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Mr. Lucas can't resist his student, Miss Innocent Holly, anymore.
John Lucas couldn't bear it another day. He had to do something. She was driving him crazy. He shouldn't be pacing back and forth in his bedroom, wondering what his student looked like naked. He had to distract himself. This was so wrong.

He thought about his sex life, and his love life. He thought about his classes for tomorrow. He thought about the girl students. Yes, he was very guilty of masturbating to thoughts of a few of them. There was Alyssa, the honey-blond who wore tiny skirts and spread her legs, pretending to drop pencils so he could see her ass. There was Danielle, the skinny brunette who never failed to give him a little smile and swing of her hips, wantonly licking her lips as she stared at him. There was Maureen, the big-breasted bleach blond who would probably stare at a box of orange juice because it said Concentrate, but was predictably flirting with him every chance she got, and giving him subtle touches every now and then.

But then there was Holly. Holly, with eyes as green as her name. Holly, with dark, sexy red hair. Holly, taller than the others, definitely smarter, soft and full lips - so many times had he pictured those lips around his hard cock. God only knew why she was still a virgin. Thinking about her got him so damn stiff. It drove him crazy when she wore skirts in those long legs of hers. And the boots she wore, fuck.

Groaning aloud, he found his hand had slipped down to his now erect dick and began massaging firmly, really pumping as he thought about his own hands stroking up those sexy thighs of hers. She had nice shapely legs, not rail-thin stick legs, which he found utterly disgusting. Nope, he loved Holly's legs. And if they were around his waist, her cherry being popped by his hard, throbbing, thirty-one-year-old cock...

He groaned again, moving his hand up and down his cock faster. There were so many times where he was so close to getting her in the hallway, or touching her thigh "accidentally" as she passed him...or... or... or.....

God, he wanted so bad to get her alone. He didn't care how, he didn't care where, but he needed to soon...He was planning it all out now, and the eroticism made the feelings in the tip of his cock sooo pleasurable. He was already thinking about taking her against the wall, or his bed, naked and sexy, wet and hot, gasping and crying out in pleasure. Seeing that hot little body writhing on his bedsheets as he drove her wild with his tongue in her sweet pussy, tasting her nectar... he moaned loudly as he felt himself grow to full length, so hard and huge.

The last thing he thought of before he shot out wads of cum was Holly bouncing on his cock, that gorgeous hair of hers, so long it almost reached her sexy ass, flying over her head as she moaned...


Holly Evergreen walked into Mr. Lucas' classroom hoping she would catch his eye today. She might not be one of the most popular girls in school, but she was sexy in a different unique way. Eyes were still drawn to her curves as she approached her desk and sat down. One pair of those eyes belonged to Mr. Lucas, as she noticed out of the corner of her eye. She parted her pouty lips a little as she looked forward, a slight blush on her cheeks at the intensity of his gaze. Gosh, she couldn't contain the little rush of excitement that went through her blood down to her womanhood every time she felt that blazing stare. It was scary, but at the same time it turned her on.

Pure desire filled his eyes when they were focused on Holly. It was so hard to restrain himself from taking her to his office for a private little lesson of -

"Hello Mr. Lucas."

Irritated, he looked up to find Melissa, another platinum blond in a short skirt and tiny shirt. That purred greeting she gave him interrupted his fantasy of Holly. He simply gave her a curt nod before returning to the female he wanted the most, leaving Melissa to look at him strangely offended.

...He began class as usual, the girls giving him looks of all sorts. But he only cared about Holly's seductive eyes. John lost track of what he was writing on the board as he lost himself in a fantasy of holding Holly against his chest with her breasts pressed against him... Putting that to the side in his mind, he suddenly felt a pain at his crotch, and then looked down. Fuck. He had to stop looking at her and thinking about her so much.

Deciding to give them silent work so he could sit behind his desk sounded like a better idea for the rest of class, and that's just what he did. Except all he could do was watch Holly closely. Big mistake. She noticed...and didn't look away. In fact, those hot lips curved up slightly into a smirk. God help him, she knew he was staring at her, and he knew she knew why.

He definitely knew she knew when he noticed her elegant fingers glide ever so slowly up her sexy thigh underneath her skirt. The moment was intense as she never even blinked while her fingers reached what he could only imagine to be a lacy black thong. His cock was so hard now, and he knew he would not be able to hold the need to release until he got home. He would have to lock up his classroom, wait until everyone was out, and jack off to thoughts of Holly sitting on a desk in the front, her legs spread, her head tossed back as she rubbed her sweet 17-year-old pussy, her plump lips parted as she made sexy sounds of pleasure...

