy or enjoyable for her. Told me I could get it elsewhere if I really needed it,” I explained.

“And did you?”

“I tried escorts. A couple of them were kind of fun but paying for sex just didn’t ring my bell,” I replied sadly.

“I guess it would be different from being with someone you actually knew and cared about,” Becky agreed.

We fell silent, both staring out into the darkness. Then I felt a touch on my arm. After a moment, I realized that it was Becky’s fingers. They were moving over my skin, lightly stroking me. The touching was very erotic. My cock stirred a little.

“Becky?” I asked quietly.

“Yes?” she answered.

“That feels nice,” I said.

I had intended to ask her to stop but it hadn’t come out that way. We were silent again as my daughter-in-law continued to caress me. Then she got up from her chair and stood over me.

“Bill, you need it and I need it. Why not each other?” Becky blurted out.

I looked up at my daughter-in-law in surprise.

“What do you mean?” I asked, both afraid of and elated by the answer that I expected.

“You are a very handsome guy, Bill,” she responded, slowly getting down to her knees, “And I’ve seen how you look at me at times. Maybe we can give each other some … relief.”

Her hands eased my knees apart and caressed the insides of my thighs. My cock started to harden, threatening to pop out of my boxers at any time.

“Are you suggesting that you and I have sex? With each other?” I asked in surprise.

Becky giggled. Her fingers slipped into the open fly of my boxers to lightly caress my penis. It twitched and hardened more in response.

“Maybe we can start with something simple to release our tension and then see where it goes from there,” she suggested.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, still surprised by the touch of her fingers on my penis.

Becky answered by pulling my cock from the confines of my shorts. Her tongue licked it all over, circling the head and running up and down the shaft.

“Becky, are you sure you want this?” I said nervously, not sure if I really wanted what was coming or not.

Without a word of response, my daughter-in-law closed her lips around my cock. Gently sucking it, she took me further into her mouth. It was a heavenly feeling. Eva had never been fond of giving oral, so fellatio had been a pretty rare thing in my sex life. This was by far the best I had ever received.

“Oh Becky! That is so good,” I moaned, stroking her hair with my fingers.

My cock was now deep in Becky’s mouth, almost in her throat. I sat up and gripped her head with my hands. Holding my daughter-in-law’s head steady, I moved my hips a little to fuck her mouth as she increased the suction. My orgasm rose rapidly. I fell back against the chair with a groan as pleasure exploded from my loins and washed over my body. With each wave, my cock pumped semen into Becky’s throat. She swallowed it and kept sucking me until it was over.

After we spent a few minutes catching our breath, I sat up and looked down at Becky. She was still kneeling in front of me on the patio deck.

“Guess I owe you an orgasm, my dear,” I said, reaching out to stroke her hair. “Let’s switch.”

Smiling, Becky got up. She hiked up her skirt and slipped off her panties. They were pink bikini briefs rather than the thong I’d envisioned. Hardly mattered. The fact that she was taking them off was far sexier than the underpants themselves anyway.

Tossing the briefs into her empty chair, Becky took my place. I knelt in front of my daughter-in-law and began caressing her long, slender legs. I pressed my lips to her left knee in a gentle kiss, then repeated on the right. I followed that by laying a trail of kisses up the inside of her right thigh.

When I reached the top of her thigh, her slit was barely visible in the darkness with her pubic hair just a shadow above it. I licked the soft petals of her opening, tasting her on my tongue. Sliding my tongue up to the top, I gently teased her clitoris.

As I licked around Becky’s sensitive little button, I gently penetrated her with a middle finger. Her wetness surrounded my digit. Inside, I moved my finger the way Eva used to like it, massaging that special spot just inside. Becky gasped and I was afraid I was hurting her.

“You okay, Becks?” I asked, starting to pull out.

“I’m fine. Don’t stop. That was wonderful,” she replied.

Satisfied that I had it right, I went back to work. Easing my finger back inside, I massaged my daughter-in-law’s G spot while using my tongue on her clitoris more directly and roughly than before. I used my lips, too, to kiss and lightly suck it. Becky was breathing hard and playing with her tits as I continued to lavish attention on her pussy.