Inwardly he cursed how hard he was because now he could hardly sit. Sitting back against his chair was the only comfortable position right now... which only enforced Holly to become more excited as she rubbed herself. She knew exactly what she was doing to him. Thank God the other girls were gossiping amongst themselves, or they might have noticed how much he was struggling to keep himself hidden. As it was, one of the boys up front was already looking at him kind of suspiciously.

John started tapping his fingers against the desk, a sure sign that he wanted the bell to ring and everyone to leave.

"Mr. Lucas? It's Friday, can you just let us go early?" the boy up front groaned.

"What? Yeah, go on, go..." he said dismissively, still halfway stuck in his fantasy. Then, as if an afterthought, "Holly, I need you to stay for a few minutes."

The class hurried out excitedly, except Holly... and, unfortunately, Melissa, who leaned against his desk, making sure to push her chest out. He noticed that she left the first three buttons on her white blouse unbuttoned.

She leaned forward and asked in a low voice that was supposed to be seductive, "So Mr. Lucas, what are you doing this weekend?"

Not you, he wished he could say to her stupid barbie doll face.

"I need to speak with Holly, now if you would please excuse us?" he said firmly.

"Oh, I can wait..." She winked, but he simply pointed to the door, the expression on his face leaving no room for argument. Melissa left, but not without giving Holly a glare. Finally, John closed the door and sighed heavily in relief. Finally.

Holly stared at him expectantly. She knew.

Smirking, he walked up to her desk, where she now sat on top, one sexy leg over the other sexy leg, her hands on the desk behind her.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Holly asked in a sexy voice, fitting to his fantasy.

"Well," John drawled, "you're doing fine in class... but I think you could do better. I know you have... potential, to please your teacher."

Holly looked at him closely, perhaps trying to judge whether there was a double meaning in his words. Dear God, he hoped that shiver that just shook her was of excitement. Hoped he wasn't imagining her smile widening. Prayed that excitement escalated to her sweet, hot pussy and made her deliciously wet. Though he doubted she wasn't wet already.

"You want me to please you?" she asked, raising a playful eyebrow and a sexy smirk.

"How would you please me?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them.

"How would you like to be pleased?"

"Are you sure you'd have enough stamina?"

"Are you afraid I might be too good?"

"Don't you think I might be too hard?"

"What if I need you to be hard?"

"Do you want me to be hard?"

Holy hell, how did this "talk" become an exchange of sexual innuendos?!

"Are you hard, Mr. Lucas?"

Without a word he crushed her against his body and his lips. She responded just as eagerly and passionately as he knew she would. Her arms were thrown around his neck and her delicate fingers were running through his silky black hair. One of her thighs was wrapping itself around his hip...and she was grinding herself against his rock hard bulge. His tongue exploring her hot mouth, he slid his hand under her skirt over that creamy thigh, squeezing and rubbing.

Oh this was so wrong, but finally he was doing what he'd fantasized about for months.

All too soon, she broke the kiss! But with a breathy moan, "Oh, Mr. Lucas...I've wanted you for so long...I wasn't sure you wanted me too, but now..." she rubbed his rock hard bulge. A moan escaped his lips before he could stop it. Oh shit, oh shit, was the door locked? Was anybody walking by?

Quickly John pressed the button on the doorknob, locking it home. Shut the lights off. Grabbed hot little Holly by the arm and pulled her to the back of the room, where he went to work unzipping his black pants.

Holly had other ideas.

She started swaying her hips as her hands slid up her body seductively. Her body moved in a sensuous dance as she turned around to present him her luscious ass. Her fingers outlined all of her womanly curves, even the crack of her ass. The little tease was making him throb in his own hand as he sat on a desk and watched Holly strip. First went her little camisole, then her black lacy bra - revealing beautiful pink nipples - mmmmm he wanted to suck them so bad. He had his hand around his dick, pumping, as she circled her nipples again and again. John could actually see them hardening, sticking out further, pointing at him. He moaned.

She was a naughty little student, always quiet and observant but she had a wild side to her.

When she reached down to take off her boots he cried hoarsely, "No, don't! Leave them on. You look so fucking hot in those, I love it."

A smile spread across her face, those luscious lips. He wanted to taste them. He also wanted them somewhere else. Holly slid her skirt down, moving her hips and ass, stepping out of it, approaching him in her boots and a hot black thong.

"Do you want me to suck you?"