“Oh, God, Bill,” she finally gasped out softly.

Warm fluid ran out over my fingers as her body tensed and shook. I lapped it up eagerly, enjoying the taste of Becky’s cum. Then I pulled my finger out and offered it to Becky to lick clean.

“That was amazing,” she said breathlessly.

“Glad to be of service,” I responded, getting up from the patio floor.

“Keith needs to get some lessons from you. He has no idea how to do that properly.”

“I think he has bigger issues with you right now than not knowing how to eat your pussy.”

Becky giggled softly.

“I want more, Bill,” she said after a minute.

“More? After that orgasm?” I asked, shaking my head.

“A finger is not a cock. I need to be filled up,” Becky responded.

“I am not very hard right now, I’m afraid.”

“Let’s go up to my room and work on that, shall we?”

Smiling, I helped her out of the chair and followed her up the stairs.

Reaching Becky’s bedroom, I watched with fascination as she stripped off her dress. I had seen my daughter-in-law in skimpy swimsuits enough times to have a good sense of what she looked like naked. Seeing her stripping for me was something else, though. Her small breasts had a bit of sag but were still pretty firm and perky given that she had nursed two children. The nipples and aureoles were large and a dark pink. Between her thighs, the dark blonde patch of pubic hair was a bit unruly but I rather liked women who were natural in that way.

Becky lay down on one side of the bed with a sexy smile on her lips.

“Going to join me?” she said, patting the bed beside her.

“Like I need an invitation,” I answered.

Slipping off my boxers, I lay down beside her. Soon I was on my back with Becky on top of me. She pressed her mouth on to mine. Her tongue slid past my lips to touch my own. Placing my hands on my daughter-in-law’s back, I caressed her as we engaged in a series of long, sultry French kisses. As we made out, Becky’s naked body moved against mine, a sensation that aroused me incredibly. My cock swelled back to life.

Becky stopped kissing me. Slowly, she crawled down my body, brushing her erect nipples against my skin. Both the sight and the sensation were very erotic. Reaching my erect cock, Becky lay down over it with it pressed between her breasts. Slowly, she rubbed my erection between them. I closed my eyes to just enjoy that feeling. I moved my hips a little to rub back against her. Becky’s breasts were soon replaced by her lips as she kissed along the length of my cock before sucking it a little.

When Becky stopped sucking me, I opened my eyes to see her crawling up beside me on all fours. She smiled at me.

“I’m ready, Bill. Can you take me like this?”

Smiling back at her, I got up to kneel behind Becky.

“Like it doggie, do you?” I asked, giving her ass a little slap.

“Best way, I think,” my daughter-in-law answered.

Pressing the head of my cock against her wet opening, I slid it inside. She was not as tight as I had expected and my cock went in easily. I began fucking her with long slow strokes, playing with her firm, sexy ass I did.

“Oh, yeah,” Becky moaned. “Harder, baby. Fuck my wet little cunt harder.”

Her dirty talk both surprised and aroused me. I did as she asked, thrusting harder and faster into her body. Sliding a hand under her, I began rubbing her engorged clitoris with a fingertip. Her juices ran out around my cock and her moans escalated to a soft cry as her vagina pulsed around my cock. That sent me over the edge. I kept pumping her pussy as my cock erupted inside, filling her with semen.

We collapsed on the bed and crawled into each other’s arms.

I awoke in my own bed the next morning. Becky and I had agreed that it would not be good for the kids to find Grandpa in Mommy’s bed. For a while, I lay still and thought about what we had done. We were not blood relatives, so incest was not a concern. It was, however, at least technically adultery. Mitigating that were two basic facts: her husband had rather coldly and blithely left her for another woman and my wife had effectively opened up our marriage. I let it go at that.

It was grey and rainy that Sunday, quite a change after the sun and heat on Saturday. After lunch, I was lounging around the living room in a t-shirt and track pants when someone banged on the sliding door to the deck. I walked out to the kitchen to see Becky standing at the glass door in a bathrobe. The robe was tied, but the top hung loose, leaving her breasts largely exposed.

“The kids?” I said a little incredulously as I opened the door.

“Gone to Wild Wonderland with Pete and Clara,” my daughter-in-law answered as she stepped into my kitchen and embraced me.

“Your brother is a brave man,” I responded, returning the embrace. “Four kids under twelve in that place? It was madhouse the one time Eva and I took your two.”

“His bravery is much appreciated by me. Especially this afternoon,” Becky said before pulling my mouth down on to hers.

As we kissed, my hands roamed over her body, caressing her through the thin material of the robe. Finally, I untied it and slipped it off of her. She was naked underneath save for a lacy pink thong.

“Wow,” I gasped at the lovely sight.

“Indeed,” she responded.

Her hand gave the growing tent in my track pants a squeeze, while my hands massaged her tits. We kissed some more. Becky slid my track pants down as we ended that kiss. Dropping to her knees, she eagerly devoured my half-hard cock. Her tongue and lips worked me over thoroughly until I was at full mast.

I pulled Becky off of my cock and urged her to get up. Rising, she leaned back against the counter with her legs spread. Kneeling between them, I pulled her thong aside. I slid my tongue into her waiting pussy to explore it thoroughly. As I enjoyed the taste of my daughter-in-law’s pussy, I ran my hands over her thighs and ass.

Then I got up and turned Becky around. She knew what I was after and bent over the counter. I rammed my cock into her from behind, feeling her warm wetness sucking me in. I didn’t hold anything back, but began to fuck her fast and hard. Her body shook with the impact of each thrust.

“Oh God, yes, I need this,” Becky moaned. “I love it when you fuck my pussy hard.”

Her dirty talk encouraged me. I slipped out. Getting her to sit on the edge of the kitchen table facing me, I plunged into her again. She leaned back on her arms as I ploughed into her with thrust after thrust. Her small tits wobbled with each impact.

“Oh yeah, baby,” I heard myself saying. “Your pussy is so wet and so hot. I love fucking your hot little pussy, girl.”

And then I climaxed. It was a good, hard, fast cum that tore a loud groan from me. I pumped Becky full of my seed. Then I pulled out and dropped to my knees. I lapped at her dripping snatch with my tongue, enjoying the flavour of our mingled fluids. Moving my mouth to her clit, I licked and gently sucked it while sliding a finger into her wet core.

With my mouth working her clit and my finger on her G-spot, Becky was soon moaning and writhing. Her orgasm sent a spurt of her wetness down my hand, the first time I had ever had a woman squirt on me. I kept at her until her orgasm faded, then pulled my finger out. I sat back on the floor to lick it off while she watched with delight in her eyes.

“This is so wild, Bill,” Becky said quietly. “I have actually had fantasies about something like this but never dreamed it would be real.”

After our adventure on the kitchen table, my daughter-in-law and I had retreated to my bedroom. We were spooning on my bed with me behind Becky. I had my body curled around her much smaller one and my arm and leg draped over her. It created an incredibly intimate connection with her.

“So you’ve have had fantasies about me as well?” I asked with surprise. “I’ve been lusting after you ever since we met.”

“Me, too, basically. You’re like Keith only better looking and wiser,” Becky responded.

I had to laugh at that.

“Better looking, maybe. We’ll see about the wiser part. Some might suggest that sleeping with you isn’t the wisest decision.”

“Maybe. But it’s really made me feel much better. Sex hasn’t been this great since the early days with Keith.”

“Likewise. I don’t think Eva and I have generated this much heat in years. Decades, even.”

My hand strayed to one small breast. I began to gently caress it, especially the nipple. Taking it gently between a thumb and forefinger, I pinched it gently before slowly rubbing it between them. Becky gasped.

“I like that,” she whispered.

“Good,” I whispered back.

My mouth found Becky’s ear and I gently nibbled on it as I continued to play with her breast. Her body moved against mine, causing her ass to rub my cock. It stiffened in response, becoming more aroused with each movement of her body against mine. Somehow, I restrained myself and let things move at a slow, gentle pace. I wanted this time to last.