He bit his lip to keep from begging this teenager to suck him, and nodded.

And she sucked him all the way into her throat! Only to take him right back out and tease the underside with little kitty licks that had him breathing more erratically. For a virgin, Holly sure knew how to tease. She pressed kisses around the head, and then gave in to his silent begging eyes, plunging her mouth down again, bobbing her red head.

He smiled as his hot breath hit her ear.

"You naughty little girl," Lucas panted. "Sucking your teacher's cock..."

He felt her smile before he saw it, his cock between those hot curved lips. Oh fuck, the sight of that pushed him closer, but he didn't want to cum yet. No. He wanted to fill that wet, tight little pussy of hers with his cum.

He pulled Holly up off the floor and gently placed her on the desk. The look in her sexy eyes was nervous but so full of desire for him. Excitedly, he slid one finger up into her tight, wet snatch. His palm rubbed at her clit as his finger felt up her snugness, his other hand cupping her cheek so he could gaze sensually into her eyes.

"Oooh yeah. You like that? You like that finger in your pussy? That feel good, baby? You like that finger? Yeah, you love my finger in your pussy, don't you baby..."

"Ohh yes. Yes yes yes yes yes..."

"I think you're wet enough for my cock. I'm gonna fuck that hot, tight little pussy of yours. Are you ready?"

"Oh yes."

"Yeah? You sure, sweetheart?" he asked, kissing her softly, gently setting his cock at her moist entrance.

"I'm sure - ohhh it's so big!" Holly gasped as he starting sliding in. Her tight sheath gripped him like a hot glove. There was a moment of discomfort for her as he tore away the virgin barrier. Then he began a slow pumping, gradually speeding up to a teasing but thorough pace, his cock rubbing every tiny little inch of her sweet, sweet, and wet, pussy.

God, she felt so good! His pumping cock couldn't stop moving and there was just the sound of their skin bumping as sweat dripped down her body. He knew it was dripping down his temples too. He smiled when he felt her long tongue sweeping around his chest, around his nipples, up and over his collar bone.

But he wasn't going fast enough for his own tastes. Licking his lips, John bent down and latched his mouth onto Holly's pretty pink right nipple. Her hand flew to the back of his head and gripped his ebony hair.

"Oh, Mr. Lucas!"

Hungrily he sucked her hard little nipple into his mouth, his teeth grazing it, which caused Holly to let out little cries at the tingle, and then just took her whole lovely breast in his warm wet mouth. Ohhh it was so soft, yet so firm, so pretty and delicious. His tongue circled the nub, licking slow enough to actually taste her. He tried, but couldn't hold in the moans that left his lips from the pleasure of Holly bucking against him, taking him deeper each time. With her own cries escalating louder and longer, he pumped his throbbing cock faster, overcome with the desire to hear her emit more sounds of pleasure out of that sexy mouth.

Very soon he was going to cum. Urging her to cum with him, John grasped Holly's ass cheeks - and, shit, were they nice, so soft and firm and bubbly all at the same time - and bucked into her blazing hot pussy.

Harder and deeper.

"Ohhhh, fuck yes, Holly," he moaned from deep in his throat. "Are you gonna come for me? Come for your teacher, naughty girl?"

"Ohhh yes! I'm coming...all over your dick," she ended with a sexy moan.

Sure enough, she came all over his dick, and John followed with a roaring shout of bliss as he shot his hot wads of cum into her tight, sweet, young pussy, his arms locked tight around her, holding her as she shook. They seemed to ride each other, so desperate were they to enjoy the erotic feelings being shared. He moaned her name when he saw their mixed cum drip down her succulent thighs.

When he collapsed against her, he reached down, swiped a finger in their sticky mixed cum, and fed it to Holly. Then he leaned down for a soft deep kiss, where he swished his tongue around in her decadent mouth, tasting their salty yet sweet nectar.

"Mmmm," he purred, pulling an inch away but keeping her close to his chest. "Damn, girl. I can't believe you were a virgin."

"Was this what you really wanted to talk to me about, Mr. Lucas?" she teased.

Running his fingers through her wavy red hair, he chuckled huskily. "I guess you'll have to stay after tomorrow we can finish."

Holly ran a few fingers down his half-flaccid cock and rubbed it slowly, leaning closer to the sexy mouth she'd always dreamed of tasting. "And what exactly would we be finishing?"

Swiftly sliding a finger up her soaking wet pussy he said, "You off," before taking the mouth he'd been dreaming about in a heated, possessive kiss.
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