After a while like that, Becky wriggled free and turned to face me. We slipped into an intimate embrace. Our hands roamed over each other as we stared into each other’s faces. Then we began kissing; lightly at first but quickly progressing to deep, sexy French kisses. I rolled my daughter-in-law on to her back, covering her small body with my larger one. We continued kissing as my erect cock rubbed and teased her pussy lips.

“I want something, Bill. Something I haven’t had in years,” Becky said after one long French kiss.

“What? I’ll give you whatever you want,” I responded.

My cock was almost in my daughter-in-law’s pussy and I was aching to take her again.

“I want you to take my ass the way you do my pussy,” she whispered after a moment’s hesitation.

“You’re sure?” I asked, a little surprised by the request.

“Yes. My boyfriend before Keith did it to me all the time and we both loved it. Keith isn’t into it, though.”

I thought about it a minute. Eva would never consent to anal, let alone ask for it. However, I had anal experience with one of the escorts as well as with a girlfriend from my pre-Eva days.

“I will, Becky. Let me get some lube,” I said, stroking and kissing her as I did.

She sighed contentedly as I found a bottle of K-Y that I knew we had around.

“What position?” I asked.

“Spoon works well for me,” Becky answered as she rolled on to her side.

I lay behind her. With a blob of lube on one finger, I gently eased the tip into her anus. Slowly, I penetrated Becky’s behind, getting her well-lubricated. With my other hand, I coated my cock with lube, making sure it was at least as well lubricated as her ass.

“Ready?” I asked as I wiped my hands clean.

“Very,” she answered.

I lay down behind Becky with my cock lined up with her back opening. Gently, I pushed the head against it. Her anus stretched open to receive me. I don’t have a very thick cock and was glad of that for once. I eased back, then went in further. Slowly, I began to fuck Becky’s ass with gentle, shallow thrusts.

“How’s that?”

“You can go harder,” she whispered.

Taking my daughter-in-law at her word, I went a bit faster and deeper. Becky slid her hand between her legs and masturbated as my cock slid back and forth in her bum.

“Oh yeah, Bill,” Becky moaned. “Fuck my ass, Bill. Fuck it.”

Her words spurred me on. I was torn between fear of hurting Becky and giving her what she seemed to want. Taking a deep breath, I began thrusting into her ass as fast and hard as I dared to. She was moaning and playing with her clit as I slid my hard cock into her time and time again. The feeling of that tight opening squeezing my cock soon had me approaching climax.

I groaned as my cock spasmed and shot a load into Becky’s ass. Fingering herself rapidly, Becky climaxed almost immediately after, mingling her moans with mine. We lay still for a while, overcome by the moment. Then I eased my cock out of her and we went to my bathroom to clean up.

“I don’t want this afternoon to end, Bill,” she said as we made out under the spray of the shower.

“I don’t, either, but it has to. Sooner or later, Keith will realize what he’s done and make for home.”

Becky giggled. We kissed one more time, and then rinsed off.

After that afternoon, things cooled off. Not just the weather, but Becky and I. Work and life in general got in the way. I barely saw my daughter-in-law for the first part of the week, just enough to greet her in passing. My business was booming so I was working ten to twelve hour days. Becky was working full time at a job that used to be part-time and one of the kids was sick.

Wednesday evening I came home from the office about nine. I had started work at eight in the morning, eating at my desk for both lunch and dinner. I finally dragged myself out of the office when I realized that my vision was blurring from too much staring at the damn computer screen. Collapsing on to an armchair in my living room, I let out a sigh and closed my eyes.

The phone rang but I ignored it. I had spent half my day on the phone already and didn’t really want to spend more time with a handset pressed to my ear. It was probably just a survey or sales call anyway.

“Hey, Bill. How are you feeling?” came Becky’s voice in a soft, rather sultry tone from the answering machine speaker. “If you’re home and want some company before bed, come on up. I’m ready and waiting. Bye.”

The machine beeped and stopped as she hung up. Just the tone of her voice had little stirrings beginning in my loins.

Becky greeted me at the apartment door in a sheer red nightie. Underneath, she wore only a matching thong. As the door closed behind me, we embraced and kissed. Then Becky took my hand and led me to her bedroom. It was dark save for some candles.

“Undress and lie down, Bill. This is my night to pleasure you.”

I began undoing my sport shirt while Becky warmed up some massage oil. Some lube and a vibrator sat on her nightstand. Not sure entirely what she was up to, I nonetheless lay on my stomach on the bed. Becky knelt beside me. In her hand was a blindfold.

“This might make it even more fun,” she whispered.

I let her put it on, then laid my head down on her pillow. It was full of her scent, the lovely smell of a lovely lady.

For a couple minutes, there was nothing. Then I felt warm oil drizzling on my back. Becky poured a line down my spine from the base of my neck to top of my crack. Her hands went to work, spreading the oil over my skin before beginning a slow, firm massage at my neck and shoulders. It had been a long time since I’d had a massage. The feeling of Becky’s oily fingers as they pressed and stroked my bare skin relaxed me on some levels, aroused me on others.

My daughter-in-law was slow and meticulous, working her way down my spine and out along my ribs. When she reached my ass, she paused a moment. Then she began again with my feet. First she gently kneaded them with her fingers. Then she took my right big toe in her mouth to gently suck on it as her fingers worked the calf on that side. She ended by slowly running something, her erect nipple I think, along the sole. She repeated the performance on the left side. My cock was getting hard underneath me, aroused by the constant touch of her fingers on my body.

After playing with my feet, Becky worked her way up my legs; first the calves, then then thighs. Reaching my ass, she began kneading my cheeks with her fingers. I felt an oily finger slide down my crack to massage the rim of my sensitive back opening. It was a wonderfully erotic feeling and I found myself wishing she would penetrate me with that digit, but she didn’t. Instead, she progressed to stroking and fondling my balls.

“Roll over,” Becky said.

I did as she asked. Still blindfolded, I couldn’t see what she was doing. When she lay down on me with her body oiled, though, I didn’t need to see. Slowly, she rubbed her slick torso and tits against me. She writhed down my body, with her mouth kissing and biting along behind. By the time she pressed my cock into her oily cleavage, it was rock hard.

As she had on Sunday afternoon, Becky slowly slid back and forth along my cock with it resting in her cleavage. The sensation was very different though, with the massage oil making her slide more freely and easily. I was close to the brink when she slid off.

I felt her finger massaging my anus again. It was lubed this time and Becky slowly pushed it inside me. Finding my prostate, she began to slowly massage it.

“Like that?” she asked quietly.

“Yes. It feels very good,” I answered.

Becky’s finger slid out of me. I felt something else at the opening. Something harder. Slowly, it penetrated my tight back orifice. Then it began vibrating.

“How about this?” she whispered.

The sensation of her vibe inside me was driving me wild.

“Fucking fantastic,” I gasped.

“Good,” Becky responded.

My daughter-in-law’s tongue slid along the length of my cock. She licked it a few times, pausing each time to tease the glans and head with the tip of her tongue. The last time, Becky finished by taking me in her mouth to slowly suck on me. With the vibe in my ass sending waves of joy through my G-spot and Becky’s mouth making sweet oral love to my cock, I knew I was in for one hell of a climax.

It didn’t take long, either. The massive wave of pleasure that erupted from between my legs made me cry out in surprise. Becky pulled off my cock for a moment, startled by the eruption of cum, but quickly took it back in. Her mouth and vibrator kept working on me until I was expended and exhausted.

For a while, I lay there sightless as my body came down from that incredible high. Gently, Becky slid the vibrator out of my anus. Then I felt the bed shift around my head. The mingled scents of fragrant oil and aroused pussy assailed my nostrils. I realized that Becky was mounting my face.

“Eat me, Bill,” she said calmly. “My pussy is so wet and tasty.”

Grabbing my daughter-in-law’s ass, I pulled my head up to bury my face between her thighs. My tongue slid into her pussy, filling my mouth with the heavenly flavour of sex. I kneaded her ass cheeks with my fingers as I licked and probed her pussy. One minute, I was driving my tongue into her like a little penis; the next I was lapping at her soft lips and teasing her engorged clitoris.

Taking a hand from her ass, I slid the middle finger into her pussy. At first, I fucked her with it while teasing her clit with my tongue. Then I began massaging her G spot while alternately sucking and licking her aroused button.

Becky was moving her hips a little as I explored her intimate spaces with finger and tongue. I could hear her breathing growing more rapid. Little moans and cries punctuated it. My finger was soaked with the juices that were flowing from her aroused pussy.

“Oh, Bill, eat me up. Make me cum all over you. Fuck, I love the way you do this,” Becky moaned.

I both fingered and ate her harder, seeking to drive my daughter-in-law over the edge. Becky rewarded me with a series of soft cries and a gush of cum as she climaxed. Her juice flowed out over my hand and on to my face. I lapped it up, savouring the taste of the wonderful young woman who was riding my face.

When she was sated, Becky pulled off my blindfold and lay down on top of me. She kissed my mouth long and hard, then I wrapped her in my arms for a warm cuddle.

“This is probably the last time, isn’t it?” she finally asked, still a little breathless.

“For a while, I imagine. Eva’s home tomorrow night,” I confirmed. “So we will have to be a lot more discreet.”

“Too bad. I wish we could sleep together all the time. Your body feels so good against mine. And you are so fucking hot in bed,” Becky responded wistfully.

I chuckled.

“It would be fun. I’ll admit it. It’s not going to happen, though, is it? I mean, there would just be too much drama,” I said.

“I know,” she answered quietly, even a bit sadly. “But I can dream, I guess.”

We fell silent. I slowly caressed my daughter-in-law’s body as we lay together. Then I gently rolled her on to her back. Lowering my mouth to hers, I slid my tongue between her lips. Gently, I moved my body against hers much as she had done to me. My cock began to harden again, pressing against her soft labia.

“I want to fuck you one more time,” I said softly when I finished kissing her.

“Me, too. I’m all yours, baby,” she answered.

I slid down between her legs. Once again, I slid a finger inside her. It went in easily since she was still wet from being eaten out. A second followed it and then I gently massaged her inside while stroking her clit with the thumb. I looked up at Becky to see her hands massaging her tits while her face, rapt in a kind of erotic ecstasy, gazed up at the ceiling.

I slid back up her body, moving my cock into position at the entrance to her body. With a single thrust, I drove it in. Having cum once already, I knew that I would last a while so once I was in, I spent some time just gently moving inside her while we kissed and caressed each other.

Then I began to pick up the pace, thrusting harder and faster. I lifted my body up on my arms over her and gazed down into those piercing blue eyes. Her mouth was open a bit; her breath coming in gasps. Becky moved her hips and ass a little, trying to take me in deeper and rub her clit against the base of my cock.

After a while with me on top, we rolled over. Becky mounted my cock. She rode me slowly but took me in deep. Her hands caressed my chest and played with my nipples as she did. I reach up to squeeze and stroke her small tits. Suddenly, Becky closed her eyes and let out a soft groan. Her vagina rippled around my cock as she had a small orgasm.

Getting off of me and the bed, Becky went over to her dresser. She bent over it with her thighs apart. I got up behind her. There was a mirror on the dresser and I could see her face and tits in it as I slid my cock home. Fucking her with fast, hard thrusts I enjoyed the view of my daughter-in-law’s face and gently jiggling tits in the mirror. I held on to her ass and fucked her harder still. Sliding a hand underneath Becky, I massaged her clit as my cock slid back and forth past it.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” I exclaimed as my orgasm hit.

It was less intense than the last one but went on for a while. Long enough to merge with Becky’s as she came again.

That was enough for both of us. We crawled back into bed. I held Becky until she drifted off to sleep. Gently, I covered her with a sheet and light blanket. Then I dressed and went back down to my kitchen, where I sat up for a while. I sipped camomile tea as I wondered why I had let the affair happen and how I could possibly enjoy having Eva back. Finally, I felt sleep coming on and went to bed.

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